Unit 1 What’s the matter?
1. 太多 2. 躺下 3. 量体温 4. 看牙医 5. 做个X光检查 6. 在……上敷药 7. 发烧 8. 整个周末 9. 玩电脑游戏
too much/too many lie down(lay,lying) take one's temperature see a dentist get an X-ray put some medicine on… have a fever all weekend play computer games

get off(上车get on) 10. 下车 go to a doctor 11. 看医生 12. 送某人去医院 take sb. to the hospital 13. 到达 get to/arrive at/in/reach 14.立刻; 马上 right away/right now 15. 休息 take breaks/take a break 16. 等待 wait for 17. 多亏;由于 thanks to 18. 没多想
without thinking twice

19. 及时 20. 考虑 21. 使…….惊讶的 22. 摔倒 23. 踢足球 24. 患有心脏病 25. 几个;少数 26. 造成麻烦 27. 做正确的事

in time think about to one’s surprise fall down(fell) play soccer have a heart problem a few(several) get into trouble do the right things

28. 进来 29. 对…感兴趣 30. 被打击/晒伤 31. 习惯于 32. 冒险 33. 把……放在某物上 34. 因为 35. 失去生命 36. 用完; 耗尽

come in be interested in get hit/sunburned be used to doing take risks/ take a risk put… on sth. because of lose one’s life run out (of)

37. 切除
39. 做决定

cut off
make a decision/decisions

38. 离开;从...出来 get out of 40. 放弃 41. 掌管; 管理 42. 去爬山

give up(give it/them up) be in control of go mountain climbing

43. 需要去做某事 need to do sth 44. 看见某人正在做某事 see sb. doing sth. 45. 询问某人某事 ask sb. sth. expect sb. to do sth. 46. 期望某人做某事 agree to do. sth. 47. 同意做某事 help sb. (to) do sth. 48. 帮助某人做某事 want to do sth. 49. 想要做某事 50. 告诉某人去做某事

would like to do sth. tell sb. to do sth. tell sb.not to do sth.

51. 做某事有困难 52.习惯于做某事
have problems (in) doing sth. be/get used to doing sth.

53. 过去常常做某事,曾经做某事
used to do sth.

54. 好像做某事 55. 继续做某事 56. 介意做某事

seem to do sth. keep on doing sth. mind doing sth.

Unit 1 What’s the matter? 【话题?谈论健康和事故】谈论自己 的健康,发生事故时怎么做及如何 向他人提出建议和劝告,从而养成 良好的饮食和生活习惯。具体到书 面表达中要求同学们掌握描述人体 的不适,并提出正确的建议。

Dear Sally, I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling well these days. Are you still feeling tired now? I think you should drink a lot of hot water and have a good rest. You shouldn't go to bed too late or work too late. Don't be under too much pressure, and try to relax yourself. If you still don't feel better, you should go to a doctor and take some medicine. I hope you will feel better soon.

Unit 2 I’ll help to clean up the city parks.
1. 分发

give out/hand out

2. 打扫(或清除)干净 clean up 3. (使)变得更高兴;振奋起来 cheer up 4. 建起;设立 set up 5. 赠送;捐赠 give away 6. 曾经……; 过去…… used to do sth. 7. 推迟

8. 想出

put off come up with

9. 影响; 有作用 10. 张贴 11. 打电话给 12. 帮助…….摆脱困难 13. 实现 14. 照顾; 照看 15. 参加选拔 16. 修理 17. 用光 18. 与……相像 19. 与……相似

make a difference put up call up help out come true care for/look after try out for fix up run out of take after be similar to

20. 制订计划做某事
make plans to do sth.

21. 要求某人(不要)做某事 23. 过去常常做某事
used to do sth.

ask sb. (not) to do sth.

24. 决定做某事 decide to do sth. 25. 有……感觉 get a feeling of…

26. 对……产生影响
make a difference to

27. 自愿花时间某事
volunteer one's time to do sth.

28. 放弃做某事 give up doing sth. 29 使得做某事对某人来说是可能的 make it possible for sb. to do sth.

Unit 2 I’ll help to clean up the city parks. 【话题?帮助他人和参加志愿活动】描 述发生在我们身边相关的事情,提倡 相互帮助,关心社会和谐发展。此类 为常考话题作文,写作时应尽量用倡 议或号召性的语句或者用自己、他人 亲身经历的事件鼓励教育他人。

A great volunteer activity My name is Sally. I think volunteering means a lot. Last Saturday, I volunteered to go to a poor mountain village school with several of my friends. In the morning, we taught some kids to learn English and then told some stories to cheer them up. In the afternoon, we played games with them. After that, we gave away some books and toys to them. We were glad to see the kids were really hard-working and lovely. I hope to go to help them next time if possible.

Unit 3 Could you please clean your room?

do the dishes sweep the floor take out the rubbish make the bed fold the clothes 6. 打扫起居室 clean the living room
1. 洗餐具 2. 扫地 3. 倒垃圾 4. 整理床铺 5. 叠衣服

get a ride 7. 搭车 go to the movies 8. 去看电影 go out for dinner 9. 出去吃晚饭 at least 10. 至少 11. 在外待得晚 stay out late 12.帮助做完某事 help out (with sth.) throw down 13. 扔下 any minute now 14. 随时 15.一直;频繁;反复 all the time

16. 过来 come over 17. 一…就… as soon as 18. 带狗去遛遛 take the dog for a walk 19.惊讶地 in surprise 20. 和…一样 as… as 21. 在….上花费 spend… on/spend...in doing 22. 为了 in order to/so that 23. 依赖; 信赖 depend on 24. 向某人提供某物
25. 照顾;照看

provide sth. for sb. provide sb. with sth. look after

26. 照顾 take care of 27. 结果 as a result get into 28. 进入 29. 保持它干净、整洁
keep it clean and tidy

finishing doing sth. 30. 做完某事 31. 想要某人做某事 want sb. to do sth. 32. 尽力(不)做某事 try (not) to do sth. 33. 让某人做某事 let/make sb. do sth. mind doing sth. 34. 介意做某事 35. 花费……做某事 spend… in doing sth. learn to do sth. 36. 学会做某事 37. 学会怎样做某事 learn how to do sth. 38. 越……., 就越…….

the + 比较级, the + 比较级

Unit 3 Could you please clean your room? 【话题?做家务和请求许可】以家务、 杂务为话题,掌握情态动词could 表示委婉地请求许可的用法。结合 本单元短文所讲内容“青少年在家 应不应该做家务”,要求同学们会 写有关议论的短文。

Dear Sandy, I am going to have a birthday party at my house next Saturday. I have to prepare for the party and I need your help. Could you please help me do the following things? Call some friends and invite them to the party. Help me clean the room before the party. Prepare some food and drinks for the party. And after the party, help me take out the rubbish. Hope to hear from you soon. Yours,

Unit 4 Why don’t you talk to your parents? 1. 得到充足睡眠 2. 和某人闲逛 4. 争吵 5. 早点儿去睡 6. 谈论 7. 擅长 8. 给某人打电话 9. 归还

get enough sleep hang out with sb. argue with sb. go to sleep earlier talk about sth be good at (doing) sth call sb. up give back

on the phone 10. 在电话中 look through 11. 浏览; 翻阅; no problem 12. 没问题 a big deal 13. 重要的事情 be angry with sb. 14. 生某人的气 work out 15. 解决; 算出 feel lonely 16. 感到孤独 17. 与某人和睦相处get on with sb. next time 18. 下次 19. 今后;从今以后 in future communicate with sb 20. 与某人交流

21. 交朋友 22. 害怕… 23. 在…的前面 24. 做运动 25. 不再… 26. 与某人竞争 27. 那么多 28. 上课 39. 去购物

make friends be afraid of in front of do sports not… any more compete with sb. so much/many have/take lessons go shopping

40. 删除; 删去 41. 各种各样的 42. 比较; 对比 43. 同意某人 44. 依…看 45. 调小 46. 一些安静的事

cut out all kinds of compare… with… agree with sb. in one's opinion turn down something quiet

47. 允许某人做某事 allow sb. to do sth. (allow doing sth.) 48. 你什么不做某事呢? Why don’t you do sth? =Why not do sth.? 49. 发现某人在做某事 find sb. doing sth. 50. 拒绝做某事 refuse to do sth. 51. 让某人做某事 let sb. do sth. 52. 主动提出做某事 offer to do sth.

53. 介意某人做某事 mind sb. doing sth. 54. 直到…….才…….. not… until…. 55. 该做某事了。It's time for sth. It's time to do sth. 56. 做某事是……..的 It’s +adj.+ to do sth. 57. 继续做某事 keep on doing sth. 58. 你认为……怎么样? What do you think of…?

Unit 4 Why don’t you talk to your parents? 【话题?谈论问题和提建议】讲述我们在 学校、生活中遇到的各种烦恼,以及相 对应的合理化建议。要求同学们会写关 于建议的短文。写此类短文首先应该掌 握常用的提建议的句型,根据一定情景, 明确提建议的方法,再根据所提供的信 息展开合理的发挥,使句子意思完整。

Sam, I know you are upset these days. Here is some of my advice for you. First, you should understand your parents. They have to work hard because they want your family to live a better life. Second, you could talk to your parents about the problem. Maybe they could stay with you next holiday. Third, you should try to help your parents do some housework, or you could visit your friends and have fun with them. Then you won’t feel bored. What do you think of my advice? I hope you have a good time.

Unit 5 What were you doing when the rainstorm came? 1. 等候 wait for 2. 寻找 look for be busy doing sth. 3.忙于做某事 pick up 4. 接电话 make sure 5. 务必;确保 go off 6. (闹钟)发出响声 have fun 7. 玩得开心 fall asleep 8. 入睡; 睡着

9. 逐渐变弱;逐渐消失 10. 醒来;叫醒 11. 凌乱不堪 12. 打扫干净; 整理 13. 打开 14. 立刻; 马上 15. 听收音机 16. 到达 17. 看

die down wake up in a mess clean up turn on right away listen to the radio get to have a look

18. 前往;费力地前 19. 因为 20. 沉默/无声地
21. 摧毁; 拆毁; 记下 22. 说实话 23. 指出 24. 消失; 离开 25. 也

make one’s way because of in silence take down tell the truth point out go away as well

so… that… have meaning to sb.

26. 开始做某事 begin/start to do/doing sth. 27. 看见某人或某事物正在做某事 see sb./sth. doing sth. 28. 努力去做某事 try to do sth. 29. 做某事是…….的 It’s + adj. + to do sth. 30. 记得做过某事 remember doing sth. 31. 做某事有困难 have trouble (in) doing sth.

Unit 5 What were you doing when the rainstorm came? 【话题?谈论过去正在发生的事情】 讲述大事件发生的时候人们正在进 行的各种活动。要求同学们会对过 去的事情进行描述,写作时要运用 相应的过去时态,如一般过去时或 过去进行时。

Dear Mrs Help, I have a big problem and hope to get your advice. My desk mate, Zhang Jun, often talks to me in class. Yesterday, in our Chinese class, while Mr Chen was telling an interesting story to us, Zhang Jun kept talking to me. I tried to stop him doing that, but I failed. When Mr Chen found we were talking, he was very angry. He asked us to go to his office after that class. I do not know what to do. Could you give me some advice? Yours,

I saw an accident while I was going to school last Wednesday morning. At about 8:00, a man was driving a truck along the road near our school when it suddenly hit a tree. Luckily, the driver wasn’t badly hurt, but the apples on the truck fell onto the ground. Soon many people came to help. Two teachers took the driver to the nearest hospital. A tall boy stood in the middle of the road and directed the traffic. A girl called the police. At the same time, some other students picked up the apples and put them onto the truck. When I saw this, I thought everyone was great and ran to join them.




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