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(安徽省桐城六中 2010 届高三第二次模拟月考) L’HAY-LES-ROSES, France: Three teenage girls admitted starting a fire in a suburban Paris housing project over the weekend that killed 17 people, including three children, police said yesterday. A fourth girl was held yesterday morning. The fire in a 19-storey building south of Paris was the third fatal blaze in the Paris area in nine days. The death toll rose to 16 after a man died late Sunday in a hospital, where seven others were being treated for serious injuries, police said. Three teenagers taken in for questioning on Sunday admitted having started the fire for fun, police said. Two of the suspects were 18-year-old, the other was 16, police said. Further details were not available. Witnesses claimed to have seen a group of youths who lived in the building start the fire, said Patrick Seve, mayor of the town of L’HAY-LES-ROSES, near Orly airport, where the building was located. The fire is believed to have broken out in the lobby (门厅)of the building before raging up a stairwell at least three floors. Some residents jumped from windows as the fire spread through the building’s entrance. Authorities were investigating possible criminals in an August 26 fire that killed 14 African children and three adults in a Paris apartment building. Three days later, another fire killed seven in a building. Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy suggested on French television on Sunday night that copycats(盲目模仿者)were at work. “Each time there is a new story, sometimes that gives ideas to people who then turn into criminals,” Sarkozy said, promising severe punishment for anyone found guilty of arson(纵火).

56. What can we learn from the first two paragraphs? A. Three girls were caught setting fire to a building. B. The fourth girl wasn’t present when the fire broke out.

C. All the people lost their lives before police came. D. Paris was troubled by fire during that period. 57. Why did the teenagers start the fire? A. They were interested in playing with fire. B. They wanted to make fun of their parents. C. They were not satisfied with the surroundings. D. They wanted to warm themselves. 58. From the fourth and fifth paragraphs we know that ________. A. the witnesses must have put out the fire B. the lobby of the building was covered with wood. C. the witnesses were familiar with the teenagers D. the residents shouldn’t have jumped from windows 59. What the Minister said in the last paragraph means that ________. A. he doesn’t like to listen to new stories B. he has no time to write new stories C. teenagers often have ideas to turn into criminals D. teenagers may do the same as others have done 答案 DACD

Passage 2
(安徽省芜湖七中 2010 届高三上学期第一次调研考试) One of the goals of American education officials is to have all public schools connected to the Internet computer system and have computer for all students. Government studies show that in 1994 only thirty-five percent of American public schools were connected to the Internet. Last year. that number reached eighty-nine percent. Virginia Polytechnic Institute of State University is a large university in the southern state of Virginia. Officials at Virginia Tech say computers are very important to a student’s education. All students at Virginia Tech have been required to have a computer since 1998. Each student’s living area at Virginia Tech has the necessary wires to link a computer to the Internet. The students can send and receive electronic mail. use the World Wide Web part of the

Internet and link with other universities. all without leaving their room. They can also use their computers to send electronics copies of their schoolwork to their teachers. And they can search for books in the school’s huge library. Most major American universities and colleges strongly urge or require new students to have a computer. Most colleges and universities also have large rooms where students can use computers for class work. American high schools also have computers. Many have their own areas on the World Wide Web. If you have a computer you can learn about Fremont Union High School in Sunnyvale. California. for example. Its Web site provides information about the school. the teachers and their electronic mail addresses. It also lists student events and organizations. Young children also use computer in school. Smoketree Elementary School in Lake Havasu. Arizona has given us a good example. The school also has a World Wide Web site. It tells about the school and the teachers and has a area for young children. These young children use computer in school to learn numbers and letters. They also learn how to use the computer they will need later in their education. 54.From the passage we know .

A.how to use computer to connect to the Internet B.students in Virginia Tec can use computer to send electronic copies of their homework C.how to connect students and teachers by computers D.how the teachers use computer to give their lesson 55.What is NOT mentioned in the passage? A.Every student in Virginia has access to the Internet. B.All students at Virginia Tech have been required to have a computer. C.Students at Virginia Tech can search for books in their school library in their own room. D.If you want to learn about Fremont Union School. you can read information in its Web site. 56.Which of the following statements is NOT right according to the report? A.It is required that new university students have a computer of their own. B.Pupils in Smoketree Elementary use computer to learn arithmetic. C.Every pupil in Smoketree Elementary School knows how to send electronic mail.

D.Many high schools have their own areas on the Word Wide Web. 57.Which is the best title of the newspaper report? A.Every Student Should Have A Computer B.Computer Is Used By University Students C.Every School Has Connected to the Internet D.Computer Use In American Schools 答案 BACD

Passage 3
(河北省衡水中学 2010 届高三上学期第三次调研考试) How can we get rid of garbage? Do we have enough energy sources to meet our future energy needs? These are two important questions that many people are asking today. Some people think that men might be able to solve both problems at the same time. They suggest using garbage as an energy source. For a long time people buried garbage or dumped it on empty land. Now, empty land is scarce. But more and more garbage is produced each year. But garbage can be a good fuel to use. The things in garbage do not look like coal, petroleum, or natural gas; but they are chemically similar to these fossil fuels. As we use up our fossil-fuel supplies, we might be able to use garbage as an energy source. Burning garbage is not a new idea. Some cities in Europe and the United States have been burning garbage for years. The heat that is produced by burning garbage is used to boil water. The steam that is produced is used to make electricity or to heat nearby buildings. In Paris, France, some power plants burn almost 2 million metric tons of the city's garbage each year. The amount of energy produced is about the same as the world produced by burning almost a half million barrels of oil! But there are problems in using garbage as a fuel. Garbage that burns easily, such as food scraps and paper, must be separated from metals, glass, and other materials that do not burn easily. This separation process is normally costly. Another problem is that burning garbage can pollute the air. Our fossil fuel supplies are limited. Burning garbage might be one kind of energy source that

we can use to help meet our energy needs. This method could also reduce the amount of garbage piling up on the earth. 53. What two problems can be solved by burning garbage? A. The shortage of energy; Air pollution. B. The shortage of energy; the shortage of empty land for holding garbage. C. Air pollution; the shortage of empty land for holding garbage. D. Air pollution; the shortage of fossil fuel. 54.Which of the following is NOT a result of burning garbage? A. The heat produced is used to boil water. B. The steam produced is used to make electricity. C. The garbage burned is turned into fossil fuels. D. The steam produced is used to heat buildings. 55.According to the passage. Which of the following four groups of garbage is ready for burning? A. food scraps and metals C. metals and glass 56.What is the general tone of the passage? A. optimistic 答案 BCDC B. indifferent C. advocating D. anxious B. paper and glass D. food scraps and paper

Passage 4
(河北省正定中学 2010 届高三上学期第一次月考) You are from a middle- class family, and live in a normal-size home without any showy possessions, but you are surrounded by surprising consumption(消费). This contrast is beginning to bother your 6-year-old son. You are worried that he will want to live as they do, and wonder if you should move. Sometimes big pocket money, joyful birthday parties, special playrooms and super-big houses tell you that your neighbors probably have more money than you do, and that they’re not as careful as you are with money, but you may find that they cook and dig in the garden with their children just as often as you do, talk with them as freely and read to them every night. Or you may find that some of these parents stay in one wing of their big house while their child plays by himself, way off in a wing of his own. In that unfortunate case, he is basically growing up alone without being looked after properly, but this can happen to a child who lives in a normal-size house, too, if he has a TV, a computer and a few video games in his room. Even the most caring parent doesn’t walk in and out of it to see what show her child is watching, what Internet site he has found and if he’s still playing that video game.

Too much uncontrolled screen time may lead to a certain loss of innocence(天真),but mostly this child will lose the sense of unity and satisfaction, and if it doesn’t , you might decide to move. Don’t judge your neighborhood too harshly(严厉地),though. There are some things that are right with almost any neighborhood and some things that are wrong with the best of them—like those super-big houses. The wealth of their owners—and the way they throw money around—may make your son feel sorry for himself, unless you help him understand that you and his dad save some of the money, give some to people who don’t have enough and use the rest to pay for whatever the family needs. Children want—should be provided with—explanations when their parents don’t give them what they want. 57.What is the problem with the worried parent in the text? A. Her house isn’t as big as her rich neighbors’ B. Her son is left alone without anyone in charge. C. She cannot provide her son with a special playroom. D. She worries about the effect of her neighbors on her son. 58.In Paragraphs 2and 3, the author seems to agree that parents should____. A. spend more time with their children B. give their children more freedom C. work hard to lead a richer life D. set an example for their children to follow 59. By saying “throw money around”(Paragraph 4),the author means that rich people___. A. spend money carelessly B. save money for their children C. help the poor people willingly D. leave money all round the house 60.What is the main idea the author aims to express in the text? A. Children are unfortunate to have poor parents. B. Children should enjoy their comfortable life. C. Children need proper guidance from their parents. D. Children feel ashamed of themselves in a rich neighborhood. 答案 DAAC

Passage 5
(湖北省黄冈中学 2010 届高三 8 月月考) As I was reading a recent story in Slate on 20-somethings complaining about how the economy was ruining their life plans, I couldn’t help but think the 20-somethings sounded like a bunch of spoiled children who grew up expecting everything to be easy for them. As a 20-something myself, I certainly share their disappointment: my husband and I probably won’t be able to buy a house until we’re in our 40s, and we too are burdened by student loans(贷款). But why should it be any different? Being young persons in America, shouldn’t they take up all of the challenges and opportunities that this country offers? Consider some of these views shared in the Slate story: Jennifer, 29, owner of a two-bedroom apartment with her husband, worries that she won’t be able to have children for at least a decade

because they can’t afford to buy a house yet. I read that, and I thought, what planet is she living on where you need to own a house in order to have kids? Has she ever visited a developing country, or even downtown areas in this one? Home ownership is a luxury(奢华), not a fertility requirement. A 26-year-old in the story despairs(绝望) that he can’t afford to get a Ph.D. in literature. Well, that sounds a bit like expressing disappointment that no one will pay you to write poetry on the beach in Thailand for five years. Yes, it’s sad that these young people feel so lost. But I think the problem is their extremely high expectations, not economic reality. Beth Kobliner, author of Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties, says that she thinks people’s expectations are slowly adjusting, but today’s 20-somethings grew up at a time when everyone’s wealth appeared to be expanding. Their parents probably saw their home values rise along with their investments. “So you have people who have grown up in an environment where people had great expectations of what living well means,” says Kobliner. This recession(衰退) will certainly play a role in forcing those expectations into more realistic group. In the meantime, it seems a lot better for our mental health to focus on being grateful-for our one-bedroom apartments, for living in modern cities, or perhaps just for being able to eat three meals a day-than on longing for some kind of luxury life. 59.What makes the author think the 20-somethings sound like a bunch of spoiled children? A.They expect everything to be easy for them. B.They complain that the economy is spoiling their life plans. C.They are reluctant to face all of the challenges. D.They are burdened by student loans. 60.The underlined word “fertility” in Paragraph 3 probably means A.baby production C.baby comfort A.Intolerant. B.Negative. C.Unbelieving. D.Understanding. 62.What is the best title for this passage? A.How Young People Afford to Continue Their Study B.Why Young People Can’t Afford to Buy a House C.When Young People’s High Hopes Create Despair D.What the 20-somethings’ High Expectations Are 答案 BADC B.pleasant D.essential .

61.What’s the author’s attitude towards the 20-somthings with high expectation in Paragraph 5?


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