**第一学期高二英语竞赛试题** 一、单项选择:(共 25 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 25 分) m 1. —I've got a cough and this place hurts. I'm afraid of getting a SARS. —____ . We'll have you examined. A. Don't mind m m m B. Take it easy D. Keep calm. You'll recover soon. m C. You should learn to protect yourself —Yes , but I really A.shouldn't A.they are m 2. —Jim, did you have a good time at the party? B.mustn't have because I had a lot of work to do . C.needn't D.it has D.couldn't to us. 3. The purpose of their explorations is as important to them as B.they have C.it is m 4. ______ of the city lies a beautiful lake, around which is the new zoo. A. Ten kilometres north C. To the north ten kilometres B. To ten kilometres north D. North ten kilometres m m m m 5. —You're going to publish my book. Are you serious? —______ . It's to be published next month.? A. No, I am not C. Yes, I do 6. —He’s got our tickets. m B. No, I was just joking —That's good. I m D. Yes, I have never been more serious? afraid that he them. A. am; has forgotten B. was; had forgotten C. was; forget D. am; will forget 7. —Would you have told Jack the news had it been possible? —Yes. But I A.had been 8. very busy in sending e-mails. B.was C.were m m D.would be m in the Kooris for years ,I decided to learn their language . A.Having interested C.Having been interested B.Have been interested D.Being interested m m 9. Della had only one dollar and eighty-seven cents _______Jim, her husband, a Christmas present. A. to buy ---I m B. which to buy C. for her to buy D. with which to buy 10. ---Where have you been? in the heavy traffic. Otherwise I here earlier. m m A. have got stuck; would have come C. got stuck; would have come 11. Besides the others, there was still reach the end. A.a; a m B. got stuck; was D. had go stuck; would come m third one who said he was second to D.the; a B.a; the C.the; the m 12. As we all know, newspapers, magazines and radios as well as television broadcasts can keep us ______ about what is happening at home and abroad. m A. informing 13. B. informed C. to inform D. being informed ,you'11 never be able to persuade him. A.However hard may you try C.However hard you may try B.Try however hard you may D.Try hard however you may m 14. the bad news,tears came into her eyes. A.Heard B.When she heard C.On hearing D.Having heard 15. —How can I wake up so early? —Set the alarm at 5 o'clock, A.but A. when B.or B. whether C.and m you'll make it. m D.so D. because 16. Take a


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