鹤岗三中 2013-2014 学年高一外研英语上学期期末考试 单项选择 21.Let’s go to cinema.That’ll take your mind off the problem for while. A.the,the B.the,a C.a,the D.a,a 22.Mr.Smith, of the speech,started to read a novel. A.tired,boring B.tiring,bored C.tired,bored D.tiring,boring 23.The child with a pencil,and now he is with a pen. A.used to writing,used to write B.used to write,used to write C.used to write,used to writing D.used to writing,used to writing 24.---Tom had a good time at the party.--. A.So did Mary B.So had Mary C.So Mary did D.So Mary had 25.This is the third time we a film in the cinema. A.see B.had seen C.saw D.have seen 26.Ladies and gentlemen,please fasten your seat belt.The plane . A.takes off B.is taking off C.has taken off D.took off 27.---It looks heavy.Can I give you a hand?--. A.No,thanks B.Yes,my pleasure C.No,never mind D.Yes,I do 28.When the war ,he joined the army and fought against the enemies. A.broke out B.broke up C.broke down D.broke through 29.The on his face told me that he was angry. A.impression B.sight C.appearance D.expression 30.Mr.White,as well as his wife and children, boating on the lake every Saturday afternoon in summer. A.go B.is going C.goes D.are going 31. ,the old man could buy nothing. A.With his money to steal B.With his money stolen C.With his money stealing D.With his money having stolen 32. Mary is thought as a top student in the class. A.It is,whom B.It is,who C.She is,who D.She is,whom 33.I consider the party until Saturday evening. A.putting off B.to put off C.to be put off D.being put off 34.He is always the first one to the classroom. A.to come B.coming C.comes D.come 35. and happy,Tony stood up and accepted the prize. A.Surpring B.Surprised C.Being surprised D.To be surpring 完形填空 Colby Point is a small town. A little girl named Margie lived there with her grandparents, Bill and Cleo. Margie always 36 the arrival of Christmas and this year was no exception. At the church, the members were preparing to 37 their Christmas wishes with each other. 38 Cleo couldn’t make it to the church, and Bill didn’t like to 39 her alone for

long, he dropped Margie off at the church early that morning. As Margie sat in church, she 40 in her mind over and over what she would say. The paster(牧师) said, “This is a 41 time of year and we want to 42 your Christmas wishes. We cann’t realise everyone’s wish, but we would like to try and help you 43 a few. As I call your name, please come 44 and tell us about your Christmas wish.” One after another, the church members shared their 45 , large and small. Margie was the last and the youngest to speak. She said, “I would 46 my grandma to come to the church. She cannot walk, and she and my grandpa 47 to say at home. They want to come so much. So that is what I 48 for. And please don’t tell them, for it needs to be a 49 .” Grandpa was putting on his coat when he 50 to look out of the front window. He saw some cars coming down the dirt road. Now at this time of the 51 there wasn’t too much 52 , so this was really 53 . Grandpa looked at Grandma, 54 they both looked at Margie. Grandpa asked, “Just what did you wish for, Margie?” “I wished that you and Grandma could go to the 55 .And I just knew that it would come true.Look! There’s the pastor,and everyone from church is coming up the walk.” 36. A. looked forward to B. looked up to C. lived up to D. looked out to 37. A. change B. share C. discuss D. describe 38. A. Since B. Though C. Unless D. If 39. A. keep B. make C. put D. leave 40. A. introduced B. reminded C. remembered D. practiced 41. A. common B. special C. usual D. difficult 42. A. hear B. buy C. receive D. accept 43. A. make B. recognize C. realize D. imagine 44. A. back B. forward C. toward D. upward 45. A. opinions B. wishes C. dreams D. ideas 46. A. want B. like C. get D. invite 47. A. like B. have C. choose D. tend 48. A. wish B. ask C. send D. run 49. A. secret B. wonder C. question D. surprise 50. A. began B. happened C. determined D. tried 51. A. week B. month C. season D. year 52. A. noise B. traffic C. pollution D. luck 53. A. amazing B. frightening C. exciting D. satisfying 54. A. so B. and C. or D. but 55. A. school B. hospital C. church D. country 阅读理解 A Jack was so excited about getting a new backpack because his old one had a broken zipper(拉链) and a hole in the bottom. Jack’s elder brother took him to buy a new backpack. There were so many cool ones. How would he ever decide? He saw blue ones—his favorite color. He saw ones with his favorite action hero on the front.

And then Jack saw a backpack with a black square design. When he opened it, he saw it had a hidden, secret small bag. He liked it, which made it different from others. “This is the one,” he said, then carried it to the check-out counter. That evening, Jack carefully filled his new backpack with his school things. He put his special pen in the secret small bag. The next day in English class, Mr. Mack said, “Let’s write an essay about earthquakes!” Jack looked for his pen in his backpack, but he couldn’t found it! He rummaged through his desk and his pockets, but no pen. Jack asked if anyone had seen his pen, but no one had. Mr. Mack lent him a pencil, but Jack was feeling anxious because he lost his pen. When he got home, Jack told his brother he couldn’t find his favorite pen. His brother said, “You must have put it in that secret small bag.” Jack laughed and said, “That small bag was so secret that I forgot all about it.” 56. Which backpack did Jack buy? A. A blue one. B. One with a black square design. C. One with an action hero. D. A small one. 57. Jack decided to buy that backpack because __________. A. it had his favorite color B. he liked the black square design C. the secret small bag made it special D. his brother suggested he get that one 58. The underlined word “rummaged” in Paragraph 4 probably means “________”. A. forgot to look at B. searched really well C. turned sideways D. threw away 59. When Jack realized what he had done, he thought it was ________. A. funny B. annoying C. surprising D. cool 60. This text mainly tells us ________. A. a story of Jack’s old backpack B. that Jack was studying earthquakes C. that Jack was old enough to do shoppingD. a story of Jack’s pen and new backpack B

Respect your teachers. First of all,students should respect the teachers.They should pay attention in the classes.That means to salute him,to stand from his chair when the teacher enters the classroom etc.Attend any lesson attentively.In class of a certain subject or teacher you don’t like very much,if it’s total anarchy,how can we talk about respect? Play by the rules. If your teacher wants you to use wide-lined paper--do it ! If she tells you to sharpen your pencils only before class starts ,listen to her.If she doesn’t accept late homework,do yours on time.Sometimes classroom rules seem strict or even silly,but most teachers know what’s necessary to make things run smoothly, what it takes to let the learning begin. And the better the learning environment,the smarter you’ll be! Expect her/him to like you. Teachers are teachers because they like kids.Given the chance,most teachers want to be your friends too.Respect your teacher,but don’t be afraid of her/him.She/He wants you to have a great school year just as much as you want to have! 3

Put first things first. Friends are a fun part of school.But they’re not the most important part.When your teacher is teaching,give her/him your full attention. Even when it's hard to do. — recess_ will come soon enough, and that’s the time for playing with your friends. 36.Which of the following would be the best title for the text? ______ A.Advice Before You Go To School B.What You Should Do At School C.How To Get Along With Your Teacher D.How To Plan Your Time At School 37.What do you think the title of the second paragraph“ Play by the rules’’ mean ? A. Don’t play if you haven’t completed your homework. B.Follow what the teacher says. C.Work is work and play is play. D.Make the learning environment as good as possible. 38.According to the last paragraph,what do you think the first thing is? A.The teacher. C.The students. A.break B.play B.The teacher’s lecture. D.Friends. . C.parents D.news

39.The underlined word “recess” most probably means ______

D Nickname(昵称): Hawaii’s Island of Adventure Size: 4,028 square miles Population: 148,677. The most heavily populated areas are Hilo on the east side and Kailua-Kona on the west. Temperature: Averages between 71°F and 77°F year around (expect the mercury (水银柱) to drop at higher heights). Beaches: 47 Golf Courses: 20 Highest Peak: Mauna Kea, 13,796 feet. Agriculture: The bulk (主体) of Hawaii’s farming products are grown and processed on the Big Island, including coffee, macadamia nuts and papaya. Lodging: 9,655 rooms total; Nightly rates range from$ 35—$ 5,000. Airports: Hilo International Airport on the east side and Kona International Airport on the west side. Rental Cars: All of the nationally known rental car companies have locations at Hilo International and Kona International Airports as well as many resorts. In addition, Hilo, Kona and the major resort areas are serviced by taxis. Resources: Call (800) 648—2441 to order a video, poster, brochures and maps from the Big Island Visitors Bureau. See www.bigisland.org for Updated information. Shopping: The large shopping centers are in Hilo, Kona, Waimea and the Kohala Coast. 66.The passage is intended to be read by .


A.students B.businessmen C.tourists D. immigrants 67.The average population per square mile on the island is about . A.28 B.32 C.37 D.44 68.What does the underlined part “expect the mercury to drop at higher heights” mean? A.Things are easy to lose weight at higher places. B.Dropping things from higher places is expected. C.Temperature is expected to be lower at higher places. D.Temperature is expected to be higher at higher places. 69.Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a traffic means to get around the Big Island? A. By train. B. By air. C. By rental car. D. By taxi. 70.What can we infer from the passage? A.You can see www.bigisland.org for updated information. B.You can call (800) 648-2441 to order some food. C.You can find some courts to play tennis on the island. D.You may pay a high price for spending one night on the island. 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项 It’s well known that different foods provide us with different kinds of energy, and a balance of different kinds of food is good for our health. Here is a general introduction to the main food groups in our daily diet. 71 ● Grains. Grains include all of those food made from wheat, rice and other grain products. These foods provide us with fiber(食物纤维)and iron. There are two main types of grains: whole grains and refined(精制的)grains. 72 It is important to get different kinds of grains, such as those found in bread and different cereals every day. ● Vegetables and fruits. This group includes all types of fruits and vegetables. 73 Try to eat lots of brightly colored fruits and vegetables as they have more vitamins. Try to eat fruits and vegetables every day, or drink a cup of fruit juice instead. ● Meat products. 74 These foods provide us with the protein that our body needs. Try to eat between 6 to 7 ounces of meat products so that we can get all the protein we need. ● Milk products. Milk products include those that are made from milk sources, such as milk and cheese. These products provide us with vitamins and minerals, including calcium( 钙 )and vitamin D. 75 A. To keep fit,we should know that it is very important for us to eat more vegetables and fruits. B. Try to eat or drink milk products every day, like a cup of milk, or 50 grams of cheese. C. Such group can provide us with basic vitamins, including vitamins B and C.

D. Knowing about the different food groups can help us keep healthy and fit. E. Meat and fish contain more protein than other food groups. F. Refined grains are lower in fiber than whole grains. G. This group is made up of meat, fish and the like. 填入空白处所缺单词(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 76 .As a secretary he has a to all the company’s letters. 77. Her father was a quiet man with g manners. 78. When you heat a metal, it e . 79. The color blue is t connected with sadness. 80. Beethoven became deaf, but he continued c . 81. You can’t leave without (允许). 82. The (观众) enjoyed every minute of the performance. 83. He has an (面试)next week. 84. The man (朝?射击) at the bird, but he missed it. 85. They finally went (登机) the plane.

短文改错 文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。增加: 在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧) ,并在其下面写出该加的词。删除:把多余的词作斜线(\)划掉。修 改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出改后的词。注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2. 只允许修改 10 处,多者(从 11 处起)不计分。 This year, I go to Dalian with my family by air. Dalian is a very beautiful and modern city. On the bus, we could see much great buildings.We got to the hotel where we stayed in the morning. After the breakfast, we began our travel. First, we took the bus to the Sea Park. There were such many different kinds of fish that I couldn't believe my eyes. Then we saw the dolphin show. After lunch we went swimming. The sea was blue but the beach was golden. We both enjoyed ourselves. Later we went to some other places where were also interesting and famous in Dalian.Several days after, we left Dalian. On our way home, all of us were very happy. That was the reason why we didn't feel tiring. 书面表达(满分 25 分) 假如你叫周凯,你的美国朋友 Paul 给你发来一封电子邮件,在邮件中 Paul 询问在中国关于吸烟 的情况。请你回一封邮件,内容如下:1.中国大部分人已经认识到吸烟的危害,越来越多的人已经开 始戒烟。2.中国已经通过了在公共场所禁止吸烟的法律,并有多种标志提醒人们不要吸烟。3.希望政 府采取措施帮助人们戒烟。 要求:1.邮件必须包括全部要点。2.词数 100 个左右。3.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。


鹤岗三中 2013-2014 学年高一外研英语上学期期末考试 答案 单选:21-25 BACAD 26-30 BAADC 31-35 BBAAB 完形:36-40 ABADD 41-45 BACBB 46-50 BBADB 51-55 DBABC 阅读:66-70 CCDAD 71-75 DFCGB 单词拼写: 76.access 77. graceful 78. expands 79. traditionally 80. composing 81. permission 82. audience 83. interview 84 shot 85. aboard 短文改错 1. go-went 2. much-many 3. the breakfast-breakfast 4. such many-so many 5. fish-fishes 6. but-and 7. both-all 8. where-which 9. after-later 10. tiring-tired 书面表达: Dear Paul,

Glad to hear from you. I have learned that you want to know something about smoking in our country and I’d like to answer all your questions. As far as I am concerned, more and more people have realized smoking does great harm to health, and causes a variety of diseases. As a result, they have made up their minds to give up smoking. Fortunately, we have passed a law which forbids people to smoke in public places, and there are signs reminding people to limit smoking in public. I am sure our government will take measures to help people to do so. That’s all I know about smoking in our country. Hoping that it will be helpful to you. Keep in touch and best wishes! Yours, Zhou Kai



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