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Module 3 Literature Section Ⅰ Introduction & Reading and


03 课后演练提能


Ⅰ. 单词拼写

1. This is the house where the famous ________ (小说家) was born.


2. It was ________ (残酷的) of you to frighten the poor boy like that.


3. The girl in the shop is always

________ (热切的) to please each



4. She went over and tried one of the handles, but the cupboard was ________



5. Wood explains how the opening ________ (场面) of the movie goes through

this history.


6. Most new babies will want to be f________ every few hours.


7. As soon as they sat down they were s________ with steaming bowls of soup.


8. All but a few would advise you to s________ the chance and profit from



9. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will help you to keep



10. She must be growing; she's got a big a________.


Ⅱ. 选词填空

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KK12 配套学习资料

as if, in a...voice, in astonishment, no sooner...than, hold on to, take


, stare at

1. He watched the game ________ for a while. “I can hardly believe my eyes!” he exclaimed.
答案:in astonishment 2. He announced the news ______ high ______ to the people present at the meeting. 答案:in a; voice 3. ______ had we set out ______ a thunder storm broke. 答案:No sooner;than 4. The evening party will ________ on New Year's Eve. 答案:take place 5. It's not polite to ________ a girl in the face. 答案:stare at 6. I can remember it well ________ it were yesterday. 答案:as if 7. She was ________ having her orders instantly obeyed. 答案:used to 8. He ________ the rock to stop himself slipping. 答案:held on to Ⅲ. 完成句子 1. The library ________________, but it'll have to wait until Sunday. 图书馆需要打扫,但是得等到周日。 答案:needs cleaning 2. The chair doesn't ________________, as I have decided to ______ it ______, ________________ a new one. 那把椅子不需要修理,因为我已经决定把它扔了,给新的腾出空间。 答案:need repairing;throw;away;making room for 3. The woman stared at the stranger ______________,who was in her house. 那个女人吃惊地盯着那个在她家里的陌生人。 答案:in astonishment 4. ______________ , he shouted to me ______ anger. I looked at him ______________, forgetting what to say.
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令我吃惊的是,他竟然生气地朝我大喊。我害怕地看着他,忘记了要说什么。 答案:To my astonishment;in;in fear 5. Monica and Paul walked to the door and ______________________ so that others couldn't hear. 莫妮卡和保罗走到门口,低声交谈,其他人听不见。 答案:talked in a low voice 6. __________ we reached the station ______ the train left. 我们刚到车站,火车就开了。 答案:No sooner had;than Ⅳ. 单句语法填空(不多于 3 个单词) 1. So sudden ________ the attack that the enemy had no time to escape. 答案:was 句意:袭击是如此突然以至于敌人根本没有时间逃跑。so...that...引导 结果状语从句,so 修饰的部分提前到句首时,主句要用部分倒装;the attack 是句子的主 语,形容词 sudden 是表语,故用系动词 was。 2. Only when he comes back __________ you __________(leave)the room. 答案:can;leave 句意:只有当他回来时,你才能离开房间。only+状语从句位于句 首,主句要用部分倒装;when 引导的时间状语从句用一般现在时,主句应该用一般将来时。 3. Not once ________ it ______(occur) to Michael that he could one day become a top student in his class. 答案:did;occur 句意:迈克尔从来没有想过有一天他会成为班上的优等生。否定词 置于句首时,句子用部分倒装。 4. The headmaster will not permit the holiday in the month, nor ______he even ______ (give) it a thought. 答案:will;give 句意:校长不会同意这个月的假期的,他甚至连考虑也不会考虑。 nor 用于否定句之后,引导另一含相似意义的否定句,意为“也不”,此时 nor 所在的句子 应用部分倒装;再根据前一句的时态可知,应用将来时。 5. It was with the help of the teacher ________ the student caught up with others. 答案:that 句意:在老师的帮助下,那个学生赶上了其他人。此题是强调结构 It was...that...,被强调部分为 with the help of the teacher,正确答案为该结构中的 that。 6. At no time ______ they actually break the rules of the game. It was unfair to punish them. 答案:did 句意:实际上他们从来没有违反比赛的规则。惩罚他们是不公平的。at no time 意为“决不;从不,任何时刻都不”,当其位于句首时句子应该用部分倒装结构;根
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据第二个句子的时态可知,此处应该用过去时态。 7. —Was it by reading and writing more __________ she improved English? —Yes. 答案:that 句意:——她是通过多读、多写而提高了英语吗?——是的。问句是强调
句的一般疑问句式“Was it+被强调部分+that/who...?”,此处强调的是方式状语,缺 少的是该句式中的 that。
8. Among the students __________(sit)a professor. 答案:sits 句意:一位教授坐在学生们中间。本题是一个全部倒装句,主语为 a professor。 9. John opened the door. There ________ (stand), a stranger he didn't know. 答案:stood 句意:约翰打开门,门外站着一个他不认识的陌生人。there 位于句首 时句子用全部倒装。 10. It was by working hard ________ she succeeded. 答案:that 句意:正是通过努力工作她才获得成功。本句是“It is/was...that...” 强调句型,强调方式状语 by working hard。
[提升·实战能力] Ⅴ. 完形填空 Over a hundred years ago, in a Scottish seasideW1 inn, a group of fishermen were relaxing after a long day __1__ . As a serving maid was walking __2__ the fishermen's table with a pot of tea, one of the men made a sweeping __3__ to describe the size of the fish he had caught.His hand had a collisionW2 with the teapot and sent it __4__ against the whitewashed wall,where its contents left a(n) __5__ brown spot. Standing nearby, the innkeeper surveyed the damage. “That stainW3 will never come off ,”he said in discomfortP1.“The whole wall will have to be __6__ .”
“Perhaps not.” All eyes __7__ the stranger who had just spoken. “What do you mean?” asked the innkeeper. “Let me work with the __8__ ,” said the stranger, standing up from his table in the corner. “If my work __9__ your approval, you won't need to repaint the wall.”
The stranger __10__ a box and went to the wall. Opening the box, he withdrewW4 pencils, __11__ , and various colours. He began to draw lines around the stain and fill it in here and there with different colours. __12__ a picture began to appear. The stain of __13__ had been turned intoP2 the picture of a deer with a magnificent pair of antlers. At the bottom of the picture, the man __14__
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his name. Then he paid forP3 his __15__ and left.

The innkeeper was __16__ when he examined the wall.“Do you know who that

man was ? ” he said in amazement P4 .“The signature __17__ ‘E.H.

Landseer!’” Indeed, they had been visited by the __18__ painter of wildlife,

Sir Edwin Landseer. God wants to take the stains and disappointments of our life

and not __19__ erase them, but rather turn them into a thing of __20__ .



1. A. on the river

B. in the lake

C. in town

D. at sea

答案:D 根据就餐地点和顾客们谈话的内容可以确定,应该是在海上劳作了一天。

2. A. on

B. past

C. over

D. through

答案:B 根据情景推断,服务员应该是从餐桌旁经过。past 是介词。

3. A. movement

B. signal

C. gesture

D. fly

答案:C 说话者当时挥舞着手,通过手势描述鱼的大小。

4. A. crashing B. sliding

C. flowing

D. running

答案:A 此时的茶壶经过碰撞以后已经脱手,因此是 crashing(摔向……)。

5. A. regular

B. irregular

C. beautiful

D. popular

答案:B 由情景推断,茶渍在墙上留下的应该是不规则的污点,因此是 irregular。

6. A. repainted

B. repaired

C. removed

D. rebuilt

答案:A 前面已经提到了 whitewashed wall,与污点形成很大反差,一般的解决办法

应该是重新刷墙以便恢复原貌,即 repainted。

7. A. fell onto

B. glared at

C. turned to

D. looked upon

答案:C 在大家都为此感到束手无策的时候,传来这样的声音,当然引起大家注意,


8. A. stain

B. teapot

C. picture

D. paint

答案:A stain 污点,前边已出现。stranger 要处理的,就是墙上的这个污点。

9. A. permits

B. supports

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C. meets

D. needs

答案:C 假如我的工作随你的意(approval 意为“同意”),用 meets 与之搭配。

10. A. put up

B. set up

C. brought up

D. made up

答案:C 考虑当时情境,应该是从饭桌上站起来,拿起(自己常用的)工具箱走向墙边。

11. A. papers

B. brushes

C. knives

D. boards

答案:B 根据其职业特点和后来所做的事情(draw)推断,brushes 应该是必不可少的

用具。与后面的 draw lines 形成照应。

12. A. However

B. Therefore

C. Soon

D. Meanwhile

答案:C 很显然,画家一动手,“不久”图画就出现了。

13. A. soup

B. porridge

C. juice

D. tea

答案:D 污点是“tea(茶水)”留下的。与前边的 teapot 相照应。

14. A. stressed

B. signed

C. drew

D. covered

答案:B 画家的职业习惯,画完以后要签名。后面出现的 signature 是一个提示信息。

15. A. meal

B. damage

C. fish

D. work

答案:A 他在饭店用完餐,付的肯定是饭费。其余选项不符合逻辑,也不符合当时的


16. A. puzzled

B. worried

C. astonished

D. embarrassed

答案:C 酒店老板听说过这位画家,因此感到惊讶。

17. A. means

B. shows

C. speaks

D. reads

答案:D 签名写的是(reads)E.H.Landseer。reads 是主动形式表示被动意义。

18. A. well?known

B. unknown

C. common

D. special

答案:A 由文章可知是“著名的”野生动物画家。

19. A. hardly

B. merely

C. deliberately

D. rarely

答案:B 对于人们生活中的污点和失望上帝接受了,但是不急于把它们擦掉,而是将

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20. A. honesty

B. kindness

C. beauty

D. art

答案:C 尽管事实上是艺术品,但在这里它的意义已经高于艺术的范畴,成为美的化


Ⅵ. 阅读理解

[2014·福建高考] Perhaps you think you could easily add toP1 your happiness with

more money. Strange as it may seem, if you're unsatisfied, the issue is not a lack

of means to meet your desires but a lackP2 of desires—not that you cannot satisfy

your tastes but that you don't have enough tastes.

Real riches consistP3 of well?developed and hearty capacities (能力) to

enjoy life. Most people are already swamped (淹没) with things. They eat,









Your house of life ought to be a mansion (豪宅), a royal palace. Every new

taste, every additionalW1 interest, every fresh enthusiasmW2 adds a room. Here are

several rooms your house of life should have.

Art should be a desire for you to develop simply because the world is full

ofP4 beautiful things. If you only understood how to enjoy them and feed your spirit

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on them, they would make you as happy as to find plenty of ham and eggs when you're


Literature, classic literature, is a beautiful, richly furnishedW3 room

where you might find many an hour of rest and refreshmentW4. To gain that love

would go toward making you a rich person, for a rich person is not someone who has

a library but who likes a library.

Music like Mozart's and Bach's shouldn't be absent. Real riches are of the

spirit.And when you've brought that spirit up to where classical music feeds it and

makes you a little drunk,you have increased your thrills and bettered them. And

life is a matter of thrills.

Sports, without which you remain poor, mean a lot in life. No matter who you

are, you would be more human, and your house of life would be better supported

against the bad days, if you could, and did, play a bit.

Whatever rooms you might add to your house of life, the secret of enjoying life

is to keep adding.



1. The author intends to tell us that


A. true happiness lies in achieving wealth by fair means

B. big houses are people's most valued possessions

C. big houses can in a sense bring richness of life

D. true happiness comes from spiritual riches


有,所以正确答案为 D 项。

2. The underlined sentence in the second paragraph probably implies that


A. however materially rich, they never seem to be satisfied

B. however materially rich, they remain spiritually poor

C. though their house is big, they prefer a simple life

D. though their house is big, it seems to be a cage


而他们的生命之家依然是个简陋的小房子”和 B 项“不管物质上多富有,他们在精神上仍然

很贫穷”的内容接近。故选 B 项。

3. It can be learned from the passage that ________


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KK12 配套学习资料 A. more money brings more happiness B. art is needed to make your house beautiful C. literature can enrich your spiritual life D. sports contribute mainly to your physical fitness 答案:C'推理判断题。根据文章第五段可以推断“文学能丰富你的生活”,故答案为 C
项。A 项为无关信息。从文章中的信息可以看出,art 可以丰富你的精神生活,而不是美化 你的房子,所以 B 项错误。sports 也可以丰富精神生活,而不仅仅是使身体健康,所以 D 项错误。
4. What would be the best title for the passage? A. House of Life B. Secret of Wealth C. Rest and Refreshment D. Interest and Enthusiasm 答案:A'主旨大意题。本文主要讲述精神生活的心灵之“墅”,关键词就是“house of life”,故答案为 A 项。
Ⅶ. 短文改错 Dear Brown,
Last summer I take a part?time job in the International Camp for children. I have been told one more worker will be needed in this year and I think you are fit to it. How about join us? The camp is at the foot of a small hill close to a river. 配套学习资料 K12 页脚内容

KK12 配套学习资料 It is so a beautiful place! We can hear birds singing happy all around. Everybody sleeps in tents, that is very exciting. We usually work only five hours a day, so we will have plenty of spare time visit the area and have a fun. I am sure it will be an unforgettable experience. If you have interests in it, reply to me soon.
Yours, Tom
答案: Dear Brown,
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