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5 unit 4 Making


News 周周清

一 :(单词拼写) 1.The _________(大多数)of the students in my class work hard. 2.Now it’s more _________(方便的)to go to my school by bus. 3.He is very good at his lessons and _________(同时)he does sports very well. 4.New _________(行业)are encouraged in this area because more and more people need jobs. 5.The government calls on people to work hard for our socialist _______(建设) 6.John is s_________ with the exam results of his students. 7.If the world’s w_________ is shared more fairly, there would be fewer poor countries. 二:(单项选择) 1. I recognized her ________ I saw her.A. the instantly B. the instant C. instant D. an instant 2. Are there any signs of human _____ on Mars?A. settlement B. progress C. development D. service 3. The little boy _______ out of the room when no one _______. A. slided; looked B. slided; was looking C. slid; looked D. slid; was looking 4. She _______ again after the operation. A. gets back to her feet B. gets back to her foot C. is back on her feet D. is back on her foot 5. Never ________ the fact that you have a lot of talent. A. to lose sight of B. lose sight of C. catch sight of D. to catch sight of 6. The little boys _______ their noses _______ against the windows in order to see what was going on inside. A. placed; hard B. pressed; hard C. pressed; hardly D. placed; hardly 7. _________, so she had to be sent to hospital. A. Being ill B. Her mother was ill C. Her mother being ill D. Having been ill 8. ______, and listen to the teacher carefully.A. Gathering B. Gather C. Gathered D. Having gathered 9. I found an old pot _____ in the ground.A. buried B. being buried C. burying D. to be buried 10. ________ with the results of the experiment, she started to try again. A. Disappointed B. Disappointing C. Being disappointed D.Having been disappointed 11. Was it _____ Tom’s carelessness ____ your keys were all lost? A. because; which B. for; what C. because of; that D. since; / 12. Tom has injured his leg so he’s in _______ pain now. A. consistent B. constant C. enormous D. considerable 三:七选五 My mother is a diligent and kind woman. She is very busy from morning till night. As a teacher, she works hard. __36__ Both my brother and I love her dearly as she loves us. My mother has been teaching math at a middle school in my hometown. She goes to work early in the morning and does not return home until late in the afternoon. __37__ She treats them with patience and teaches them well. For her excellent quality and very good teaching results, she has been elected as a model teacher several times. __38__ Every day, when she comes back home from work, she sets about doing housework, sweeping the living room and bedrooms or cleaning the furniture, and putting everything in good order. She seems to be busy all the time. As she has been very busy working every day, she looks older than her age. But she looks as cheerful and happy as ever. Mother never buys expensive dresses for herself, but she often buys some inexpensive but high quality clothes for us. __39__ She just eats a plain meal outside when she is too busy to cook herself. She lives a busy yet simple life, without any complaints. Often she says to us, “Work while you work, and play while you play. That is the way to be happy and gay. If you do not work, you will become lazy and be of no use to society.” What a piece of good advice it is! __40__ It will always serve as a guide to my behavior. My mother is great indeed, and I always feel proud of her. A.She enjoys listening to classical music. B.As a mother, she takes good care of us and gives us every comfort.C.She loves her students and cares for them. D.She never goes to expensive restaurants to enjoy meals.E.My mother is hardworking and never wastes money. F.I will never forget it and always bear it in my mind.G.Can you tell us something about your mother? 四:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) I was shopping at my local supermarket, as I normally have for years. One particular day, I had done about two weeks worth of shopping and __41__ toward the register to pay for what I bought. After the cashier (收银员) had scanned my

items and I had bagged them up, she stated (说) that the __42__ was $150. I __43__ into my back right pocket to take the money to pay and noticed that there was no money there. I started to get __44__. I knew my purse was in the car and I was sure I had put the __45__ in my back right pocket. I looked at the cashier with wet eyes and a __46__ look not knowing what to do. There were people behind me on the line. She told me to speak with the courtesy counter (爱心柜台). I __47__ and said, “Really? It's __48__, no one would hand that in!” But she __49__ me to. “You never know ...” she said. I decided that there was no __50__ in checking so I walked up to a woman behind the counter and said, “I have to ask, did anyone __51__ cash by any chance?” She asked, “How much?” My face then __52__. “$200 in the form of one hundred dollar bills.” I replied. She said, “ __53__, yes, someone did!” I was so __54__! “Who? I want to thank her.” She pointed to a young girl about ten years old and said,“She did.” I walked over to the mom and hugged her. She said, “It wasn't me, it was my __55__,” I said, “I know, I wanted to thank you both, __56__ she found it ... it's because of you that I got this back.” I was so happy. I was almost in tears. The next day at work, a person in another department __57__ me tickets to the circus (马戏团). He handed me five tickets. Almost __58__ that young girl's face popped (突然出现) in my head. After work I went back to the supermarket and stopped at the courtesy counter and asked if she had any idea who that woman was. She smiled and said, “Yes, She is a friend of mine.” Then I asked her to do me a favor and pass along these five tickets to her. She told me that the family of the little girl who found my money were not rich so they would really __59__ this. She also said that they had three children, so five was the __60__ number of tickets! 41.A.headed B.retiredC.hesitatedD.showed 42.A.percentageB.totalC.productD.luggage 43.A.checkedB.searchedC.reachedD.looked 44.A.particularB.nervousC.curiousD.serious 45.A.moneyB.cardC.purseD.goods 46.A.shockedB.movedC.confusedD.inspired 47.A.blamedB.screamedC.shoutedD.laughed 48.A.realityB.evidenceC.cashD.truth 49.A.forcedB.promisedC.discouragedD.encouraged 50.A.harmB.needC.expense D.doubt 51.A.work outB.hand inC.send for D.take away 52.A.lit upB.broke upC.send off D.burst out 53.A.EventuallyB.ActuallyC.FinallyD.Unfortunately 54.A.interestedB.worriedC.surprisedD.absorbed 55.A.daughterB.husbandC.motherD.friend 56.A.becauseB.althoughC.howeverD.besides 57.A.lentB.borrowedC.producedD.offered 58.A.simplyB.constantlyC.immediatelyD.previously 59.A.rejectB.buyC.ignoreD.appreciate 60.A.uniqueB.perfectC.officialD.typical 五:语法填空: Once upon a time there was a rich merchant61__had 4 wives. He loved the 62__(four)wife the most. He took great care of her and gave her nothing 63__ the best. He also loved the third wife very much. He was very 64__(pride) of her and always wanted to show off her to his friends. He also loved his second wife. She is a very65__ (consider) person, always patient and in fact is the merchant's close friend. Whenever the merchant faced some problems, he always turned to his second wife and 66__ would always help him out and tide (帮助渡过) him through difficult times. Now, the merchant's first wife is a very loyal partner and has made great67__ (contribute) in maintaining his wealth and business as well as 68__ (take) care of the household. 69__, the merchant did not love the first wife and although she loved him 70__ (depth), he hardly took notice of her. 六:短文改错 Now I'd like to introduce our English paper to you. On my opinion, the paper is very importance to our study and daily life. We can improve our English, especially writing English by reading it. At the same time, it's a fun and relaxing to read it, it makes our afterclass time meaningful and colorful. There is a lot of columns in our paper, such as SchoolNews, Teachers' Advice and Students' Voice.Not only it make us learn the important events of our school, but helps ourselves communicate with teachers. However, we can take the advices from our teachers more seriously. In a word, I like our paper very much.

1-12 BADCB 答案:36~40


语篇解读:有一次当作者在超市购物时发现自己带的钱丢了,正当不知如何是好的时候,收银员建议他去爱心 柜台,看能否获得帮助。让他惊喜的是恰好有他丢的钱,他对捡到钱的母女万分感激。过后,当他获得别人给的赠 票时立马想到了那对母女,故事告诉我们爱心是可以传递的。 41.A.headed C.hesitated B.retired D.showed

解析:选 A 从空后内容判断作者去收银台结账,head toward“朝某地走去”,故选 A。 42.A.percentage C.product B.total D.luggage

解析:选 B 根据空后$150 可知此处指作者应该付的钱总共是 150 美元,选 B。 43.A.checked C.reached B.searched D.looked

解析:选 C 由空后内容可以判断作者把手伸到口袋里去拿钱,reach“伸手去够”,符合语境。 44.A.particular C.curious B.nervous D.serious

解析:选 B 上文提到自己买东西钱不见了,由此判断作者心里会感到略有紧张,选 B。 45.A.money C.purse B.card D.goods

解析:选 A 由前面内容“there was no money there.”可知作者记得把钱放到口袋里了, 选 A。 46.A.shocked C.confused B.moved D.inspired

解析:选 C 根据空后内容“not knowing what to do”可以猜测收银员不知如何处理这种情况,故选 C。 47.A.blamed C.shouted B.screamed D.laughed

解析:选 D 从作者说的话可以判断作者不相信收银员的话,所以是笑着说,其他不符合语境。 48.A.reality C.cash B.evidence D.truth

解析:选 C 根据语境可知,作者认为那是现金,没有人会那样做,所以选 C。 49.A.forced C.discouraged B.promised D.encouraged

解析:选 D 从上文可知收银员让作者去找爱心柜台,根据她说的话判断,尽管作者不相信,她还是鼓励他去 试试,选 D。 50.A.harm C.expense 解析:选 A B.need D.doubt 听了收银员的建议后,作者起初怀疑,但是后来又去了爱心柜台,由此推断他是抱着试试看的

想法,there was no harm in doing sth. “做某事没有害处”,符合语境,故选 A。 51.A.work out C.send for B.hand in D.take away

解析:选 B 根据上文“no one would hand that in”可知选 B。 52.A.lit up C.send off B.broke up D.burst out

解析:选 A 从上文内容可知作者对此本来没抱希望,但是当听到那个人问“How much?”的时候,他知道 他的问题能够解决了,所以马上高兴起来,故选 A。 53.A.Eventually C.Finally B.Actually D.Unfortunately

解析:选 B 根据空后内容可以判断选 B。 54.A.interested C.surprised B.worried D.absorbed

解析:选 C 从作者说的话判断当时作者感到非常吃惊,故选 C。 55.A.daughter C.mother B.husband D.friend

解析:选 A 根据上文提示词“a young girl about 10 years old”和“I walked over to the mom”可以判断选 A。 56.A.because C.however B.although D.besides

解析:选 B 从作者说的话判断前后句子是转折关系,他认为尽管是小女孩发现的这种情况,但家长还是支持 了孩子的做法,所以选 B。 57.A.lent C.produced B.borrowed D.offered

解析:选 D 从下文“He handed me 5 tickets.” 判断是别人给了他几张票,故选 D。 58.A.simply C.immediately B.constantly D.previously

解析:选 C 根据情理判断当作者拿到朋友给的票时脑海中立即想到了帮他的人,眼前浮现出小女孩的面孔, 故选 C。 59.A.reject C.ignore B.buy D.appreciate

解析:选 D 从空前内容可知帮助作者的小女孩家也不是很富裕,由此可知当他们收到作者给的马戏团的票时 会非常高兴,也会非常感激,故选 D。 60.A.unique C.official B.perfect D.typical

解析:选 B 收银员提到那个小女孩家有三个孩子两个大人,所以五张票是最佳数目,答案选 B。 答案:61.who 62.fourth 63.but 64.proud

65.considerate 66.she 67.contributions 68.taking 69.However 70.deeply

答案:第二句:On→In; importance→important 第三句:writing→written 第四句:去掉 a; 第三个 it 改为 which 第五句:is→are 第六句:only 后加 does; ourselves→us 第七句:However→Besides; advices→advice


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