哈尔滨第三十二中学 2012-2013 学年高一上学期期末考试 英语试题
(考试范围:必修一 二 适用班级:高一学年 ) 一 单项填空题,每小题只有一个正确答案,每小题 1 分,共 15 分.
1. I have been looking forward ___________ to a key university. A. to go B. to going C. going D. at going 2. His words were very ________. Everyone got _____at the bright future described in his speech. A. exciting exciting B. excited excited C. exciting excited D. excited excited 3. Our house is ______theirs and it looks more beautiful. A. three times as bigger as B three times as big as C. as big as three times D three times big than 4. My son has a good habit of keeping a diary every day. ________ he is good at writing. A. because B. as C. as a result D. because of 5. _____ young in our country are living _______good life now. A. A / B. The the C. A a D. The a 6. It is seven years _______ I lived here. A. until B. before C. since D. that 7. The number of the students in our school______ two thousand, and a number of them _____fond of pop music. A. is are B. is is C. are are D. are is 8. We often give our children footballs or basketballs, _______ that all children like these things. A. thinking B. think C. to think D. thought 9. There may be something wrong with her ______,she can' t see things clearly. A. eyes B. ears C. mouth D. nose 10. ____ the end of last term, he has made great progress. A. By B. At C. Since D. In 11. Even on holidays, he preferred doing something ____ nothing. A. to do B. doing C. to doing D. than doing 12. We are going to spend the Spring Festival in Beijing, ____ my grandparents live. A. which B. where C. that D. of which 13. His bike is more expensive than _____. A. I B. my C .mine D. me 14. I like P.E. ____than all the other subjects. It is _____ interesting A. best the most B. best more C. better the more D. better more 15. Mr Chen told the students that he _____ ill for two weeks . A. has been B. had been C. was D. is

二 完形填空,每小题 1 分,共 15 分.
A little boy invited his mother to his school’s first teacher-parent meeting. This would be the first time that his classmates and teacher _16_ his mother. He was embarrassed by her __17__. Although she was a beautiful woman, there was a big scar (伤疤)on her face. It covered _18__ the whole right side of her face. _19 never wanted to talk about why or how she got the scar. At the meeting, the people were impressed (打动) by the kindness and natural beauty of his mother
- 1 -

_20_ the scar. But the little boy was still embarrassed and hid __21_ from everyone. He did, __22_ , overhear (无意间听到) a conversation between his mother and his teacher. "How did you get the scar on your face?" the teacher asked. The mother said, "When my son was a baby, his room __23__. Everyone was __24_ afraid to go in because the fire was out of control (失控). I went in. As I was running toward his crib (摇篮), I saw a piece of wood coming down. I put myself over him trying to _25_ him. I was knocked out (打昏). __26_ , a fireman came in and saved both of us." She __27__ the burnt side of her face. "This scar will be there forever, but to this day, I have never __28__ doing what I did." At this point, the little boy came out running __29_ his mother with __30__ in his eyes. He hugged her and held her hand tightly (紧紧地) for the rest of the day. 16. A. met 17. A. voice 18 A. most 19.A. The teacher 20 A. instead of 21. A. herself 22. A. therefore 23. A. broke out 24. A. very 25. A. keep 26. A. Fortunately 27. A. smelled 28 A. forgot 29 A. at 30 A. tears B. heard B. clothes B. hardly B. The parents B. in spite of B. itself B. however B. caught fire B. so B. protect B. Surprisingly B. felt B. realized B. towards B. smiles C. watched D. visited C. appearance D. name C. even D. nearly C. The boy D. The school C. thanks to D. although C. themselves D. himself C. anyway D. otherwise C. was broken into D. was stolen C. as D. too C. produce D. remain C. Angrily D. Happily C. moved D. noticed C. regretted D. remembered C. into D. away C. pictures D. stories

三 阅读理解 每小题 2 分

共 40 分.

A Peter and his mother lived in a small village. They were very poor. To help his mother, Peter often collected wood from the forest. He also cut down small trees. One morning, a bird flew sown from a branch and asked him mot to cut down a certain tree. The bird explained that its home was in the tree. Peter left the tree alone. The bird was happy and asked Peter to bring along an empty bag the next morning. Early the next day he went to the tree and waited for the bird. The bird soon appeared and asked Peter to hold on its tail and follow him. They went to a faraway valley. Peter saw gold all over the place. He picked up some pieces of gold and put them into his bag. The bird told Peter that they must leave the valley before the sun came up. Peter quickly filled his bag and left for home. He now had plenty of money for himself and his mother. Peter told his best friend about the tree, the bird and the gold. His friend wanted some gold too. He went to the same tree and pretended that he was going to cut it down. The bird asked him not to do so. The following morning it led Peter’s friend to the valley of gold. When the sun was about to rise, the bird told him to leave. The greedy(贪婪的) boy would not do so. The sun came up and he was changed into a bird.
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31. This story tells us _______. A. greed blinds one’s eyes B. to be poor without debts(债) is better than to be a king C. a man without a friend is only half a man D. make your enemy your friend 32. Peter left the tree alone. This means he _______. A. did not like the tree because it was the bird’s home B. did not cut the tree down C. was the only person in the forest D. wanted the tree to grow bigger 33. Peter didn’t destroy the bird’s home so the bird _______. A. was very happy B. told him about the valley of gold C. brought him a lot of gold D. promised to give him a lot of gold 34. Peter picked up some pieces of gold _______. A. before day broke B. before sunset C. at noon D. after the sun rose 35. Peter’s friend turned into a bird because he _______. A. was to greedy B. cut the tree down C. filled his bag with gold D. left when the sun was about to rise B Three men traveling on a train began a conversation about the word’s greatest wonders(奇 迹).“In my opinion,” the first man said, “the Egyptian pyramids(金字塔) are the world’s greatest wonder. Although they were built thousands of years ago, they are still standing. And remember: the people who built them had only simple tools. They did not have the kind of machinery that builders and engineers have today.” “I agree that the pyramids in Egypt(埃及) are wonderful,” the second man said, “but I do not think they are the greatest wonder. I believe computers are more wonderful than the pyramids. They have taken people to the moon and brought them back safely. In seconds, they carry out mathematical calculations that would take a person a hundred years to do.” He turned to the third man and asked, “What do you think is the greatest wonder in the world?” The third man thought for a long time, and then he said, “Well, I agree that the pyramids are wonderful, and I agree that computers are wonderful, too. However, in my opinion, the most wonderful thing in the world is this thermos.” And he took a thermos out of his bag and held it up. The other two men were very surprised. “A thermos?” they exclaimed. “But that’s a simple thing.” “Oh, no, it’s not,” the third man said. “In the winter you put in a hot drink and it stays hot. In the summer you put in a cold drink and it stays cold. How does the thermos know whether it’s winter or summer?” 36. The underlined word “thermos” means in Chinese “_______”. A.电冰箱 B.洗衣机 C. 电风扇 D.保温瓶 37. The three men could not agree on what the world’s greatest wonder was because _______.
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A. they could not think of anything very wonderful B. they all had different ideas C. they could not prove that their opinions were right D. the journey ended too soon 38. The first man thought the pyramids were the most wonderful things in the world because _______. A. they were very beautiful B. they were Egyptian C. they had been built with very simple tools D. they could so mathematical calculations 39.The third man thought a thermos was the most wonderful thing in the world because _______. A. it lasted longer than the pyramids B. it cost less than a computer C. he thought it knew whether it was winter or summer D. the other two men were surprised when he told them about it 40. The third man was not very clever because _______. A. he could not think of anything to say B. he did not understand how a thermos works C. he did not think the pyramids were wonderful D. he did not know anything about computers C One day a man went to a chemist's shop and said ,"Have you anything for a headache? "Without a word , the chemist took a bottle from the table , took off the cover and held it under the man's nose . The smell was so strong that tears came into the man's eyes and ran down his face ."What do you do that for ?" he asked angrily as soon as he got back his breath. "Don't you feel better after that ?" asked the chemist with a smile ."You're a fool," said the man . "It's my mother that had a headache, not me !" 41.The man went into the shop _____. A. to see one of his friends B. to get some medicine for his mother's headache C. for some clothes D. to get some medicine for his cough 42.The chemist was_____. A. a bad man B. a kind doctor C. a strong man D. a quick-minded man 43. The chemist thought ___. A. the man had a stomachache B. the man's brother was ill C. the man was ill D. the man's mother was ill 44. The man thought ___. A. the chemist wanted to kill him B. the chemist was foolish C. the chemist was friendly D. the chemist did a goog thing 45. The writer is trying to tell us ___. A. to do something well as soon as we can B. to put hearts into it when we are doing something
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C. to do anything as we please D. to learn the whole thing before acting D Tom never liked to watch TV. He thought that it took people too much time to watch it. A lot of his friends often talked about sports programmes, the films and plays. "They never read any books or went out in the evening," Tom said to himself. So he didn't buy a television set. Last year Tom was 60, and he stopped working in the factory. His son bought him a televsion set. He began to watch all the news programmes. He knows far more about the world now. And he reads more books, too. In fact, he wants to follow one of the Open University Television(电大课程). He thinks he may get a degree(学位)when he is 65.There is only one problem. He gets quite angry when people make trouble while he is watching. His friends don't understand that one can change his idea when he is 60. 46. Tom didn't buy a television because ___. A. his friends talk about the programmes B. his friends never read any books or went in the evening. C. he thought people waste(浪费)a lot of time watching it D. he didn't like TV 47. Tom ___. A. stopped working this year. B. didn't stop working until 60 C. never stopped working D. didn't stop working after 60 48. Tom knows more about the work because he ___. A. got a TV set last year B. follows the Open University TV courses C. watches all the news programmes now D. he often talks about television with his friends now 49. Tom is ___ years old now. A. 61 B. 65 C. 59 D.60 50. It's ___ for Tom's friends to understand that one can change his ideas when he is 60. A. nice B. easy C. hard D. important

四 单词拼写 每小题 1 分 共 10 分 1 健康的 2 胖的

3 焦虑的,渴望的

4 富裕的,有钱的

5 避开,避免

6 承认

7 鼓励,激励

8 感冒

9 确保.确定

10 看见某人正在做某事
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五 书面表达 共 20 分 假如你叫李华,请根据以下提示写一篇小短文,字数不少于 80.(注意人称和时态. 但是不要逐字翻译) 1 你的家人非常注意饮食健康,你喜欢吃蔬菜和水果,很少吃糖和肉. 2 你的身体非常的健康,很少感冒和发烧,但是上星期,你在雨天去踢球,导致你生 病了. 3 你痴迷于踢足球,但是去年,你踢足球时摔伤了胳膊,很疼,你很懊恼.

答 题
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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10









































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