面向学生:高二学生 教材: 人教版 book7 unit 1 Living well 课前准备:学生完成课前发放的导学案及对残疾的了解

Unit 1 Period 1

Living well

Warming Up,Pre-reading and Reading
余干县新时代学校 袁晓红

教材分析 本单元以残疾及残疾人的生活为话题, 介绍了一些残疾人凭借顽强的毅力和社会的关爱 克服生活中的种种困难,以积极的态度面对人生的挑战。Warming up 中要求学生理解什么 是残疾及想象残疾人在生活中遇到的困难和怎么克服, 另外通过学习四位残疾人所达到的成 就让学生感受到鼓励和信心。Pre-reading&reading 部分要求学生了解残疾人 Marty Fielding 的故事, 重点是学习主人公虽然身为残疾人但是从不放弃对生活的追求以及感受他随着时间 的流逝主人公自身感受的改变

Teaching aims
Aims of Knowledge
1.Get students to learn the useful words and expressions in this unit. eyesight,ambition,disabled,beneficial,in other words,clumsy,adapt,microscope, out of breath,absence, fellow,annoyed,all in all, tank,make fun of,encouragement, adapt to,sit around,as well as 2.Help students to learn about disabilities and life of the disabled.

Aims of Skills
1.Let students read the passage Marty's Story to develop their reading ability. 2.Enable students to know that people with disabilities can also live well.

Aims of Moral Education
1. talking about disabilities and life of the disabled, By make sure students can learn some positive stories of the disabled,and inspire them to be optimistic about their life. 2.Help them understand more about how challenging life can be for the disabled. 3.Develop students' sense of cooperative learning.

Teaching key points
Get students inspired by positive stories of the people with disabilities.

Teaching important points
1.Develop students' reading ability. 2.Help students understand the difficulties the disabled have to overcome and learn how to overcome them from the disabled.

Teaching methods
1.Task-based teaching and learning. 2.Cooperative learning:discussing in groups. 3. learning by games

Teaching procedures Step 1 Warming up---games Game 1 Ask students to close their eyes and finish some simple tasks they do

every day. Game2 let students pretend they have no hands to do sth.The purposes of these games are to let students experience the life of the disabled and know their challenging life, then learn to be grateful.
Step 2 pre-reading Ask students to read the short paragraph in Pre-reading carefully and find out the purpose of the website “Family Village”. Suggested answers: 1.To give ordinary young people with a disability a chance to share their stories with others. 2.To inspire other disabled people. 3.To get non-disabled people to understand more about how challenging life can be for people with disabilities. Step 3 Reading( the following tasks are included in the guidance case of students) 1 skimming, ask them to read the passage fast to get the main idea of each paragraph in 3 minutes Paragraph 1:A(n)______ to Marty and his______ disease. Paragraph 2:How the disease ______. Paragraph 3:Marty met a lot of ______ at ______. Paragraph 4:How his life has become ______. Paragraph 5:The ______ of his disease. Suggested answers: Paragraph 1:An introduction to Marty and his muscle disease. Paragraph 2:How the disease developed/started. Paragraph 3:Marty met a lot of difficulties at school. Paragraph 4:How his life has become easier. Paragraph 5:The advantages of his disease. 2.Careful reading for detailed information (1)First ask students to read paragraph one and complete the chart below. Disease Difficulties Motto Suggested answers: Disease Difficulties Motto A muscle disease that makes him very weak. He can't run or climb stairs as quickly as other people. Sometimes he is clumsy and drop things or bump into furniture. Live one day at a time.

(2)Next read the second and third paragraph and answer the question When did Marty start to get weaker and weaker? Suggested answer:when he was ten. (3)Read the forth paragraph and answer the following questions: ①What is Marty's ambition? ②What is Marty's achievement? ③What is Marty's hobby?

Suggested answers: ①Marty's ambition is to work for a firm that develops computer software when he grows up. ②Marty invented a computer football game and a big company decided to buy it from him. ③As well as going to the movies and football matches with his friends,he spends a lot of time with his pets.He has two rabbits,a parrot,a tank full of fish and a tortoise. (4)Ask students to find Marty's advice in paragraph five. Suggested answers: Don't feel sorry for the disabled. Don't make fun of them. Don't ignore them. Accept them for who they are. Encourage them to live as rich and full a life as healthy people do. Step 4 Consolidation 1.Ask students to read the whole passage and choose the best answers. (1)Which of the following is false? A.Although there are a few students who look down upon him,Marty never gets annoyed. B.Marty leads a meaningful life and does not feel sorry for being disabled. C.Marty only spends time with his pets and never with his friends. D.Marty's disability has made him more independent. (2)From the passage we can infer that ______. A.Marty asks others to feel sorry for him B.Marty never loses heart C.Marty is afraid of being made fun of D.Marty will not accept any encouragement because he has grown stronger psychologically Keys:(1)C (2)B 2.Ask students to work together to write a mini biography for Marty according to the text My mini biography Name St atus Health Interests and Hobbies Ambition Motto Suggested answers: My mini biography Name Status Health Marty Fielding High school student Developed a muscle disease at the age of 10,very weak,cannot do things like normal people My mini biography · Enjoying writing and computer programming · Going to the movies and football matches with friends · Spending a lot of time with my pets—two rabbits, parrot, tank full a a of fish and a tortoise

Interests and Hobbies

Ambition Motto

To work for a firm that develops computer software Live one day at a time

3.Discuss in pairs to get the main idea of the passage by filling in the blanks. Though he is a ______ person,Marty never feels ______ for himself and he ______ his life. Suggested answers:disabled;sorry;enjoys Step 5 Discussion 1.Ask students to discuss the following questions in small groups. (1)How did Marty's feeling changed over time? (2)What kind of person do you think Marty is?Can you use some adjective words to describe him? (3) if you were asked to tell the disabled sth ,what would you say? Suggested answers: (1)The change of Marty's feeling over time: hopeful→hopeless→stupid→not get annoyed→good/busy (2)We can see Marty is optimistic/brave/independent/strong-minded and so on. (3)any answer is ok. Step 6 Homework 1.Retell Marty's Story according to the mini biography. 2.Write a short passage about what you have learned from Marty Fielding.


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