Module 1 Deep South
1. It is important to keep/stay calm in an _______________. (紧急情况) 2. A ____________(均衡的)diet provides nutrition for your body. 3. Exercise_________________(促进)health. 4. ____________________(商业的)television is an effective medium for advertising. 5.My parents tried to _________________ (打消…… 念头)me from being an actress, but they failed. 6. It was a ___________( 荣幸)to work with him. 7. He is an_______________(极其) honest person. 8. Some miners were___________________(被困) underground after the collapse 9.She was covered with sun cream in case that she got ___________(晒伤). 10. Let's give support and_________________(激励)to each other. 11. Anyone with an________________(每年的) income of under 5000 may be eligible to apply. 12. The new_________________ (便携式的)computers are going like hot cakes. 13. He started to study___________________(生态学) and decided to devote his whole life to the science. 14. She_____________(适应了)herself quickly to the new climate. 15. His health was in a good ____________(状态) when I last saw him.

1.处于…状态 ____________ 3.踏进/踏上_______________ 5.以防万一________________ 7. 平均 _________________ 9.以…的形式______________ 11.特别地_________________ 13.保持平衡_______________ 15.想出 __________________ 17.详细地_________________ 19.落下/留下_______________ 2.阻止…做某事__________________ 4. 适应/适合_____________________ 6.激励…做某事__________________ 8.由…组成 _____________________ 10.突出醒目_____________________ 12.没有/无_______________________ 14. 失去平衡_____________________ 16.进入视野______________________ 18.冒险__________________________ 20. 振作精神____________________

三 补充完整句子
1. ______________________________________(年降雨量几乎为零), Antarctica is technically a desert. 2. Antarctic holds 90% of the world’s ice, and ________________________________ ____________________, of course. (大部分淡水处于一种冰冻状态) 3. Yet Antarctica is full of wildlife, which ___________________________________ _____________________. (已经适应了那里及其恶劣的条件) 4. Since most Antarctica rocks are dark in color, they __________________________ _________________________(在白色冰雪的映衬下格外显眼) and are easy to

identify and collect. 5. Not until the late 18th century ________________________________________ ____________________ (英国探险家詹姆斯. 库克才穿越了南极圈)the Antarctica Circle, but he never saw land. 6. Then in 1895, a Norwegian called Carstens Borchgrevink ___________________ _____________________(成为第一个踏上南极大陆的人) the Antarctica mainland. 7. In particular, it ___________________________________(目的是保护南极不受 核试验和放射废物的污染) nuclear tests and radioactive. 8.Today countries ___________________________________(代表 80%的世界人口) have signed the treaty. 9. On 8th August, 27 men who had replied to an advertisement in The Times ________ ______________________________(登上了一艘开往南极的船). 10. But when land __________________(进入视野),the Endurance _____________ ____________ (被困在冰中) and began to break up. 11. It was Elephant Island ---- a large rock ___________________________(上面什 么也不长),but much better than a floating piece of ice. 12. Shackleton ________________________(信守诺言),More than three months later, he returned to Elephant Island to ___________________________________ _______________________(拯救那些他不得不遗弃的船员). 13. Medical assistance is available ___________________________________(万一 有紧急情况)。 14. Don’t take any souvenirs home with you, and be careful to _________________ __________________(除了脚印什么都不要留下). 15. He told stories about the towns, cities and populations ___________________(详 细地).

四. 单项选择
1. It is uncertain ______ side effect the medicine will bring about, although about two thousand patients have taken it. A. that B. what C. how D. whether 2. ----What made you so delighted at Christmas? ---- _________. A. I received much more presents than others. B. Because my parents promised me a new car. C. My uncle’s coming back from abroad D. As there was an unusual celebration 3. It is not immediately clear ______ the financial crisis will soon be over. A. since B. what C. when D. whether 4. The living room is clean and tidy, with a dinning table already ______for a meal to be cooked. A. laid B. laying C. to lay D. being laid 5. “______ should you forget you are a Chinese,” Dad told me before I went abroad. A. In case B. In no case C. in any case D. In this case

6. Lots of rescue workers were working around the clock, _____ supplies to Yushu Qinghai province after the earthquake. A. sending B. to send C. having sent D. to have sent 7. In April, thousands of holidaymakers remained ________ abroad due to the volcanic clouds. A. sticking B. stuck C. to be stuck D. to have stuck 8. Her his health is in poor _______, which worries her mother a lot. A. position B. situation C. state D. condition 9. ________ is important to us is that we should learn how to get more knowledge in limited time. A. What B. As C. It D. That 10. It is no using ________ without doing. What is needed is your action. A. to talk B. being talked C. to be talking D. talking 11. Ladies and gentlemen, have the great privilege________ introducing our speaker I for tonight. A.in B.of C.about D.on 12.High interest rates ________ people from borrowing money. A.discourage B.protect C.save D.disturb 13.—The frequent terrible coal mine accidents killed more than 1,000 people in China last year. —________. A.Quite OK B.Certainly C.That’s the case D.I agree 14.The importance of saving gas ________ be stressed too much. Automobiles use up some 70 billion gallons of gas a year. A.can’t B.mustn’t C.shouldn’t D.may not 15.No other salesmen could know how to increase sales,but soon Tim________ a good solution . A.came up with B.caught up with C.kept up with D.put up with 16.________in the iron box,the tiger got angry. A.To trap B.Trapping C.Trapped D.To be trapped 17.All three teams ________ different approaches to the problem. A.adapted B.adopted C.attached D.adjusted 18.________gene,intelligence also depends on an adequate diet,a good education and a happy family environment. A.In spite of B.In terms of C.In case of D.In addition to 19.Can Jay Chou be considered as one who________ among young musicians? A.stands up B.stands out C.comes out D.comes up 20.Perseverance is a kind of quality and that’s________ it takes to do anything well.
A.what B.that C.which D.why

五 完形填空
I was coaching girls’ track in Iowa and there was a young discus (铁饼) thrower on the team with__21__potential (潜力).Here goes her story. At the end of our training__22__the district track meet,this discus thrower,Lucy,

asked me if she__23__come to the school on Sunday for a little__24__training. I agreed. The year before, had placed second at the district meet and__25__missed she going to the state meet. She had won every discus event,__26__that district meet! And,her throws in the competitions had__27__been between 106′1″ and 110′10″. Something began to__28__me.Why couldn’t Lucy__29__to get the discus to 111 feet?I wondered if it was more a psyc hological barrier (心理障碍)__30__a physical one. I decided to try something__31__.I made up my mind to__32__to Lucy. On Sunday,after her drills,I said,“Why don’t you throw five or six good ones for me to__33__?”She began to throw again,but__34__were farther than what she had already thrown. But,I didn’t tell Lucy. As I was measuring the__35__one,I pulled out some more tape (卷尺) and yelled out to her,“Come to see this!This one is__36__! It wasn’t. Lucy, ” thinking that this was a personal best, jumped wildly into the air in__37__. The next afternoon,at the district meet,Lucy__38__with a personal best throw of 114′10″!Just 24 hours after I had lied to her. However,this time she had__39__thrown the discus four feet further than she had ever thrown it before. Sometimes we__40__our own barriers in our mind. So learn to take control of your mind. 21.A.little B.large C.no D.limited 22.A. after B.during C.since D.before 23.A. could B.must C.should D.would 24.A. helpful B.extra C.real D.regular 25. A. luckily B.completely C.narrowly D.probably 26.A. except B.including C.despite D.with 27.A. sometimes B.always C.never D.seldom 28.A. frighten B.please C.shock D.bother 29.A. seem B.pretend C.need D.ask 30.A. apart from B.rather than C.because of D.according to 31.A. impossible B.familiar C.new D.easy 32.A. lie B.turn C.reply D.call 33.A. look B.measure C.match D.take 34.A. many B.all C.some D.none 35.A. worst B.closest C.first D.final 36.A. higher B.farther C.bigger D.longer 37.A. excitement B.anxiety C.puzzlement D.anger 38.A. disappe ared B.lost C.won D.arrived 39.A. actually B.hardly C.nearly D.only 40.A. break B.remove C.take D.set

六.阅读表达:(共 5 小题;每题 3 分,满分 15 分) 阅读下面的短文,根据要求完成 41—45 小题。
On October 19,1959,the first Special English program was broadcast(广播)on the Voice of America. was an experiment. goal was to communicate by radio in It The

clear and simple English with people whose native language was not English. Experts said the goal was admirable,but the method would not work.However,________ _______________.The Special English programs quickly became some of the most popular on VOA.And they still are. Forty years later,Special English continues to communicate with people who are not fluent in English.But during the years its role has expanded.It also helps people learn American-English.It succeeds in helping people learn English in a non-traditional way.And it provides listeners, even those who are native English speakers, with information they cannot find elsewhere. Today,Special English broadcasts around the world seven days a week,five times a day.Each half-hourly broadcast begins with ten minutes of the latest news followed by 20minutes of feature(特写报道)programming.There is a different short feature every weekday about science,development,agriculture,and environment, and on the weekend about news events and American idioms.These programs are followed by in-depth(深入的)15 minutes features about American culture,history, science,medicine,space,important people or short stories. 41. What is the best title of the passage? (Please answer within 10 words.) ___________________________________________________________________ 42. Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following sentence? However, special English has played a more important part in many areas over the years. ________________________________________________________________ 43. Please fill in the blank in the first paragraph with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence.(Please answer within 10 words.) __________________________________________________________________ 44. What do you think about Special English? (Please answer within 30 words.) _______________________________________________________________

45. Translate the underlined sentence in the second paragraph into Chinese. __________________________________________________________ Keys: 一 . 单 词 拼 写 1.emergency 2.balanced 3.promotes 4.Commercial 5.discourage 6.privilege 7.extremely 8.trapped 9.sunburnt 10.Inspiration 11.annual 12.portable13.ecology14.adapted 15.state 二.短语复习 1.in a …state 2.discourage sb. from doing sth. 3.set foot in/on 4.adapt to…/adjust to 5. in case of 6 inspire sb. to do sth. 7. on average 8. be made up of 9. in the form of 10. stand out 11. in particular 12. free from 13. keep

one’s balance 14. lose one’s balance 15. come up with 16. come into sight 17. in detail 18. take a risk 19. leave behind 20. keep their spirits up 三.完成句子 1. With annual rainfall close to zero 2.most of its fresh water is in a frozen state 3. has adapted to its extreme conditions 4. stand out against the white background. 5. did the British explorer James Cook cross 6. became the first man to set foot on 7. aims to keep Antarctica free from 8. representing 80% of the world’s population 9. boarded a ship leaving for the Antarctica 10. came into sight; became trapped in the ice 11. with nothing growing on it 12. kept his promise; rescue the crew he had been forced to abandon 13. in case of an emergency 14. leave nothing but footprints 15. in great detail 四.单项选择 1-5 BCDAB 6-10 ABDAD 11-15 BACAA 16-20 CBDBA 五. 完形填空 21-25 BDABC 26-30 ABDAB 31-35 CABDD 36-40 BACAD
【语篇解读】 文章主要讲述了作者在训练运动员时的一个故事。 他所训练的一个铁饼运动 员在扔铁饼时总是不能超过 111 英尺,作者就用撒谎的办法使这个运动员有了自信,从而使 她在运动会上取得了 114′10″的好成绩。 21.B 从文章的后半部分可知,这个运动员最后取得了很好的成绩,故此处指该运动员的 潜力很大,故用 large。 22. 文章后面才提到区运动会的召开, D 故此时运动会还没有召开, 故用 before, 意为“在 区运动会开始之前”。 23.A 此处 Lucy 问作者周日她能不能来学校加练,表示请求应该用 could。其余的不符合 此处的语境。 24. 文中提到的时间是周末, B 应该是休息的时间, 在周末进行训练, 那就是加练, 即“extra training”。helpful 有帮助的,有益的;extra 多余的,额外的;real 真的,真正的;regular 有规律的,均匀的。 25.C 该空前面提到她在去年的区运动会上得了第二名,就差那么一点而没有能够参加州 运动会。narrowly missed 意为“以微弱差距错过”。 26.A 句意为“她赢得了每场掷铁饼比赛,除了那场区运动会”。此处 except 表示“除 了”。including 包含;despite 不管,尽管。 27.B 下段中作者提到他对 Lucy 不能达到 111 英尺感到很疑惑,由此可知 Lucy 在运动会 上的成绩总是在 106′1″和 110′10″中间变化,故用 always 表示“一直”,体现作者对 这个问题的困惑。 28.D 通过上下两段的意思可知作者对 Lucy 不能突破 110′10″感到很困惑,故用 bother 烦扰。frighten 使惊吓,惊恐,please 取悦,shock 震惊,不符合语境。 29.A 句意为“为什么 Lucy 看上去不能将铁饼扔到 111 英尺呢?”,sb.seems to do sth. 意为“某人看上去??”。pretend 假装,need 需要,ask 要求,均不符合文意。 30.B 作者此处对 Lucy 为什么不能够突破 111 英尺这一问题进行思考,语境为“这是不 是因为心理障碍而不是体力的问题呢?”rather than 与其??倒不如, 而不是; apart from 除 了;because of 因为,由于;according to 根据。 31.C 作者此时在考虑 Lucy 不能够掷得更远的原因,上文提到作者怀疑这是由于心理问 题,因此此处是说针对这个问题,他决定尝试新的东西,故用 new。此处 new 是形容词作 后置定语,修饰 something。impossible 不可能的;familiar 熟悉的;easy 容易的,均不符合 语境。
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32.A 文章后半部分提到“Just 24 hours after I had lied to her”可知此处是说作者决定撒 谎。 33. 作者在验证自己的推断时, B 要让 Lucy 再扔几次让他量量, 看看有没有进步。 measure 测量;look 看;match 使??相配,竞争;take 拿走。扔铁饼当然要通过测量得知其距离, 故 B 项符合语境。 34.D 作者让 Lucy 扔五到六次的铁饼,但是通过测量的结果得知没有一次能够超过前面 所扔的距离,因此作者才用撒谎的方式来告诉她她扔的距离。none 全部不。其余的选项不 符合语境。 35.D 句意为“当我测量最后一次投掷的距离的时候,我故意将卷尺拉长了一些”,下文 也没提到 Lucy 继续掷铁饼,因此这次是她掷的最后一次,故 final“最后的”符合文意。 36.B 因为作者此时在骗 Lucy,所以说“这次比以前的要远”,farther 更远的。higher 更 高的;bigger 更大的;longer 更长的。 37.A Lucy 听到自己扔得比以前远了,应当很激动,故用“excitement”。anxiety 焦虑, 担心;puzzlement 迷惑;anger 生气。 38.C 通读文章可知 Lucy 在这次区运动会中赢得了铁饼比赛。 win(在??中)获胜。 39.A 上句提到“Just 24 hours after I had lied to her”,说明这次她真的扔得比以前远四英 尺。actually 实际上。hardly 几乎不;nearly 几乎;差不多;only 仅仅,均不符合文意。 40.D 句意为“有时候我们会在我们自己心中设定心理障碍”,set 放置,设定。break 打 破,弄破,弄坏;remove 除去, 迁移,开除;take 拿,取。

六.阅读表达: 76.History of Special English Broadcast 77.But during the years its role has expanded. 78. it did work./ they proved to be wrong. 79. think Special English broadcasts in clear and easy English. helps us learn I It English and know more about the world. 80. 它提供给听众,甚至以英语为母语的人在其他地方找不到的信息。


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