Book2 Unit12 What is your favorite music


Book2 Unit12 What is your favorite music ?
课题 Book2 Unit12 What is your favorite music ? 学习内容 Essential expressions 学习重点 Some useful expressions about music 学习难点 Vocabulary, structure and translation 学习程序 一、练习回顾(约 分钟)

从方框中选出最佳选项; A: Excuse me. Could you tell me where the nearest museum is? B: Well! It is a bit far. You can go along the street, then take first turning on the right, walk on and you?ll find it there.___________ A: On thanks. ____________________ B: It should be open now. It opens at 8:00 a.m. A: Good. _________________ B: Which bus? I don?t know. You may ask the policeman over there.___________ A: Ok. By the way, where ?s the nearest McDonald?s. do you know? B: Right behind you, sir. See that sign? A: Oh, thanks a lot. B: _________________________ A: And can you tell me which bus I should take? B: Do you know at what time it opens? C: He must know that.

D: You are welcome. E: What?s wrong with you? F: You can?t miss it. G: Let me help you. 二、自学讨论(约


1 朗读下列单词和词组,并且把每个单词的意思写在它的下方 A) favorite musical musician instrument universal classical Blues judge

B) composer talent C) folk jazz rap

D) mystery violin


2 Read and try your best to translate the following into Chinese: A) What musical instrument can you play? B) I?m no judge of music. C) He has a talent for music. D) Music is the eye of the ear. E) I like popular music\ classical music\ Latin music folk songs\ jazz\ rap\ Blues\rock F) Music is sometimes called a universal languages. G) Music can make us feel joy and pride .peace and mystery. and happiness and sadness. H) I am a classical music fan. 三、交流提升(约 分钟)

1. What kind of music do you like?

2. 3. 4.

Who is your favorite singer? What musical instrument do you like? By what way can you listen to music? Walkman. CD. player or mp4?

5. What do you listen to music for? 四:巩固练习 1 Music can change our moods and makes us _____________ happy or sad, energetic or sleepy? A to feel B feeling C felt D feel 2 Would you like to come to my singing party? ________ A No, I can?t B I?m so busy. You know

C I?d love to, but I don?t think I can D I?d rather not 3 What was the concert like? Wonderful! It?s years since I _____ so much. A enjoyed myself B had myself C has enjoyed it D had good 4 What do you ______ the movie “Harry Potter”? A think over B think of C thought over D thought of 五、课后作业(约 分钟) 补全对话: A: It?s Mike?s birthday this Friday, so a bunch of us are going to the karaoke bar._________ B: Karaoke bar?______ InAmerica, bars sometimes have a karaoke night where the customers can sing a song._______________

A: Really? InChina,_____ we can select the music that our group enjoys. We mostly sing pop songs. B:__________________ A: Both Singing is not a very easy thing. Though I don?t sing very well. We can still have a good time. A: I don?t care for it very much B Would you like to come with us?

C but we haven?t special karaoke bars. D It?s hard to say. E You have a special place just for singing? F Karaoke is a very popular way for friends to spend time together. G Do you sing individually or in groups?

Book2 Unit 1 Little Handel loved music 课题 . 学习内容 学习重点 学习难点 一、练习回顾(约 Text 1 Little Handel loved music Grasp the phrases: 感官动词的用法 Vocabulary, structure and translation. 学习程序 分钟)

Please listen to a piece of music “take me home, country road”,which is an American folk song. It make you feel happy. joy and relaxed. 请 欣赏美国乡村音乐:take me home ,country road.它会使你快乐,放松。
Almost heaven west Virginia Ridge Mountains Shenandoah river is old there older than the trees than the mountains blow' like a breeze roads take me home the place I belong

Virginia mountain momma me home country roads All my memories gather round her lady stranger to blue water and dusty painted on the sky taste of moonshine teardrop in my eyes 二、自学讨论(约 分钟) (A)朗读下列单词短语,并且把它的汉语意思写在下面。 1 piano asleep sweet let sb do sth upstairs softly famous

2 be filled with 3 learn to do

(B)理解课文,回答下列问题 1 What musical instrument did little Handel like playing? 2 Did his father let him play at first?

3 What did Handel become when he grow up? (C) 将课文内容补充完整 小汉迪热爱音乐 小汉迪热爱音乐,______________,但是________ _____. 楼上的小房间里有一台旧钢琴.到了晚上,__________ ______,_________________. 七岁的时候,他和父亲一起去拜访一个富有的人.___________ ________________,当他父亲和那人正在谈话时,小汉迪坐在钢 琴旁开始弹奏起来。____________________, 房间 里_ ___________________. 当他弹完时,___________________________ _.那个人问他从哪里学会的弹钢琴.___________________ _______.接着,____________________,他成了一 个著名的音乐家。 ”

三、交流提升(约 (A)


了解感官动词的用法,请归纳总结。 1 When he finished playing , he saw his father and the man looking at him. I saw him standing there. I watched my classmates play the basketball. Her father heard Mary singing next door. My mother let my younger sister do housework. The train was seen to come into the station. She was heard to sing an English song just now.

2 3 4 5 6 7

(a)你知道吗?斜体字的单词都是感官动词,除了以上的还有哪些? ____________________________ _____________.
(b)感官动词后接省略 to 的动词不定式做宾补,也可接动词 ing ,你能

(c)在被动语态中 to 要还原 (B) fill with \ be filled with

理解下列各句, 理解这一个词组的用法。
1 The news filled him with excitement. 2 The room was filled with smoke within minutes. 3 All the streets were filled with exciting people on that gala day. 4 Please fill a hole with mud.. 你知道 be tilled with 的近义词吗? The bottle is full of water Her eyes are full of tears



1. David is going to have his TV set _________ A change B changes C to change D changed 2 Our Chinese teacher _______ forBeijingby air just now. A is leaving B leaves C left D has left

3 The Children laughed while the man _______ to the dog. A talks B is talking C was talking D talked 4 Sometimes the teacher ______ to sing children’s song A heard B hears C was hearing D is heard

5 The speaker raised his voice but still could not make himself__________. A hear B to hear C hearing D heard 6 My mother came back, with a bag _____ with apples. A filled B filling C to fill D fill 五、课后作业(约 分钟) 完形填空 Someone says: Time is money. But I think time is _1_ important than money. Why? Because when money is spent, we can get it back. However, when time is ___2_, it will never __3 . That is __4__ we mustn’t waste time. It goes without saying that the _5_ is usually limited. Even a second is very important. We should make full use of our time to do ____6__ useful. But it is a pity that there are a lot of people who do not know the importance of time. They spent their limited time smoking, drinking and _7_. They do not know that wasting time means part of their own_8__. In a word, we should save time. We should not _9_ today’s work for tomorrow. Remember we have no time to _10_. 1 A much B less C much less D even more

2 A cost 3 A return 4 A what

B bought C gone B carry C take B that

D finished D bring

C because D why D food D everything

5 A money B time C day 6 A nothing 7A reading 8 A time 9 A stop 10A lose B thing C any

B writing C playing D working B food C money D life B leave C let B save C spend D give D take

课题 学习内容 学习重点 学习难点 一、练习回顾(约

Book2 Unit12

Text2 I know what you mean
了解 while 和 when 的区别, 掌握 offer 的用法 Vocabulary, structure and translation. 学习程序 分钟)

Fill in the blanks with words given below in their proper forms.
musician upstairs mention talent as though

1. 2. 3. 4.

He has a ________ of painting . Did she __________ what time the film starts? She was sleeping ______________. At ten he was already a famous __________.

5 She behaved ____________ nothing had happened

二 自学讨论

(A)理解下列词组短语 1 a rock and roll fan 2 a Mozart festival 3 talk to sb classical at times offer to as though a music talent

in agreement

(B) 理解短文回答以下问题: 1 What was Mike’s interest? 2 How did the author feel about the symphony? 3 How did Mike think of the symphony? (C) 将课文内容补充完整 我懂你的意思 我的朋友迈克是个摇滚迷,_______________.我一直设法让他对 古典音乐感兴趣.有一天,____________________.并一再 和他说让他陪我去,他最后终于答应和我一起去音乐会.___________ ____. 音乐会后,____________________."有些时候,我 几乎可以听到他在音乐中的声音,________________,他真是个 伟大的音乐天才".我说. 迈克点点头表示赞成."是的",他说,"______________ _". ____________________,我问他是如何感受那音乐 的. 他回答说:"_________________________". 三、交流提升(约 分钟) (A)My friend Jack is a rock and roll fan while I like classical music.

我的朋友杰克是一个摇滚乐迷,而我却喜欢古典音乐. 句中 while 意为"而",然而,但,表示对比,它还可以引导时间状语从句. 用心做以下习题,掌握 while 的用法,区分 while 和 when 的不同.

1_______ you cross the street, you should look both ways. A when B while C after D before

2 He was riding to school _____ he was hit by a car this morning. A while B when C as D so

3 Li ping did not tell us ______________________. A when will he arrive B when did he arrive C when he arrived D he arrives when

4 While Tom ____ his homework, his uncle called to see him. A was doing B does C did D is doing 5 选出与划线部分意思相近的选项. By the time, she got to class, the teacher had already started teaching. A when B As soon as C since D while (B)翻译下列各句,理解 offer 的用法 1. She offered to carry the box for her mother. 2 My father offered to take us to the airport. 3 This shop offers various daily necessaries. 4 The businessman offered 100 yuan for the bicycle.

四、巩固练习(约 1


Please help me to_______. B come to decision C get to decision D make decision

A make a decision

2 Don’t just look for Japanese or Russian music. Open your _______ to the sounds of the world. A ears B eyes C eye D ear

3 Stormy applause ______ the ball. A astonished B attacked C surprised D rocked

4 Do you think it’s going to rain over the weekend? A I don’t believe C I believe not so B I don’t believe it D I believe not

5 Can you choose a song that shows ______________ of your nation? A a spirit B spirit C soul D the spirit 五、课后作业(约 分钟) Joe was going into his usual bar before lunch when he saw a poorly dressed man fishing in a small pool of rain water about five centimeters deep outside it. Joe stopped and watched the man for a few minutes. He saw that most of the people who passed by him believed he must be rather mad . Joe pitied the man, so after a while he went up to him and said kindly, “Hello, would you like to come into the bar and have a drink with me?” The fisherman was delighted to accept his offer , Joe bought him a few drinks and finally said to him, “You have been fishing outside here, haven’t you ? How many did you manage to catch this morning , if I may ask?” “You are the eighth,”the fisherman answered merrily . 1. Before lunch Joe usually had __________. A drink at the bar B tea at the bar C dinner at the bar D a drink the fisherman

2 Who took pity on the fisherman ? A Nobody B Only Joe who passed by him. C Everyone who passed by him. D Some of the people

3 The poorly dressed man ______________. A must be mad B must be hungry C must be thirsty D was not mad at all

4 The fisherman pretended ______________.

A to be mad

B to be fishing C to be poor D to have no Job

5.The fisherman fooled ______________. A. all the people B. most of the people eight people except Joe. C Joe as well as the other seven people D



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