【例 1】 (2014·浙江湖州)选择方框内的单词完成下列句子,使句子通顺、正确。每词限用一 次。 A. whenever B. check C. carefully D. traditional E. hobbies F. over 1. We've received____________100 e-mails from our young leaders about their summer vacation plans. 2. Don't forget to go over your test paper____________before you hand it in. 3. Linda has many____________such as singing,dancing and drawing. 4. Zongzi is a kind of____________Chinese food on Dragon Boat Festival. 5. Please____________if We've got what we need to make fruit salad. 6. It will always give you a big surprise____________ you visit the Mogan Mountain.

【例 2】 (2014·江苏镇江)根据句意,用括号中所给单词的正确形式填空,每空一词。 1. The singers in the CCTV talent show Sing My Song have____________ (able) to write songs. 2. —Did you eat rice dumplings at Dragon Boat Festival? -------Of course. I love the ones made in Jiaxing. They seem even____________(taste) to me after watching the TV programme A Bite of China. 3. Li Jian rou was____________(interview) shortly after she won the first gold medal for China in the 22nd Winter Olympic Games. 4. She looked____________(hope) at her husband for a football ticket to get closer to her favouri te player. 5. The old man was looking through the list of the____________(soldier) names in order to reme mber the old days.

【例 3】 单词拼写 (2013·浙江温州)用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,每词限用一次。 plan; swim; active; unless; together 1. Jim is a clever boy. He is very ____________in class. 2. It is important to make a____________for your future. 3. You will never know what you can do____________you try. 4. Sun Yang usually____________more than 15 kilometers every day.

5. At the end of the party all the students sang the song Auld Lang Syne __________.

一、 (2014·江苏苏州) 根据下列句子及所给汉语注释或通过上下文,写出空缺处各单词的正确形式。每空写一词。 1. All of us have voted___________(反对) smoking in public places. 2. Mr Brown,I Don't think your plan is worth ___________(考虑). 3. Red represents power and is the colour of ___________(热). 4. Jane's silk blouse feels far___________(光滑) than the cotton one. 5. Whether to build another highway across the part of the city is still under ___________ (讨 论). 6. Jack is my best friend. I know him_______(大概;或许) better than anybody else. 7. The air in the area has been_________(污染) because of the wastedsmoke from that factory. 8. —Help___________to some bread, Lily and Kate. —Thank you, but we are full. 9. —My house is much___________from the office than yours. So I'malways late for work. —You'd better buy a car. Then you can save a lot of time. 10. —Miss Li, I'm afraid of speaking in front of so many people. —Tom,calm down,then take a deep___________. It`s your turn.

二、 (2014·湖北鄂州) 1. Last night,when I was watching TV I heard someone_________(敲门) at the door. 2. The experts_______(预言) that no one would want to see doctors in the hospital in the futur e. 3. I find it ____________(令人沮丧的) that I didn`t go to visit Shanghai Expo. 4. They are trying to find a__________(解决) to the crisis. 5. The teacher was not satisfied. She left the classroom __________ (silence). 6. I have many good habits,__________ (include) getting up early and going to bed early. 7. The old man__________(die) for five years. 8. I think the car is one of the most helpful__________(invent) in people's lives. 9. My answer is __________(complete) different from yours.

三、 (2014·江苏江阴) A. 根据括号中所给的汉语写出单词,使句子意思完整正确。 1. Sorry,sir! Those boots aren't__________(可找到的) in your size. 2. Spacemen have to __________(使固定) sleeping bags to the walls to prevent floating. 3. All the boys can't wait to play basketball. They wish to begin__________(立即) after class. 4. We can use many__________(交通工具) such as buses,cars and so on to go to or from work. B. 用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子。每空限填一词。 5. Little Tom is often very clever,but he makes an__________(correct)answer this time. 6. When we got to the top of the mountain,we were tired and breathed__________(heavy). 7. Minnie is__________(pretty) than any other mouse I've ever seen. 8. A hot topic that people are now talking about is the__________ (safe) of school bus these day s. 六、 (2013·广东清远) 用方框内所给单词的适当形式填空。 big; change; over; safe; clean; story; progress; improve; age; plant Forty years ago, Earth Day began in the United States. From then on, people start caring abo ut the environment in the daily life. Today, we know more than ever about the environment probl ems—from clean water to _________climate(气候). Some activities about protecting the earth e nvironment are on the rise across the world. Now Earth Day is calling all action all_________ he world. Today, we have to face some serious facts, our air and water have not been_________ as be fore,pollution has been increasing. It's every person who demands cleaner air,healthier drinkin g water and _________ food. We really need healthier environment to live in. Please take action to_________our environment in your home or your company,at your sch ool or your business. It can be as simple as taking a bus or the subway to work,cleaning up a near by park with your neighbors. So let's get to work together. We can continue to make_________ towards a healthier planet. Just go out to learn how yo u can help our planet. And then tell us your ________about what you're doing to make some diff t

erences. Please plant trees where they are most needed. People of all_________can take part in th e activities. The programs can help reduce greenhouse gas and support development. 15 countrie s joined _________ one million trees in 2010. Please help us plant another one million trees in 2 011. We have so much more to do. And we need your help to do it. I want to leave you with a cha llenge. In the end,I love you—the small business owners and factory leaders,the teachers and the st udents,the young people and the grandparents—who have made Earth Day so successful. And It` s going to be up to you to make some even _________ differences year by year. Let's make our co untry and our world as green as possible in the following years! 1.(2007 武汉)——What do you do? ——I’m an engineer. I _____ in a company in Wuhan. I like my job very much. A. work B. had worked C. will work D. worked

2.(2006 武汉)—Is your father a doctor? —Yes, he is. He__________ in Town Hospital. A. has worked B. had worked C. works D. worked

3.(2006 陕西)Every year many foreigners _________to China to learn Chinese. A. have come B. comes C. came D. come

4.(2009 海淀区一模)My mother will take me to the movie if she _________ free this weekend. A. is B. will be C. was D. would be

5.(2009 崇文区一模)The girls will have a trip if it _________fine. A. is B. was C. will be D. has been

6.(2009 海淀区一模)——Where’s Susan, Mike? ——She _________ in the kitchen.

A. cooks

B. cooked

C. is cooking

D. has cooked

7.(2009 西城区一模)——Have you got a job offer? ——Not yet. I ___________. A. waited B. am waiting C. wait D. was waiting

8.(2009 宣武区一模)——Do you think John will help me move the piano? ——You’d better not ask him. He __________ a composition. A. write B. writes C. is writing D. wrote

9.(2009 崇文区一模)——Where’s the children, Mr Black? ——Oh, they _________ their PE lesson on the playground. A. have B. had C. are having D. have had

10.(2006 北京)——What’s your brother doing in his room now? ——He ____________ a kite. A. makes B. made C. is making D. will make

11.(2005 北京) ---Where is Frank now? ---He _______ his bike in the yard. A. fixes up B. fixing up C. is fixing up D. fixed

12.(2008 辽宁)——Mary, could you help me? ——Wait a moment. I _________. A. read a book dinner 13.(2007 浙江)——Listen,who _________ in the room? ——Let’s go and see. B. did my homework C. was watching TV D. am cooking

A. is crying

B. crying

C. cry

D. cries

14.(2006 山东威海)——Are you a baby-sister here? ——No. I __________after the baby instead of Ms Green. She is away for shopping. A. look B. am looking C. have looked D. looked

15.(2009 海淀一模)——What’s the best food have you had in Beijing, Alex? ——Roast duck! I _________to a famous restaurant to have it last week. A. have gone B. go C. will go D. went

16.(2009 宣武区一模)——Do you know how many gold medals the 23-year-old Michael Phelps _____at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games? ——Eight. A. win B. wins C. won D. has won

17.(2008 北京)We were in Qingdao last week and __________ great fun there. A. will have B. have had C. had D. have

18.(2008 四川泸州)Yesterday,Tony’s family _________ a good time. A. has B. have C. had

19.(2007 湖南湘潭)I’m sorry you’ve missed the train. It _______10 minutes ago. A. left B. has left C. had left

20.(2007 福州)——Mr Green, __________you________ Three Lanes and Alleys (三坊七巷) last Sunday? ——No, but I’ll visit them next week. A. will; go to B. have; been to C. did; go to D. have; gone to

21.(2007 浙江)——What did the teacher say just now? ——He __________us not to play computer games all day. A. tells B. told C. has told D. is told

22.(2007 江西)——Inventors have changed the way we live. ——So they are famous for the great things they _________. A. do B. did C. are doing D. had done

23.(06 江西)——Where’s the cake I made this morning? ——We _______ it, mum. Can you make another one for us? A. ate B. eat C. will it D. were eating

24.(2006 天津)——Have you mended your shoes,Bob? ——Yes,I_________ them twenty minutes ago A.have mended B.mend C.had mended D.mended

25.(2006 威海)——The office was broken into last night. Someone thinks you did it. ——But I___________ the whole night with my best friend,John. A.spend B.am spending C.spent D.had spent

26.(2009 西城区一模)——When _______________ for Hong Kong, do you know? ——I’m not sure. When he __________, I’ll let you know. A. he leaves ;leaves will he leave; leaves 27.(2009 崇文区一模)——Where will they go next Sunday? ——They ___________ to the Great Wall. A. will go B. go C. has gone D. went B. will he leave; will leave C. he leaves; will leave D.

28.(2008 襄樊)——Has he returned the library book yet? ——Not yet. Don’t worry. He _________it soon. A. returned B. has returned C. will return D. returns

29.(2007 河南)——Look at the noisy kids! ——Haven’t you heard the saying “When the cat is away, the mice ______.”? A. play B. played C. are playing D. will play

30.(2006 厦门)He doesn’t tell me when he__________. I’ll call you up as soon as he __________. A. will come, arrives B. comes, arrives C. will come, will arrive

1. F 解析:和数词 100 连用,表示“多于”,故用 over。句意:我们已经收到年轻读者有关暑假计 划的电子邮件 100 多封。 2. C 解析:句意:在交卷前不要忘记检查你的试卷。修饰动词短语 go over,用副词 carefully,要仔 细检查你的试卷。 3. E 解析:句意:琳达有很多 ,例如唱歌、跳舞和画画。分析句意可知:这些都是她的爱好,故 选 E。 4. D 解析:句意:在端午节,粽子是一种 中国食品。 分析所给选项可知:粽子应该是一种传统食 品,故选 D。 5. B 解析:句意:请 我们是否有了制作水果沙拉的东西。分析句意可知:只能是检查一下我们 是否有了制作水果沙拉的东西,故选 B。 6. A 解析: 你参观莫干山会给你一个大大的惊喜。分析句意可知:“无论什么时候去参观莫 干山都会给你一个大大的惊喜”,故选 A。 1. ability/abilities 。 2. tastier 3. interviewed 4. hopefully 。 5. soldiers 1. active 2. plan 3. unless 4. swims 5. together 一 、 1. against 2. considering 3. heat 4. smoother 5. discussion 6. probably 7. polluted 8. yoursel ves 9. farther 10. breath 二、 1. knocking 2. predicted 3. frustrating 4. solution 5. silently 6. including 7. has been dead 8. i nventions 9. completely 三、 1. available 2. fix 3. immediately 4. vehicles 5. incorrect 6. heavily 7. prettier 8. safety


1. changing 2. over 3. clean 4. safer 5. imp 10.

rove 6. progress 7. story 8. ages 9. planting

bigger 真题答案 1-5 ACDAA 21-25 BBADC 31-35 BCBBD 6-10 CBCCC 11-15 BDABD 16-20 CCCAC

26-30 DACCA


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