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Unit 14 Gareers Period Two Lesson 2 Interviews & Lesson 3 Nine to Five 课件(北师大版必修5,课标通用)

Ⅰ.单词识记 nursery 1. ________n.a place where young children are taken
care of during the day while their parents are at work appointment 2. ____________n.an arrangement for a meeting childhood 3. _________n.the period of time when you are a child instant 4. ________adj.happening or produced immediately battle 5. ________n . a fight between opposing armies , groups of ships,etc.

civil 6. ______adj.connected with the people who live in a
country moral 7. ______n.principles or standards of good behaviour surrounding 8. ____________adj.near or around a particular place basis 9. ______n.the facts or ideas from which something can be developed wisdom 10 . ________n . good sense and judgment , based on your experience of life junior 11 .________adj.having a low rank in an organization or profession overcome 12 .__________vt.to control a feeling or problem that

prevents you from achieving something

inspect 13. ________v.to examine something carefully commit 14. ________vt.to do something wrong or illegal glory 15. ________n. the importance, honour , and praise

that people give someone or something they admire a lot

Ⅱ.短语天地 make up 1. ________________ 编造
speak up 2. ________________ 自由大胆地说出 be bored with 3. ________________ 对……厌烦 dream of/about 4. ________________ 梦想 have an influence on 5. ______________________ 对……有影响 决定 6.decide on ________________ 害怕 7.be scared of ________________ 大意 8.general idea ________________ 获得成功 9.pay off ________________ 毫不犹豫 10.without hesitation ________________

1.The instant she stopped asking questions,I got up and went out of the room.

[信息提取 ]the instant “一……就……”为名词充当连
词。 The instant; give him [例句仿写 ]我一见到他就会把书给他。 ____. 2.It was my mother who taught me to be curious. [信息提取]It was/is...who/that...为强调句型,强调人时 It 。 was 可以用who the man; that saved her the book ____ ________I see him,I will______ ______ ______

______ ______ ______ ______in black______ ______ _____.

3...as long as I am committed and never give up,I will
be able to produce high quality reports. [信息提取]as long as为“只要”,引导让步状语从句。

[例句仿写]只要你按时回来你可以出去玩。 long as you come back You can go out toasplay____ ____ ____ _____ _____
_____on time.

Ⅳ.预读理解 1.Fast Reading:Read the text fast and do the True or

False exercises.
(1)Wang Junyan has been dreaming of becoming famous on TV since childhood.(F and actions.( F (3)Wang ) Junyan was a journalist in a local ) (2)Wang’s father had great influence on her thoughts

newspaper.( ) T (4)The job of a reporter is interesting and relaxing to

Wang Junyan.( F


(5)Wang is often tired of her job as a reporter.( F

2.Careful Reading:Read the text carefully and fill in
the following blank. The road to success Title:(1)__________________
Time Influences in life Feeling Her attitude towards life will never stop influencing her (4)______________ thoughts and actions

Her mother’s warning: curious , being (2)_________ As a child working hard,and believing in what was (3)___ ___________ true

·Grasp what is going on around people is important As a ·Her report helped the reporter affected (5)_________people and after helped the government graduation inspect the company and catch the guilty people ·Needs many different skills ·Be constantly challenged (7)_________________ to learn new things

Realised (6)_________the importance of being a journalist


·Never bored (8)__________with her job ·Interesting and challenging

Wang Junyan is the__1__for Universe TV’s news programs.She said it is curiosity , perseverance , and a

commitment to truth that made her success today.
As a child , she never dreamed of being a famous__2__on TV.Her mother taught her to be curious and be interested in everything from plants to insects.She was__3__by her attitude towards life and truth. After__4__ , Wang Junyan became a reporter for a __5__newspaper.The reason why she chose to be a __6__is that she thought it is important to report news.She once was asked to

__7__an illegal business,and her report helped people who had
been affected.

Her perseverance__8__off because she won an __9__for
the report.When asked what she liked most about being a reporter,she said she found it interesting and__10__.She added

that she was__11__challenged to learn more and to be curious as
a journalist.“I still feel like I’m turning over stones to see what might be hiding__12__”. 1presenter . _________ person 2. _________ influenced local inspect journalist 4._________ challenging 6._________ constantly 5 award . _________ 8._________ 9 . ________10.__________ 11.________ graduation 3._________ paid

beneath 7._________


1.appointment n.(会面的)约定,预约;任命 【搭配】 have/make an appointment with sb与……约会/预约 make an appointment to do sth约定做某事 be late for one’s appointment约会迟到

keep an appointment 守约

I made an appointment to see the doctor at three.
我和医生约好三点钟去看病。 He was late for his appointment with his girlfriend.

The doctor sees patients only by appointment. 医生只看预约的病人。 If you fail to keep the dentist’s appointment you’ll have to pay for it.如果你和牙医约好时间但到时不去,你得付钱。 His appointment as head of department has caused a lot of friction.任命他为部门经理引起了很大的矛盾。

appointment/date 通常指与人谈生意或与医生等事先 appointment 约定的见面。 date 通常指恋爱时的“约会”。 I made an appointment to meet the lawyer. 我和那个律师约好了。 I have a date with Rose.我和罗斯有个约会。

【完成句子】 made an appointment with the guest (1)Have
you_______________________________________( 与客人预约了 make an appointment 吗)? with the doctor (2)In western countries , you’d better____________________________________( 与 医 生 约 好)before going to see the doctor.

2.surrounding adj.附近的;周围的
After the explosion the army sealed off the surrounding area.爆炸发生后,军队封锁了周围地区。

They lives in Oxford and the surrounding area.
他们住在牛津及其周边地区。 【拓展】 (1)surroundings n.(多以复数形式出现)环境;周围的事 物 (2)surround vt.包围 Children should be brought up in healthy surroundings. 孩子们应该在健康的环境中被培养长大。

【比较网站】 surroundings/conditions/environment
表示“环境,周围的事物”,永远用复 surroundings 数形式,主要指周围的物质环境。 可表示“(生活或工作的)条件,天气情 conditions 况”,但它主要是抽象意义上的。 既可表示抽象概念也可表示具体意义, environment 均从环境对人的感受、道德及观念的影 响着眼。

Animals in a zoo are not living in their natural
surroundings. 动物园里的动物们不是生活在自然环境之中。

It’s difficult to imagine you’re working in such poor
conditions.很难想像你是在这样艰苦的条件下工作的。 An unhappy home environment can affect a child’s behaviour. 不愉快的家庭环境能影响儿童的行为。

(1)The big fire spread quickly surrounding and soon the_______________buildings were on fire. surrounding (2)I live in a house with trees____________it.

3.scare vt.使惊吓,使害怕
【搭配】 scare...away吓跑 scare sb to death把某人吓死或把某人吓得要死 scare sb into doing sth吓得某人做某事 scare sb out of doing吓得某人不敢做…… scared adj害怕的,被吓坏了的 be scared of害怕(后接名词或代词)

The policeman’s approach scared the thief away.
警察的到来把小偷吓跑了。 Some parents try to scare their children into behaving

有些父母试图用吓唬的方式使孩子守规矩。 To my surprise,the girl isn’t scared of the snake at all. 让我惊奇的是,那女孩一点也不怕蛇。 My friend said he was scared to death at that time. 我的朋友说当时他被吓坏了。 I was scared stiff at the thought of having to make a speech.


(1)The cared the children loud noise____________________________________ ( 把 孩 子 们 吓 坏 scared him into telling the truth 了 ). (2)They__________________________________________ __ (吓唬他说出真相).scared of going out alone at night (3)He was__________________________________________ ( 怕晚上独 自出门).

4.junior adj.低级的;资浅的;年少的

He is only a junior officer to his brother.
他的官衔比他哥哥低。 I object to being told what to do by someone junior to

我不愿意让资历比我低的人对我指手画脚。[剑桥高阶] He is junior to all the people who work here.


【拓展】 be junior
? ?比……职位低 to? ? ?比……年龄小

junior high school 初中 senior 高级的,年长的 be senior to 比……年龄大/职位高 senior high school 高中 She is junior to me by 3 years.她小我三岁。

(1)A captain is junior to a major in the army. 在陆军里,上尉的军衔低于少校。 ________________________________________________

___ 他比我大两岁。 (2)He is two years senior to me.

5.commit vt.投入;犯(错或法);做(坏事等)
The council has committed large amounts of money to housing projects.市政会在住宅项目上投入了大量资金。

He was sent to prison for a crime that he didn’t commit.
他蒙冤入狱。 阶] As he had no experience,he naturally committed such a mistake.由于他没经验,所以犯了这个错误。 A robbery was committed last night. 昨晚发生了一起盗窃案。 If you commit a crime , you can never escape being [剑桥高



Ben felt she did not have to make such a commitment to him. Ben 觉得她没必要向他作出承诺。 Cindy is a committed singer,and is admired by her fans. Cindy是一名尽职的歌手,深受歌迷的爱戴。

注意: commit 的过去式、过去分词为 committed ,现在分

(1)He committed all his money to the oil company’s stock.他所有的资金都买了这家石油公司的股票。

________________________________________________ ___ He committed himself to the cause of education.
(2)他投身于教育事业。 _______________________________________________

6.defeat v.&n.
(1)defeat 常作动词,意思是 “ 击败,战胜 ” 或 “ 使 ( 计 划,希望)落空”。

The French team defeated the Italian by 3∶1.
法国队以3∶1打败了意大利队。 Our hopes were defeated.我们的希望落空了。 (2)defeat也可以作可数名词,从胜方角度可以看作 “ 战 胜”,而从败方角度可以看作“战败”,要根据上下文理解。 After their defeat in battle,the soldiers surrendered. 士兵们在战斗中被打败后就投降了。[剑桥高阶] His power strengthened after the defeat of the enemy in

the war.在战争中打败敌军后他的权力得到了加强。

【比较网站】 defeat/beat/win 一般用于敌我战斗中打败或战胜敌人,但是被打败 defeat 者不一定服输。 一般用于比赛中打败或战胜对手,表示彻底击垮, beat 并且被打败者完全臣服。其宾语是表示人的名词或 代词。

指在竞赛中或战斗中“赢得或取得胜利”,宾语多 是表示比赛、战斗的名词,如match,game,medal ,the first place等。

After a long campaign Wellington's army finally
defeated Napoleon.经过一个漫长的战役,惠灵顿的军队最终打 败了拿破仑。

I could always beat my brother at chess.
每次下棋我都能赢我的弟弟。 Who do you think will win the match? 你认为谁会获得比赛的胜利?

用defeat,win,beat填空 (1)I could defeated/beaten have______________him , but won finally

he______the match because of my carelessness. defeated (2)We__________the enemy in the mountainous areas.
defeat (3)They suffered a great__________in the battle.

1.make up编造,捏造;组成,构成;补充,补足 He made up some excuse that his son was sick. 他编造了借口说他的儿子病倒了。 The peasants make up the majority of the population of

our country.农民占我国人口的大多数。
We need one more player—will you make up the number?

My uncle made up a funny story for the children. 我叔叔给孩子们编了一个有趣的故事。

The actors have to make up before the performance.

be made up of由……构成 make up for补偿,弥补

make out认出;理解
make for移向,走向 make of理解;解释

make up/be made up of/consist of make up be made up of consist of 表示“组成,构成”,表主动意义。 表示“由……组成”,表被动意义。

表示“由……组成”,表被动意义,该短语没 有被动语态。

The houses consist of four rooms. 这栋房子由4个房间组成。 A football team is made up of 11 players. 一个足球队由11名队员组成。

A________the (1)I didn’t wear my glasses,so I couldn’t letters on the blackboard.

A.make out
C.make for absent for almost one week. A.take up C.bring up

B.make up
D.make off

(2)Cindy has a lot of work to D ________since she has been B.join up D.make up

is________________ made up of (3)The medical team 2 doctors and 5 nurses.

make out (4)I can ________________his handwriting. up for (5)Nothing can make ________________the lost time.
(6)This kind of paper ________________bamboo. is made from

2.keep...away from让……远离,躲开 Mum told us to keep away from the naughty boy.

The family moved to the south to keep away from the cold winter.那家人为躲避严冬搬家到南方去了。 【比较网站】 keep away from/keep off keep away 意思是“远离某事或某物以免受 from 伤害”。 意思是“阻挡”、“避开”、“ keep off 不靠近”。

When you go to the zoo,you must keep away from the
dangerous animals. 当你到动物园时你要远离危险动物。

Keep off the grass,or you'll be punished.

光 ). to keep off the sun (1)She drew the curtain_________________( 以遮挡阳 to keep away from harmful websites




keep off 远离不良网站). __________________________________( keep away from (3)They made a big fire to ________wild animals. (4)The teachers told the teenagers to ______________drugs.

3.sit up 熬夜;坐直;坐起来;使大吃一惊/感兴趣
The doctor sat up all night with the patient. 医生彻夜守着病人。

When I entered the room,I found she was sitting up
straight and staring at the ceiling. 我进房间的时候,发现她直直地坐着,眼睛盯着天花 板。 Sit up and take your medicine.坐起来吃药了。 Her achievements make many people sit up and notice. 她的成就使许多人刮目相看。

说出下列句子中sit up 的意思
熬夜 (1)I had to sit up all night writing the report.________ (2)The patient is able to sit up and take nourishment now. 坐起来 ________ 使大吃一惊 (3)George’s sudden success made the town sit up and 坐直 take notice.____________ (4)Sit up straight and keep your arms on the table.______

4.pay off
(1)得到好结果;取得成功 They took a hell of risk but it paid off.

(2)付清,全部还清;付清薪水解雇(某人) We should be able to pay off the debt within two years. 我们应该能在两年内还清债务。[剑桥高阶] Two hundred workers have been paid off. 200名工人已被结清工资解雇了。 The girl’s hard work paid off when she was admitted to Beijing University.这个女孩被北大录取时,她的努力得到了回


pay back 偿还,回报 pay for 为……付钱;因……而受罚

pay up 全部付清
pay in缴款 pay out付出(钱),出钱 pay for...付……款 I paid him 100 yuan for the book. 我花100元钱买了他这本书。


(1)After 10 years of hard work,she finally
paid off all her debts ______________________( 还清所有债务). (2)_____________________( 我所有的付出都有了回 All my efforts paid off

报)when I was admitted into a famous university.
【介副词填空】 (3)I believe my hard work will pay ________some day. off back (4)She promised she would pay ________the money she borrowed from me. for (5)The man had to borrow money to pay________his son’s college education.

5.as long as只要;和……一样长
as long as作“只要”时同so long as。 I will go as/so long as I’m invited.只要受到邀请我就

I can come as long as I can leave by 4∶00. 只要我能在4点钟之前出发,我就能来。[剑桥高阶] This table is twice as long as that one. 这张桌是那张桌子的2倍长。 I’m not particular how you do it as long as it gets done. 只要把它完成了,你怎么做我并不计较。

as...as...像……一样…… as...as any...不比谁(任何……)差地……

as far as远至……;就……的限度
as for至于……,就……而言 as many as...与……一样多的;多达…… as much as...与……一样多的(程度);多达…… A as well as B...不但B,而且A也…… I will help him as much as possible.我将尽可能帮他。 Tom as well as his parents likes watching football games on TV.不但是他的父母连Tom,也喜欢看电视上的足球赛。

(1)After supper , she would sit down by the fire ,

A for______an hour,thinking of her young and happy sometimes days.
A.as long as C.as much as singer. A.as much as C.as far as B.as long as D.as well as B B.as soon as D.as many as

(2)I waited there for______10 hours to see my favourite

6.be bored with对……厌烦

He was getting bored with/of doing the same thing every day. 每天都做同样的事他感到很无聊。 [剑桥高阶]

bored with/tired of 【完成句子】 news bored me (1)I boring was__________________( 厌 烦 )listening



(2)The___________________ ___ (烦心的消息让我心烦).

1.(课文重现)I think it a real battle being on my feet all the time like that.我感觉像那样一直站着真像场战斗。 【句式分析】 (1)it为形式宾语,a real battle为名词作宾补,真正的宾 语为being on my feet all the time like that。 I think it my duty to serve the people.

(2)句型:主语+find/think+it+adj./n.+to do/doing... 为固定句型,“某人认为某事是……/怎么样”。

Sarah made________to the airport just in time to catch her plane this morning. A.herself C.that B.this D.It (2012·全国Ⅱ)




赶上飞机。本题考查it的用法。make it为固定搭配,意为:成 功做某事,到达。 ]

【汉译英】 found himself lost (1)When he came to himself, he________________in the

当他醒来时,他发现自己在森林里迷路了。 find English hard to learn (2)Many students________________________________.

2.(课文重现)I asked her how she had achieved success and she told me that being curious,working hard and believing in what was true made her the success she is today.我问她是怎样 成功的,她告诉我是好奇心,努力工作和忠于事实的原则促成 了她今日的成功。 【句式分析】 (1)I asked her how...success与she told me that...为并列 句,在这两个并列句中各有宾语从句, how she had achieved success及that being curious...today,句中she is today为success 的定语从句,译为“今日的成功”。 (2)believe in相信,信任,后面的what was true为宾语从 句。在 she told me 后 that 引导的宾语从句中, being curious , working hard and believing in what was true为并列的主语, made为谓语动词。

The villagers have already known ______we’ll do is to rebuild the bridge.(2011·江西) A.this C.what 答案 建这座桥。] C B.that D.which [句意:村民们已经知道我们将要做的就是重

3.(课文重现)That is when I realized the importance of
being a journalist. 我就是那时意识到当记者的重要性的。

when I realized...a journalist为表语从句。 the importance of doing sth做某事的重要性 类似的句型还有: That’s why...那就是……的原因 That’s how...那就是……的方式 That’s where...那就是……的地方 That’s what...那就是……的事情

I’d like to start my own business-that’s______I’d do if I had the money. A.why C.which 答案 D (2011·陕西) B.when D.what [句意:我想要开自己的公司,那就是我有了


(1)那就是我迟到的原因。 That’s why I was late. ________________________________________________

That’s how he got to know the truth. _______________________________________________ (3)我们昨天就呆在那儿。

That’s where we stayed yesterday. ________________________________________________
(4)我就是在那时意识到我的错误的。 That’s when I came to realize my mistakes. ________________________________________________ _ That’s what he said at that moment. (5)那就是他当时说的话。 ________________________________________________ _

4 . ( 课文重现 )That’s exactly what Wang Junyan has
been doing as the face of Universe TV.这也正是王君燕成为环球 电视的一员后一直努力做的。

在这个复合句中 what 引导表语从句并在从句中作宾 语。在what 引导的表语从句中,谓语是现在完成进行时。现在 完成进行时表示从过去某一时间开始一直延续到现在还在进行 的动作。它是由“have/has+been+现在分词”构成的。主要用 法如下:

和all this time,this week,all night,all the morning,recently 等状语以及since和for引导的状语连用。

I have been reading a novel all the morning.
我整个上午都在读小说。 This is what she has been expecting since her childhood. 这是她从儿时起就一直期待的事情。 (2)表示动作刚刚结束。 My clothes are all wet.I’ve been working in the rain. 我的衣服全湿了,我刚才一直在雨中工作。 He is dead drunk.He’s been drinking with his friends.


You’ve been saying that for five years. 这话你已经说了五年了。

(1)现在完成进行时可以表示动作的重复,而现在完成时 一般不表示重复性。 Have you been meeting them recently? 你最近常和他们见面吗? Have you met them recently? 你最近见到过他们吗?

般是平铺直叙。 I have been waiting for you for two hours.

I have waited for you for two hours. 我等了你两个小时。(说明一个事实) (3)现在完成进行时强调动作,而现在完成时强调结果。 Who has been eating the apples? 谁一直在吃这些苹果?(还剩余一些) Who has eaten the apples? 谁把苹果吃光了?(强调吃得一个不剩)

Tom______in the library every night over the last three months.(2011·北京) A.works C.has been working B.worked D.had been working




书馆里工作。现在完成进行时表示动作从过去某个时间开始, 一直延续到现在。]

you? (1)—You don’t have to play that record so loud, do A

—I’m sorry.________you?
A.Has it been bothering C.Will it bother to school,but she hasn’t decided yet. A.had considered B.has been considering C.considered B.Did it bother D.B Had it bothered

(2)Now that she is out of job,Lucy ________going back

D.is going to consider

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北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 1)ppt课件1_英语_高中教育_教育专区。北师大版高中英语 A lot of people look at a job and a career as...

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 4)p....ppt

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 4)ppt课件1_英语_高中教育_教育专区。文档均来自网络,如有侵权请联系我删除文档 ...

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 1)p....ppt

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 1)ppt课件_英语_高中教育_...-2- Warm-up & Lesson 1 Your Choice C 晨读晚诵 HENDUWANSONG Y 预习...

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 5)p....ppt

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 5)ppt课件_英语_高中教育_...答案:1.application 2.hesitation 3.personal 4.practical 5.useful 6....

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》ppt重点小结....ppt

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》ppt重点小结课件 - 单

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》ppt复习课件....ppt

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》ppt复习课件_英语_高中教育_教育专区...高频短语 take charge of 1.___ 接管,控制 make up 2.___ 编造 make out...

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 3)p....ppt

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 3)ppt课件_英语_高中教育_...答案:1.C 2.A 3.D 4.D -6- Lesson 3 Nine to Five Y 预习导引 U ...


2019版高中英语北师大版必修五课件:Unit+14+Careers+Period+Two+Lesson+2+Interviews - Unit 14 Careers 内容索引 Perio...

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》ppt写作指导....ppt

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》ppt写作指导课件 - 单

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 2)p....ppt

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 2)ppt课件1_英语_高中教育_教育专区。文档均来自网络,如有侵权请联系我删除文档 ...

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 4)1....ppt

搜试试 2 悬赏文档 全部 DOC PPT TXT PDF XLS 广告 百度文库 教育专区 高中教育 英语北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 4)1_英语_高中教育_...

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 4)p....ppt

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 4)ppt课件_英语_高中教育_...答案:1.T 2.F 3.F 4.T 5.T 一 二 三 四 五 六 六、佳句欣赏与...

Unit 14 Careers Lesson 2 Interviews 课件 2-优质公开....ppt

Unit 14 Careers Lesson 2 Interviews 课件 2-优质公开课-北师大版高中必修5精品_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 14 Careers Lesson 2 Interviews Describe...

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 2)p....ppt

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 2)ppt课件_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Lesson 2 Interviews -1- Lesson 2 Interviews Y 预习导引 U XI DAO ...

高中英语北师大版必修5课件:Unit 14 Careers 14.2_图文.ppt

高中英语北师大版必修5课件:Unit 14 Careers 14.2_英语_高中教育_教育专区。自主预习 合作探究 Lesson 2 Interviews 自主预习 一二三四 合作探究 一、写出与下列...

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》ppt重点小结....ppt

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》ppt重点小结课件_英语_

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 4)p....ppt

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 4)ppt课件_英语_高中教育_...答案:1.T 2.F 3.F 4.T 5.T -6- Lesson 4 Job Trends Y 预习导引 ...

北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 1)_....ppt

搜试试 2 悬赏文档 全部 DOC PPT TXT PDF XLS 广告 百度文库 教育专区 高中教育 英语北师大版高中英语必修五Unit 14《Careers》(Lesson 1)_英语_高中教育_...