广东省阳东一中 2009-2010 学年度高一下学期词汇竞赛试题 (英语) 2010-6-1 说明: 1、本试题共 80 小题,总分为 100 分,答题时间为 50 分钟 2、请把答案写在答题卡上,交卷时只交答题卡。 一、看音标写单词(共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,共 20 分) 1. [?'t?i:vm?nt] ______________ 2. [n???'n?liti] ______________ 3. [bi'heiv] ______________ 4. [st?'tistik] ______________ 5. [f?'giv] ______________ 6. ['b?l?ns] ______________ 7. [fl?ut] ______________ 8. ['pei??ns] ______________ 9. [?'br?:d] ______________ 10.[s?k'sesful] ______________ 11. [h?nt] ______________ 12. [k?n'sid?] ______________ 13. [p?int] ______________ 14. [h?ust] ______________ 15. ['?ktiv] ______________ 16. ['ju:slis] ______________ 17. ['k?lt??] ______________ 18. ['s?f?] ______________ 19. ['fu:li?] ______________ 20. [?:g?nai'zei??n] ______________ 二、选择题(共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,共 20 分) 21. The engine of the ship was out of order and the bad weather __________the helplessness of the crew at sea. A. added to B. resulted from C. turned out D. made up 22. —Why haven’t you bought any butter? —I __________to but I forgot about it. A. liked B. meant C. wished D. expected 23.We have to __________a time to discuss the matter again. A. make B. schedule C. have D. create 24.You have to keep on learning if you want to keep __________with the development of modern science and technology. A. peace B. touch C. pace D. connect 25.It will at least take five months to repair the ship that was seriously __________by the hurricane. A. destructed B. ruined C. damaged D. broken 26.A party was held __________the heroes who had helped saved thousands and thousands of lives in the big earthquake in Sichuan. A. in time of B. in place of C. in name of D. in honor of 27.He got completely __________when he saw both Lucy and Lily, who are twin sisters. A. confused B. confusing C. confuse D. confuses 28.The white man who was put in prison for trying to __________the headquarters(总部)of the ANC tried to escape but failed. A. set up B. break up C. fire up D. blow up 29.If you want to be a creative writer, you have to form your own __________of writing. A. manners B. style C. type D. ability 30.It is said that if a mirror is broken for no reasons, bad luck is likely to strike, but I really __________ it. A. doubt B. believe C. think D. support 31.Father is too busy to have any entertainments. If he __________me to go to the concert, I will be very glad. A. promises B. advises C. suggests D. agrees 32.Misunderstanding is likely to __________if people fail to communicate with each other. A. raise B. rise C. arise D. add up 33.If you


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