2012 年高考英语书面表达范文精选
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1. 2012 高考浙江卷:发表观点
你校正在进行“英语读书周”活动,该活动要求学生摘录名言佳句(quote)并相互交 流。以下是某同学摘录的句子:”Your future depends on many things but mostly on you”:请按 下列要求用英语写一篇 100-120 个词的短文: 1. 针对摘录句中的观点谈谈你的看法; 2. 举例说明理由 In the English Reading Week, one of m classmates recommended a quote to us which goes like this : "Your future depends on many things but mostly on you. " I can't agree more with this view. It's true that our future is determined by many things, such as opportunities and help from others, but our own attitude, determination, and hard work play a more important role. In other words, we are the master of our own future. Take Abraham Lincoln, for example. He was born in a poor family, and only received a limited education in his childhood. Yet through his painstaking efforts, he changed not only his own fate but also the history of America. Even to this day, Lincoln is regarded as one of the most inspiring figures in the world. Therefore, I firmly believe that our future is in our own hands.

2. 2012 高考安徽卷:演讲稿 假设美国某中学的学生明天来你校访问交流,主题是高中生对文,理科的选 择。请你用英语写一篇发言稿,向他们介绍你所做的选择,并说明选择的理由。
Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to our school! High school students are faced with a choice between arts and science. It was not an easy choice for me to make. After careful consideration, though, I decide on science as my main subject of study. The reasons are as follows. First, science graduates are in greater demand than arts ones in China. Second, the science major can help me achieve my childhood dream of becoming a scientist. Third, my parents wish me to study science at college because they believe I will have a brighter future as a science student. Last but not least, my physics teacher is my role model, whose influence on me had a lot to do with my decision. It is for these reasons that I finally made my choice. Thanks!

3. 2012 高考江苏卷:发表观点 生活中冲突是有发生。假设你班同学苏华和李江打篮球时发生争执,导致关 系紧张。请你结合此事,并根据以下提示,用英语写一篇短文,向学校英文报 “Happy Teens”专栏投稿。 简要描述事情的经过 打篮球、碰撞、争执,等等 分析发生冲突的原因 1.遇事不够冷静 2. ??


(请考生根据自己的经历或感想, 提出至少两种做法)

Conflicts with others are common in everyday life. During the basketball game yesterday

afternoon, Su Hua and Li Jiang bumped into each other, trying to catch the ball. Then they started shouting and yelling, and it turned into a horrible quarrel. To be honest, it was Su’s fault but Li was also to blame ----they were not calm enough and both said some really mean things. They cared too much about winning and losing. As a matter of fact, blocking, pushing and bumping are just part of a tough game. To avoid such conflicts, we should be kind to one another, which is essential to enjoying a harmonious life. It is also a virtue to forgive and forget, especially in such a competitive and stressful society. Instead of blaming each other, we should communicate more and put ourselves in others’ place. Don’t be self-centered and try to be considerate. We must learn to handle conflicts calmly and wisely.

4. 2012 高考北京卷:日记
假设你是红星中学高三(1)班的学生李华,校报英文版正在开展“续写雷锋日记”活动。 请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,将你所做的一件好事以日记形式记述下来,向校报投稿。

Saturday , June 2 Fine This morning ,when I was walking on the street, I saw two travelers were reading a map, looking puzzled. It seemed that they were lost. I went up to them and asked how I could help. They told me that they were looking for the Temple of Heaven. I led them to the nearest bus stop and advised them to take the Bus No. 20, which could take them there directly. They appreciated my help greatly. Before long, the bus came. We waved goodbye to each other. Seeing them on the bus, I felt a kind of satisfaction.

5. 2012 高考福建卷:看图作文
假定你是某中学生英语报的小记者;以下漫画内容是你的所见所闻,谙根据要求写一篇 英语短文投稿。 内容要求:1.描述漫画内容; 2.发表个人感想。


Mind Your Behavior in Public Places Last Sunday, I went sightseeing with my friends in the Fairy Lake Park. The park was full of freshness and beauty of spring, with the sun shining and birds singing. When I was enjoying the fantastic scenery around, something unpleasant caught my eye. A young couple in a boat were eating, talking and laughing loudly as if they were the only people in the world. What's worse, they spat and even threw rubbish into the lake, totally ignoring the noticeable sign "No Littering" nearby. What a shame! Such behavior left me deep in thought. If all visitors to the Fairy Lake Park do as the couple did, the lake will be severely polluted and soon turned into a huge dustbin. I think all of us should mind our behavior in public places. Only in this way can we live in more comfortable and beautiful surroundings.

6. 2012 高考陕西卷:看图作文
假定你是李华。 下面的图画描述了教师节那天你们班组织的一次活动, 请根据写作要点 并参考图画内容,为校刊“英语角”版面写一篇短文。 写作要点:1.活动的策划;2.教室的布置;3.活动的内容; 4.你的感想 Ms. Li, our English teacher, must have found it strange on Teachers’ Day; she did not receive a single greeting card from us students. She would have never thought a complete surprise was waiting for her. As Teachers’ Day was approaching, our class decided to hold a party to celebrate the important day for a change this year. On the afternoon of September 10, some of us decorated our classroom with paper flowers and balloons, and others went to buy cakes, drinks and fruits. The blackboard was decorated with beautiful words, which read “Happy Teachers’ Day!” Entering the classroom, Ms. Li was surprised to find we were standing in line, clapping hands and saying loudly “Happy Teachers’ Day!” Wang Hua, our monitor, presented her with the prepared flowers. Some of the girls sang songs for Ms. Li, and three boys showed their Gongfu talent. Before we left, we enjoyed a new English song by Ms. Li. Ms. Li spent a wonderful time with us, but we know that we cannot thank her enough for all her hard work and guidance.

7. 2012 高考全国卷 2:通知
假定你是李华。你班同学决定为小明举办生日聚会。请你写信邀请外教 Susan 参加,要 点包括:


⒈ 时间: 周五晚 8 点至 9 点⒉ 地点: 学生俱乐部⒊ 内容: 生日歌、 蛋糕、 游戏等⒋ 要 求:备小礼物。 Hi, Susan, We're throwing a surprise party for Xiaoming's birthday. We'd like to invitee you to the party.We want to give him a surprise, so please keep quiet about it.We'll gather at the Students' Club at 8 p.m. Friday, after the evening classes. this And it's going to last about an hour. each We will prepare a little present.When he comes, we'll light the candles and sing “Happy Birthday” together for him. Then the cake will be cut and we'll sing songs and play games. be nice to see It'll how excited he will be.I'm sure you'll have a good time at the party, too. Yours, Li Hua

8. 2012 高考湖北卷:夹叙夹议
请根据以下提示, 并结合事例, 用英语写一篇短文: cannot choose what you are given, You but you can choose how you make use of it. Three years ago I failed an important exam in my life and became a student in an ordinary school. Disappointed as I felt at the shabby campus and the poorly-equipped classroom, I found the teachers patient and considerate. Besides, I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in class. I decided to make the best of it. I worked hard and got along well with my teachers and classmates. Whenever I had difficulties, they were always available. Soon, I became one of the top students in my class, which greatly increased my confidence and got me motivated. My experience tells me that it is not what you are given but how you make use of it that determines who you are.

9. 2012 高考山东卷:经验介绍
假设你是新华中学的学生李华, 不久前在学校举办的英语竞赛中获得一等奖。 校报请你 写一篇稿件刊登在英文版面上, 介绍你课外学习英语的经验。 请根据以下提示用英语写一篇 短文: 1. 参加英语角的益处; 2. 坚持写英语日记的作用; 3. 英文阅读网站(EnjoyReading)对你的帮助。 As a high school student, I consider English a very important subject. In order to learn it well, apart from English class, I took an active part in English corner and other after-class English activities, which benefit me a lot. In the English corner, I meet many friends, who share the same interest with me. Besides, sometimes, some foreigners are glad to join us. By talking with them, my oral English improved a lot. I also find it useful to keep English diaries. I keep on doing it these years and it is helpful to my English. As a saying goes, practice makes perfect. Only by practice will we make more progress. Finally, some good English study websites contribute a lot to my improvement. Through these websites, I can read some classic English passages, poems and stories. What’s more, I can learn some learning skills and methodologies, which play an important part in my study process. All in all, every road leads to Roma, but I believe hard work pays off.



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