A AA 制 A 股市场 阿拉伯国家联盟 《阿 Q 正传》 哀兵必胜 哀莫大于心死 矮子里拔将军 艾滋病(获得性免疫缺陷综合症) 爱而兰共和军 爱国民主人士 爱国统一战线 “爱国者”导弹 爱丽舍宫 爱鸟周 爱屋及乌 爱心工程 安第斯集团峰会(拉美国家) 安居工程 安乐死 安理会 安全岛 安全第一,预防为主 按成本要素计算的国民经济总产值 按揭贷款 按揭购房 按劳分配 暗恋 暗箱操作 澳姆真理教 奥委会 澳门大三巴牌坊 Dutch treatment; go Dutch A share market the league of Arab States The True Story of Ah Q an army burning with indignation is bound to win There is no grief greater than the death of the mind Choose a general from among the dwarfs- pick the best out of a mediocre bunch AIDS ( Acquired Syndrome ) Irish Republic Army patriotic democratic personages patriotic united front Patriot missile Elysee Palace Birds-Loving Week Love me, love my dog Loving Care Project Andean Summit Lost-cost Housing Project euthanasia Security Council safety island Safety first, precaution crucial. GNP at factor cost mortgage loan to buy a house on mortgage; to mortgage a house distribution according to one’s performance unrequited love; fall in love with someone secretly under-the-counter operation Japanese Aum Doomsday Cult Olympic Committee Ruins of St. Paul Immune Deficiency

巴勒斯坦解决组织(简称巴解) 巴勒斯坦民族解放运动,简称 FATEH 巴黎证券交易所 the Palestinian Liberation Organization FATEH Paris Bourse

拔河(游戏) 把关 把已确定的方针、政策、措施落实到实处 把握大局 把握正确的舆论导向 霸权主义 白金汉宫 白领犯罪 白领工人 白马王子 白皮书 白色农业

tug-of-war guard a pass; make the final check-up to get the set principles, policies and measure implemented grasp the overall situation to properly guide the public opinion hegemonism Buckingham Palace white-collar crime white-collar worker Prince Charming white paper White agriculture (also called “white engineering agriculture”; It refers to microbiological agriculture and biological cell agriculture. ) white pollution white sheet starting from scratch an IOU Snow White Burmuda Triangle once-in-a-century Seeing is believing. Much remains to be done. A metaphor for presenting an attractive fa?ade but in reality lacking substance to put on airs to put on airs; to show off; to keep up appearances to shake off poverty; to lift oneself from poverty to shake off ideological and structural shackles to free oneself from debts sworn brothers money worship to pay New Year calls; to wish sb. A Happy New Year zebra stripes a relocated unit or household slab-type apartment building copyright law royalties All rights reserved.

白色污染 白色行情表 白手起家 白条 白雪公主 百慕大三角 百年不遇 百闻不如一见 百业待举 摆花架子 摆架子 摆谱儿 摆脱贫困 摆脱思想上和体制上的禁锢 摆脱债务问题 拜把兄弟 拜金主义 拜年 斑马线 搬迁户 板楼, 板式屋 版权法 版权收入 版权所有, 不准翻印

版税率 办公日志 办理转账 办事机构 半边天 半成品 半成品菜 半工半读 半决赛 半拉子工程 半身不遂 半死不活 半途而废 半脱产 帮倒忙 傍大款 包办婚姻 包车 包二奶 包房 包干到户 包干制 包工包料 包购包销 包机 报销人 包转装设计 饱和 保持国民经济持续快速健康发展 保持国民经济发展的良好势头 保持国有股 保持社会公正 保兑银行

royalty rate desk diary to handle account transfers administrative bodies half of the sky; Women can hold up half of the sky. semi-manufactured products work-study program semifinals incompletes/ unfinished project hemiplegia more dead than alive to give up halfway; to leave sth. Unfinished A partial sabbatical leave from work trying to help but causing more trouble in the process ( of a girl ) find a sugar daddy; be a mistress for a rich man; lean on a moneybags arranged marriage to charter a vehicle ( bus, train car, etc. ); a chartered vehicle to have a concubine ( originally a Cantonese expression ) to reserve rooms in a hotel or guest house for exclusive use work contracted to households overall rationing system; scheme of payment partly in kind and partly in cash contract for labor and materials the exclusive right to purchase and sell to charter a plane; a chartered plane underwriter packing design To saturate; saturation to maintain a sustained, rapid and sound development of the national economy to maintain a good momentum of growth in the national economy to keep the State-held shares to maintain social justice confirming bank goods; semi-finished

partially prepared and ready-to-cook dishes


保护关税 保护价格 保护伞 保护生态环境 保护主义 保健按摩 保健食品 保理业务 保龄球 保留剧目 保留学籍 保释 保守疗法 保税仓库 保税区 保税区 保鲜膜 保险单 保险担保书 保险费 保险金额 保险装置 保证金 保证金账户 保证重点支出 保值储蓄 保值利率 保质保量 保质期 报复性关税 报关员 报国计划的实施 报考……大学 报喜不报忧 报销 暴跌 暴发户

protective duty/ tariff protective price protective umbrella to preserve the ecological environment protectionism therapeutic massage health-care food factoring business Bowling Repertory to retain one’s status as a student Bail conservative treatment bonded warehouse tax-protected zone the low-tax, tariff-free zone; bonded area freshness protection film; plastic wrapping insurance policy guarantee of insurance insurance premium sum insured safety device margins, collateral, payment for the security margin account to ensure funding for priority areas inflation-proof bank savings index-linked interest rate interest rate; inflation-proof

to guarantee both quality and quantity guarantee period retaliatory duty declarant Implementation of Dedicator’s Project to register for the entrance examination to…university to report the good news but not the bad apply for reimbursement; reimburse nose-dive; plummet new rich; upstart (persons or households who suddenly became rich through unscrupulous means or unexpected opportunities) produce an expected winner; a dark horse bobbing up


爆炸性新闻 北斗星 《北美自由贸易协定》NAFTA 北欧投资银行 北约 NATO 备案 备件 备忘录 备用机场 备注 背黑锅 背投屏幕 被动损失 奔小康 本本主义 《本草纲目》 本命年 本票 笨鸟先飞 蹦迪 蹦极 B to B (B2B) B to C (B2C) BP 机 B超 逼上梁山 比价 比基尼 比较经济学 比较文学 比上不足,比下有余 比翼双飞 闭关政策 闭卷考试 闭门羹 毕业论文 毕业生 毕业设计 避免经济滑坡 避税 边防部队

shocking news; explosive news the Big Dipper North American Free Trade Agreement Nordic Investment Bank the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to report to … for record/ filing spare parts memorandum alternate airport remarks to become a scapegoat Rear projection screen passive loss strive for a relatively comfortable life bookishness Compendium of Materia Medica every 12th year after the year of birth cashier’s cheque A slow sparrow should make an early start. disco dancing bungee, bungee jumping business to business business to consumer beeper, pager type-B ultrasonid be driven to drastic alternatives price ratio bikini comparative economics comparative literature worse off than some, better off than many; to fall to develop together closed-door policy closed-book exam given a cold shoulder to sb.; close the door on sb. graduation thesis graduating student diploma design; graduation project to avoid an economic downturn To evade tax frontier trade

边防检查站 边界谈判 边界协定 边际报酬 边际效益 边际薪酬 边境贸易 边缘科学 边缘知识人 边远贫困地区 贬值 编外人员 编造假帐 编钟 便当 便携式电脑 变色镜 变色龙 变态心理 变相涨价 变型现象 辩护制度 辩证法 标书 表层问题 表见代理 表决议案 表面文章 表演赛 冰雕 冰毒

frontier inspection station border talks boundary agreement marginal return marginal benefit Marginal salaries Frontier trade Boundary science; frontier branches of science Marginal intellectuals Outlying poverty-stricken areas Devalue, devaluate, depreciate (of a currency) Personnel not on the regular payroll Falsification of account Chimes Fast food Portable computer; laptop; notebook computer Light-sensitive glasses Chameleon Abnormal psychology Disguised inflation; a disguised price raise Deformation System of defence dialectics Bid; bidding paper Superficial problems Agency by estoppel To vote on the bills Surface formality Demonstration match; exhibition match Ice sculpture Ice, (popular name for methamphetamine hydrochloride, a deadly addictive stimulant drug) Ice-sucker Candied haws on a stick Terra-cotta figures; soldier and horse figures Exist side by side Complication Combined to the grid To set things right; to restore things to order Strip the gold medal of somebody Strip bad assets off Berne Convention

冰棒 冰糖葫芦 兵马俑 并存 并发症 并网发电 拨乱反正 剥夺冠军 剥离不良资产 《伯尔尼公约》 (有关保护文学和艺术作

品版权的公约) 伯乐 A good judge of talent (a name of a legendary person in the state of Qin during the Spring and Autumn Period who excelled in evaluating horses) Boao Forum foe Asia (BFA) Lottery industry To have extensive knowledge and profound scholarship Tutor of a Ph. D. student Post-doctoral Ph. D candidate Museology Small profits but quick returns; small profits and good sales Weak link Compensatory trade Supplementary reading material Make-up examination Tonic food By-election Allowances in kind Remedial class By-election decisions Clean record, spotless record

博鳌亚洲经济论坛 博彩(业) 博大精深 博导 博士后 博士生 博物馆学 薄利多销 薄弱环节 补偿贸易 补充读物 补考 补品 补缺选举 补贴实物 补习班 补选决定 不败记录 不成器 不成文法 不承诺放弃使用武器 不打不成交 不到长城非好汉 不低于原来的标准 不动产 不分上下的总统选举结果 不顾条件,一哄而起 不管部部长 不合理收费,集资和摊派 不怀恶意的谎言 《不见部散》 不结盟运动 不可抗力

Not undertake to renounce the use of force No discord, no concord. Ha who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man. on terms no less favorable than before real estate the neck-and-neck presidential election result to rush into action in disregard of objective conditions minister without portfolio to impose charge and quotas and collect money without authorization white lie be there or be square non-aligned movement force majeure

不可再生资源 不良贷款 不列入预算 不买账 不眠之夜 不明飞行物 不惹是非 不祥之兆 不信任案 不义之财 不夜城 不遗余力 不以物喜,不以己悲 不粘锅 不正当竞争 不正之风 布达拉宫 布店 布告栏 布局 布雷顿森林体系 步步高升 步话机 步行街 步行天桥 步子迈的更大一些 部门和行业不正之风 部属机构 部委 部优产品 部长级会议

non-renewable resources non-performing loan non-accountable not take it; not go for it white night unidentified flying object (UFO) to stay out of trouble; to let sleeping dogs lie an ill omen no-confidence motion ill-gotten wealth sleepless city, ever-bright city to spare no effort; to go all out; to do one’s best not pleased by external gains, not saddened by personal losses non-stick pan unfair competition bad (harmful) practice; unhealthy tendency Potala Palace draper’s notice board; bulletin board layout; overall arrangement Bretton Woods system promoting to a higher position walkie-talkie pedestrian street pedestrian overpass; foot bridge to take a bolder approach unsound practice in departments and trades organizations affiliated to the ministry ministries and commissions ministry-recognized goods ministerial meeting

擦边球 擦网球 财产保险 财产权 财经 财力,财源 财贸 财神 财势

C edge ball ; touch ball net ball property insurance property right finance and economics finance resources finance and trade the God of Wealth wealth and influence

财务 财务包干 财务报表 财务大检查 财务公司 财务顾问 财政拨款 财政补贴 财政部 财政金融体制 财政年度 财政收入 财政收入流失 财政收支差额 财政税收制度 采取措施后 采取措施前 采取高姿态 菜篮子工程 菜鸟 参拜靖过神社 参股公司 参股者 参政、议政 仓储式超市 藏学 草根工业

层层转包和违法分保 查房 茶道 差额拨款 差额投票 差额选举 拆东墙补西墙 拆迁户 搀水股票

financial affairs to be responsible for one’s own finances financial statement a general check-up on the financial work finance company financial consultant allocation of funds finance subsidies the Ministry of Finance financial and banking system financial year fiscal revenue loss in financial recenue the imbalance between revenue and expenditure financial and taxation system ex post ex ante to show magnanimity shopping basket program green hand to visit the Yasukuni Shrine joint stock company equity participant to participate the management of State affairs Stockroom-style supermarket Tibetology grass-roots industry(refers to village and township enterprises which take root among farmers and grow like wold garss) multi-level contracting and illegal subcontracting to make/go the rounds of the wards tea ceremony balance location differentia voting competitve election ; multi-candidate election rob Peter to pay Paul households or units relocated due to building demolition water-down stocks(ordinary stocks that

can be bought by persons inside a stock company or a business at a cost lower than their face value 禅 dhyana 产粮大省 granary province 产品结构 product mix 产品科技含量 technological element/content of a product 产品生命周期分析 LCA(Life Cycle Analysis) 产权明晰、权责明确、政企分开、科 clearly established ownership well 学管理 defined power and responsibility, separation of enterprise from administration, and scientific management 产权制度、产权关系 property relations; property order 产销直接挂钩 directly link production with marketing 产业的升级换代 upgrading of industries 产业结构重组和升级 reorganization and upgrading of an industrial structure 长江抗洪形式 flood control on the Yangtze River 长江三角洲 Yangtze River delta 长江中下游 the middle and lower reaches of Changjiang River coexistence, mutual 长期共存、互相监督、肝胆相照、荣 long-term supervision , sincere treatment with each 辱与共 other and the sharing of weal or woe 长途电话 long distance calls 长线产品 pProduct in excessive supply 长征二号大推力捆绑式火箭 The Long March-2E heavy-thrust cluster carrier rocket 常务董事 executive director 常务助理 executive member of the council 敞篷轿车 open-topped limousine 畅通工程 smooth Traffic Project 唱高调 mouth high-sounding words 超标排放污染物 to discharge excessive pollutants 超负荷运转 overloaded operation 超高速巨型计算机 giant ultra-high-speed computer 超前消费 pre-mature consumption , overconsuming , excessive consumption 炒作 speculation (of a stock); sensationalization (of the news) 彻头彻尾的反动政治势力 an out-and-out reactionary political force

尘土 沉没成本 成本分摊 成分指数 成吉思汗 成人中等技术学校 成套设备 成组技术 承包经营权 承销商 城际列车 城市规划 城市中年雅皮士 城乡信用社 城镇居民 城镇住房公积金 吃大锅饭 吃皇粮 痴迷者 充分调动积极性和创造性 充分反映民意 冲值卡 重复建设 重复征税 抽杀成功 筹备委员会 筹划指导委员会 筹资 出风头 出国留学政策 出家 出口创汇能力 出口创汇型企业

dust clouds sunk cost sharing costs component index Genghis Khan secondary specialized/technical school for adults complete sets of equipment group technology lease-holding right sales agent inter-city train city’s landscaping plan ; urban planning muppie credit cooperative in both urban and rural areas urban dwellers public accumulation funds for urban housing egalitarian practice of everybody eating from the same big pot to receive salaries, subsidies , or other supported from the government Addict to give full play to initiative and creativity to adequately reflect the people’s will ; to reflect popular demand rechargeable card ;prepaid card duplicated construction ; dual construction to duplicate taxation ; to double taxation to hit through preparatory committee steering committee to raise capital show off ; be in the limelight policy of sending students abroad for academic studies pravrajana ; cloister capacity to earn foreign exchange through exports export-oriented indrstry

出口加工区 出口卖方信贷 出口退税率 出口退税制度 出口押汇 出口转内销 出气筒 出勤率 出入平安 出租率(旅馆) 储备基金 储运 传销 船务公司 窗口行业 创建卫生城市 创收 创业基金 创业园 吹风会 春蕾计划 《春秋》 春运 春运 辞旧迎新

磁悬浮列车 此地无银三百两 次新股 从粗放经济转变为集约经济 从严控制支出 从严治军 粗放经营

export processing zones seller’s credit on exports export rebate rate the system of refunding taxes on exported goods ; export(tax) rebate bill purchased(B/P) ; outward documentary bill domestic sales of commodities originally produced for exports punching bag attendance rate safe trip wherever you go occupancy rate reserve funds storage and transportation pyramid sales ; multi-level marketing shipping service company various service company various service trades build a nationally advanced clean city earnings of public institutions venture fund high-tech business incubator ; pioneer park (advanced)briefing spring Buds Program (passenger) transport during the Spring Festival passenger transport during the Chinese lunar new year bid farewell to the old and usher in the new ; ring out the old year and ring in the new maglev train (magnetically levitated train), magnetic suspension train A guilty person gives himself away by consciously protesting his innocence sub-new stock shift from extensive economy to intensive economy to exercise strict control over expenditure to run the army with extensive operation

粗放式管理 粗制滥造 促进全球经济一体化 促进人员按需求合理流动 促销服务 存贷 存款保证金 存款单 存款准备金制度 存量资本

extensive management shoddy goods foster integration with the global economy to enable professionals to move where they are needed to provide promotional services ; sales promotion inventories guaranty money for deposits Certificates of Deposits reserve against deposit system stock of capital D target hitting activities return banquet to issue IOU packing credit (loan) to use doggy bags to take food home to crack down on speculation and profiteering to crack down on counterfeit goods Office of Cracking down on Fake Products to expand market accessibility cracked CD to break the deadlock major and key criminal cases all-round responsibility system comprehensive arrangement for serious disease tripitaka blockbuster to open one’s eyes ; broaden one’s horizon ; be an eye-opener tycoon staple goods grand slam sidewalk snack booth ; large stall whitewash try first to make their mistake sound less serious and then to reduce it to nothing at

达标活动 答谢宴会 打白条 打包贷款 打包儿 打黑 打假 打假办 打开产品销路 打口碟 打破僵局 大案要案 大包干 大病统筹 大藏经 大轰动 大开眼界 大款 大路货 大满贯 大排挡 大胜 大事化小,小事化了

大腕 大卫教 大型电视系列片,长篇电视连续剧 大学生创业 大要案 大昭寺 大中型国有企业 大专生 大专文凭 呆帐 代职 带薪分流

带薪假期 待岗 待业 单边主义 单刀赴会 单循环制 弹性工资 弹性外交 党群关系 党政机关 倒春寒 倒计时 倒票 倒糨糊 盗版 VCD 盗打(电话) 盗用公款 德智体美劳全面发展

等外品 邓小平外交思想 低调

all top notch ranch Davidian maxi-series university students’ innovative undertaking major and serious criminal cases jokhang Temple large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises junior college student associate degree dead account function in an acting capacity to assign redundant civil servants to other jobs while allowing them to retain their original rank and benefits paid holiday to await job assignment job-waiting unilateralism Start a solo run Single round-robin system flexible pay elastic diplomacy party-masses relationship party and government offices unusually cold spell in an otherwise warm early spring speculative reselling of tickets profiteer ; speculator give the runaround pirated VCD free call on somebody else’s expense through illegal means embezzlement all-around development of moral ,intellectual , physical, aesthetics and labour education off-grade goods , rejects deng Xiaoping’s diplomatic thoughts low keyed(a metaphor for taking a cautions take full responsibility for their

抵免 地方保护主义 地方财政包干制 地球村 地区差异 地热资源 地市级城市 第二产业 第二上市 第三产业 第三代移动电话(3G 电话) 点球 点子公司 电话号码升位 电话会议 电脑盲 电脑迷 电视会议 电视直销 TV 电信运营商 电子商务认证 垫付 吊带裤 吊带衫 吊球 吊销执照 (解决争端)调查结果 调酒师 钉子户

定向培训 东盟自由贸易区 东南亚国家联盟 “东突”恐怖分子 动感 动迁户 “豆腐渣”工程 毒枭

finances) to offset regional protectionism system whereby local authorities take full responsibility for their finances global village regional dispartity geothermal resources prefecture-level city secondary industry secondary listing tertiary industry ; service sector third generation mobile : 3G mobile penalty kick consultancy company upgrade telephone numbers teleconference computer illiterate mouse potato video conference TV home shopping telecom operators e-business certification advancement , payment on account suspenders sun-top to drop shot revoke the license findings bartender person or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably high compensation when the land is requisitioned for a construction project training for specific posts ADEAN Free Trade Area ASEAN(Association of South-East Asian Nations) East Turkistan terrorist dynamic households to be relocated jerry-built project drug trafficker

独立董事 独立核算工业企业 独生子女 杜鲁门主义 度假外交 端午节 短期放款 短期债务 断交信 队长袖标(足球) 对……毫无顾忌 对冲基金 对讲机 对外招商 多党合作制 多功能性(农业) 多媒体 多任务小卫星 多头帐户 多种经营 夺冠 厄尔尼诺现象

independent director independent accounting unit(enterprise) the only child in one’s family Truman Doctrine holiday-making diplomacy the Dragon Boat Festival money at call and short notice floating debt dear John letter(from woman to man) skipper’s armband make no bones about…. hedge fund talkie and walkie attract foreign investment multi-party co-operation in exercising State power multifunctionality multimedia small multi-mission satellite long account diversified economy to take the crown El Nino phenomenon E hyperinflation vicious circle/cycle crocodile tears growth enterprise board ; second board ; hi-tech board start a new undertaking secondary market to enter the palace a second time(people with a past criminal record again commits a crime , and is convicted and put into a correctional institution) scrub , second-rater second-hand house dual economy like water off(on) a duck’s back F incidence(of criminal cases) fancier; zealot; enthusiastic fan

恶性通货膨胀 恶性循环 鳄鱼的眼泪 二板市场;创业板时常市场 二次创业 二次市场 二进宫

二流选手 二手房 二元经济 (把……当成)耳旁风 发案率 发烧友

发展不平衡 发展是硬道理

disparate/uneven development Development is of overriding importance. /Development is the absolute need. 法律硕士 juris master (jm) 法人代表 legal representative 法人股 corporate shares 法制国家 a state with an adequate legal system 法治国家 a country under the rule of law; a country ruled by law 翻两番 quadruple 反败为胜 to bring about a compete turnabout, pull out of the fire 反不正当竞争法 law of the People’s Republic of China Against Competition by Inappropriate Means 反弹道导弹条约 Anti-ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty 反腐倡廉 to combat corruption and build a clean government 反倾销措施 anti-dumping measures against…. 防抱死系统 ABS (anti-lock braking system) 防盗门 burglat-proof door; antitheft door 防洪工程 flood-prevention project 防伪标志 anti-fake label 房产估价师 real estate evaluator 房产证 property ownership certificate 房管 real estate management 房权证 property right certificate 访谈式竞选 (候选人在电视访谈节目 talk-show campaign 中亮相进行的竞选) 放高球 lob 放下架子 to relinguish haughty airs; to get off one’s high horse ; throw off one’s airs 放行单 release permit 飞毛腿(导弹) scud issile 飞行药检 spot check 非对称数字用户环路 Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop (ADSL) 非配额产品 quota-free products 非商标(非专利)产品 generic products 非洲、加勒比和太平洋国家集团(洛 ACP(African, Caribbean and Pacific 美协定) Group) 费改税 ro transform administrative fees into taxes 分拆上市 ro transform company of a corporation is

分流富余人员 分期付款 分税制 (产品)分销 分业经营 粉领族

风险基金 风险投资 风险准备金 封闭式基金 封杀出局 封圣 疯牛病 锋利扣杀 扶贫 扶贫办公室 浮动工资 《浮士德》 福利彩票 福利分房 附加意外险 复合型人才 复式住宅


listed on the stock market redirection of redundant personnel installment payment system of tax distribution subunderwriting, distribution divided operation / management pink-collar tribe (Women who play a major role in certain professions such as office workers, secretaries, models and airline hostesses) VC funds venture capital; risk investment loan loss provision, provisions of risk close-ended fund force out canonization of Saints Mad cow disease; bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) razor-sharp smash poverty alleviation poverty Relief Office floating wages; fluctuating wages Faust welfare lotteries welfare-oriented public housing distribution system supplemental accident insurance inter-disciplinary talent duplex apartment; compound apartment (a type of residential housing that maximizes usable space by increasing the number of the storey building) coverage rate

G 改制上市 An enterprise is re-organized according to the modern corporate system so that it can get listed on the stock market. 干部队伍革命化、年轻化、知识化、 to make the ranks of cadres more 专业化 revolutionary ,younger in average age , better educated and professionally more competent 干细胞 stem cell

尴尬,困境、糟糕 感到不妙 感谢款待的信

岗位培训 港澳台 港人治港 港务局 高层次、全方位的对话 高产优质 高大教育自学考试 高度自治 高峰 高峰论坛 高杠杆交易机构 高官会 高级经济师 高架公路 高考 高科技板块 高难度动作 高清晰度 高手 (精通电脑和网络的)高手 高新技术产业开发区 高原反应、高山反应 格列佛游记 个人收入应税申报制度 个人所得税 个人演唱会 个体工商户 各大菜系 各尽所能 各就各位 个人自扫门前雪,莫管他人瓦上霜 根本政治制度 跟踪审计

pretty pass to smell a rat a bread and butter letter (a letter sent as thanks for being treated well as someone’s guest) on-the-job training; in-service training Hong Kong , Macao and Taiwan Hong Kong People administering Hong Kong port office; harbor authority high-level and all-directional dialogue high yield and high quality higher education examination for self-learners high degree of autonomy peak time summit (forum) highly-leveraged institutions(HLI) Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) senior economic engineer Certified Business Executive (university) entrance examination high-tech sector stunner , stunt high definition master hand ,expert geek high and new technology industrial development altitude stress; altitude sickness Gulliver’s Travels the system of the declaration of individual incomes for tax payment personal income tax solo concert privately or individually-owned business major styles of cooking to let each person do his best; from each according to his ability On your marks! To hoe one’s own potatoes Fundamental political system Follow-up auditing

更快、更高、更强 工笔 工程公司 工程验收 工商局 工薪阶层 工业控制一体化

Citius , Altius , Fortius Traditional Chinese realistic painting engineering company acceptance of work industrial and commercial bureau salariat ;state employee; salaried person integrated industrial control; industrial control of integration 工业园区 industrial park 工资税 payroll tax 公费医疗 medical services at expense 公告板服务 Bulletin Board Service (BBS) 公积金 public accumulation funds,public reserve funds 公检法 public security organs, procuratorial organs and people’s courts 公开喊价市场 open outcry markets 公款吃喝 recreational activities using public funds (公路)隔离带 median 公司分立与解散 separation and dissolution of a company 公务员 civil servants 公益林 public welfare forest 公正、公平、公开 just , fair and open 公证财产 to notarize the property 功夫不负有心人 everything comes to him who waits. 恭喜发财 may you be prosperous! ; Wish you prosperity. 共产党领导下的多党合作与政治协 multi-party cooperation and political 商 consultation under the leadership of Communist Party 共同富裕 common prosperity 狗仔队 dog packs; paparazzo(singular), paparazzi(plural) (It refers to those journalists who are hunting the news of celebrities.) 股本 share capital 股本回报率 return on equity 股本金 equity capital 股份有限公司 limited liability company 股份制 shareholding system; joint-stock system 股票期权 the stock option 股市行情 the ups and downs of the stock market 骨干企业 key enterprise

固定电话初装费 固定资产投资 挂靠 挂靠户 挂职

关联交易 关税堡垒 光谷 光机电一体化 光盘杂志 光通讯 广播电视大学 广告电话直销 广域网 归国留学生 归口管理 规避 规模经济 皈依三宝 国产化率 国防动员体制 国际标准化组织 国际惯例 国际化战略 国际货币基金组织 国际禁止化学武器组织 国际劳工组织 国际日期变更线 国际商业机器公司 国际收支不平衡 《国际先驱论坛报》

installation fees for fixed-lined-lime telephones investment in the fixed adders be attached or affiliate to; be subordinate to an adjunct organization 1) take a temporary post (in order to temper oneself); 2) serve in a lower-level unit for a period while retaining one’s position in the current unit connected transaction customs barrier; tariff wall optical valley optical , mechanical and electronic integration CD-ROM magazine photo-communication; optical communication radio an television university direct response advertising Wide area network (WAN) returned students to put under centralized management by specialized departments circumvention scale economy ,economies of scale to become a Buddhist import substitution rate ; localization rate of parts and components the mobilization for national defense ISO (International Organization for Standardization) international common practice internationalization strategy IMF (International Monetary Fund) organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) ILO (international Labor Organization) International Date Line (IDL) International Business Machine Corporation (IBM) disequilibrium of balance of payment International Herald Tribune

国际足球联合会 国家环保总局 国家级卫生城市 国家经济体制改革委员会 国家控股公司 国家普通话水平考试 国家体育总局 国家一级保护 国际质量技术监督局 国家重点科技攻关项目 国脚 国库券 国民党 国民经济支柱产业 国民生产总值 国内生产总值 国泰民安 国土局 国有股 国有股减持 国有资产流失 国债贴息贷款 国债投资 国债专项基金 过度开垦 过山车 过失赔偿责任;无过失赔偿责任 过失责任 过犹不及

海关完税价值 海量存储 海市蜃楼,镜花水月,无稽之谈

Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) State Environmental Protection Administration state-level hygiene city The State Commission for Restructuring the Economic Systems State-controlled company National Proficiency Test of Putonghua State Physical Culture Administration Fist-grade State protection The State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision national key scientific and technological project player of the national football team; footballer of the national team treasury bonds Kuominang pillar industries in the national economy gross national product (GNP) gross domestic product (GDP) The country flourishes and the people live in peace land an Resources Bureau state-owned shares reduce the state’s stake in listed companies loss of state assets T-bond discount loans treasury bond investment special fund for treasury bond excess reclamation roller coaster liability with fault ; liability without fault liability of fault going too far is as bad as not going far enough; beyond is as wrong as falling short ; too much is as bad as too little H customs value mass memory a mare’s nest

the complexities / syndrome of the Gulf War 海峡交流基金会(海基会) strait Exchange Foundation of (Taiwan, China)(SEF) 海协会 (STATS) Association for Relations the Taiwan Strait 函授大学 correspondence university 寒带 frigid zone 汉字处理软件 chinese character processing software 旱地滑雪场 mock skiing park 航母 aircraft carrier 航向错误,奉行错误方向 on the wrong tack 豪赌 unrestrained gambling 好出风头的运动员 exhibitionist, grandstander 好莱坞大片 Hollywood blockbuster 好了伤疤忘了疼 once on shore, one prays no more 好事不出门,恶事传千里 good news never goes beyond the gate , while bad news spread far and wide. 合格率 acceptance rate 合乎国情,顺乎民意 to conform with the national conditions and the will of the people 合理的建设规模 (to maintain) a proportionate scale of construction 合理配制 Rational distribution 合理配制资源,优化产业结构 To rationalize the distribution of resources and optimize the industrial structure 合理引导消费 Guide rational consumption 合同期满 Expiration of contract 合同用工制 Contract employment 合业经营 Combined operation / management 合议庭 Collegiate bench 合作经营 Contractual joint venture 和服 kimono 和睦相处 to co-exist in peace and harmony 和平共处五项原则: 互相尊重领土完 give Principles of Peaceful Coexistence; 整和主权、 互不侵犯、 互不干涉内政、 mutual respect for territorial integrity and 平等互利、和平共处 sovereignty, mutual non aggression ,non-interference in each other’s internal affairs , equality and mutual benefit , and peaceful coexistence 和平演变 peaceful evolution 和气生财 harmony brings wealth 河道整治 dredging waterway


核军火库 核武器数量 核销 黑店 黑客 黑社会 横向联合 弘扬民族优秀文化 红白喜事 红包 红筹股 红股 《红楼梦》 红帽子企业

红细胞生成素 宏观调控 鸿门宴 哄抬物价 后方空虚 后台管理 呼啦圈 胡子工程

虎父无犬子 互动广告 户口簿 户口管理制度 户主 护身法宝 花旗银行 花样游泳 华表 华盖

nuclear arsenal nuclear arsenal size cancel after verification gangster inn backer mafia-style organizations ; gangland lateral economic ties to advance and enrich the fine cultural heritage of the nation wedding and funeral (neutral) red paper containing money as a gift , (derogative) bribe, kickback red chips bonus share A Dream of Red Mansions (The Story of the Stone ) red cap enterprise (refers to the reputation a private enterprise enjoys by becoming attached to a government department and doing business in the name of a state-run or collective-run enterprise) erythropoietin (EPO) macro-control; macro-regulation Hongmen banquet-a feast or meeting set up as a trap for the invited to jack up prices leave the defense exposed back-stage management hula hoop long-drawn-out project (a project which takes so long that young workers become bearded) A wise goose never lays a tame egg. interactive advertisement residence booklet domicile system, residence registration system head of a household amulet National City Bank of New York water ballet ornamental column /cloud pillar / stele canopy

滑板车 坏帐 还俗 环保型技术 环太平洋地区 换界选举 换手率 (北爱尔兰)皇家警察部队 (吃)皇粮

黄、赌、毒 黄金时段 (农产品国内支持) “黄箱”措施 灰色区域措施 灰色收入 挥棒 汇丰银行 会计电算化 婚介所 婚外恋 混合型卷烟 混业经营 活到老,学到老 火炬计划 货币化 货币回笼 货币留成制度 货到付款

scooter bad account resume secular life , unfrock EST (Environmentally-sound technology) Pacific Rim election at expiration of office terms turnover rate Royal Ulster Constabulary public grainfunds , goods , etc provided by the government ; salary paid by the state pornography , gambling and drug abuse and trafficking prime time amber Box measures Grey area measures gray income swing Hong Kong an Shanghai Banking Corporation accounting computerization matrimonial agency extramarital affair blended type cigarette mixed operation / management One is never too old to learn. Torch Program (a plan to develop new and high technology) monetization withdrawal of currency from circulation currency retention scheme cash on delivery J airport construction fee mechanical and electrical products; electro-mechanical products institutional investor overstaffing in (government) organizations overstocked commodities (inventories) fundamental realities of the country The basic line must be followed

机场建设费 机电产品 机构投资者 机构臃肿 积压产品 基本国情 基本路线要管一百年

unswervingly for a very long time to come. 基层民主 democracy at the grassroots level 基层组织 grass-roots organization 基础设施 infrastructure facilities 基础税率 base tariff level 基地组织 al-Qaeda group 基因工程 genetic engineering 基因突变 genetic mutation 基因图谱 genome; Gene chip (DNA microarray) 绩优股 blue chip 缉毒队 narcotics squad 缉私力量 the forces engages in the fight against smuggling 激烈竞争 cut-throat competition 吉尼斯世界纪录 the forces engages in the (Book of Records) 吉祥如意 everything goes well 吉祥物 mascot 极限运动 maximal exercise; X-game 集束炸弹 intensive operation 集体婚礼 collective wedding ceremony; group wedding 集中经理把经济建设搞上去 go all out for economic development 集资房 houses built on the funds collected by the buyers 计划单列市 city specifically designated in the state plan 计划生育责任制 responsibility system of family planning 计算机中央处理器 central processing unit (CPU) 记帐式国债 book-entry T-bonds 记者席 press box 记者招待会 press conference ;news conference (日本银行主持的) 嫉妒短观调查报 Tankan survey 告 技工贸结合的科技型企业 scientific and technological enterprises that integrate scientific and technological development with industrial and trade development 技术产权交易所 technology equity market; technology property right exchange 技术攻关 strive to make a technological breakthrough

技术交底 技术密集产品 技术下乡

technical disclosure technology-intensive product spread technological knowledge to farmers 既成事实 fait accompli (noun) 既往不咎,忘掉旧嫌 let bygones be bygones. 加班 work extra shifts 加快市场步伐 accelerate the marketization ; quicken the pace of markerization 加密 encrypt 加强舆论监督 ensure that the correct orientation is maintained in public opinion 加权平均值 weighted average 家庭联产承包责任制 the household contract responsibility system 家族企业 family firm 嘉宾 weighted average 甲 A 足球队 the household contract responsibility system 甲骨文 family firm 价格浮动范围 distinguished guest, honored guest 价格听证会 division A soccer team 假唱 oracle bone inscriptions 假动作 price-float range 假冒伪劣产品 public price hearings 假球;黑哨 lip-synch; lip-singing 假日经济 deception, feint 假释 counterfeit and shoddy products; fake and shoddy goods 假小子 tomboy 尖端产品 highly sophisticated products 坚持统一,反对分裂,增加了解,化 persist in reunification , oppose 解歧视 separation , increase understanding and iron out differences 监督部门 watchdog 减负 to alleviate burdens on sb. 减速玻璃(汽车) decelerating glass 减员增效 downsizing for efficiency; cut the payroll to improve efficiency 剪彩仪式 ribbon-cutting ceremony 剪刀差 the scissors gap between the prices of…… and…… 建/平仓 to open / close a position

渐进尾声 江南水乡

to draw to a close the south of the lower reaches of the Yangze River 讲诚信,反欺诈 to honor credibility and oppose cheating 降落伞候选人,外来候选人(应召而 parachute candidate 来参加本人非所在地区竞选的政党 候选人) 降息 reduction of interest 交叉报复 cross retaliation 交钥匙工程 turn-key project 焦土政策 “Scorched Earth” plan 侥幸球 fluke 脚踩两只船 sit on the fence 脚踏实地 to be down-to-earth 教书育人 to impart knowledge and educate people 教务处 dean’s office 教学法 pedagogy; teaching method 教育部社政司 Social Science Research and Ideological Work Department of the Ministry of Education 阶梯教室 lecture theatre; terrace classroom 接口 interface 街道企业 neighborhood enterprise 街心花园 park at an intersection; garden in the city center 节奏布鲁斯音乐(R&B 音乐) rhythm and blues 结售汇制度 the system of exchange, settlement and sales 解放生产力 to emancipate the productive forces 解放思想、实事求是的思想路线 ideological line of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts 解困基金 anti-poverty funds 戒毒所 drug rehabilitation center 戒急用忍 to overcome impetuosity and exercise patience ; no haste ,be patient ;the go-slow policy 金本位 fold standard 金边债券 gilt-edged bonds 金刚经 Vajracchedika-sutra 金降落伞 golden parachute 金融电子化 to computerize financial services 金融工具 financial instruments 金融危机 financial crisis

金融自由化 金税工程 金无足赤,人无完人

financial liberalization golden Tax Project gold can’t be pure and man can’t be perfect. 金玉满堂 treasures fill the home 紧箍咒 inhibiting magic phrase 紧密型企业集团 tightly-knit groups of enterprises 紧追 cling to , shadow , thunder on sb.’ Trail 近海渔业 offshore fishery 近水楼台先得月 First come , first served; A water-front pavilion gets the moonlight first-the advantage of being in a favored position. 进出口商会 chamber of import and export trade 进口差价税 import variable duties 进口附加税 import surcharge 进口渗透 import penetration 进项税 input tax 进修班 class for further studies; refresher 禁鱼期 closed fishing seasons 禁止在任何地方、 任何环境进行一切 prohibit any nuclear weapon test 方式的释放核能的核武器实验爆炸 explosion which releases nuclear energy at any place and in any environment 京剧票友 Peking Opera fan 京剧人物脸谱 types of facial make-up in Beijing opera 经常项目顺差 favorable balance of the current account, surplus of the current account 经常性贷款 commercial lending 经常性支出 running expenses 经济担保书 financial guarantee 经济复苏 economic resurgence 经济和技术合作 ECOTECH cooperation (Economic and technology cooperation) 经济林 cash tree 经济全球化 economic globalization; integration with the global economy 经济失调指数 misery index 经济师 economic engineer; economic manager; economist 经济头脑 commercially minded people; people with business sense 经济总量 economic aggregate 经营管理高度科学化的现代化大企 modern big enterprise with a highly scientific management system 业

精简机构 精品 精神文明建设 景泰蓝 竞争上岗 敬老院 境外消费(服务贸易) 纠风办 九五攻关 就业前培训 居委会 局域网 举办城市 举报电话 举杯 拒载 具有中国特色的 决策性机构 君子之交淡如水


streamline government organs competitive products promote cultural and ideological progress; develop socialist culture and ethics cloisonné take up a job through competition home for the aged; seniors’ home consumption abroad State Council Office for Rectifying State Key Task 95 pre-job training neighborhood committee; residents’ committee local area network (LAN) host city informants’ hot-line telephone to propose a toast effuse to take passengers with Chinese characteristics policy-making body the friendship between gentlemen is as pure as crystal; a hedge between keeps friendship green completion ceremony K dart bid opening development company development-oriented poverty relief to develop this generation of products while researching on the next generation of products open-ended fund enterprise running under their production capacity commencement ceremony under-the-counter deals; offer advantages to one’s friends or relatives by underhand means to begin well , to make a good start opening speech; opening report give special favor

卡丁车 开标 开发公司 开发式扶贫 开发一代,预研一代(产品)

开放式基金 开工不足 开工典礼 开后门

开门红 开题报告 开小灶

开夜车 坎儿井 看跌/看涨期权 看守政府,看守内阁,过渡政府 康乃馨 抗美援朝战争 抗震棚 考研 考研热 烤烟型卷烟 科技成果转化为生产力 科技含量 科技是第一生产力 科教兴国 科研攻关 可持续发展 可持续发展战略 (补贴协议)可诉补贴 可转换债券 刻录机 空头支票 空中小姐 控股公司 口蹄疫 口头禅 扣帽子 跨境交付(服务贸易) 跨世纪工程 跨越式发展 快速反应部队 快速立法 快讯 宽带接入 宽带网 宽限期 亏损企业 困难员工

burn the midnight oil; work overnight karez put/call option caretaker cabinet carnation war to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea quake-proof shelter take the entrance exams for postgraduate schools the craze for graduate studies Virginian-type cigarette transfer of scientific and technological achievements into productive forces technology content science and technology constitute a primary productive force to rely on science and education to rejuvenate the nation scientific research to tackle a key project sustainable development strategy of sustainable development actionable subsidy convertible bond CD writer; disc-carving machine rubber cheque air hostess; air stewardess holding company; controlling company foot-and-mouth disease Pet phrase put a label on cross border supply a trans-century project great-leap-forward development rapid response force fast track newsflash; flash broadband access broadband networks grace period enterprises running in the red/under deficit; loss-making enterprises the needy employees

垃圾融资 垃圾债券 拉动经济增长 拉关系 拉拉队 拉拉队长 拉尼娜现象 拉选票 来电显示电话机 来料加工 蓝筹股 蓝光光盘 蓝牙技术 劳动合同制 老少边穷地区

老生常谈,陈词滥调 老油条 老字号 离退办 篱笆墙 礼尚往来 礼仪小姐 理货公司 理论联系实际 立体农业 利改税 利好因素 利基 连带责任 连续抽烟的人 联产承包责任制

联合国环境署 联合国会费

L junk financing junk bond fuel economic growth to try to curry favor with cheering squad cheer-leader; rooter king La Nina phenomenon seek a vote caller ID telephone process materials supplied by clients; accept customers’ materials for processing blue chips blu-ray Disc Blue tooth labor contract system former revolutionary base areas; areas inhabited by minority nationalities; remote and border areas and poverty-stricken areas cut and dried; cliché wily old bird; old slicker an old and famous shop or enterprise office for the affairs of the retired workers barriers/blockage to inter-regional trading courtesy calls for reciprocity ritual girl tally company linking theory with practice three-dimensional agriculture substitution of tax payment for profit delivery wrinkle niche joint liability chain smoker system of contracted responsibility linking remuneration to output; contract system with remuneration linked to output UNEP ( United Nations Development Program) the UN membership dues (fee)

联合国开发计划署 联合国粮农组织 联合兼并 联合联络小组 联合投标 联想集团 廉洁奉公,以正治国

廉政、勤政、务实、高效政府 廉政公署 廉政建设 练摊 良性循环 粮食收购部门 粮油关系 两岸直航促进会 两弹一艇 两个对等的政治实体 两个文明一起抓 两手抓,两手都要硬



《聊斋志异》 劣等品 猎头公司

UNDP (United Nations Development Program) FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation) conglomeration and merger of enterprises joint liaison group syndicated tender legend Group (of an official) clean and devoted, and govern the state with his own example of uprightness an honest, diligent, pragmatic and efficient government independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) construction of a clean and honest administration to be a vendor virtuous circle; beneficial cycle (government’s) grain procurement (purchasing) agencies grain and oil rationing registration Association for Promotion of Cross-Straits Direct Transportation A-bomb, H-bomb and nuclear-powered submarine two equal political entities place equal emphasis on both material and ethical progress We must address ourselves to the problem of both material and spiritual civilization (both material as well as culture and ideological progress) without any letup. to thing of the source of getting rich and of making progress after becoming affluence academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering Strange Tale of a Lonely Studio shoddy goods; substandard goods; lemon (informal) fead-hunting company


临时主教练 零和博奕 零配件 领头羊 另类音乐,非正统音乐 流动人口 流动图书馆 流星雨 留的青山在,不怕没柴烧 留学咨询 留职停薪 六艺:礼、乐、射、御、书、数 龙头产品 (行业中的)龙头老大 录取分数线 录取通知书 路演 旅客列车票价 旅行结婚 绿地覆盖率 绿化 绿色奥运,科技奥运,人文奥运 绿色急救通道 绿色食品 绿色通道(办证快捷通道) 乱集资、乱摊派、乱收费

乱收费、乱摊派、乱罚款 轮值主席 论文答辩 《论语》 裸机

caretaker coach zero-sum game; zero game spare and accessory parts bellwether alternative music transient population traveling library; bookmobile meteor shower where there is life, there is hope. consulting on the study abroad retain the job but suspend the salary six classical arts: rites, music, archery, riding ,writing, arithmetic flagship product leading enterprise; flagship of the industry enrollment mark letter of admission road show price of passenger train tickets have a honeymoon trip forest coverage rate afforestation green, high-tech and people friendly Olympic Games emergency green path green food green channel unwarranted pooling of funds , arbitrary requisition of donations and exaction of fees from enterprises arbitrary charges, fund-raising quotas and fines chairman on duty oral defense of one’s thesis Analects of Confucius bare mobile phone M achieve immediate victory; win instant success Malthusian Theory of Population; Malthusianism (Thomas Robert Malthus, 1766-1834,British economist)

马到成功 马尔萨斯人口论

马拉松式竞选活动 马太效应

campaignathon the Matthew effect (a phenomenon in specific circles whereby one’s accomplishments and reputation tend to snowball ,and those with meager accomplishments have greater difficulty achieving accomplishment.) 玛雅文化 Mayan civilization 码分多址 (一种扩频多址数字式通信 CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) 技术) 买方市场 buyer’s market 买壳上市 go public through buying a shell 买空卖空 bulls and bears; fictitious transaction 买一送一 two-for-one offer, buy one and get one free 麦克马洪线 McMahon Line 满意度 degree of satisfaction 慢性萧条 chronic depression 盲流和倒流人员 transient from the countryside 盲目投资 blindness in investment 矛盾的普遍性 universality of contradictions 茅塞顿开 be suddenly enlightened 冒充包装(销售)[指将劣质商品包 copycat packaging 装成外观像名优产品出售的做法] 贸易堡垒 trade protectionism 贸易和投资自由化和便利化 TILF (Trade and Investment Liberalization and Facilitation) 贸易逆差 adverse balance of trade; trade deficit 贸易顺差 favorable balance of trade; trade surplus 贸易与发展委员会 committee on Trade and Development 贸易自由化 trade liberalization 帽子戏法 hat trick 没有规矩不成方圆 Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. 每逢佳节倍思亲 On festive occasions more than ever one thinks of one’s dear ones far away./ It is on the festival occasions when one misses his dear most. 美国之音 Voice of America (VOA) 美声唱法 bel canto 美食节 gourmet festival 门户开放政策 open-door policy 门户网站 portals

门罗主义 门前三包

Monroe Doctrine be responsible for general sanitation , green covering and keeping good social order in a designated area outside the unit building 朦胧诗 misty poetry 蒙古包 (Mongolian) yurt 蒙古大夫 quack 孟子 Mencius 迷彩服 camouflage uniform 米袋子省长负责制 provincial governors assuming responsibility for the rice bag (grain supply) 免费搭车者 (享受其他国家最惠国待 free-rider 遇而不进行相应减让的国家) 免税商品 duty-free commodities 免验放行 pass without examination (P.W.E) 面向 21 世纪的中美建设性伙伴关系 a constructive , strategic partnership between China and the United Stated aimed at the next century 灭绝的物种 extinct species 民办教师 citizen-managed teachers (teachers in rural citizen-managed or state-managed schools who do not receive the normal remuneration from the government) 民法通则 general provisions of the civil law 民工 migrant laborer 民工潮 farmers’ frenzied hunt for work in cities 民间资本 private capital 民进党 Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) 民事诉讼 civil procedure 民以食为天 people regard food as their prime want; food the first necessity of man 民营企业 individually-run enterprises 民主党派、工商联与无党派人士 non-Communist parties, federations of industry and commerce, personages without party affiliation 民主集中制 democratic centralism 民主监督 democratic supervision 民族凝聚力 national cohesion 民族区域自治 regional autonomy of ethnic minorities 民族委员会 ethnic affairs commission 民族文化大省 a province with rich ethnic culture

民族意识 民族优越感 民力双收 名优 明明白白消费(2000 年保护消费者 权益工作主题) 模糊逻辑 模糊战略 (美国在台湾问题上奉行的 政策) 模拟测试 摩门教 磨洋工 末位淘汰

national consciousness ethnocentrism gain in both fame and wealth famous actor; famous high quality brand transparent consumption fuzzy logic indistinct strategy mock test; simulated exam Mormon Church (the Church of jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) dawdle along (under the new personnel system) the person graded last in the performance evaluation will be laid off from his position make hay while the sun shines the planning lies with man, the outcome with Heaven. /Man proposes, God disposes. matriarchal clan society management by objectives; quota management pull strings behind the scenes; wire-pulling good-neighborly and friendly relations (cooperation) Muslim; Moslem N masterpiece in-fighting inner ring road enterprises with internal connections intranet early retirement nanometer tax payer; tax bearer tax declaration system National Association of Securities Deal Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) durable consumer goods, consumer

莫失良机 谋事在人,成事在天

母系氏族社会 目标管理 幕后操纵 睦邻友好关系(合作) 穆斯林

拿手好戏 内耗 内环路 内联企业 内联网(计算机) 内退 纳米 纳税人 纳税申报制度 纳斯达克 耐用消费品

耐用消费品 男高音演唱家 男权主义思想 南北对话 南南合作 南水北调 南水北调工程 难得糊涂 囊括 闹情绪 能官能民 能进能出,能上能下 能进能出,能上能下,方谓好汉 能上网的手机 尼姆达(病毒) 泥菩萨过河

泥石流 年利润 年同比 年夜饭 扭转局面 农产品的统购派购 农村剩余劳动力 农工商联合企业 农垦 农林间作 农奴制 农药残留 农业生态学 农业增加值 农转非 弄巧成拙 女权运动

durables durable consumer items (goods) tenor male chauvinism North-South dialogue North-South cooperation North-to-South water diversion divert water from the south to the north project Where ignorance is bliss, it’s folly to be wise. complete a sweep be disgruntled; be in a fit of pique be ready to both serve as an offical and be one of the common people competent to work both at the top and at the grass roots He who knows how to fight and how to retreat deserves to be called a brave man. WAP phone Nimda like a clay Buddha fording the river-hardly able to save oneself; each one is looking out for his own survival mud-rock flow annual return year-on-year; on an annual basis family reunion dinner to revere the tide; turn the table unified purchasing of farm produce by the state according to fixed quotas surplus rural labour (labourers) agro-industrial-commercial combines agricultural reclamation agro-forestry serfdom; serf system pesticide residue agricultural ecology added value of agriculture rural residents becoming urban residents be too smart by half; Cunning outwits itself. movement for women’ right

暖温带 诺亚方舟

warm temperature zone Noah’s Ark O Eurasia Land Bridge the European Union (EU) Euro Euro-currency European monetary integration European Commission EFTA (European Free Trade Association) idol P Parkinson’s (disease) policy of discrimination against the Chinese eExclusivism local police station Pandora’s box stock count; take stock of liquidize remnant assets a modest spur to induce others to come forward with valuable contributions utility man, play a bit role ,general handyman bubble economy chase after the girls throw good money after bad allotment of shares; rationed shares accessories supporting policies shacks; family that live in shacks get snubbed brief meeting (A brief, small-scale, informal meeting with no fixed agenda, the main purpose of which is to exchange information.) be sent off with a flea in one’s ear; be snubbed; get a rebuff wholesale market bogus company; briefcase company soft stock

欧亚大陆桥 欧盟 欧元 欧洲货币 欧洲货币一体化 欧洲委员会 欧洲贸易联盟 偶像

帕金森是综合症 排华政策 排外主义 派出所 潘多拉魔盒 盘点 盘活存量资产 抛砖引玉 跑龙套 泡沫经济 泡妞 赔了夫人又折兵,花钱填无底洞 配股 配件 配套政策 棚户 碰钉子 碰头会

碰一鼻子灰 批发市场 皮包公司 疲软股票

啤酒肚 片面追求升学率

beer belly to place undue emphasis on the proportion of students entering schools of a higher level 骗汇、逃汇、套汇 to obtain foreign currency and false pretenses, not turn over foreign currency owed to the government and illegal arbitrage 票贩子 scalper; ticket tout; ticket speculator 票房 box office 拼图 jigsaw 贫富悬殊 polarization of rich and poor 贫铀弹 depleted uranium bomb 平等、互利、互相尊重主权和领土完 depleted uranium bomb 整 平等互利、讲求实效、形式多样、共 equality, mutual benefit, mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity 同发展的方针 平等互利原则 pursuing practical results, adopting various ways and seeking common development/ the principle of equality, mutual benefit, efficiency, diversity and mutual development 平衡预算 principle of equality and mutual benefit 平均主义 balance a budget; a balanced budget 平面设计师 equalitarianism; egalitarianism 平时不烧香,临时抱佛脚 never burn incense when all is well, but clasp Buddha’s feet when in distress 平稳过渡 smooth transition 平抑(稳定)物价 stabilize commodity prices 评标 bid evaluation 评头论足 nit-pick 凭证式国债 certificate T-bonds 瓶颈制约 “bottleneck” restrictions 泼冷水 to pour cold water on the enthusiasm of; to dampen the spirit of; to throw a wet blanket over 泼水节 water-Sprinkling Festival 破釜沉舟 cut off all means of retreat; burn one’s own way of retreat and be determined to fight to the end 铺新摊子 launch new projects 普遍优惠制 generalized preferential system; general system of preferences

普通高等教育 普选制

regular higher education general election system Q opening stock forward delivery housing offsetting futures transactions deal in futures; futures business/trading; forward business closing stock forced quotation horseback police; mounted police cheongsam; Chi-pao; mandarin coat property rights of enterprises self-regulating mechanism of enterprises enterprise incubator restructuring of enterprise enterprise group annexation and reorganization of enterprises listing of a company corporate culture performance of enterprises corporate image (CI) / enterprise profile reshuffle of the enterprises initial funding heuristic education block fair, meeting Chiyoda Mutual Life Insurance Co. A thousand-li journey begins with the first step-the highest eminence is to be gained step by step millennium bug millennium infant; millennium baby initiator signing ceremony fear the wolf in front and the tiger behind/ hesitate in doing something One generation plants the trees in whose shade another generation rests./ One sows and another reaps. past experience, if not forgotten, is a guide

期初存货 期房 期货对冲交易 期货交易 期末存货 欺行霸市价格 骑警 旗袍 企业产权 企业的自我约束机制 企业孵化器 企业改制 企业集团 企业兼并重组 企业上市 企业文化 企业效益 企业形象 企业重组 启动基金 启发式教学 起跑器 洽谈会 千代田寿险公司(日本) 千里之行始于足下

前年问题、千年虫 千禧婴儿 牵头人 签约仪式 前怕狼,后怕虎 前人栽树,后人乘凉


前瞻性 钱袋子 歉收(农作物) 强化班 强力球(美国的全国性彩票) 强龙难压地头蛇

强强联手 强权外交 抢得先机 抢购 抢跑 敲竹杠 侨胞 侨务 巧妇难为无米之炊 翘尾巴 切入点 亲民党 侵吞公款 钦差大臣 禽流感 勤工俭学 勤政廉政建设 青藏高原 青少年犯罪 氢弹 轻轨火车 轻水反应堆 倾销 清产核资 清洁能源 清明节 清算/结算

for the future. perspectiveness fund sources crop failure intensive training class powerball even a dragon (from the outside) finds it hard to control a snake in its old haunt-powerful outsiders can hardly afford to neglect local bullies. association between strong enterprises power diplomacy take the preemptive opportunities panic buying false start, beat the gun make somebody pay through the nose; put the lug on; rob by a trick countrymen residing abroad affairs concerning nationals residing abroad If you have no hand you can’t make a fist./ One can’t make bricks without straw. be cocky; get stuck-up point of penetration; breakthrough point People First Party embezzle public funds / embezzlement of public funds imperial envoy; imperial commissioner Bird flu part-work and part-study system; work-study program keep government functionaries honest and industrious Oinghai-Tibet Plateau juvenile delinquency hydrogen bomb light rail train light water reactor (LWR) dump ; dumping asset and capital verification clean energy pure Bright Festival; Tomb Sweeping Day clearing/ settlement

清算公司 清算银行 情感消费 情商 情有独钟 求大同,存小异

clearing corporation; liquidation company clearing bank emotional consumption emotion quotient (EQ) show special preference (favor) to….. seek common ground on major question while reserving differences on minor ones 区位商业 location-based commerce 区域经济 regional economies 屈体 jackknife, pike 取消禁运 lifting of the embargo 圈外人士 people out of the loop; outsiders multi-tiered and 全方位、多层次、宽领域的对外开放 all-dimensional, wide-ranging opening pattern 格局 全方位外交 multi-faceted diplomacy 全国人口普查 nationwide census 全国人民代表大会 NPC (National People’s Congress) 全国卫生城市 national Hygienic City 全景电影 cinepanoramic 全面禁止和哧地销毁核武器 complete prohibition and thorough destruction of nuclear weapons 全面实施以德育为核心、 以创新精神 carry on the quality education centering on moral education and emphasizing 和实践能力为重点的素质教育 creativity and practice 全民健身计划纲要 outline of the nationwide body-building plan 全能冠军 all-around winner 全球变暖 global warming 全球定位系统 global positioning system (GPS) 全球多边贸易体系 global system of multilateral trade 全球移动通信系统(全球通) global system for mobile communications (GSM) 全天候 24-hour (service) 全天候飞机 all-weather aircraft 全优工程 all-round excellent project 全资企业 exclusively-invested enterprises 权贵资本主义 (又译裙带资本主义后 crony capitalism 亲朋好友资本主义) 权力法案 Bill of Rights 权力下放 delegate power to the lower levels; shift of power to the grassroots 权益回报率 returns on equity (ROE) 拳头产品 competitive products; knock-out products;

券商 裙带风 裙带关系 群言堂

blockbuster securities trader nepotism; petticoat influence networking through petticoat influence allow everybody to air his view; let everyone have his say; speak one’s mind freely R bunker surcharge reap undeserved profit from; encroach upon surrender part of the profits beat around the bush tropical storm tropical rain forest tropical island effect thermonuclear warhead thermal pollution talent highland talents exchange brain drain competition for talented people NPC member / deputy joy puts heart into a man. overstaff; overstaffing artificial intelligence (AI) huge-crowd strategy human-computer interaction human communication per-capita housing birth rate Negative population growth (NPG) overpopulation an aging population quality of population demography human genome Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) debt of gratitude personal attack personal accident insurance life insurance

燃油附加税 染指 让利 绕圈子 热带风暴 热带雨林 热岛效应 热核弹头 热污染 人才高地 人才交流 人才流失 人才战 人大代表 人逢喜事精神爽 人浮于事 人工智能 人海战术 人机交互 人际交往 人均住房 人口出生率 人口负增长 人口过剩 人口老龄化 人口素质 人口学 人类基因图谱 人类免疫缺陷病毒 人情债 人身攻击 人身意外保险 人寿保险

人头税 人性化管理 人之初,性本善 认股权证 任意球 日本广播协会 日本协力银行 日本右翼势力 日经指数 荣誉权 融资渠道 入境问俗,入乡随俗 入水时水花很少 软盘 软新闻 软着路 瑞雪兆丰年 弱肉强食法则 弱势群体

poll tax human-based management Man’s nature at birth is good. warrant free kick NHK Japan Bank For International Cooperation (JBIC) right-wing forces in Japan Nikkei Index right of fame financing channels When in Rome do as the Romans do. clean entry floppy disk soft news soft landing A timely snow promises a good harvest. law of the jungle disadvantageous groups S Misfortune may be an actual blessing. woman pace-setter 38th Parallel the three –step development strategy tertiary industry the Party’s three important styles of work (integrating theory with practice, forging close links with the masses and practicing self-criticism) “three wastes” (waste gas, waste water and waste residues) “three highs” agriculture (high yield , high quality and high efficiency agriculture) three represents theory (The Party should always represent the development needs of China’s advanced social productive forces, always represent the onward direction of China’s advanced culture, and always represent the fundamental interests of the largest number of the Chinese people.)

塞翁失马,焉知非福 三八红旗手 三八线 三步走战略 三产 三大作风

三废(废气、废水、废渣) 三高农业 三个代表


three favorables (whether it promotes the growth of the productive forces in a socialist society , increases the overall strength of the socialist state and raises the people’s living standards 《三国演义》 the Romance of the Three Kingdoms 三好学生 merit student; three good student (good in study , attitude and health) 三讲教育 (讲学习、 讲政治、 讲正气) three emphases education( to stress theoretical study , political awareness and good conduct) 三角恋爱 love triangle 三角债 chain debt 三来一补企业 The enter[roses that process raw materials on clients’ demands, or engage in compensation trade. 三连冠 three successive championships 360 度环幕电影 Circamara 三民主义 the Three People’s Principles (Nationalism, Democracy and the People’s Livelihood) put forward by Dr. Sun Yat-sen 三农问题 issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers 三陪 girls who provides illegal sexual services, esp. prostitute 三权分立 Separation of the executive, legislative and judicial powers (西方的)三权分立 separation of executive , legislative, and judicial powers 三十而立 a man should be independent at the age of thirty. / At thirty , a man should be able to think for himself. 三通 three direct links of trade, mail ,and air and shipping services across the Taiwan Straits 三通一平 three supplies and one leveling; supply of water, electricity and road and leveled ground (conditions ready for further economic development) 三维电影 three-dimensional movie 三维动画片 three-dimensional animation 三无企业 three-no-enterprises (It refers to enterprises with no capital, no plant , and

no administrative structure.) 三峡工程 three Gorges Project 三下乡 a program under which officials , doctors, scientist and college students go to the countryside to spread scientific and literacy knowledge and offer medical service to farmers 三资企业(中外合资企业,中外合作 three kinds of foreign-invested enterprises 企业,外商独资企业) or ventures: Sino-foreign joint ventures, cooperative businesses and exclusively foreign-owned enterprises in China 三字经 three-character scripture 三资原则 principles of self-administration, self-support and self-propagation 散户 retail / private investor 桑拿裕 sauna 扫黄、打非 eliminate pornography and illegal publications 扫盲 eliminate illiteracy 扫尾工作 round-off work; wind-up work 森林覆盖率 forest coverage; percentage of forest cover (企业集团的)松散层 loose level (of an enterprise group) 杀鸡用牛刀 break a butterfly on the wheel 杀手锏 sudden thrust of the mace-one’s trump or master card 沙尘暴 sand storm; dust storm 沙漠化 desertification 刹住大吃大喝、公费旅游、铺张浪费 put a stop to extravagance and waste 的奢侈之风 (wining and dining of official guests, touring the country at public expenses) 山不在高,有仙则名 No matter how high the mountain is , its name will spread far and wide if there is a fairy 《山海经》 the Classic of Mountains and Rivers 山姆大叔 Uncle Sam 闪电战 blitz; lightning war 商检局 Commodity Inspection Bureau 商品房空置的现象 the vacancy problem in commercial housing 商品化 commercialization 商品经济 commodity economy 商品条码 bar code 商务旅游 business travel

commercial speculation commercial presence commercial loan commodity network go to one’s post; go on duty Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) 上海五国第六次峰会 the sixth summit of “Shanghai Five” 上海五国机制 the Shanghai Five mechanism 上马 start a project 上门服务 door-to-door service 上山下乡 (of educated urban youth) go and work in the countryside or mountain areas 上市 to be listed 上市公司 listed company; public company 上网 To get on the Internet, surf the net 上新台阶 reach a new level; reach a higher stage of development 上有天堂,下有苏杭 just as there is paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth. 少数服从多数、下级服从上级、局部 the minority is subordinate to the majority, the lower level to the higher level, the part 服从全体、全党服从中央 to the whole and the entire membership of the Party to the Central Committee 舍利子 buddha’s relics 社会办学 all sectors of society run schools. 社会保障制度 social security system 社会分配不公 unfair distribution of social wealth 社会风尚 social conduct 社会福利彩票 social welfare lotteries 社会负担 social obligations; hurden on society 社会公德 social ethics; standards of social behavior 社会化服务体系 socialized service system; social service system 社会集团购买力 institutional purchasing power 社会救济制度 social relief system 社会力量办学 running of schools by non-governmental sectors 社会名流 celebrity 社会热点问题 hot spots of society 社会上最易受损伤的群体 the most vulnerable group in society 社会系统工程 social systems engineering 社会效益 social effect / results / benefit

商业炒作 商业存在(服务贸易) 商业贷款 商业网点 上岗 上海合作组织

社会治安综合治理 社会主义初级阶段 社会主义法制国家 社会主义精神文明建设 社会主义市场经济 申汇总资产 社论 社区服务 涉外法规

to improve all facets of public security the primary stage of socialism a socialist country under rule of law socialist ideological and ethical progress socialist market economy the total assets in society editorial community services laws and regulations concerning foreigners 涉外经济 foreign-related business 摄政王 acting king; prince regent 申办奥运会 bid for the Olympic Games 申报制度 reporting system 申诉权 right of petition 身体素质 physique; physical constitution 身外之物 worldly possessions 深层次矛盾 deep-seated contradition 深加工 deep processing; further processing 深入生活,深入群众 to plunge into the thick of life and go into the midst of the common people 《神曲》 divine Comedy 神州行电话卡 Shenzhou pre-paid phone card 审查 to examine; to look into 审计 to audit 审批 examination and approval 审视度势 size up the situation 渗透、颠覆和分裂活动 infiltrative, subversive and splittist activities 升级代换 updating and upgrading (of products) 生产能力过剩 surplus production capacity; over-capacity 生产批量小,成本高,效益差的企业 enterprises with low output, high costs and poor returns 生产性投资 investment in productive projects 生命银行 band for keeping the donated organs and remains of dead persons for medical use 《生死抉择》 Live or Die 生态林 ecological forest 生态旅游 ecotourism 生态农业 environmental-friendly agriculture 生物恐怖主义 bioterrorism 生物圈 biosphere 生意兴荣 business flourishes

provincial capital jihad be disappointed in love; be jilted dropout (senior and junior) fellow apprentice administrative program Leo the Third Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party 时不我待 Time and tide wait for no man. 《史记》 Shi Ji/ Historical Records 实话实说 speak the plain truth; call a spade a spade ; tell it as it is 实践是检验真理的唯一标准 practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. 实时达账 real-time account settlement 实事求是 seek truth from facts; be practical and realistic; be true to facts 实体经济 the real economy 实现零的突破 fulfil the zero (gold medal , medal ,etc) breakthrough 实现小康目标 to achieve the goal of ensuring our people a relative comfortable life 实现中华民族伟大复兴 bring about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation 实行股份制 enforce a stockholding system 实行国民待遇 grant the national treatment to 实行计划生育、控制人口数量、提高 promotion of family planning to control 人口素质 the population size and improve the health of the people 食品卫生法 food Hygiene Law of People’s Republic of China 世界观、人生观、价值观 world outlook; outlook on life ; values 世上无难事、只要肯攀登 where there is a will, there is a way. 世外桃源 a fictitious land of peace away from the turmoil of the world 市场饱和 market saturation; saturated market 市场化 marketization 市场疲软 sluggish market 市场营销学 marketing 市场占有率 market share 市场准入 market access 市话 local calls

省会 圣战(伊斯兰教徒对异教徒的战争) 失恋 失学儿童 师兄弟 施政纲领 狮子座 十一届三中全会

市盈率 市政工程 市值 事业单位 视频点播 试点工程 试管婴儿 试用期 适度从紧的财政政策 适龄儿童的入学率 适销对路的产品 适者生存 释迦牟尼 收购兼并 收盘价 收视率 手机入网费 首创精神 首次公开发行的股票 首航 首期按揭 寿司 受灾地区 售后服务 授信贷款 授信额度 瘦肉精(盐酸克伦特罗) 枢纽工程 树立企业良好形象 数据通信 数字地球 刷卡、划卡 甩卖 涮羊肉 双刃剑 双向选择

p/e (price/earning) ration municipal works; municipal engineering projects market capitalization public institution video on demand (VOD) pilot project test-tube baby probatinary period moderately tight fiscal policy enrolment rate for children of school age readily marketable products survival of the fittest sakyamuyni merger and acquisition closing price audience ratings; television viewing initiation charges for mobile phone; mobile access fee pioneering spirit initial public offering (IPO) maiden/ inaugural voyage / flight (of an aircraft or ship) down-payment sushi; a Japanese dish of rolls of cold rice flavoured and garnished disaster-affected area after-sale services credit extension loan line of credit clenobuterol hydrochloride pivotal project foster a good and healthy company image / profile data communication digital globe to punch the card; to stamp the card clearance sale; be on sale instant-boiled mutton double-edged sword two-way choice (in employment practice); two-way selection, referring to employer and employee choosing each other in a job

双学位 双赢局面 双职工 双重轨制 双重国籍 谁言寸草心,报得三春晖 《水浒传》 水货 水墨画 水土流失 水下导弹 水涨船高 说曹操,曹操到 硕博联读 司仪 私人企业 私人游资 私营企业 思乡曲 思想僵硬 死而后已 死机 死亡率 死账 四大金刚 四个如何认识(江泽民总书记在 6 月 28 日中央思想政治工作会议上发 表的重要讲话中, 提出并精辟阐述了 如何认识社会主义发展的历史进程、 如何认识资本主义发展的历史进程、 如何认识我国社会主义改革实践过 程对人们思想的影响、 如何认识当今 的国际环境和国际政治斗争带来的 影响等当前直接影响干部群众思想 活动的重大问题)

market double degree win-win situation; a double-win result man and wife both at work; working couple two-tier system; double-track system dual nationality Such kindness of warm sun, can’t be repaid by grass. Heroes of the Marshes; Water Margins smuggled goods Chinese brush drawing ; ink and wash painting soil erosion submarine-based missiles When the river rises, the boat floats high. Talk of the devil and he will come/ appear. a continuous academic project that involves postgraduate and doctoral study MC (master of ceremonies) private enterprise mobile private capital privately-run enterprise Nostalgia fossilized concept until my hear stops beating system halted mortality uncollectible account, bad debt , bad loan Four Heavenly Guardians at the entrance to a Buddhism temple; Four Devarajas In his important address to the Central Ideological and Political Work Conference on June 28 this year, Party General Secretary Jiang Zemin expounds on how to understand the historical process of socialist development; how to understand the historical process of capitalist development; how understand the impact of China’s socialist reform over the people’s thinking; how to understand the impact of the current international environment and political struggle.


four modernizations (the modernization of agriculture , industry, national defense, and science and technology) 四合院 courtyard dwellings; quadrangle dwelling 四十不惑 life begins at Forty. 四书 《大学》 ( 、 《中庸》 、 《论语》 、 《猛 the Four Books (The Great Learning , The 子》 ) Doctrine of the Mean, The Analects of Confucius, The Mencius) 四项基本原则 the Four Cardinal Principles of adherence to the socialist road, the people’s democratic dictatorship, the leadership of the Communist Party of China , and Marxism-Lenninism and Mao Zedong Thought 四有新人 new generation of people with lofty ideals , moral integrity, good education and a strong sense of discipline 送温暖工程 heart-warming project 搜索引擎(计算机) search engine 夙敌 arch-rival 酸雨 acid rain 随行就市 prices fluctuating in response to market conditions 岁岁平安 Peace all year round 所得税 Income tax 所有权经营权分离 separate ownership form managerial authority T 台湾、香港、澳门保持原有的资本主 Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao will 义制度和生活方式长期不变 retain the current capitalist system and way of life for a long time to come. 台湾当局 The Taiwan authorities 台湾是中国神圣领土不可分割的一 Taiwan is an inalienable part of the 部分 inviolable territory of China. 台湾同胞 Taiwan compatriots 抬杠 argue for he sake of arguing; bicker 跆拳道 tae kwon do 太空步 moonwalk 太空垃圾 space trash 太平洋舰队 Pacific Fleet 太阳浴 sun bath; insolation 贪污腐化 corruption and degeneration 摊薄每股收益 diluted earning per share

摊牌 谈判的筹码 炭宜 探明储量 探亲外交 唐老鸭 唐装 糖衣炮弹 韬光养晦 逃票 逃票者 逃税 陶冶情操 讨债公司 套利 套期保值 特别提款权 特别行政区 特大性企业 特技演员 特洛伊木马 特色电话机 特许税 特种债券 踢皮球 提高农产品收购价格 提价 题外话 体改委 体育彩票 替身演员 天赋人权 天使,地利,人和


put/lay one’s card on the table bargain chip anthrax verified deposits; verified reserves family-visit diplomacy; relative-visiting diplomacy Donald Duck Tang suit; traditional Chinese garments (clothing) sugar-coated bullets hide one’s capacities and bide one’s time to sneak through without a ticket ticket evader tax evasion cultivate one’s taste (temperament) debt-collection company arbitrage hedge special drawing rights (SDR; SDRs); paper gold special administrative region extremely large enterprises; mega enterprises stunt man; stand-in Trojan horse feature phone franchise tax special bonds pass the buck the government’s increase in its procurement prices (for farm products) price hike digression; mention in passing commission for economic restructuring sports lotteries stunt man/ woman natural rights good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations; favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions; favorable objective and subjective factors for success Anything unexpected may happen. a bolt

填鸭式教学 跳槽 跳槽者 跳进黄河洗不清

跳棋 跳蚤市场 贴水 贴现公司 贴现率 铁饭碗 铁哥们 铁腕人物 铁血宰相 厅长 庭院经济 通存通兑

通关 通货回笼 通货混合,鸡尾酒式货币 通货紧缩 通货膨胀 通货升值 通票 通用汽车公司 同步卫星 同等力学


同类产品 同声传译 同乡会

from the blue cramming method of teaching job-hopping job-hopper even if one jumped into the Yellow River, one can not wash oneself clean-there’s nothing one can do to clear one’s name Chinese chequers; Chinese draughts; halma flea market agio discount house discount rate iron rice bowl Faithful pal; buddy; sworn friend strongman; iron-handed person iron-and-blood prime minister head of a department (under a provincial government) courtyard economy the banking procedure where deposits and withdrawals are processed at any branch bank be cleared by the customs; customs clearance withdrawal of currency in circulation currency cocktail deflation (of currency) inflation currency revaluation through ticket general Motors Corporation (GM) geostationary satellite have the same educational level (as the regular graduate or student of certain academic qualification) general examination for applicants with education background equivalent to college graduates for master’s degree like product simultaneous interpretation an association of fellow provincials or townsmen

同业拆借 统筹安排 统筹兼顾

统一市场 统一税 统一战线 筒子楼 偷渡者 偷工减料 偷税、骗税、逃税、抗税 偷税漏税 头寸紧 头寸松 头号种子选手 投标 投机商号 投手 投诉中心 投资风险 投资环境 投资主体 透过现象看本质 透明度 土地承包期 土地沙化 土地使用权 土地酸化 团队精神 团结就是力量 团身 推广科研成果

退耕还林还草 退耕还林还牧

Inter-bank borrowing comprehensive arrangement make overall plans and take all factors into consideration; overall planning and all-round consideration single market flat tax, consolidated tax united front rube-shaped apartment stowaway use inferior materials and turn out substandard products tax evasion, tax fraud and refusal to pay taxes tax evasion credit crunch; fund shortage credit ease No.1seed (player); top seed bid for ; tender for bucket shop pitcher complaint center investment risk investment environment the investment subject see through the appearance to perceive the essence transparency land contract period desertification of land; desert encroachment land-use right acidification of land team spirit; esprit de corps unity is strength. bunch up the body turning laboratory achievements into commercial/ mass production; commercialization of laboratory achievements grain for green to reconvert the farmland into forestry and pasture

托福考试 拖拉作风 拖欠工资 脱产 脱口秀 脱贫致富 脱手 脱销 脱氧核糖核酸 鸵鸟政策

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) dilatory style of work arrears of wage be disengaged from work; divorce oneself from one’s work Talk show Cast(shake, throw) off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity release grip out of stock deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) ostrich policy; ostrichism W undermine the foundation of sth ; cut the ground from under sb’s feet unhealthy practices and evil phenomena outer space foreign exchange reserve (forex reserve) administration of Exchange Control foreign exchange control diplomatic asylum diplomatic offices extranet take-out take-out restaurant vouching clerk power to engage in foreign trade foreign company foreign-related tax bureau the Bund flight capital export-oriented economy extraterrestrial being (ET) oversea market demand foreign debt; external debt die-hard World Wide Wed (WWW) Wang Daohan-Koo Chen-fu Talks (Wang-Koo talks) crown prince aqua regia

挖墙脚 歪风邪气 外层空间 外汇储备 外汇管理局 外汇管制 外交庇护 外交斡旋 外联网(计算机) 外卖 外卖店 外贸单证员 外贸自营权 外企 外税局 外滩(上海) 外逃资本 外向型经济 外星人 外需 外债 顽固分子 万围网(计算机) 汪辜会谈 王初,王太子 王水

网吧 网虫 网关 网恋 网络出版 网络管理员 网络化 网络经济 网络恐怖主义 网络摄像头 网民 网上冲浪 网上交易平台 网上欺诈 网友 往返机票 往事如烟 望子成龙 危房 威武之师,文明之师 微软公司 微软移动构想 《围城》 围垦造田 违反合同 唯利是图 唯一知名的弱点 维护人权和不断改善人权状况 伪君子 伪劣商品陪还法 卫冕世界冠军 卫星城 卫星导航 慰安妇 温饱工程 温室气体 文化产业 文化旅游

internet bar netter; Internet geek gateway online lobe affair online publishing network administrator networking cybereconomy cyberterrrorism web cam netizen; net citizen; cyber citizen surf the Internet online trading platform cyber fraud net friend return ticket; round-trip ticket the past has vanished (from memory) like wind. What in past, is past. place high hopes in one’s child dilapidated building mighty force and civilized force Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Vision for Mobility; Microsoft Mobility Initiatives A Surrounded City enclose tideland for cultivation; reclaim land from marshes breach of contract draw water to one’s mill achilles’ heel safeguard human rights and steadily improve the human rights situation hypocrite; a wolf in sheep’s clothing lemon law reigning world champion satellite town satellite navigation comfort woman/ girl adequate Food and Clothing Program; bring-warmth fill-bellies project greenhouse gases culture industry culture-oriented travel

文科 文联 文明街道 文韬武略 文身 稳定物价 稳定压倒一切 问讯处 我们在国际上说话时算数的 乌拉圭回合 乌龙球 污染指数 污水处理 屋顶花园 屋漏又逢连夜雨 无风不起浪 无氟冰箱 无公害蔬菜 无力偿付的公司 无人售票 无绳来电显示电话 无土栽培 无为而治 无息贷款 无线应用协议 无形资产 无源雷达 无源之水,无本之木 无中生有 五保户


liberal arts literary Federation model community military expertise; military strategy tattoo stabilize prices maintaining stability is of top priority information office; inquiry desk we always live up to our international coomitments; Uruguay Round own goal pollution index sewage treatment/ disposal roof garden Misfortunes never come singly. When it rains it pours. There are no waves without wind./ There’s no smoke without fire. freon-free refrigerator “green” vegetable insolvent corporation self-service ticketing cordless telephone with caller ID soil-less cultivation govern by doing nothing that is against nature; govern by non-interference interest-free loan WAP (wireless application protocol) intangible assets; immaterial property passive radar water without a source, and a tree without roots make/create something out of nothing household enjoying the five guarantees (childless and infirm old persons who are guaranteed food, clothing , medical care , housing and burial expenses) the movement of “five stresses, four points of beauty and three loves” (The five stresses are: stress on decorum, manners, hygiene, discipline and morals. The four points of beauty are: beauty of

the mind, language, behavior and the environment, The three lobes are: love of the motherland, socialism and the Communist Party.) 五金化工 metals and chemicals 武侠小说 tales of roving knights; martial arts novel; kung fu novel 物价局 Price Bureau 物流 logistics; the interflow of goods and materials 物业公司 property management company 物业管理 estate management, property management 物以类聚,人以群分 birds of a feather flock together. 物质文明 material progress 物质文明建设和精神文明建设一起 pay equal attention to ethical and material 抓 progress 《物种起源》 The Origin of Species X sunset industry Western Development; the development of China’s west to transmit the electricity from the western areas to East China; West-East electricity transmission project to transmit the natural gas from the western areas to East China; West-East natural gas transmission project The Romance of West Chamber Red Star over China pilgrimage to the West; Journey to the West assimilate the achievements of civilizations the world over deposit taking to absorb idle fund hope Project to pour oil on troubled waters scarcity economy baptism money laundering mingled hope and fear germ warfare

夕阳产业 西部大开发 西电东送


《西厢记》 《西行漫记》 《西游记》 吸取世界文明成果 吸收存款 吸收游资 希望工程 息事宁人 稀缺经济 洗礼 洗钱 喜忧参半 细菌战

下放权力给 下岗职工 下海 下网 下游行业 下载(计算机) 夏至 先入为主 先下手为强 闲散资金 嫌贫爱富 险胜 县改市 县级市 现场直播 现代企业制度 现货交易 现金流量 现身说法 线下商贸运作 限制战略武器会谈 乡统筹,村提留 乡镇企业 香波 香港明天更好基金会 香港特别行政区 香格里拉 香榭丽舍大街 享乐主义 向钱看 项目立项 项目申报 项目预算 项目支持 像热锅上的蚂蚁 削减战略核武器会谈 宵夜

delegating the management of … (to…) laid-off workers plunge into the commercial sea off line downstream industry downloading the Summer Solstice first impressions are firmly entrenched. catch the ball before the bound scattered funds; idle bound despise the poor and curry favor with the rich cliff-hanging win , narrow victory , nose out county upgraded to city county-level city live broadcast modern enterprise system; modern corporate system cash market transactions; spot transactions cash flow to warn people by taking oneself as an example offline business operation strategic arms limitation talks (SALT) fees paid by farmers for overall township planning and village reserve township (and village) enterprises shampoo Better Hong Kong Foundation Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Shangri-la avenue des Champs-Elysees hedonism mammonism, put money above all approve and initiate a project project application project budget project support like an ant on a hot pan strategic arms reduction talks (START) a midnight snack

消费结构 消费税 消费信贷 消费者权益日 消费者物价指数 消费者协会 销售景气指数 销项税 小道消息 小而全 小金库 小康 小康之家 小农经济 小型核武器 效率优先,兼顾公平 效益工资 效益农业 校训 校园文化 协调世界时 邪教 斜拉索桥 写真集 心理素质 心想事成 心心相印,精神感应 心照不宣 新宠 新的经济增长点 新干线子弹头火车 新官上任三把火 新娘市场(指买卖兴旺的市场) 新石器时代 新兴市场 新秀

pattern of consumption consumption tax consumer credit services International Day for Consumers’ Rights and Interests consumer price index consumers’ association sales index output tax hearsay small and all-inclusive a private coffer a comfortable level of living; a better-off life; moderate prosperity well-off family; comfortably-off family small-scale peasant economy; autarkical small-scale farming mini-nukes give priority to efficiency with due consideration to fairness achievements-related wages; wages based on benefits Profitable agriculture school motto campus culture Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) cult cable-stayed bridge photo album psychological quality may all your wish come true telesthesia have a tacit understanding ;give tacit consent; tacit understanding new favorite new point for / sources of economic growth the Shinkansen, bullet train A new broom sweeps clean. bridal market the Neolithic Age ; New Stone Age;’ emerging market up-and-coming star, rising star


faithfulness, expressiveness and taste (elegance) 信贷支持 credit aid 信得过产品 trustworthy product 信息产业部电信管理局 Telecommunication Management Bureau of Ministry of Information Industry 信息港 infoport; cyberport 信息高地 information highland 信息高速公路 information superhighway/ highway 信息革命 information revolution 信息含量 information content 信息化 informationize 《信息技术协议》 ITA (Information Technology Agreement) 信息检索 information retrieval 信用紧缩 credit crunch 信用危机 credit crisis 信用文化 credit culture 星火计划 spark Program 星期日泰晤士报 the Sunday Times 星球大战计划 star Wars Program 刑法 penal code; criminal law 形式否决权 exercise the veto 行头 theatrical costumes (and paraphernalia) 行政审批制度 administrative approval system 行政诉讼 administrative proceedings 形成全方位、多层次、宽领域的开放 form an all-directional, multi-layered and 格局 wide-ranging opening pattern 形而上学 metaphysics 形式主义 formalism 形象小姐/先生 image representative of a product or a brand 性别歧视 sexual/gender discrimination; sexism 性价比 cost/ performance ratio 性骚扰 sexual harassment 虚开增值税发票 write false value added tax invoices 虚拟存款 window-dressing deposits 虚拟网 virtual net 虚拟银行 virtual bank 虚心使人进步,骄傲使人落后 modesty helps one go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind. 许可证制度 license granting mechanisms 蓄势而发 to accumulate strength for a take-off 悬而未决的问题 outstanding issue

the right to vote and the right to be elected electoral vote electoral system beauty contest (a Confucian slogan for education) a good scholar can become an official; he who excels in study can follow an official career 学分 credit points 学历教育 education with record of formal schooling 学生处 students’ affairs division 学生减负 alleviate the burden on students 学识 credit hours 熏鲱鱼,转移注意力的话,证券说明 a red herring 书,证券销售书 寻呼台 paging centers 寻呼小姐 operators who work with paging centers 巡航导弹 cruise missile 巡回医疗 medical tour 巡回招聘 milk round 循序渐进 step by step 徇私枉法 bend the law for the benefit of relatives or friends 徇私舞弊 bend the law for personal gain and engage in fraud Y rip entry Line ! grand finale; last and best item on a theatrical program Opium War Subhealthy AMM( APEC Ministerial Meeting) ABAC Meeting (APEC Business Advisory Council Meeting ) AELM (APEC Economic Leaders Meeting ) IAELM (Informal APEC Economic Leaders’ Meetings) APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Financial crisis in Asia

选举权和被选举权 选举人票 选举人制 选美 学而优则仕

压水花技术 压线(口令) 压轴戏 鸦片战争 亚健康 亚太经合组织部长级会议 亚太经合组织工商咨询理事会会议 亚太经合组织经济领导人会议 亚太经合组织领导人非正式会议 亚太经济合作组织 亚洲金融危机

ADB( Asian Development Bank) Strike-Hard drove Strike-Hard Operation ,campaign to crack down relentlessly on criminal activities 严于律己,宽以待人 be strict with oneself and lenient towards others 言情小说 romantic fiction; sentimental novel 沿海经济开发区 open coastal economic area 研究成果 research results; research findings 研究生毕业证/学位证 graduate diploma/ graduate degree’s diploma 研究生成绩考试(美国) Graduate Record Examination (GRE) 眼前利益服从长远利益,局部利益 subordinate immediate interests to 服从整体利益, 个人和集体利益服从 long-term interests, partial interests to 国家利益 overall interests and the interests of individuals and collectives to those of the state 演绎版 demo 羊肉串小摊 barbecue stall 阳春(最经济方式) no-frills 洋务运动 westernization movement 养老保险 endowment insurance 养老金 pension 养路费 road toll 摇钱树 cash cow 摇头丸 dancing outreach 药物检查 dope control; drug testing 野生动物园 wildlife park ; safari park 业内人士 insider 业主 home owner 液晶显示屏 liquid crystal display (LCD) 一次性解决问题 solve the problem once and for all 一次性筷子 throwaway chopsticks 一大二公 (concerning the people’s commune) large in size and collective in nature 一刀切 cut it even at one stroke-make it rigidly uniform; impose uniformity in all cases; allow no flexibility 一帆风顺 wishing you every success 一方有难,八方支援 when disaster struck, help came from all sides. 一个中心,两个基本点 one central task, two basic points 一国两制 one country, two systems

亚洲开发银行 严打措施 严打斗争

一级市场 一揽子(计划) 一揽子购买 (祝愿……)一路平安,一路顺风 一切向钱看 一式两联 一手抓物质文明,一手抓精神文明; 一手抓经济建设,一手抓民主法制; 一手抓改革开放, 一手抓打击犯罪惩 治腐败

一线员工 一言既出,驷马难追 一支接一支不停的抽烟者 伊斯兰抵抗运动(简称哈马斯) 医疗保险 医疗制度改革 依法治国 移动电话双向收费 移动通讯 遗传工程 以……为龙头 以产定人,减员增效

以讹传讹 以法治国,以德治国 以公有制为主体, 多种经济成分共同 发展 以经济建设为中心 以空间换取时间 以理服人 以谋略制胜 以权谋私 以人为本

primary market one-package (plan) lump-sum purchase; basket purchase speed somebody on their way; speed the parting guest money-oriented (receipt or invoice) in duplicate We must always work for material progress and at the same time for cultural and ethical progress; We should develop the economy and at the same time strengthen democracy and the legal system ; We should promote reform and opening to the outside world and at the same time fight crime and punish corruption. worker at the production line A real man never goes back on his words. chain smoker Hamas medical insurance reform of the medicare system manage state affairs according to law; run state affairs according to law two-way charges for cellular phones mobile communication genetic engineering with…as the leading role employ workers in accordance with production needs and increase efficiency while reducing the staff incorrectly relay an erroneous message to govern the country with law and ethics the pattern with the public sector remaining dominant and diverse sectors of the economy developing side by side focusing on the central task of economic construction trade space for time persuade through reasoning outmaneuver abuse of power for personal gains people oriented; people foremost

以上海浦东开发开放为龙头, 进一步 open more cities along the Yangtze River, 开放长江沿岸城市 while concentrationg on the development 以身作则,廉洁奉公 set a good example and perform duties honestly 以市场为导向 market-oriented 以眼还眼,以牙还牙 an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth 以质量求发展 strategy of development through quality; win the market with quality products 以质量求生存、求发展、求效益 strive for survival, development and efficiency on the basis of quality 以资证明 in witness whereof; in testimony thereof 义和团运动 Boxer Uprising 义务兵役制 compulsory military service, conscription 义务教育 compulsory education 义演 benefit performance; charity performance 义演收入 proceeds from benefit performance 议案 bill 异地资金汇划 Fund remittance between different places 易爆发战争的地区 War-prone areas 易拉罐 pop can 意大利粉 spaghetti 以外风险 emergency risk; unknown risk 意向书 letter intent 溢价 premium 溢价发行债券 (已超过票面金额家发 issue of bonds at a premium 行债券) 薏米 seed of Job’s tears 因材施教 teach students according to their aptitude 因地制宜,合理分工,各展所长,优 proceed in the light of local conditions 势互补,共同发展的原则 and in accordance with a rational division of labor ,with al the regions exploiting their own particular advantages for mutual benefit and development 因地制宜,因时制宜,因事制宜,因 suit our measures to different conditions 人制宜 in terms of locality, issue and persons involved 因果报应 karma 因特网服务提供者 Internet service provider (ISP) 音频点播 AOD (audio-on-demand) 银弹外交 money diplomacy; dollar diplomacy; “silver bullet” diplomacy 银行网点 bank outlets 引渡 extradite

引进技术 隐形飞机 隐形轰炸机 隐性就业 隐性失业 隐性收入 隐性眼睛 印花税 应届毕业生 应试教育 英国文化委员会 英雄所见略同 婴儿死亡率 营销管理 营养不良 营业税 盈利能力 影子内阁 硬道理 硬通货 永久正常贸易关系 优化结构 优化经济结构 优化资源配置 优化组合 优惠贷款 优胜劣汰 优势互补 优质名牌商品 忧患意识

犹太人定居点 邮递协议 游乐场 游乐场过山车 游资 友好城市

introduction of foreign talents; import of foreign talents stealth aircraft stealth bomber unregistered employment recessive unemployment invisible income; off-payroll income; side money contact lenses stamp duty / tax this year’s graduates examination-oriented education system British Council of Culture great minds think alike. infant mortality rate marketing management malnutrition turnover tax; business tax profitability shadow cabinet absolute principle, top priority hard currency permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) optimize structure to optimize the economic structure to optimize the allocation of resources optimization grouping; optional regrouping loans on favorable terms survival of the fittest (of two countries or companies) have complementary advantages famous-brand, quality products awareness of unexpected development; being prepared for unexpected development ; being prepared for any eventualities Jewish settlement post Office Protocol (POP) an amusement park roller coaster idle money/fund ; floating capital sister cities

有法可依,有法必依,执法必严,违 there must be laws to go by, the laws must 法必究 be observed and strictly enforced, and lawbreakers must be prosecuted. 有个奔头 have something to look forward to ; have something to expect 有机农业 organic agriculture 有理,有利,有节 on just grounds, to one’s advantage and with restraint; with good reason, with advantage and with restraint 有道理,有理想,有文化,有纪律 With lofty ideals ,integrity, knowledge and a strong sense of discipline 有钱能使鬼推磨 Money makes the mare go. Money talks. 有情人终成眷属 Jack shall have Jill, all shall be well. 有识之士 people of vision 有望夺金者 a gold medal hopeful 有勇无谋 use brawn rather than brain 有缘千里来相会 separated as we are thousands of miles apart, we come together as if by predestination. 有战斗力,有说服力,有吸引力的思 a contingent of militant ideological 想工作队伍 workers able to persuade and act as a magnet for others 有中国特色的社会主义道路 road of socialism with Chinese characteristics 有中国特色的社会主义民主政治 a socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics 幼稚工业 infant industry 鱼米之乡 a land of mile and honey 瑜珈 Yoga 舆论导向 direction of public opinion 舆论监督 supervision by public opinion 与国际惯例接轨 become compatible with internationally accepted practices 与国际市场接轨 integrate with the world market; become integrated into the global market 与时俱进 advance with times 语音识别 speech recognition 育龄妇女 women of child-bearing age 预防为主, 谁污染谁治理和强化环境 three major principles for environment 管理三大政策 control: to put prevention first, to hold those who cause pollution responsible for cleaning up and to improve environmental protection and management

预期寿命 预算外收入 预算外支出 域名(计算机) 欲穷千里目,更上一层楼 欲速则不达 鹬蚌相争,渔人得利

冤家宜结不宜解 冤假错案

元宵节 原产地保护 原始股 原始资本 原油 圆寂 圆桌会议 援藏干部 缘分 远程办公的员工 远程教育 远景规划 远景计划 远期合同 跃居世界前列 越境污染 运球 运载火箭 晕厥

life expectancy; life span extra-budgetary revenue off-budget expenditure domain name (DN) to ascend another storey to see a thousand miles further haste does not bring success. / More haste, less speed. when the snipe and the clam grapple, it is the fisherman who stands to benefit; two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs sway with it better make friends than make enemies. cases in which people were unjustly, falsely or wrongly charged or sentenced; unjust, false or wrong cases the Lantern Festival protection of place of origin original issue stock original capital crude oil Parinirvana round-table conference cadres sent to support/ aid Tibet (as if by) predestination, be preordained to come together telecommuting workers distance learning perspective long-term plan long-term development targets forward contract (output) leap into the front ranks of the world trans-frontier pollution dribble carrier rocket numbed; dumbfounded Z flood victims; flood-stricken people to swindle money out of one’s customers; rip the customer off manned satellite

灾民 宰(客) 载人卫星

再贷款 再就业服务中心 再就业工程 在孵(孵化器)企业 在途资金 在线(计算机) 在线网上书店 在职博士生 在职研究生 在字面上兜圈子 赃款赃物 糟粕 早恋 早市 造假账 造林运动 噪声治理 责任编辑 增发股票 增加信任,减少麻烦,发展合作,不 搞对抗 增强人民体质 增值税 《资治通鉴》 (农产品)综合支持量 渣打银行 斋月(伊斯兰教) 债台高筑 债转股 沾光 占便宜 占着茅坑不拉屎 战俘 战俘营 战俘使巡航导弹 战略防御计划 战略伙伴关系 站得住脚 站票 站台票 涨落线

re-lending ; subloan re-employment service center re-employment project/ program incubated enterprises (incubator) fund in float on-line on-line bookstore on-the-job doctorate on-the-job postgraduate festoons of words proceeds of crime dross puppy love morning session to falsify accounts afforestation drive (campaign) noise abatement editor in charge increase issues in stocks enhance trust, reduce trouble, develop cooperation and avoid confrontation build up people’s health value added tax (VAT) history as a Mirror AMS (Aggregate Measurement of Support) the Chartered Bank Ramadan / the month of fast be debt-ridden debt-to-equity swap; to swap the debs into equity benefit from one’s association profit at others’ expense be a dog in the manger prisoner of war (POW) prisoner-of-war (POW) camp tomahawk cruise missile strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) strategic partnership hold water standing-room-only ticket platform ticket advance balance line

掌上电脑 招标 招标投标制 招财进宝 招股说明书 招商局 招商引资 招生就业指导办公室 朝阳产业 折旧费 折衷方案 珍爱之人或物 珍惜濒临物种 真空包装 真善美 振兴经济 振兴中华 争端解决机构 争议地区 正气 正式照会 证券化 证券营业部 政策性贷款 政策性亏损 政策性住房 政策银行 政策组合 政法委 政府采购 政府搭台,部门推动,企业唱戏

政府干预 政府工作报告 政府廉洁高效 政府上网工程 政府特殊津贴获得者

palm computer; handheld invite bids the system of public bidding for projects money and treasures will be plentiful prospectus; bidding documents China Merchants’ Steam Navigation Company (China Merchants) attract/bid for/ invite investments (from overseas) enrolment and vocation guidance office sunrise industry depreciation charge a compromise proposal apple of one’s eyes rare or endangered species vacuum packing the true, the good and the beautiful; truth, good and beauty revitalize the economy make China powerful and strong; revitalize the Chinese nation dispute settlement body disputed area uprightness; integrity formal note securitisation stock exchange; security exchange policy-based lending; policy-related loan policy-related losses; losses incurred due to polity decisions policy-related house , policy-based house policy bank policy mix politics and law committee government procurement governments set up the stage, various departments cooperate and enterprises put in the show. government intervention government work report a clean and efficient government government On-line Project winner of special government allowance

政府贴息贷款 政府职能转变 政改方案(英国对香港) 政企不分

discount government loans transform/ shift the government functions constitutional package without a clear line between the functions of the government and enterprises; the functions of the government and enterprises mixed up 政企分开 separate government administration from enterprise management 政务公开 make government affairs public 政治合格,军事过硬,作风优良,纪 be qualified politically and competent 律严明,保障有力 militarily, have a fine style of work, maintain strict discipline and be assured of adequate logistical support 政治迫害 Political persecution; witch hunt 政治体制改革 political restructuring 政治协商、民主监督、参政议政 exercise political consultation and democratic supervision and participate in deliberating and administration of state affairs 支付能力 payment capacity 支原体 mycoplasma 支柱产业 pillar/ cornerstone industry 知己知彼,百战不殆 know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat. 知识产权 intellectual property (right) 知识经济 knowledge economy; knowledge-based economy 知识就是力量 Knowledge is power. 知识密集 knowledge-intensive 知识转让 transfer of knowledge 执法人员 law enforcement officials ; law-executor; law enforcer 直播 live broadcast, live telecast (领导人与民众的)直接对话 town hall conference/meeting 直接三通与双向交流 three direct links (mail, air and shipping services and trade )and bilateral echanges 直接选举 direct election 直辖市 municipality directly under the Central Government 直销 direct marking ; door-to-door sale 职称 professional title

职能转换 职务犯罪 职业高中(职高) 职业介绍所 职业经理人 职业培训 植物群落 植物人 制度存储器 纸包不住火 纸上谈兵 制海权 制空权

制止外汇流失 治理整顿 质量管理 质量认证体系认证证书 质量守恒定律 致命要害 掷钱猜先 智力引进 智力支持 智囊团、思想库 智商 滞后影响 滞销商品 中程导弹 中东和平进程 中关村科技园区 中国出口商品交易会(广交会) 中国工程院 中国经济景气检测中心 中国新经济峰会 中国新闻出版报社 中国预防医学科学院

transformation of functions crime by taking advantage of duty vocational high school career service center; job center professional manager job training plant community human vegetable; vegetable read-only-memory (ROM) Truth will come to light sooner or later. be an armchair strategist command of the sea air space control; air supremacy; command of the air; air mastery; air domination prevent foreign exchange flight improve the environment and rectify the order; improvement and rectification quality control certificate of the system of quality certification law of conservation of mass Achilles’ heel toss a coin recruit / introduce (foreign) talents intellectual support brain trust; think tank intelligence quotient (IQ) lagged effect unmarketable goods intermediate-range missile; medium-range missile the Middle East peace process Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park China Export Commodities Fair (Guangzhou Fair) the Chinese Academy of Engineering China Economic Monitoring Center China New Economy Summit China Press and Publication News the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine

中国证监会 《中华人民共和国消费者权益保护 法》 中华人民共和国渔政渔港监督管理 局 中华世纪坛 中华医学会 中介 中立国 中流砥柱 《中美三个联合公报》 中美战略武器互不瞄准对方 (股票的)中签 (股票的)中签率 中日友好思想原则:和平友好,平等 互利,互相信赖,长期稳定

中山装 中式快餐 中文信息处理系统 (美国)中下层南方共和党人 中心环节 中型商用飞机 中央大型企业工委 中央国家机关 中央纪律检查委员会 中央经济工作会议 中央领导集体 中央商务区 中央统战部 中央综治为“严打”政治斗争检查组

中药 中专生

China’s Securities Regulatory Commission law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Consumers’ Rights and Interests administration of Fishery and Fishing Harbor Supervision of the PRC China Millennium Monument Chinese Medical Association intermediary agent neutralized state mainstay; chief cornerstone the Three Sino-US Joint Communiques non-targeting strategic nuclear weapons against each other win the lot for IPO lot winning rate the four principles of Sino-Japanese friendship: peace and friendship, equality and mutual benefit , mutual trust , and long-term stability Chinese tunic suit Chinese fast food Chinese information processing system Pickup-truck Republican key link mid-size G200 business jets Central Work Committee for’ Large Enterprises China’s State organs Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC the Central Economic Working Conference central collective leadership central business district (CBD) united Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee strike-hard Campaign Inspection Group of Central Committee for Comprehensive Management of Public Security,. traditional Chinese medicine secondary specialized or technical school

终点控制区 终端服务器 终身制物制 终审权 种植业 众口难调 众矢之的 重点发展 重复建设 重合同,守信用 重合同、守信用原则

洲际弹道导弹 珠穆朗玛峰 主板市场 主持人 主渠道 主体经济 主体思想(朝鲜语) 主页 住房分配货币化进程 住房零首付 住宅小区 助跑 注册会计师 注册资本 驻港部队 抓大放小


student terminal control area terminal server life-long tenure right of adjudication; right of giving final approval crop farming it is difficult to cater to all tastes.; One man’s meat is another man’s poison. target of public criticism prioritize building redundant project; duplication of similar projects abide by contracts and keep one’s words the principle of equality and mutual benefit and “honoring contracts and standing by reputation” intercontinental ballistic missiles Mount Qomolangma main board of the stock market anchorperson main channel the mainstay of the economy Juche Idea home page capitalization process of housing distribution/ allocation zero-down payment (for apartments) residence community approach run , run-up certificated public accountant (CPA) registered capital people’s Liberation Army garrison in Hong Kong to invigorate large enterprises while relaxing control over small ones; focus on the restructuring of major enterprises and leave minor ones to fend for themselves (Efforts were focused on ) the reform, reorganization, upgrading and better management of enterprises, aiming at well managing large enterprises while adopting more flexible policies toward small ones

抓住机遇 to seize the opportunity 抓住机遇,深化改革,扩大开放,促 to seize the current opportunity, deepen 进发展,保持稳定 the reform, open China wider to the outside world ,promote development and maintain stability 专访 exclusive interview (争端解决)专家组 panel 专卖店 exclusive agency; franchised store 专门的营销机构 market boards 专门人才 professional personnel; special talents 专门术语 technical term 专升本 upgrade from junior college student to university student; students with the diploma of junior college try to obtain the undergraduate diploma 专题报道 special coverage 专业化分工 division of labor based on specialization 专业化经营 specialized operation 专属经济区 exclusive economic zone 转轨 transfer to a different track; retracking 转轨经济 economies in transition 转化机制 (of State-owned enterprises) to shift to new management mechanisms 转基因生物 GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) 转基因食品 GM food (genetically modified food) 转世灵童 reincarnated soul boy 转体 truck rotation, turn, twist 转业 transferred to civilian work 转移支付 transfer payment 追潮族 fashion follower 追车族 auto fan 追赶型和跨越式发展 pursuant and leap-forward development 追究责任 to call to account; ascertain where the responsibility lies 追平 to produce the equalizer 追星族 star fan; groupie 准备金 reserve fund; capital reserves 准博士 all but dissertation (ABD) 准上市公司 pro-listed companies 资本额过多 overcapitalization 资本利润率 rate of return on capital 资本外逃 capital flight 资不抵债 insolvency


to maintain and increase the value of assets; maintenance and appreciation of assets value 资产剥离 to peel off (bad) assets of a company 资产调控 assets control 资产负债表 balance sheet 资产阶级自由化 bourgeois liberalization 资产重组 reorganized assets; assets reorganization 资金到位 fully funded (project) 资金划拨 capital allocation 资金汇划 fund remittance and transfer 资源配置 the distribution (allocation ) of resources 资源优化配置 most optimum distribution of resources 自动柜员机 automatic teller machine (ATM) 自发罢工,野猫式罢工(未经工会批 wildcat strikes 准的罢工) 自费留学 to go to study abroad at one’s own expense 自律机制 the self-discipline system 自然保护区 natural reserve; nature preservation zone 自然耗损 natural wearing 自然资源保护区 natural resource protecting areas 自我保护意识 self-protection awareness 自学成才 to become well-educated through self-study 自学考试 self-taught examination 自营 self-run 自营性存款 self-operating deposit 自由港 free-trade port , free port 自由竞争 free competition 自由流通 free flow 自由贸易区 free-trade zone 自由职业者 p1rofessionals 自治权 autonomy 自主经营,自负盈亏 to make one’s own management decisions and take full responsibility for one’s own profits and losses 自助银行 self-service bank 自足经济 self-sufficient economy 自作自受 to sew in one’s own juice 综合国力 comprehensive national strength 综合经济效益 overall economic efficiency; composite economic results

综合授信 综合业务数字网 综合整治 综合指数 综合治理 总裁助理 总经理负责制 (各州推选组成的)总统选举团 走过场 走后门 走上良性发展的轨道 走穴

组委会 祖传 祖国和平统一大业 最不发达国家 最初谈判权(初谈权) 最低工资保障制度 最低生活保证制度 最惠国待遇 最终用户 遵纪守法、廉洁奉公

左倾 左右为难

comprehensive credit line integrated service digital network (ISDN) comprehensive improvement composite index comprehensive treatment assistant president general manager responsibility system electoral college to go through the motions to get in by the back door going on the track of sound progress (actors, singers, etc.) to perform for outside-salary income without approval by the unit they belong to organizing committee handed down from one’s ancestors peaceful reunification of the motherland LDCs (Least-developed countries) INRs (Initial Negotiating Rights) minimum wage guarantee system system for ensuring a minimum standard of living most-favored-nation treatment end user observe the relevant code of conduct and the law and honestly perform one’s official duties pinko between the devil and the deep blue sea; between the rock and the hard place




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