Comparison of Chinese & western wedding culture

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For some people, marriage is the most solemn pledge we make in our lifetimes. To wed is both the most basic of all human pledges, and at the same time the most sublime.

Wedding culture difference
Auspicious occasion

Dressing and color

Wedding ceremony

Auspicious occasion
In Chinese culture, when people decide to get married, the first important thing is to choose an auspicious occasion. It says Well began, half done. Besides, the date of birth and the eight-characters of a horoscope (生辰八字 , play a very important role on day-choosing 生辰八字) 生辰八字 for the wedding. In the book called almanac, there are many traditions and taboos details result from ones’ date of birth and the eightcharacters of a horoscope.

Auspicious occasion
In the western countries, people also pay much attention on deciding which day to be their best day in the life. Take England as an example, it is said that Monday means wealth and Tuesday brings health, while Saturday gives you bad luck; Wednesday is the best while Thursday and Friday led to loss. Friday and the 13th day in a month are always neglected because they come down to the death of god.

Turn to the ancient China, people always dress the very beautiful attire called phoenix coronet and robes of rank(凤冠霞帔 凤冠霞帔). 凤冠霞帔

In the modern times, the main wedding attires are Tang suit and cheongsam(旗袍 if the new 旗袍) 旗袍 couple wants to hold a traditional wedding ceremony.

The western wedding cultures have some special requirements about the bride’s dressing on the wedding ceremony. An ancient nursery rhyme about something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue is now an important part of most Western European weddings.
Something old Something new Something borrowed Something blue "旧"指新娘头上的白纱必须是母亲用过的旧纱,表 示不忘父母的养育之恩。 "新"指新娘的白色婚礼服必须是新的,它是纯洁童 贞的象征,也标志新娘将开始新的生活。 "借"指新娘手里拿的手帕必须是从女朋友那儿借 来的,表示不忘朋友的友谊之情。 "蓝"指新娘身上披的缎带必须是蓝色的,表示新 娘对爱情的忠贞之情。

Furthermore, the white wedding gown is the most popular dressing among western people.

In China, red is symbol of luck, wealth, health, life and happiness, while white means death, sorrow, sadness and loss. Then Chinese will adorn everything red on a wedding ceremony.

They take white as the symbol of virginity and purity so that everything the brides wear and everything appears on the wedding should be white.

Wedding ceremony
Wedding ceremonies in western countries always seem to be more romantic and solemn. On that day, the bride comes into the church companied by her father, taking some white flowers and wearing her wedding gown and veil. The bridegroom is in black suit, standing by the priest. After the father gives the bride’s hand to the lucky man, the priest will announce the marriage statement:

Wedding ceremony
Will you take the woman (man) to be your lawful wedded wife (husband) to live together in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love her (him), cherish her (him), keep her (him), honor her (him) in sickness, in health, forsaking all others, and cleave only to her (him) so long as both shall live?

Wedding ceremony
Traditional Chinese weddings procedures are more complicated. Firstly, when the groom goes to take the bride to the ceremony, her family members or friends will set many challenges. For example, they may close the door until the groom gives some gifts called Hong Bao. Besides, they may hide the bride or her shoes and so on. All are done to show the attachment bond with the bride and make the man know how hard to get married with the bride so that he must cherish her.

Wedding ceremony
During the wedding ceremony day, Chinese will hold the Three-blows which we call Bai Tang(拜堂 One for the ancestors, one for the parents and one 拜堂): 拜堂 for each other. This is the first most exciting moment in the ceremony. And it is an epitome of the main stream value of Chinese culture. In traditional Chinese culture, the moral virtue plays a very important role in society and family life.


Though the comparison of these process and some related stories, we can easily find the distinctions. Generally speaking, western weddings are more flexible. The processes of a wedding are not so complicated as Chinese wedding. They give us the impression of romanticism, freedom and equity.


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