鹤岗三中 2010-2011 学年度高一外研英语下学期期中考试 单选 21.---Are you feeling ? ---Yes,I’m fine now. A.any well B.little better C.any better D.quite better 22.Sandy could do nothing but to his teacher that he was wrong. A.admit B.admitted C.admitting D.to admit 23.As a rule,workers in factories are paid . A.by month B.by the month C.by an month D.by months 24.A villa with a full set of furniture to Mary as a marriage gift. A.is offered B.has offered C.are offered D.have offered 25.We’re just trying to reach a point both sides will sit down together and talk. A.where B.that C.when D.which 26.Children who are not active or diet is high in fat will gain weight quickly. A.what B.whose C.which D.that 27.The population of China very and about 80% of the population peasants. A.is,much,is B.are,large,are C.is,large,are D.is,large,is 28.I can’t what has happened to the vegetables,for they were freshly picked this morning. A.look out B.take out C.work out D.figure out 29.If you want help-money or anything,let me know, you? A.don’t B.will C.shall D.do 30. is reported in the nespapers,talks between the two countries are making progress. A.It B.As C.That D.What 31.On no condition to our plan for the trip. A.will she agree B.she will agree C.agrees she D.will agree she 32.You’d better your answers once more before you hand the papers in. A.see B.examine C.test D.check 33.Many young people are now making an active to beautify our country. A.part B.effort C.decision D.plan 34.Jumping out of airplane at ten thousand feet is quite exciting experience. A.an,an B./,the C./,an D.the,the 35.The house I grew up has been taken down and replaced by an office buiding. A.in that B.in C.in it D.in which 完形填空 Even though it was only October, my students were already whispering about Christmas plans. With each passing day everyone became more 36 , waiting for the final school bell. Upon its 37 everyone would run for their coats and go home, everyone except David. David was a small boy in ragged clothes. I had often 38 what kind of home life David had, and what kind of mother could send her son to school dressed so 39 for the cold winter months, without a coat, boots, or gloves. But something made David 40 I can still remember

he was always 41 a smile and willing to help. He always 42 after school to straighten chairs and mop the floor. We never talked much. He 43 just smile and ask what else he could do ,then thank me for letting him stay and slowly 44 home. Weeks passed and the 45 over the coming Christmas grew into restlessness until the last day of 46 before the holiday break. I smiled in 47 as the last of them hurried out the door. Turning around I saw David 48 standing by my desk. “I have something for you” he said 49 from behind his back a small box. 50 it to me, he said anxiously. “Open it.” I took the box from him, thanked him and slowly unwrapped it. I lift the lid and to my 51 saw nothing. I looked at David’s smiling face and back into the box and said, “The box is nice, David, but it’ s 52 .” “Oh no, it isn’t” said David “It’s full of love, my mum told me before she died that love was something you couldn’t see or touch unless you know it’s there.” Tears filled my eyes 53 I looked at the proud dirty face that I had rarely given 54 to. After that Christmas,David and I became good friends and I never forgot the meaning 55 the little empty box set on my desk. 36. A. anxious B. courageous C. serious D. cautious 37. A. warning B. ringing C. calling D. yelling 38. A. scolded B. wondered C. realized D. learned 39. A. modestly B. naturally C. inaccurately D. inappropriately 40. A. popular B. upset C. special D. funny 41. A. expressing B. delivering C. wearing D. sharing 42. A. practised B. wandered C. studied D. stayed 43. A. would B. should C. might D. could 44. A. aim at B. turn to C. put off D. head for 45. A. argument B. excitement C. movement D. program 46. A. school B. year C. education D. program 47. A. relief B. return C. vain D. control 48. A. weakly B. sadly C. quietly D. helplessly 49. A. searched B. found C. raised D. pulled 50. A. Holding B. Handing C. Sending D. Leaving 51. A. delight B. expectation C. appreciation D. surprise 52. A. cheap B. empty C. useless D. improper 53. A. as B. until C. because D. though 54. A. advice B. support C. attention D. command 55. A. from B. behind C. over D. towards 阅读理解 A A computer is fast,and makes few mistakes,while people are too slow,and make mistakes sometimes.That’s what people often say when they talk about computers.For over a quarter of century,scientists have been making better and better computers.Now a computer can do a lot of everyday jobs wonderfully.It is widely used in factories,hospitals,post offices

and airports.A computer can report,decide and control in almost every field.Many computer scientists are now thinking of making the computer“think”like a man.With the help of a person,a computer can draw pictures,write music,talk with people,play chess,recognize voices,translate languages and so on.Perhaps computers will one day really think and feel as we do.Do you think the people will be afraid when they find that the computer is too clever to listen to and serve the people? 56.A computer is clever because people are . A.clever B.not clever C.slow D.making mistakes 57.Which of the following can computers not do now? A.Draw pictures B.Talk C.Invent new things D.Serve the people 58.What will happen in the future? A.Most of the jobs will be done by the computer. B.People will no longer use computers. C.Computers will only be used to talk with people. D.All computers will be used only at home. 59.The best title for this passage is . A.Computer B.Computer Scientists C.The Future World D.Talk with Computers C Rome had the Forum. London has Speaker' s Comer. Now always-on-the-go New Yorkers have Liz and Bill. Liz and Bill,two college graduates in their early 2Os,have spent a whole year trying to have thousands d people talk to them in subway stations and on busy street comers.Just talk. Using a 2-foot-tall sign that says, "Talk to Me," they attract conversationalists, who one evening included a mental patient, and men in business suits. They don't collect money. They don't push religion (宗教). So what's the point? "To see what happens," said Liz. "We simply enjoy life with open communication(交流)." Shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, they decided to walk from New York City to Washington, a 270-mile trip. They found they loved talking to people along the way and wanted to continue talking with strangers after their return. "It started as a crazy idea," Liz said. "We were so curious about all the strangers walking by with their life stories. People will talk to us about anything: their jobs, their clothes, their childhood experiences, anything." Denise wanted to talk about an exam she was about to take. She had stopped by for the second time in two days, to let the two listeners know how it went. Marcia had lest her husband to a serious disease. "That was very heavy on my mind,” Marcia said. "To be able to talk about it to total strangers was very good," she explained. To celebrate a year of talking, the two held a get-together in a city park for all the people they had met over the past year. A few hundred people showed up, as well as some television cameramen and reporters. They may plan more parties or try to attract mare people to join their informal talks.

Some publishers have expressed interest in a book, something they say they'll consider. 64. What did Liz and Bill start doing after September 2001? A. Chatting with people. B. Setting up street signs. C. Telling stories to strangers. D. Organizing a speaker's corner. 65. What they have been doing can be described as______. A. pointless B. normal C. crazy D. successful 66. What will Liz and Bill do in the future? A. Go in for publishing. B. Do more television programs. C. Continue what they are doing. D. Spend more time reading books. 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项 71 She lives in Japan and teaches English. In Japan, people don’t usually wear their outdoor shoes in the house or in school, and a lot of buildings have places for shoes. So her school ahs a special place for shoes. 72 Tina teaches English in the evening. One Friday, she went to school, and she put her shoes in the shoe box-as usual. Then she had an interesting spoken English class with her students. 73 But to her surprise, her shoes weren’t in the box. There was only one pair of those there, and they weren’t her shoes! She had to get home in a hurry. 74 On Monday, at her next English class, her shoes were in a shopping bag on her desk! There was a note that said, “I’m so sorry. I took your shoes by mistake!” 75 Somebody felt a lot of shame! A. It’s a shoe box. B. Tina is my sister. C. So she put on the shoes and left. D. After class she got ready to leave. E. But there was no name on the note. F. A funny thing happened to my sister Tina last month. G. She has no shoes. 短文改错 文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。增加: 在缺词处加一个漏字符号(/\).并在其下面写出该加的词。 删除: 把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改: 在错的词下划一横线,并在其下写出修改后的词。注意:1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;2.只允 许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。 Dear Ms Smith, I am secretary of the City Student Union (CSU). We were organizing an art exhibition for high school students in city. This will be held on the 9th of July in the Exhibition Hall of Beihai. More than 1000 painting will be on show, but high school students and teachers from all the eight districts will come to the event.As you are very popularly with us Chinese high school students, we’d like to invite for you to the exhibition. We would be grateful when you could join them that day.Looking forward to hear from you soon.

鹤岗三中 2010-2011 学年度高一外研英语下学期期中考试 答案 21.C 22.A 23.B 24.A 25.A 26.B 27.C 28.D 29.B 30.B 31.A 32.D 33.B 34.A 35.B 完形:36-40 ABBDC 41-45 CDADB 46-50 AACDB 51-55 DBACB 阅读:56-59 ACAA 60-63 CDAC 64-66 ADC 71-75 FADCE 短文改错 1. were-are 2. city-the city 3. This-It 4. painting-paintings 5. but-and 6. popularly-popular 7. invite for-invite 8. when-if 9. them-us 10. hear-hearing




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