Module 5 The Conquest of the Universe - 单元测

一、适当形式填空(单句适当形式)(共 4 小题;共 4 分) 1. My views are too them at all. 2. Her (devote) to the job left her with very little free time. (grasp) his bag tightly. (defeat) in the coming 3. The child stood there, 4. Is there any possibility of their team competition? 二、单词拼写(根据中文提示拼写单词)(共 11 小题;共 11 分) 5. When she heard the news that her husband was killed in the accident, she 6. five here and there at 8. To his great 9. It was a great safe. 10. He was six feet tall, with 11. Out of for the night. 12. The company is excellent, and its customers have the quality of its products. 13. The footprints in the snow were man. 14. A healthy environment and a possible at the same time. 15. Teaching disabled children requires 三、单项选择(共 15 小题;共 15 分) 16. The workers are so A. angry 17. B. accustomed to the noise of the machine that they C. astonished D. admirable the (耐心) and understanding. ( 稳 定 的 ) economy should be (相似) in shape to those of a ( 信任 ) in (宽阔的) shoulders. (同情) for the homeless children he gave them shelter Dr. Yuan (爆发) into tears. Longping has struggled for Chinese farmers for the past (十年). (任意的). (悲伤), he failed to pass the driving test. ( 令人欣慰的 ) to find that my family was all (advance) for him and he can't understand

7. She picked up a magazine. With no need to read in detail, she started reading

don't even notice it during their work.

Police are appealing for information from anyone who



A. impressed 18. A. In terms of 19.

B. interviewed

C. introduced

D. witnessed

all its drawbacks, Broadway remains the center of theater B. In case of C. In place of D. In spite of he has a gift for D. it that taking bribes( 贿 赂 ) and C. accused of D. spoken of

activity in the United States.

Don't worry about him. We can depend on A. that B. it C. what



The former headmaster was imprisonment. B. reminded of A. charged of

sentenced to years'


Having made up my mind, I A. set up B. set out time he came across a

to carry out my study plan. C. set about new word when D. set off reading novels, he


Every A. search


a dictionary. B. look up Hawking's conclusion C. consult about the D. turn on Black Hole is a


Steven A. realistic


, but it has been accepted by most of the world. B. abstract C. contemporary D. appropriate


You'd better begin the preparations now and the most important thing is to the laboratory can be used for the tests. B. when C. what D. that A. where



It worried her a bit A. what B. whether

he is becoming weaker and weaker. C. that D. why

26. A. Which 27.

is expected, according to the online survey, is that B. What C. It D. As happens to you while C. what D. where it takes D. how this year, my first year in

housing prices can't go up any more.

As John Lennon once said, life is A. which B. that

you are busy making other plans.


Being determined is a kind of quality and that's A. what B. which C. where

to do anything well.


I made a promise to myself

high school, would be different.


A. whether 30. ---

B. what

C. that

D. how

--- Jack, I'd like to have your opinions about my written report. . But I have one suggestion. B. You are the modest D. You should check it first A. That's a good idea C. It looks fine to me

四、完形填空(共 20 小题;共 30 分) China's Shenzhou-9 capsule, with its crew of three, docked( 对接 ) with the Tiangong-1 space lab. The Beijing time on June 18. The latest Shenzhou mission was nation's first It was They first 37 Jing Haipeng, case of 40 . 41 43 of checking her 42 33 35 Chinese woman in space, flew with between the vehicles. 36 38 39 wait for pressures inside the vehicles to be headed the crew, led the way into the lab, stayed behind in the Shenzhou capsule in before they could open the hatches(舱盖). 34 32 on Saturday, taking the astronaut into orbit. 33-year old Liu Yang, the first Jing Haipeng, 46, and Liu Wang, 42. two hours after the docking before the astronauts moved 31 of the flying vehicles occurred at 14:07

followed by Mr. Liu. Ms. Liu

A video camera inside Tiangong sent back pictures of the the two men, who waved into the camera. They immediately systems in the Tiangong-1 space lab. After 20 minutes, Ms. Liu to 44 .

male colleagues into Tiangong, and the three then turned to the camera as a group This is China's fourth manned mission. It followed the 2011's unmanned Shenzhou-8 successful docking with the Tiangong-1 space lab, which gave China the 45 to put astronauts on the current flight. Monday's docking was a(n) computers— at a(n) 48 6 days docking. During the flight, a range of scientific experiments were including a number of medical tests. 31. A. joining B. separating C. crashing D. interacting 50 , 47 46 procedure. That is to say, it was the crew that were in charge of events. The union happened of about 340km(210 miles) over the earth. Ms. Liu operated a 49 , the astronauts successfully conducted a manual( 手动 )

handheld video camera to record the moment of docking.


32. A. delayed 33. A. young 34. A. Operator 35. A. another 36. A. ought to 37. A. great 38. A. which 39. A. calmly 40. A. emergency 41. A. entrance 42. A. put off 43. A. led 44. A. sign 45. A. confidence 46. A. gradual 47. A. other than 48. A. attitude 49. A. ago 50. A. carried out

B. canceled B. old B. Commander B. other B. seemed to B. weak B. whom B. initially B. accidents B. survival B. gave up B. followed B. perform B. power B. specific B. more than B. altitude B. later B. called off

C. launched C. male C. Programmer C. any C. happened to C. equal C. who C. excitedly C. necessity C. absence C. stuck to C. guided C. speak C. permission C. automatic C. rather than C. distance C. before C. showed off

D. finished D. female D. Designer D. both D. had to D. sensitive D. that D. eventually D. fires D. existence D. set about D. directed D. wave D. gift D. smooth D. or rather D. length D. latter D. made up

五、阅读理解(共 17 小题;共 34 分) A The space shuttle Discovery has had a long and busy career. For 27 years, it has worked for NASA, carrying astronauts to space and back on 39 missions. On March 9, 2011, after returning from its final voyage, the world's most traveled spaceship was retired. A crowd of shuttle workers, reporters and schoolchildren waited to greet Discovery at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Three minutes before noon, they watched as the shuttle appeared in the sky and made one last touchdown. “For the final time: wheels stop,” Discovery's commander Steven Lindsey said when the shuttle rolled to a stop. Discovery's final trip was to the International Space Station (ISS), a giant space lab in the sky. Discovery's crew took care of the last U.S. construction project at ISS. They delivered 10 tons of supplies for the ISS. The


six-person crew also dropped off an unusual companion for ISS's researchers: a human-like robot named Robonaut 2. Astronauts will assemble( 组 装 ) R2 at the ISS over several months. Now, NASA is winding down its shuttle programme. NASA is to begin work on new spaceships that can travel longer distances. Discovery's retirement is the first of three. Endeavor, another shuttle, is scheduled to make its final voyage soon. And Atlantis's last trip is planned for the end of June. Museums across the country have requested the retired shuttles. The Smithsonian's artifacts. Where will the other shuttles go? You'll have to wait to find out. NASA will announce its decision on April 12, the 30th anniversary of the first space shuttle launching. Stay tuned! 51. As part of the final mission, Discovery's crew A. carried researches to space B. assembled the Robonaut 2 at the ISS C. brought supplies to the ISS D. went on a spacewalk 52. means A. improving The underlined . B. ending C. changing D. testing phrase “winding down” in Paragraph 4 probably . Air and Space Museum, in Washington, D.C., was the lucky recipient( 接收者 ) of Discovery. The museum's collection contains hundreds of NASA

53. What can we infer from the text? A. Discovery completed 39 missions during its two decades of space travel. B. The ISS is a big project and six researchers live on the station. C. American space exploration will focus on longer missions. D. The shuttles Endeavor and Atlantis will make their last missions next month. 54. According to the text, we can learn about A. people's opinions of Discovery's retirement B. the government's concern about the shuttles' future C. the shuttles' final homes after retirement D. museums' great interest in the retired shuttles .


B Reach for the stars at the Euro Space Center. Find out everything you need to know about space from the origins of the universe( 宇 宙 ) to the future space exploration plans. Light, sound and special effects help to bring your space journey to life. Throughout your tour, our specially trained guides will answer your questions and provide you with any information you require. Begin your tour with our exhibition about the planets, then move on to the Space Laboratory and see some of the experiments carried out in space. Visit our international space station, where you can climb into our full-scale Space Shuttle model and experience life on board as an astronaut( 宇 航 员 ). You will know all about space by now and to help you further, our Space Center astronaut will tell you about how young people train as astronauts in our own training school. Finally, you can watch our amazing Space Show in our IMAX cinema, which will help you understand everything you have learned during your visit better. Outside we have an outdoor exhibition including a giant solar system, full-size rocket models and outdoor games. Don't worry if it rains. Much of this is under cover. After that, why not visit our restaurant Resto Space for food and drink on a space theme( 主题 )? And don't forget our Space Shop, offering you a lot of gifts to take home. The Euro Space Center is open every day during school holidays, and also during other times except Mondays. Opening times are 10:00-5:00. For entrance fees, call our booking service on +32-61-650133. Or you can email us for up-to-date entry information at info@eurospacecenter.be. 55. Anyone who goes to the Euro Space Center will A. visit there for free B. become a true astronaut C. feel as if he was in space D. do any space experiments he wants 56. In the Space Shuttle, visitors can A. enjoy food and drink B. watch an amazing space show C. learn about space experiments D. know how astronauts live in space 57. On school day Mondays, the Euro Space Center . . .


A. will be open all day long B. will be open only for 5 hours C. will be closed for the whole day D. will have a space show in the IMAX cinema 58. What's the best title for the text? A. Learn to Be an Astronaut C. Come and Take a Space Walk C Barbara Moran's life-long dream has been to travel into space. On August 15, 2007 her wish came true. The former teacher was one of seven crew members aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour, which blasted off into space from NASA's Kennedy Space Station in Florida. Morgan, 55, spoke to students at the Discovery Science Center in Boise, Idaho. Morgan taught at an elementary school in Boise from 1975 to 1998—with some time off for astronaut training. In 1985, she was selected as a backup(候选人) for Christa McAuliffe, who was to be the first teacher in space. The two women were chosen from 11,000 applicants to be part of the teacher-in-space program. They trained side-by-side for the mission. But then, tragedy struck. On January 28, 1986, just 73 seconds after takeoff, the Space Shuttle Challenger, exploded, killing McAuliffe and the other six crew members. After the Challenger accident, Morgan continued to teach. In 1998, she was asked to become an astronaut. In a NASA interview before her flight, Morgan acknowledged that patience and perseverance are two traits that serve both teachers and astronauts. “Space exploration is all about open-ended, never-ending opportunities for our young people. That's what my motivation has been, to help keep the world of opportunities open for our kids,” she said. Morgan's out-of-this-world class was broadcast live on NASA television. Her husband Clay Morgan said he couldn't help but grin( 露着牙齿笑 ) as he watched her talk to students. “I'm just so proud of her and how she's going to do all this and do the work of an astronaut as well as a teacher,” he said. “She just kept telling me how incredible it was and I think it's much more than she expected.” One student asked Morgan how teaching compares to being an astronaut. “We explore, we discover and we share,” she said. “The great thing about being B. Welcome to Space Shop D. Show Your Talent for Science


a teacher is you get to do that with students, and the great thing about being an astronaut is you get to do it in space, and those are absolutely wonderful jobs.” 59. Where did Morgan give lessons to the students of the Discovery Science Center in Boise? A. At NASA's Kennedy Space Station. B. At an elementary school in Boise. C. In the Space Shuttle Challenger. D. In the Space Shuttle Endeavour. 60. It can be inferred that Morgan is A. the first teacher C. the third teacher in space. B. the second teacher D. the fourth teacher

61. In Morgan's opinion, what qualities should teachers and astronauts have? A. Patience and boldness. C. Carefulness and perseverance. B. Perseverance and patience. D. Patience and diligence.

62. What attitude did Barbara Morgan's husband feel when he watched his wife's out-of-this-world class? A. Surprised and angry. C. Happy and proud. D Why should mankind explore space? Why should money, time and effort be spent exploring and researching something with so few apparent benefits? Why should resources be spent on space rather than on conditions and people on Earth? These are questions that, understandably, are very often asked. Perhaps the best answer lies in our genetic makeup ( 基 因 构 成 ) as human beings. What drove our ancestors to move from the trees into the plains, and on into all possible areas and environments? The wider the spread of a species, the better its chance of survival. Perhaps the best reason for exploring space is this genetic tendency to expand wherever possible. Nearly every successful civilization has explored, because by doing so, any dangers in surrounding areas can be identified and prepared for. Without knowledge, we may be completely destroyed by the danger. With knowledge, we can lessen its effects. Exploration also allows minerals and other potential( 潜在的 ) resources to be found. Even if we have no immediate need of them, they will perhaps be useful B. Dissatisfied and worried. D. Terrified and anxious.


later. Resources may be more than physical possessions. Knowledge or techniques have been acquired through exploration. The techniques may have medical applications which can improve the length or quality of our lives. We have already benefited from other spin-offs including improvements in earthquake prediction, in satellites for weather forecasting and in communications systems. Even non-stick pans and mirrored sunglasses are by-products(副产品) of technological developments in the space. While many resources are spent on what seems a small return, the exploration of space allows creative, brave and intelligent members of our species to focus on what may serve to save us. While space may hold many wonders and explanations of how the universe was formed or how it works, it also holds dangers. The danger exists, but knowledge can help human beings to survive. Without the ability to reach out across space, the chance to save ourselves might not exist. While Earth is the only planet known to support life, surely the adaptive ability of humans would allow us to live on other planets. It is true that the lifestyle would be different, but human life and cultures have adapted in the past and surely could in the future. 63. Why does the author mention the questions in Paragraph 1? A. To express his doubts. B. To compare different ideas. C. To introduce points for discussion. D. To describe the conditions on Earth. 64. What is the reason for exploring space based on Paragraph 2? A. Humans are nature-born to do so. B. Humans have the tendency to fight. C. Humans may find new sources of food. D. Humans don't like to stay in the same place. 65. to The underlined . A. survival chances C. unexpected benefits B. potential resources D. physical possessions word “spin-offs” in Paragraph 4 probably refers

66. What makes it possible for humans to live on other planets? A. Our genetic makeup. B. Resources on the earth.


C. The adaptive ability of humans. D. By-products in space exploration. 67. Which of the statements can best summarize the passage? A. Space exploration has created many wonders. B. Space exploration provided the best value for money. C. Space exploration can benefit science and technology. D. Space exploration may help us avoid potential problems on Earth. 答案 一、适当形式填空(单句适当形式) 1. advanced 2. devotion 3. grasping 4. being defeated 二、单词拼写(根据中文提示拼写单词) 5. burst 6. decades 7. random 8. sorrow 9. relief 10. broad 11. sympathy 12. faith 13. similar 14. stable 15. patience 三、单项选择 16. B 17. D 18. D 19. D 20. C 21. B 22. C 23. B 24. B 25. C 26. B 27. C 28. A 29. C 30. C 四、完形填空 31. A 32. C 33. D 34. B 35. A


36. D 37. C 38. C 39. B 40. A 41. A 42. D 43. B 44. D 45. A 46. C 47. C 48. B 49. B 50. A 五、阅读理解 51. C 52. B 53. C 54. D 55. C 56. D 57. C 58. C 59. D 60. B 61. B 62. C 63. C 64. A 65. C 66. C 67. D



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