The Human Touch

Group 4


The Last Leaf


What is the human touch?


Originated from the warmest aspect from human normal feelings, a natual revealment from real 2 emotions among one another, giving others a wonderful felling of love, care and an encouraging spirit. Also means care and encouragement amongst. 3




?And so on……

? There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.---Edith
? 传递光亮有两种方式:成为一支蜡烛或当一面镜子。----伊 迪丝·沃顿

? We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.---Churchill
? 我们靠所得来谋生,但靠给予来创造生活。----丘吉尔

? The true meaning of life is to plant trees,under whose shade you do not expect to sit.---Nelson Henderson
? 人生的真谛就是植树而不想去坐享那树荫。---奈尔森·亨 德森

1 What do you know about O. Henry?

Born: on September 11, 1862 in Greensboro, North Carolina Died: on June 5, 1910 2 2 Experiences: worked as a bookkeeper, pharmacist, sheepherder, draftsman, journalist, and clerk; was in prison for three years. Works: more than 270 short stories and a novel.

Cabbages and Kings
The Four Million


His main works

The Heart of the West

The Cop and the Anthem The Gift of the Magi The Last Leaf The Furnished Room



O. Henry’s writing style


All of O. Henry’s stories were ingeniously conceived(构思巧妙), with the endings always contrary to readers’ expectations. Though his stories’ endings are always surprising, yet not beyond reason, for both ways conform 2 well to the logic of life. Actually, his style had a great influence on modern American fiction. Therefore, some critics called him “the founder of American stories”. Being gifted with humor and a keen awareness of details, he objectively shows us 3 what America looks like.

O.Henry’s writing style


O. Henry is most famous for making simple but effective use of paradoxical coincidences to produce ironic and surprise or ?twist? endings, e.g. “The Last Leaf”, “The Cop and the 2 Anthem”, and perhaps his most famous story 2 “The Gift of the Magi”.
“欧 · 亨利式结尾”通常指的是在文章情节结尾时,突 然让人物的心理情境发生出乎意料的变化,或使主 人公命运陡然逆转,出现意想不到的结果,但又在 情理之中,符合生活实际,具有独特的艺术魅力。 3 这种结尾艺术,在欧· 亨利式作品中有充分的体现。


The Last Leaf



character introduction
? Johnsy: An artist who caught pneumonia. ? Sue: Johnsy’s best friend and roommate. ? Behrman: An old painter who lived on the
ground floor beneath them.

? The doctor: Johnsy’s doctor.

Q1:What was, at first, Johnsy determined to do if the last ivy leaf should fall? Q2:What did she decide to do when she saw the last leaf still cling to the vine after two nights’ rain and wind? Q3:How was it that the cold fierce wind did not blow away the last leaf? Q4:Why did Sue call the painted leaf Behrman’s masterpiece?

Q1: What was, at first, Johnsy determined to do if the last ivy leaf should fall? She made up her mind to die when the last leaf fell. Q2: What did she decide to do when she saw the last leaf still cling to the vine after two nights’ rain and wind? She decided not to give up her life.

Q3: How was it that the cold fierce wind did not blow away the last leaf? Behrman, a kind neighbor, who was aware of Johnsy’s state of mind, risked death to paint the last leaf and save her. Q4: Why did Sue call the painted leaf Behrman’s masterpiece? Because it was so perfect the girls both mistook it for the real thing.

Text Organization
Scene Paragraph s s Paraa 1-2 1 Paras 3-8 Characters Sue, Johnsy Events Sue’s roommate Johnsy caught pneumonia

Paras 9-17 3 Paras 1821

The doctor, The doctor told Sue that Sue Johnsy needed a strong will to live on. Johnsy, Sue Behrman, Sue Johnsy decided that she would die when the last ivy leaf fell. Sue told Behrman about Johnsy’s fancy.


Text Organization
Scen Paragra Characters Events es phs 5 Paras 22-33 Sue, Johnsy As Johnsy was encouraged by the last leaf that wouldn’t give in to the weather, her will to live returned. The doctor, The doctor told Sue that Sue Johnsy would recover, but Behrman caught pneumonia himself and his case was hopeless Sue, Sue told Johnsy that Johnsy Behrman had performed a kind deed without any thought of self


Paras 34-37


Paras 38-39

Main Ideas
? Johnsy and Sue are artists who move into Greenwich Village in New York City. ? As Winter approaches and the weather gets colder, Johnsy becomes ill with pneumonia. She gets so sick that she believes that when the last leaf falls from the vine outside her window, she will die. ? An old artist, named Behrman, who lives in the same building as the girls, braves a storm one night to paint a leaf on the wall — a leaf that will never fall. Cold and wet from painting in the icy rain, he catches pneumonia and dies. ? This gives Johnsy the hope to survive her illness, and it also creates the masterpiece Behrman had always dreamed of painting.

Language Point
? 1. joint
? adj.共同的;连接的; ? 【构词】joint=join(加入)+t (n) ? 【例句】① The house is our joint property. ? 这房子是我们的共同财产。 ? ② These foreigners have put forward a proposal for a joint venture. ? 这些外国人提出了一个合资企业的建议。 ? 【常见搭配】joint efforts 共同努力 ? joint ownership 共同所有 ? take joint action 采取联合行动

Language Point
? 2. victim
? n. 牺牲品,受害的人 (或动物)
? 【例句】Many pets are victims of overfeeding. ? 有许多宠物因喂食过量而遭殃。 ? The silent boy is a victim of the divorced family. ? 【常见搭配】fall (a) victim to: become the victim of 成为…的受害者 ? He soon fell victim to her charms. ? The company has fallen victim to increased competition.

Language Point
? 3. fierce
? ? ? ? ? ? ? adj. 凶猛的; 愤怒的 【例句】I was really scared by his fierce look. 我被他凶狠的表情吓坏了。 【常见搭配】fierce effort 拼命努力 他拼命用功以赶上同学。 He made a fierce effort to catch up with his classmates. ? 【派生】 fiercely adv.(副词) ? fierceness n.(名词)

Language Point
? 4. fancy ? n. 幻想, 幻觉;爱好 ? 【例句】① I always have the fancy that he will come back. 我常常幻想他会回来。 ? ② I've suddenly taken a fancy to detective stories. ? 我突然喜欢上了侦探小说. ? He took a fancy to the girl next door. ? 他迷上了邻家的女孩。 ? 【常见搭配】after sb’s fancy 中某人意 ? catch the fancy of sb. 吸引某人 ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

5. stream n.河;流 vi.& vt. 流 【例句】① The stream is shallow. 那条小溪水很浅。 ② My eyes were streaming with tears. 我的眼中流下了泪水。 【辨析】current stream Current 可指空气,水,电等的流,强调流动的方 向或路线以及力量和速度。 ? Stream主要指“溪流”,强调源源不断流动的概 念 ? 【派生】streamy adj. 多河川的;流水般的 ? 【近形】scream vi. 尖叫 n. 尖叫声

Language Point

Language Point
? 6. subtract ? vt.减,减去,去掉 ? 【例句】subtract 8 from 10, and you have 2. ? 10减8得2 。


That subtracts nothing from his merit.



? 【常见搭配】~ sth. (from sth.) ? ~减去 ? 【派生】subtractive adj. (可)减少的, 负的 ? subtraction n. 减(法) ? 【近形】abstract adj.抽象的 n. 摘要

Language Point
? 7. bare ? adj.赤裸的;仅仅的 ? 【例句】① He just walked in bare feet on the rugged path.他赤脚走在崎岖的小路上 。 ? ② Tom earn a bare subsistence wage. ? 汤姆挣得工资勉强糊口。

Language Point
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 8. sin n.罪,罪孽 vi.犯罪 【例句】① It’s a sin to waste food. 浪费粮食是一种罪过。 【辨析】crime ; sin crime: 触犯法律的罪行 sin: 冒犯上帝或宗教的罪恶、罪孽 【派生】sinful adj. 罪孽深重的,有罪的,有 过失的 sinless adj. 无罪的; 无辜的

Language Point
? 9. acute adj.尖的,锐的;敏锐的;严重的 ? 【例句】① 城里严重缺水。 ? ? There's an acute shortage of water in the city . ② A painter must be an acute observer.



? He has very acute hearing. (an acute sense of smell) ? 【常见搭配】acute disease 急性发作的病acute angle 锐角 ? 【辨析】keen, acute, sharp, shrewd ? 这些形容词均有“锐利的、敏锐的、机敏的”之意。 ? acute侧重感觉敏锐,能分辨出一般人难以觉察的细微区别。

? keen 多指对复杂艰深的事物或问题有敏锐的观察和敏捷的理解。

? sharp指人头脑精明、敏锐或机警。
? shrewd指有头脑,善于判断分析,精明过人

Language Point
? 10. scarcely ? adv.仅仅;几乎不
? 【例句】①There were scarcely a hundred people present. ? 出席的不足一百人。 ? ②To my surprise, the guide turned out to know scarcely a word of English. ? 让我吃惊的是,那个向导几乎一点英 语都不懂。

Language Point
? 【常见搭配】scarcely any 几乎没有 ? She had scarcely any breath to tell us anything. ? 她几乎没有力气跟我们说话。 ? 【辨析】hardly, scarcely, barely 这些副词均含 “几乎不”之意。 ? hardly指接近最低限度,差不多没有多余,强调 困难和程度。 ? scarcely指不太充分,不太够,不足,不能令人 满意,强调数量。 ? barely指仅仅够,一点不多,强调没有多余。 He has barely enough money to live on. 他的钱仅够勉强维持生计。

Useful Expressions
各处 一成的可能性 画板 吹着轻快的口哨 倒着数 几乎以耳语般的声音 十有八九 厌烦 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? here and there one chance in ten drawing board whistle a merry tune count backward in almost a whisper ten to one be tired of

Useful Expressions
撇开一切 看上去很像 无节制地喝…… 至于其他 大肆嘲笑 凝视着
? turn loose one’s hold on everything ? look the part ? drink … to excess ? for the rest ? mock terribly at ? peer at/stare at

Useful Expressions
显眼,突出 流逝 紧紧抱住 脱离危险 湿透 没这回事
? stand out
? wear away

? cling to
? be out of danger

? be wet through
? nothing of the kind

? Bare cling to fancy here and there in tune look the part masterpiece persistent to excess stand out
? 我们到处都能看到“抢眼”的青年艺术家。他们 要么一年四季穿着破旧的牛在裤;要么大冬天也 打赤脚;要么饮酒过度;要么就是抱着创作一部 杰作的幻想,实际上并不作任何创作的事。其实 ,他们中的很多人只不过是为了看上去像名艺术 家,或为了同其他艺术家“保持一致”才这么做 的。他们忘了,只有通过不懈的努力才能获得成 功。

Translation: Keys
? Here and there we see young artists who stand out from other people. They may be in worn out jeans all year round, or walk barefoot/ in bare feet even in winter, or drink to excess, or cling to the fancy of creating a masterpiece without actually doing any creative work. In fact, many of them act like this just to look the part, or to be “in tune with” other artists. They have forgotten that only through persistent effort can one achieve success.

That’s all! Thank you!!!

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