2012 学年高三英语作文练习题参考样文
1、 随着电子课本在小学中的不断普及,家长们对此观点各异,请谈谈你对此的看法。 With the wider and wider application of the electronic textbooks in the primary school, two opposite opinions have taken on this phenomenon: one holds that students should take advantage of the modern technology while the other maintains that the electronic machines ought to be applied to education as less as possible. In fact, I’m on the former one’s side. Applying electronic textbooks to teaching pupils can arouse their attention and interest. In addition, it’s easier for the teacher to control the students’ actions in the lesson in order to increase the quality of the lesson. On the other hand, today’s technology is developing more and more advanced so that children should get used of it. In summary, the benefits that the electronic textbooks bring overwhelm the disadvantages people think. After all, students have the right to enjoy the modern and hit-tech life. 2、下面两幅照片反映的是两个不同班级学生午间休息 (lunch break)用餐后的情景,用英 文写一篇短文。内容包括: 1. 描述图片所反映的情景; 2. 结合自身实际,谈谈你的做法和看法;



In the first picture, every student is absorbed in studying during the class break of books placed before and the blackboard behind showing: “Make every effort to enter the college.” However, students do have a complete break during the break. The first spot is commonly seen in many provinces in China while the second picture is a normal scene in metropolises in China. Someone may agree with the students in the first picture, saying it is the duty that students should study hard, while others argue that nothing but study all day makes students dull people. I am in favor of the second view. Study, after all, is an exhausting work, which allows us to spend a lot of time to learn new knowledge as well as review old knowledge. If we didn’t have enough time to take a break with, it would be hard for us students to use our brains effectively to put what we have learnt into practice. The ten minutes break is supposed to be taken full advantage of to refresh us thoroughly, which exactly benefits us a lot. Then we are able to get a better understanding of what we have already learnt.

Now that enjoying a proper break between classes brought about more benefits than studying alone for every minute in a day, I suggest more students make the best of the break between classes to take a rest instead of studying. 3、在生活中你一定经历过令你尴尬不已的事情吧?请描述这件尴尬事,以及你是如何化解 尴尬的。 Through one’s life, it must be countless things that make you embarrassed. What impress me deeply most is that there is a rise on my trousers. One day, I went to school as usual. However, I was with a special trousers that were easy to be torn out. When I was playing basketball on the P. E. lesson with classmates, it happened to me that the trousers were torn apart suddenly. So I turned to be embarrassed immediately. It occurred to me that using the clothes to keep out the rise on the trousers. So uncomfortable did me feel that I couldn’t seat naturally all the day. When others asked me what happened to me, I only to answer that this is a secret with an embarrassed smile. How unforgettable and embarrassed this experience is! 4、你的朋友 Sandy 是一名高三的学生。由于巨大的学习压力,她每天除了埋头苦学之外, 不参加任何的课外活动和体育锻炼。请你以好朋友 James 的名义给她写一封信,给她一 些有益的建议,使她能够更好地面对高三的学习生活。 Dear Sandy, It’s said that these days, as a senior three student with much pressure, you are absorbed in study hard, refusing to participate in either social activities or physical exercises. I don’t think it’s wise. Apart from academic learning, social activities are vital to surviving in senior three. Participating in activities enables one to become part of your peers and develop support groups that one can turn to for help. If you know how to establish a good relationship with everyone, you are able to solve problems in the most effective way. Equally important is to expose yourself to physical exercise as possible as you can. What the exercise will bring about is a healthy body and pleasant mood, which is of great help to your study. Only if you have a healthy body, can you succeed in the stressful study. Being a successful person in senior three is hard, but also easy by participating in social activities as well as physical exercise. View senior three as a horizon-broadening experience, a time to prepare for college life in general. Yours sincerely, James 5、学校网站将开设新栏目“致未来校友”,向高三学生征集稿件。假设你是 May(女生用) / John(男生用), 请你给未来进入你校高一学习的学弟学妹们写一封信。信的内容需 包括:回忆你高中生活中最难忘的点点滴滴;就他们即将开始的高中生活提出你的建议 (文中请不要出现真实的校名、人名) 。 Dear student, Life in the high school is totally different from that before. As a senior 3 student who has experienced the life here. I’d like to tell you something about me as well as some suggestions I

give to you so that you can be accustomed to life here quickly. Since study is the most important matter in the high school, many students try their best to learn better. I still remember that when I was still a newcomer, I was fond of computer games and failed in the exam again and again, which made the teacher angry and worried. She not only criticized me but also did me a favor to push me. With her help, I made efforts to stay away from the computer and studied harder. I recommend that you should lay emphasis on study instead of game. Following what teachers say will expose you to the knowledge as well as high scores. Besides, friends are also vital parts in the high school life. When I was in senior 2, I failed the exam and felt disappointed, even losing confidence in study. It was my friends that helped me to set up self-confidence and encouraged me to meet with trouble bravely, which helped me succeed in the following exams. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you might as well communicate more with your friends, lend them a hand when they are in trouble and in return you can make true friends. Life in high school is important in the growth. Making more efforts to study as well as making true friends will help you to be accustomed to it easily. I hope your life here will be wonderful. Yours sincerely, Mary 6、你的朋友 Peter 给你发了一封 email,向你抱怨肥胖使他的生活一团糟。请你回复 Peter 一封 email,内容包括: 1. 简单说明可能造成 Peter 肥胖的原因 2. 给 Peter 提出可行性建议 3. 鼓励 Peter,使他对生活充满信心 Dear Peter, I got your email several days ago. I am very sorry to know what a mess your life is because of being overweight and I really understand how you feel. I remember clearly that in the university you liked fast food very much. In the past five years, you must have taken a lot of unhealthy food such as hamburgers, fried chickens and so on. Researches show that these foods contain high calories and fat. Therefore, instead of them, I strongly suggest you take vegetables and fruits which are rich in vitamin as well as nutrients. Beside, many people hold the opinion that skipping breakfast can help them lose w eight. But as a matter of fact, taking breakfast keeps you from eating too much later in the day. Thus, it’s wise of you to take 3 meals, including breakfast regularly. What’s more, in your email you mentioned that because of overweight you didn’t even want to go out. You know exercise is an important part of a healthy life style. You will get a better general fitness with stronger bones and muscles. It will stop you putting on weight and you’ll feel happy that you have done something good. In a word, you can feel better, look better and have more energy if you eat properly, exercise regularly together with necessary rest. It is the critical knowledge that there is no problem in this world so great that it cannot be solved in a constructive way. Cheer up, Peter! Believe that it will all come right, that misfortune will end, and that confidence will return. Yours, Jane

7、名校校园正成为旅游新景点,对此人们看法不同,你的观点是…… Nowadays, more and more people pay much attention to these famous campuses. As a result, the famous is becoming new place for tourists. I am in favor of this action. For those well-received schools which have become the tourist places, it can not only show their advantages to the visitors but also attract more students to go in for them. The more famous they become, the more chances the presidents have to pick good students up. On the other hand, visiting the famous schools provides people with a good opportunity to learn a lot about the history and the development of those schools, which can broaden people’s mind as well as enrich their knowledge. It is necessary for the students longing for a brighter future to have an access to those famous schools. Generally speaking, being new places for tourists does good to both schools and people. 8、我最想感谢的人 Sunny was a person who I met when I was in the junior high school. We became the deskmates when we were in Grade 2. He was a really happy person and was always in a happy mood, while I was not so active, and sometimes blue. Once I got a terribly bad score in my English test, and I was criticized by my English teacher in class, I felt my spirits fall down to the bottom. I couldn’t help crying and felt I was the most unlucky boy in the world. However, at that time, to my surprise, Sunny came and comforted me “Don’t cry. Don’t lose heart because I will be on your side forever.” I was completely amazed. I looked into his eyes and seemed to gain a large power from it. I knew it was friendship. It was a small thing in our life but it reflected a true love. And since then, I find it always influences me. I want to thank him for his lending his hand to me when I was in trouble. 9、How to Succeed on Campus Many students look forward to going to the university, because of college’s wonderful life. However, many of them feel at a loss how to achieve something on campus. From my point of view, full preparations are important. First of all, you should have a strong goal. It is widely acknowledged that only with a strong desire for success will you try to fulfill it. What’s more, you should get ready for different academic matters. Compared with the study in high school, the study in college requires more reading and thinking, so you should make full use of academic resources such as seeking helping from professors. Last but not the least, many people view college life as an experience of broadening mind and a preparation for future life, so social contacts are as important as reading. However, participating in social practice is more than making friends, it also involves solving problems in efficient ways with others. The more active you take part in the social practice, the better you can get along with others. People view the college as a small society, the preparations for the college play an important part in our future. Always keep your goal in mind, you will surely be a winner on campus. 10、某海外学校举办英语夏令营,开设了如下课程:园艺(gardening)、烹饪(cooking)、防身

术(self-defence)、护理(nursing)。假如你是王跃华(不可以用自己的真实姓名) ,写一封 ? ? ? 申请信,报名参加其中一门课程的学习。信的内容必须包括: * 你感兴趣的课程 * 你期望从这门课程中学到什么 * 为什么想学这些内容 Recently an overseas school has held an English camping. With the camping open ing to the students, many courses have been put forward such as gardening, cooking, self-defence, nursing and so on. The course of which draws my attention is self-defence. In this course, I’d like to learn some skills which can contribute to defending myself. It is recognized that every boy is keen on kongfu and has a dream of being hero. There is no exception to me. Different as is is from kongfu, I still think it wonderful for it can not only keep me healthy, but also make me strong. As a student, I focus most of my attention on study and neglect the physical exercise. so self-defence is of great necessary to me. Besides, all the people are likely to meet with any emergency in daily life. At that time, self-defence is excellent to protect ourselves from any danger. Since there are so many benefits I can get from self-defence, it is a good choice for me in the camping. Yours sincerely, Y Hua Wang ue

Dear Sir or Madam:


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