写作常用句型与过渡词语 1.表示开头的句型 . development ·with the improvement rise growth recognition realization acknowledgement of ..., we learn know see find feel that ...

例文 With the development of traffic tools, the communication between us becomes more and more frequent. No matter where your friends and relatives live, it is always very easy to pay a visit to them if you would like. Therefore, when you meet an old friend on a strange street, you may exclaim: " Oh, what a small world." ·With the rapid amazing marked development increase growth expansion of economy, China has become increasingly prosperous

例文 With the help of the computer, this project was completed much earlier than planned. With a will of iron and a heart of love, Mother Teresa served the dying and desperate in India and around the world. ·Some people believe say maintain advocate advise hold think claim that..., while others say believe maintain think claim advocate argue propose that...

例文 Some people say the most important element to success is the luck, while others claim it is hard work. There is no doubt that successful people take advantage of opportunities. But if a man does nothing but wait for the chance to come will achieve anything but success. ·Now people in growing increasing significant numbers are beginning coming to realize recognize understand accept be aware

that... 例文 Now people in growing numbers are coming to recognize that the business spirit, which carries in its torrential course so many of the talents and energies of men into money - making, has shaped our culture and influenced our ideals and aspirations as a people.

For some time..., it has been... 例文 For some time in the past it has been widely accepted that babiesand other creatureslearn to do things because certain acts lead to "rewards": and there is no reason to doubt that this is true. But it used also to be widely believed that effective reward, at least in the early stages, had to be directly related to such basic physiological(生理)"drives" as thirst or hunger. In other words, a baby would learn if he got food or drink of some sort of physical comfort, not otherwise. ·According to recent survey poll study report research , there have occurred...

例文 According to a Worldwide Wildlife Fund report, by 1970, only about 4,500 tigers survived throughout the world-half of them in India. · as far as...is concerned When it comes to... In the case of 就……来说

例文 In the case of man, the difficulties with the environmental concept are even more complicated because we have to deal with man as an animal and with man as a bearer of culture. ·Researchers have established proved indicated shown declared claimed found announced made it known that...

例文 Researchers have established that when people are mentally engaged, biochemical changes occur in the brain that allow it to act more effectively in cognitive areas such as attention and memory. This is true regardless of age. ·It has been well known believed found proved reported estimated demanded agreed that...人们发现,据报道,据估计

例文 It is agreed that they enjoy making noises, and that during the first few months one or two

noises sort themselves out as particularly indicative of delight, distress, sociability, and so on. But since these cannot be said to show the baby's intention to communicate, they can hardly be regarded as early forms of language. It is agreed, too, that from about three months they play with sounds for enjoyment, and that by six months they are able to add new sounds to their repertoire. · A proverb says... As the old Chinese saying goes... Many people often ask this question... As we all know... As far as I know... · Various views exist as to... It goes without saying... No one can deny that... There is no doubt that... We must recognize that... What is more serious is that... Others may find this to be true, but I do not. I believe that... We might marvel at In spite of/despite the great giant extraordinary tremendous 常言道…… 中国有句古话…… 许多人常提出这个问题…… 据我所知……

关于……有许多说法 人们都承认……

毫无疑问…… 我们必须认识到…… 更为严重的是…… 别人也许觉得这个主张是正确的,但我不,我认 为…… progress stride advance made in


science and technology nearly every field

, but...remain

basically unchanged the same as it was as...as ever they were

例文 We might marvel at the progress made in every field of study, but the methods of testing a person's knowledge and ability remain as primitive as ever they were. It is extraordinary that after all these years, educationists have still failed to devise anything more efficient and reliable than examinations. · “...” how often we hear we are used to hearing many people have heard college student official housewife father such statement words complaint described commented complained criticized ... as this

·“...”That's how one

例文 "All I have learnt in college is junk." -- That's how one college graduate described his frustration in looking for a job. He is hardly alone in the experience. Actually there are thousands

of college graduates who complain that the degree they took away can't help them to secure a rewarding job, and the knowledge they acquired in class can't be transformed into useful job skills. · “Why do have ...?”Many people often ask pose raise the question like this

例文 "Why does the idea of progress loom so large in the modern world?" Many people often ask the question like this. Surely it is because progress of a particular kind is actually taking place around us and is becoming more and more manifest. Although mankind has undergone no general improvement in morality, it has made extraordinary progress in knowledge and technology. · Perhap s Maybe , we should it is time to rethink reexamine have a fresh look at the idea value attitude wisdom desirability talk complain argue of...

·One of the

biggest issues hottest topics most popular things most serious problems

many people

about now is ...

例文 One of the most popular topics many city residents talk about now is the tide of the rural poor flooding the cities. They complain that the migrants have brought crime and prostitution, that they are putting pressure on population control and social order: that they are threatening to take already scarce city jobs and exacerbating housing shortages; and that they have worsened traffic and sanitation problems. True, these are the problems posed by the migration, but what about the contribution the rural workers have made to the city's development and prosperity? ·One of the searching burning pressing interesting exciting urgent problems questions facing confronting our nation society world today is ...

例文 One of the basic questions facing our society today is: What promise or threat does new technology hold for our global future? Since the decision our society makes about technological development will undoubtedly have tremendous consequences in the years to come it is urgently necessary to explore this question, especially by examining science and technology in their relationship to the development of humanity.


·There is a

public general much considerable

debate discussion controversy argument

nowadays today at present

concerning on about over as to that...

the problem of .... Those who

criticize oppose object to


contend argue say maintain nation society world college


Now Perhaps Nowadays

, the most

dangerous undesirable harmful.

for our

is the

trend tendency phenomenon

of ... which is

apparent obvious evident pervasive rampant under way


例文 perhaps most dangerous for our nation now is the official corruption which is rampant in nearly every field of our society. Once our officials were content with television sets or imported cigarettes as payment for official services, they now demand land rights, stock certificates, and even directly dollars. ·All reliable data statistic evidence scientific observations available information undoubted facts pile up to show justify points to lend support to the fact view that...

例文 All available evidence points to the fact that more and more young people are declaring their allegiance to traditional values. Traditional weddings seem to be making a comeback, for example. But this is only a partial, not a complete, reversal. ·One may attribute ascribe owe the increase decrease change growth change recognition realization


·These factors, coupled with the


lead to contribute to result in help



Many Various Several


weigh affect

heavily greatly

for against in favor of


例文 Two factors weigh heavily against the effectiveness of scientific research in industry. One is the general atmosphere of secrecy in which it is carried out, the other the lack of freedom of the individual research worker. In so far as any study is a secret one, it naturally limits all those engaged in carrying it out with effective contact with their fellow scientists. ·Recently the rise in phenomenon of problem of questions of ... has drawn/aroused caused// aroused loomed up

public/popular/grave/ wide/general/considerable

world-wide attention/concern

例文 Recently, the alarm about the problem of the use of genetic technologies on human beings have caused wide public concern, and understandably so. With nuclear energy threatening global catastrophe and with so many other technological advances visibly damaging the quality of life, who would wish to have scientists tampering with man's inner nature? Indeed, fear of such manipulation may arouse even more anxiety than fear of death. ·In recent few years the past few decades , there is has been a

sharp/ marked / sudden / dramatic astonishing / increasing / sizable

increase / growth/ rise / decline number/ percentage/ proportion / population

in ...

of ...

例文 In recent years, there is an increasing number of people, especially young people, who show little interest in correcting social inequalities and injustices. According to a national poll last year, eighteen to twenty-nine year-olds agreed by large percentages that young people today are "less idealistic" and "more selfish", and that they are less concerned with the problems of society than with their own personal future. · Recently Nowadays Currently In the past few years So far , there has been a general widespread growing widely-held concern worry realization belief trend feeling that ...


attitude ·Recently the problem issue question of ... has been in the limelight/brought into focus brought public attention posed among the general public

例文 The problem of development vs. environment has now been in the limelight. Nowhere is the clash more visible than in China, where the world's largest population faces pollution, deforestation and acid rain on a large scale. · How do you What do you Do you ever answer reply think of ... ? How do you What do you Do you ever see ... ?


to these questions, we must...

例文 How do we think of the heavy burden a student has to carry from kindergarten through graduate school? How do we measure success in education? How does education affect not only labour skills but the quality of life? In seeking answers to such questions, there is much room —— indeed necessity —— for consideration and robust debate. ·They believe that ... But people who advocate favour ..., on the other hand,

maintain assert


例文 There is much discussion today about whether fast economic growth is desirable. Those who criticize economic growth argue that we must slow down. They believe that society is approaching certain limits on growth. These include the fixed supply of natural resources, and the possible negative effects of industry on the natural environment. People who want more economic growth, on the other hand, argue that even at the present growth rate there are still many poor people. illustrate prove show this point, let us consider ask why look first at develop argument


·There is/ are

a common belief that reason why a popular belief that many factors that no denying that


There is a popular belief among parents that schools are no longer interested in spelling. No school I have taught in has ever ignored spelling or considered it unimportant as a basic skill. There are, however, vastly different ideas about how to teach it, or how much priority it must be given over general language development and writing ability. The problem is, how to encourage a child to express himself freely and confidently in writing without holding him back with the complexities of spelling? curious interesting unusual considerable tremendous natural interesting paradox discovery finding

·It is a

that ... .

It is

for ... to ...

例文 It's very interesting to note where the debate about diversity is taking place. It is taking place primarily in political circles. Here at the College Fund, we have a lot of contact with top corporate leaders; none of them is talking about getting rid of those instruments that produce diversity. In fact, they say that if their companies are to compete in the global village and in the global market place, diversity is an imperative. · Many authors have argued for ... We find/ feel/ know that

例文 Many authors have argued for the inevitability of war from the premise. that in the struggle for existence among animal species, only the fittest survive. In general, however, this struggle in nature is competition, not conflict. Social animals, such as monkeys and cattle, fight to win or maintain leadership of the group. · The question of whether war is inevitable The concept/ question of "environment" The significance/ importance of ... is ...

例文 The question of whether war is inevitable is one which has concerned many of the world's great writers. Before considering this question, it will be useful to introduce some related concepts. Conflict, defined as opposition among social entities directed against one another, is distinguished from competition, defined as opposition among social entities independently striving for something which is in inadequate supply. 2. 表示承上启下、段落发展的句型 表示承上启下、 idea ·My may be expressed as follows: opinion view reason viewpoint plan

·We may

cite quote mention take point out have possess opinion idea view theory various many different several a number of a variety of a great many may be

an single common another additional extra further

example of


supported proved born out


facts details statistics the fact that decrease fall growth change decline increase

·There are

effects causes reasons implications views arguments

for this

sharp dramatic marked significant extraordinary

in … Firstly …, Secondly …, Finally …, 例文 Every sword has two blades. Problems do exist in some college students' two-day weekend. Some Lazy students may spend most of the time sleeping, doing nothing else. Some may he addicted to playing cards, drinking, leaving their homework far away. Therefore, the two-day weekend can bring nothing useful to them. ·The answer to explanation of complex complicated interrelated For one thing Some , ... this problem phenomenon factors reasons involves many several

For another Others


Still another Still others

例文(a) The factors for a big rise in the teenage smoking are complex. Some attribute it to the increased standard of living which enables kids to have more pocket money than ever before. others place the blame on the neglectful parents who tolerate and sometimes even encourage their kids smoking. Still others complain of the sharp increase in cigarette advertising and tobacco imports which give young people easy access to Marlboro, Kent and Parliament. Whatever the causes, only particular external. 例文(b)

The advantage of the education system in Japan is that students there learn the social skill of cooperation. Another advantage is that they learn much more math and science than most American students. They also study more hours each day and more days each year than their North American counterparts do. The system is demanding, but it prepares children for a society that values discipline and self-control. There are, however, disadvantages. For one thing, many students say that after an exam, they forget much of the information they memorized. For another, the extremely demanding system puts enormous psychological pressure on students, and is considered a primary factor in the high suicide rate among Japanese school-age children. .Why is...? 例文 Why is America lagging behind in the global PR race? First, Americans as a whole tend to be fairly provincial and take more of an interest in local affairs. Knowledge of world geography, for example, has never been strong in this country. Secondly, Americans lag behind their European and Asian counterparts in knowing a second language. Less than 5 percent of Burson-Marshall's U.S. employees know two languages. ·Why have are did For one thing, …. One reason is … reason is ... For another, … Another reason is …


·Perhaps the

most important main primary crucial essential result in give rise to lead to bring create a

·It may

Lot host set

of problems


Main Leading Underlying Root Lead to Bring Entail Involve Cause Lead Give rise to Bring about some

reason cause

for ... is ....

This will

serious dreadful pernicious terrible horrible awful alarming




Additionally Moreover What is more Furthermore In addition Besides Apart from


例文 We must choose from among the clothing presented by our society. Furthermore, our choice is limited to a size that will fit, as well as by our pocket book ... Having made a choice within these limits we can have certain alterations made, but apart from minor adjustments, we tend to be limited to what the stores have on their racks. Statuses too come ready made, and the range of choice among them is limited. · However Yet Notwithstanding Nevertheless In contrast 可是,然而

例文 After a year or so, however, I still hadn't gotten a break and began to doubt myself. It was so hard to sell a story that barely made enough to eat. ·To my surprise delight horror Due to Thanks to Owing to Because of In view to 让我感到……的是


the fact that 因为……


On the grounds that Because Given Considering As far as As much as



I see 就我所知……

例文 "As much as I honor this award," Steve said, "there's someone who deserves it more than I do." The crowd fell silent. "Everything I accomplished this season, and everything the team accomplished, is thanks to one person." he turned to Michael. "Michael, you always said I was your hero, If I were half the man you are, I would be proud, because there is no doubt that you

are my hero." ·not that ... , but that ... 不是因为……而是因为…… · succeed in doing sth. try successfully to do sth. managed to do sth. make it to do sth. 做成某事

例文 I want to conduct my own defense in court, but as soon as my father found out what had happened, he hired a very good solicitor. We went along that Monday armed with all kinds of witnesses, including my English teacher from school as a character witness. But he was never called to give evidence. My 'trial' didn't get that far. The magistrate dismissed the case after fifteen minutes. I was free. The poor police had never stood a chance. The solicitor even succeeded in getting costs awarded against the police. · Given Provided that Providing that As/So long as On condition of 如果……


There is every chance that Chances are that It is most likely that It is probable that There's no doubt that


例文 Given the obscure nature of the charge, I feel sure that if I had come from a different background, and had really been unemployed, there is every chance that I would have been found guilty. ·The increase decline change success failure mainly stems/result/arises/comes from is chiefly cause by/because of/born of is largely due/owing/attributable to the fact that ...

例文 The increase in social costs (e.g. environmental pollution, unemployment and unplanned urbanization) mainly results from the failure of people to include these variables in their calculations of cost efficiency. Such a failure is due, partially at least, to the fact that many industries or areas have not, until recently, been held accountable for these social costs. ·Perhaps the main primary fundamental most important reason is ...


A good case in point is ... As ... , other ...



As ... but in addition 例文 A good case in point is the white-tailed deer. Like most wildlife, deer reproduce, grow, and store fat in the summer and fall when there is plenty of nutritious food available. 3.用于结尾的句型 . All in all Therefore In one word On the whole To sum up In general Generally speaking In conclusion


, we can

learn say know be sure maintain advocate

that ...

例文 To sum up, unchecked population growth is not merely an annoying problem exaggerated by pessimists who always worry about the future. It is, on the contrary, the most serious problem humanity faces today. Hunger and starvation, environmental destruction, and increasing human tensions and irritability — these are the certain results if we are not able to solve it. ·All available indisputable reliable striking statistical important necessary essential fundamental evidence goes to show that points to the fact that piles up to show that lends support to the view that …

·It is


effective quick proper powerful more

action steps measure remedies

should be taken to

deal with cope with prevent correct check end fight


problem tendency phenomenon situation attitude state conditions circumstance method solution recipe remedy can be taken found at hand guaranteed


easy quick new instant


deal with cope with tackle attack

effective immediate significant

way approach means step measures public general common recognition realization awareness of the


the problem of ... , but the

necessity importance significance essence

of ... might be the first step towards ... ·All in all, it is hoped advised suggested recommended maintained advocated that persistent continuous unending consistent sustained corporate persevering of ... efforts should be made to

curb check halt control promote


worsening situation decline increase rise

·It is, therefore,

apparent clear obvious no surprising evident no wonder natural self-evident attention efforts emphasis consideration


job task issue

of ...

involves demands requires deserves claims

considerable immediate great serious wide full-scale ·There is no

doubt denying

that attention must be

paid called

to the

problem shortage

of …



devoted given


例文 There is no doubt that adequate attention must be paid to the improvement of recreative possibilities in the neighborhood of the him and the urban environment must offer as many recreation activities as possible. For an important part of time which we do not pass in sleeping or working is used for activities at and around home. · From what's been discussed above Taking into account all the factors Judging from all evidence offered we may safely reasonably arrive at come to reach craw gain the conclusion moral that ...


When comparing ... Although doing something ... White admitting that when ...

the conclusions are ...

例文 When comparing men and women in the matter of fashion, the conclusions to be drawn are obvious. Do the constantly changing fashions of women's clothes, one wonders, reflect basic qualities of inconstancy and instability? Men are too clever to let themselves be cheated by fashion designers. Do their unchanging styles of dress reflect basic qualities of stability and reliability? That is for you to decide. · Consequently All in all, As a final comment, Finally, A conclusion from is that Hence As mentioned above, the only possibility to ... would be ... In summary, To sum up, On this background, it was concluded that What is essential, however, is ... to be In a word, The result is dependent on Thus, this is the reason why we must In brief, At last,

总之, 结果, 总而言之, 一言以蔽之,


At length In conclusion, From this paint of view, On account of this we can find that To summarize, As a result, In short, 例文 In a word, I think the interview will do good to both the interviewer and the interviewee. By an interview the interviewer can find a suitable person if both of them make the best of the job interview. ·It is high time we put urged an immediate end to the deplorable undesirable deep-seated unhealthy terrible situation phenomenon tendency circumstance

例文 It is high time that we urged an immediate end to this deplorable phenomenon. Our colleges and universities should be more willing to shoulder their responsibilities to students and their families. But too often, these responsibilities have been evaded. This we cannot afford.