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Ⅰ.单词 1.force:(1)迫使某人做某事 force_sb.to_do_sth. (2)靠武力;强迫地 by_force (3)外来势力 outside_force (4)一支主要力量 a_main_force 2.develop:(1)开发软件 develop_software (2)冲洗胶卷 develop_the_film (3)养成好习惯 develop_a_good_habit (4)发展中国家 developing_countries (5)发达国家 developed_countries 3.lift:(1)举起 lift_up (2)乘电梯 take_a_lift/by_lift (3)搭便车 give_sb.a_lift 4.keep:(1)让矿工安全 keep_miners_safe (2)让门开着 keep_the_door_open (3)保持健康 keep_healthy/fit (4)一直做某事 keep_doing_sth. (5)坚持不懈地做某事 keep_on_doing_sth. (6)记日记 keep_a_diary (7)保持记录 keep_a_record Ⅱ.短语 1.set out:(1)出发去某地 set_out_for_sp. (2)开始做某事 set_out_to_do_sth. (3)使爆炸 set_off (4)搁在一旁 set_aside (5)记下 set_down 2.look into:(1)朝房间内看 look_into_the_room (2)调查这个事件 look_into_the_matter (3)调查水源 look_into_the_source_of_the_water (4)照顾,照看 look_after (5)俯瞰(某处);看不起 look_down_upon/on (6)寻找(某人或某物)look_for_(sb./sth.) (7)盼望;期待 look_forward_to (8)当心;警惕 look_out Ⅰ.单词

1.conclude_ v.结束;推断出→conclusion n.结论;结束 2.scientific adj.科学的→science n.科学→scientist n.科学家 3.expert n.专家;行家;adj.熟练的;经验或知识丰富的→expertise n.专门技能;专门知识 4.infect vt.传染;感染→infectious adj.传染的 5.physician n.医生;内科医师→physics n.物理→physicist n.物理学家→physical adj.身体的; 肉体的 6.expose vt.暴露;揭露;使曝光→exposed adj.无遮蔽的;无保护的 7.absorb vt.吸收;吸引;使专心→absorbed adj.专心致志的→absorbing adj.引人入胜的→absorption n.吸收 8.challenge n.挑战→challenging adj.挑战性的 9.enquiry n.询问→enquire vt.询问 10.severe adj.严重的;剧烈的;严厉的→severely adv.严重地;剧烈地 11.pollute vt.污染;弄脏→polluted adj.被污染的→pollution n.污染 12._announce vt.宣布;通知→announcement n.宣布;通知 13.certainty n.确信;确实→certain adj.某一,必然的→certainly adv.无疑地,确定地 14.instruct vt.命令;指示;教导→instruction n.命令;指示 15.handle n.柄;把手;vt.处理;操纵 16.blame vt.责备;谴责;n.过失;责备 Ⅱ.短语 1.put_forward 提出 2.draw_a_conclusion 得出结论 3.expose...to...使显露;使暴露 4._link...to... 将……和……联系或连接起来 —————————————————————————————————————————— (1)They drew_different_conclusions_from the facts. 他们从这些事实中得出了不同的结论。 (2)We will have a further discussion before we draw_a_final_conclusion. 我们将作进一步的讨论,然后再作出最终结论。 (3)In_conclusion,I would like to thank all the people present at the meeting today. 最后我想感谢今天参加会议的所有人。 (4)The meeting concluded_with The International at ten o’clock. 会议于十点钟在《国际歌》中结束。 (5)What can you conclude_from these observations? 你从这些观察中能得出什么结论? —————————————————————————————————————————— (1)All her friends attended her wedding.

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她所有的朋友都出席了她的婚礼。 (2)There was no one to attend him but Tina. 除了蒂娜,再无人照顾他了。 (3)All children between the ages of 616 must attend_school. 所有 6—16 岁的孩子必须上学。 (4)Being ill,he didn’t attend class. 他生病了,所以没来上课。 (5)If you don’t attend_to work,you’ll not succeed. 如果你不专心工作,你就不会成功。 —————————————————————————————————————————— (1)They consider it almost a crime to expose children to violence and sex on TV. 他们认为让儿童接触暴力和色情电视节目几乎是一种犯罪行为。 (2)You shouldn’t expose the soldiers to unnecessary risks. 你不应该让士兵们冒不必要的危险。 (3)Don’t expose the film to light. 不要把胶片曝光。 (4)Keep indoors and don’t expose your skin to the sun. 留在屋里,不要让皮肤暴露在太阳下。 —————————————————————————————————————————— (1)Destruction of the environment is one of the most serious challenges we face. 环境的破坏是我们所面临的最严峻的挑战之一。 (2)She doesn’t like anyone challenging her authority. 她不喜欢任何人挑战她的权威。 (3)I challenge him to a game of chess. 我要他跟我下盘棋。 (4)To build a road in the mountainous area was a real challenge. 在山区修筑公路的确是件艰巨的事。 (5)Why don’t you try something different and more challenging? 为什么不试试不同的、更具挑战性的事情? —————————————————————————————————————————— (1)She doesn’t blame anyone for her father’s death. 她没把父亲的死归咎于任何人。 (2)If you lose your job,you’ll only have_yourself_to_blame. 如果你丢了工作,你只能责怪你自己。 (3)He laid/put_the_blame_for his failure in the exam on his teacher. 他把自己考试未通过归咎于他的老师。

(4)You shouldn’t blame John for the failure. =You shouldn’t blame the failure on John. 你们不应该把这次失败怪在约翰头上。 (5)Many children are afraid of being_blamed_for making mistakes in speaking English. 许多孩子害怕讲英语时犯错误而受责备。 —————————————————————————————————————————— (1)The old worker instruct the young workers not only in words but by deeds. 老职工对青年职工言传身教。 (2)He instructs a class in history. 他教授一个班的历史。 (3)He was instructed to sail for New York. 他奉命前往纽约。 (4)He instructed me to deliver it to a customer. 他吩咐我把东西送去给顾客。 —————————————————————————————————————————— (1)Neither she nor I am good at English. 她和我都不擅长英语。 (2)The children are neither in the room nor in the garden. 孩子们既不在屋里,也不在花园里。 (3)He neither drinks,smokes,nor eats meat. 他不喝酒、不抽烟,也不吃肉。 —————————————————————————————————————————— 1.I heard the song sung several times last week. 上周我听见这首歌被唱了好几次。 2.When I returned there,I found my bag gone. 当我返回那儿时,我发现包不见了。 3.I would like this matter settled immediately. 我希望此事立刻得到解决。 4.When he arrived,he found all the work finished. 当他到达的时候,他发现所有的工作都做完了。 5.He stood up in order to make himself seen by others. 他站了起来,为的是让别人看见他。

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