Unit 1 Can play the guitar?


1. play the drums 敲鼓 2. play the guitar/piano 弹吉他/钢琴 3. play the violin 拉小提琴 4. play chess 下国际象棋 5. play volleyball 打排球 6. speak English/Chinese 讲英语/汉语 7. join the art club 加入艺术俱乐部

8. talk to sb. 跟某人说话 9. be good with 善于与某人打交道,对??有办法 10. make friends (with sb) (和某人)结交朋友 11. help sb with sth. 在某方面帮助某人 12. be good at (doing) 擅长(做)某事 13. call sb. at... 拨打??(号码)找某人 14. want to do sth. 想做某事 15. on the weekend / on weekends 在周末 16. play games with sb. 与某人一起做游戏


二、重点句型 1. —Can you swim? —— 你会游泳吗? —No,I can’t.--不,我不会。 2. Can you play the guitar? 你会弹吉他吗? 3. I want to join the art club. 我想参加艺术俱乐部. 4. What club do you want to join? 你想参加什么俱乐部? 5. You are very good at telling stories. 你非常擅长讲故事。 6. Sounds good.( It sounds good.) But I like to draw,too. 听起来 不错,但我也喜欢画画。 7. Then join two clubs, the story telling club and the art club! 那么就请加人两个俱乐部—— 讲故事俱乐部和艺术俱乐部。 8. 一 Can Wu Jun speak English? 吴俊会讲英语吗? 一 No,he can’t, but he can speak Chinese. 不会,但他会讲汉语。 9. Are you good with old people? 你与老人们相处得融洽吗? 10. Can you play the piano or the violin? 你会弹钢琴还是会拉小提 琴?

Unit 2 What time do you go to school?


1. eat/have breakfast


2. take a shower 淋浴

3. at six forty= at twenty to seven 4. a radio station 5. a radio show 广播电视台 广播节目


6. from... to... 从......到....... 7. be late for 迟到 8. get up 起床 9. get dressed 穿上衣服

10. brush teeth 刷牙 11. eat/have breakfast on school days 吃早饭


12. eat/have dinner 吃正餐 13. a quarter past three 三点一刻 14. a quarter to seven 六点四十五 15. do (one's) homework 做家庭作业 16. have time for breakfast 17. after school 放学后 有时间吃早饭

18. half an hour/a half hour 半小时 19. get home 到家

20. either …or... 或者......或者 21. play computer games 玩电脑游戏

22. eat/ have a quick breakfast 快速地吃早饭 23. lots of/a lot of 许多

24. after dinner 正餐后 25. be good for 对......有益处 26. get/go to school 到校

27. go to bed 上床睡觉 28. clean one's room 打扫房间 29. have/take a walk 散步 30. play sports 做运动

1. What time do you go to school? 2. 一 What time do you usually take a shower. Kick? 常几点钟淋浴? —I usually take a shower at six forty. ---我通常六点四十淋浴。 3. 一 When do you go to work? —— 你什么时候去上班? 一 At eleven o’clock, so I’m never late for work. ---十一点,我上班从来没有迟到过 4. —What time do they get dressed? ---他们几点钟穿上衣服? ---他们总是七点二十穿上 ---瑞克,你通

一 They always get dressed at seven twenty. 衣服。

5. What time does your best friend go to school? 去上学?


6. When do students usually eat dinner? 学生们通常几点钟吃正餐?

一 They usually eat dinner at a quarter to seven in the evening. 通常晚上六点四十五吃正餐。 7. When I get home. I always do my homework first. 是先做家庭作业。



8. In the evening, I either watch TV or play computer games.晚上, 我有时看看电视,有时玩玩游戏。

Unit 3 How do you get to school


1. ride a bike 骑自行 2. one hundred and five —百零 3. how long 多长时 4. how far 多 5. from.. . to.从??到 6. every day 每天 7. by bike 骑自行 8. have a good day 度过美好的一 9. walk to school 步行上学 10. get to school 到(达)学校 11. take a train 乘火车 12. take a bus 乘公共汽车

13. take the subway 乘地铁 14. take a bus to school 乘公交车上学 15. get home 到家 16. by bus 乘公共汽车 17. drive one’s car to work 开车上班 18. need time to do sth. 需要时间做某事 19. a bus stop 公共汽车 20. a subway station 地铁 21. ride one’s bike to the subway station 骑自行车去地铁 22. get to one’s home 到某人的家 23. think of 想/认为 24. . by train 乘火车

25. . between…and… 在......和.......之间 26. . go on a ropeway 滑索道 27. . cross a river 过河 28. . an 11-year-old boy 一个十一岁的男孩 29. . every school day 每天上学时间 30. . play with 玩弄,与......玩

31. . be like 像......一样 32. . want to do 想做

33. . thanks for sth. 为......事而感谢你 34. . get there 到达那儿

35. . the bus ride


36. . leave home 离家 37. . from home to school 38. . by plane 乘飞机 39. . come true 实现 40. . have to do 41. . by boat 二、重点句型 1. —Hey, Dave, How do you get to school? 到校的? —I walk. How about you, Sally? ---我是步行到校的,萨丽,你呢? ---喂,戴夫,你是如何 不得不做 从家到校


I ride my bike.我是骑自行车到校的。 2. --- I ride it to school every day. How do you get to school? 天骑自行车上学,你呢? 一 I usually take the bus. ---我通常乘公交车上学. 3. How far is it from your home to school?从你家到学校有多远? 4. 一 How long does it take you to get to school? 长时间? —About 15 minutes by bike. 5. ---骑自行车大约十五分钟。 ---你到学校要用多 ---我每

—Well, have a good day at school. ---祝你在学校度过愉快的一天。 —You, too. ---你也是。

6. —How do you get to school?


—Well, I ride my bike to the subway station. Then I take the subway. ----我先骑车去地铁站,然后乘地铁去学校。 7. Do you walk or ride a bike? 你是步行还是骑自行车?

8. For many students, it is easy to get to school. 对于许多学生来 讲,上学是挺方便的。 9. There is a very big river between their school and the village. 在他 们的学校与村庄之间有一条大河。 10. There is no bridge and the river runs the quickly for boats. (河上)完全没有桥梁,而且河水湍急,不宜小船摆渡。

Unit 4 Don’t eat in class 一、重点短语
1. in class 在课堂上 2. arrive late for class 上课迟到 3. on time 准时 4. in the hallway 在走廊里 5. in the dining hall 在餐厅里 6. listen to 听 7. at school 在学校 8. be late for/ arrive late for 迟到 9. music player 音乐播放器 10. bring... to school 把??带到学校来

11. have to do 不得不做 12. wear a school uniform 穿校服 13. be quiet 安静 14. go out 外出 15. on school nights 在上学期间的晚上

16. practice the guitar 练吉他 17. do the dishes 18. make breakfast 清洗餐具 做早饭

19. make one’s bed 整理床铺 20. leave sth in... 把......丢在.......里 21. read a book 看书 22. think about 考虑 23. make rules 制订规章 24. follow the rules 遵守规章 25. Good luck ! 祝好运! 26. keep sth+ 形容词 使......保持.......状态 二、重点句型 1. Don't eat in class. 在课堂上不准吃东西。 2. Don't arrive late for class, you must be on time. 不准上课迟到,务 必守时。 3. Don’t run is the hallways. 不准在走廊内乱跑。 4. Don’t eat in the classroom. You must in the dining hall.不准在教

室里吃东西,务必在餐厅里吃东西。 5. Don’t listen to music-in class. 不准在课堂上听音乐。 6. —Can we listen to music, Cindy? —— 我们可以听音乐吗? —We can’t listen to music in the hallways, but we can listen to it outside. 一我们不可以在走廊里听音乐,但在外面可以听。 7. —Can we bring music players to school? 我们可以把音乐播放器带 到学校吗? 一 No,we can't. And we always have to wear the school uniform. -不行,而且我们总是要穿着校服。 8. 一 Does he have to wear a uniform at school? -他在学校一定要穿校 服吗? —Yes, he does. /No, he doesn't. 一 是 的 ,必须要穿校服。/不,不必 要穿校服。 9. Get up now and make your bed. 现在起床了,把床铺整理一下。 10. Don’ t leave the dirty dishes in the kitchen! 别把脏碗留在厨房里。

Unit 5 Why do you like pandas?


1. walk on

— 用某种方式行走 立着行走

2. walk on two legs

3. all day 整天 4. black and white. 花白 5. a lot 非常,很 6. let sb. do sth. 7. 让某人做某 8. want to do sth. 9. kind of 有点 10. South Africa 南非 11. really scary 确实吓人 12. be from 来自 13. Mary's words 玛丽的 14. come to 来到 15. save an animal 拯救动物 想做某

16. one of... ......的其中之一 17. a symbol of. ......的标志/象征

18. good luck 好运 19. be in (great) danger 处于(极大)危险之中 20. cut down 砍倒 21. lose one’s home 失去家园 22. be made of 由......制成 23. five -years old 五岁 24. Beijing Zoo 北京动物园

25. play soccer 踢足球 26. draw well 画得好 27. get lost

二、重点句型 1. —Let's see the pandas first. They're my favorite animals. Why? —Because they’re very cute. 咱们先看熊猫吧,我最喜欢熊猫了。 一一为什么?因为它们非常可爱。 2. Why do you want to see them? 你为什么想看它们? 3. Where are they from? He can walk on two legs. 他(指“狗”)会立着行. 4. Why don’t you like the cat? Well,because she's kind of boring, she sleeps all day. 你为什么不喜欢这猫? 因为她有点儿令人乏味,并且整天都在睡觉 5. -----Why don't you like tigers? ---Because they're really scary.

你为何不喜欢老虎巧 因为它们确实可怕。 6. —Where are lions from? ----They're from South Africa. 狮子来自什么地方?来自南非。 7. But I like tigers a lot. 但我非常與欢老虎。 8. Is it black and white? Our first flag had a white elephant on it. 我们的第一面国旗上就绘着一头白! 9. People say that “an elephant never forgets. ” 人们说大象从来不会忘记。 10. Elephants can walk for a long time and never get lost. 大象能够长时间行走,而且不迷路。 11. But elephants are in great danger. 但是大象面临巨大的危险。 12. We must save the trees and not buy things made of ivory. 我们必须拯救树木,拒买象牙制品。

Unit 6 I’m watching TV. 一、重点短语
1. use a computer 用电脑

2. make soup 做汤 3. wash the dishes 淸洗餐具 4. kind of 有点儿 5. go to the movies 希电影 6. sound good 听起来不错 7. not much 没什么大亊 8. watch TV 看电视 9. read a newspaper 看报纸 10. talk on the phone 通电话 11. listen to 听 12. wash one’s clothes 洗衣服 13. join sb. for sth 加人某人之列做某事 14. at home 在家 15. eat out 下馆子吃饭 16. let sb. do sth. 让某人做事 17. at one’s home 在某人家里 18. at half past six 在六点半 19. do one's homework 做家庭作业 20. clean one's room 打扫房间 21. play basketball 打篮球 22. on Mondays 在每周一 23. every night 每天晚 t /夜里

24. in the mornings 在(每天)早上 25. make dinner 做晚饭 26. every Saturday 每周六 27. drink/have tea 喝茶 28. after dinner 吃过晚饭后 29. a picture of 一张......的画/照片 30. a living room 起居室 31. talk show 脱口秀 32. tomorrow evening 明天晚上 33. what time 几点钟 34. on weekends 在周末

35. read a book 看书 36. watch boat races 37. make zongzi 看划船比赛

包綜子 美国 端午节

38. the United States

39. the Dragon Boat Festival 40. on TV 在电视里 41. the night before the festival 42. read sth. to sb.


把......读给某人听 看足球赛

43. watch a soccer game 44. miss sb. 想念狀人 45. wish to do 盼望做


46. a lot 非常 二、重点句型 1. 一 What are they doing? —— 他们在干什么? —They’re listening to a CD. —— 他们在听光碟。 2. That sounds good. 那听起来挺不错的。 3. —Not much,I'm just washing my clothes. What about you? 一 没 忙什么,只是在洗衣服.你呢? 4. Do you want to join me for dinner? My parents aren't at home. We can eat out. 你愿意和我一块吃晚饭吗?我爸妈不在家,我们可以下馆子吃饭。 5. —Are you doing your homework. -你在做家庭作业吗?

—Yes, I am/No,I’m not. I'm cleaning my room. 一是的/不,我在打 扫房间。 6. —Are they using the computer? 他们在使用电脑吗?

—Yes, they are/No, they aren’t. They're exercising. 一是的/不,他们 在锻炼。 7. Why are Zhu Hui's family watching boat races and making zongzi. 为何朱辉全家看划船比赛并且包粽子呢? 8. . " so it’s like any other night for Zhu Hui and his host family.

所以对朱辉和他的房东家人来说,今晚和平时的晚上是一样的。 9. but there’s still “no place like home. ” 但是“千好,万好,不

如自己的家好。” 10. Zhu Hui misses his family and wishes to have his mom's delicious zongzi. 朱辉非常想家并盼望着能吃到到妈妈包的美味粽子。




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