1.假如你准备参加《中国日报》组织的题为“ Nothing Is Small”的中学生短文比赛,比赛 要求简要描述下列三幅画的内容,并陈述你画中悟出的道理。

参考生词:1. 道钉:rail spike 2. 烟头:butt 3. 管涌:tube fountain 4. 灾难:disaster 注意:1. 短文应包括图中提供的信息,可适当发挥,行文连贯、完整; 2. 字数:120 左右。 答案: Nothing Is Small In our daily life, some great disasters frequently happen not because of something big but something small. As are shown in the pictures, a train is turned over because a rail spike is loose without being fastened; a great forest fire breaks out because of alighted butt thrown without being put out; a great dam is destroyed as a result of a tube fountain in a dam without being found out, which have all caused a great loss to both people and society. We can learn, from the above examples, that nothing is small in our work and life and any behavior of carelessness or no responsibility or a small fault will result in great damage or disaster. So we should be very strict with ourselves and learn to be responsible and careful in our life and work. 2.第二节 书面表达: (满分 25 分) 假如你是一名高三年级学生。你发现班上有些同学晚上学习到深夜,白天也不安排休息 时间,但往往课堂上昏昏欲睡;有些同学饮食习惯不好,不吃早餐。请你写一篇发言稿,在 班会上劝同学们合理安排作息时间,注意健康饮食,保证学习好、身体好。 注意:发言稿须包含上述要点,但可适当发挥,使讲话完整通顺。 答案:

It’s a pleasure for me to have a chance to make a short speech today. Recently, I have found that some of our classmates study late into the night and do not spare any time to take a rest during the day either, but they often cannot help falling asleep in class. And some classmates seldom have breakfast, which is also a bad habit and will surely do harm to their health. In my opinion, it’s extremely important for us to have enough sleep and a proper diet. We must learn to make wise use of our time, and only in this way can we keep fit and study well. I wonder if you agree with me.

Thank you for listening!

3.因 H1N1 流感病毒在全球迅速漫延,为了避免这种病毒在你校传播,作为校广播员的你,代 表学生会向全校学生作如下宣传,内容如下: 1.注意个人卫生,经常使用肥皂和清水洗手; 2.要有充足的睡眠,勤于锻炼; 3.要减少学习压力,注意足够营养; 4.避免前往拥挤场所,不要到处扔垃圾 注意:格式已经给出,120 词左右。 Boys and girls, ____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Student Union 答案: Boys and girls, May I have an attention, please? It is well known that new H1N1 flu virus is spreading all over the world. In order to prevent the virus from happening in our school, every student should pay attention to the following: First, we should focus on our personal hygiene and frequently wash hands with soap and clean water. Second, although we have much knowledge to learn, we’d better have adequate sleep and often do physical exercise. Third, reducing stress on study and keeping proper nutrition are important as well. Finally, the school requests every student to avoid going to crowded places, for example, net bars, and not throw rubbish here and there. I hope everyone has a healthy and meaningful life in our school. Student Union

4.假如你叫李华,暑假你去英国旅游,可是回国后发现你的相机落在旅馆了,所以你需要给 旅馆负责人写一封信。内容包括: 1. 入住时间:7 月 7 日—7 月 11 日;房间号:603; 2. 相机:型号 Canon Ixus860, 白色;你的 16 岁生日礼物,很重要; 3. 请他/她帮你寻找并寄回,并表示感谢; 4. 你的地址在信封上。 注意:1. 词数:100 左右; 2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3. 开头和结尾已给出,但不计入总词数。 Dear Sir or Madam, ____________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ I am looking forward to your early reply! Yours, Li Hua


5.某英文网站正在开展关于填报志愿时首先考虑专业还是学校的讨论。请你根据 下面所给的要点提示,用英语写一篇短文,描述学生中存在的两种看法,并谈谈 你自己的看法,将此文在该网站的 BBS 上发表。
观点 理由 1 首先选择专业 1.可以学习自己感兴趣的东西; 2.便于将来从事自己喜爱的工作。 2 首先选择大学 1.学习环境对人的成长很重要; 2.名牌大学的毕业生在求职时常会受到青睐。 3 你的看法(内容由考生自己拟定) 注意:1. 词数:100 左右。开头已为你写好,不计入总词数; 2. 内容可适当发挥,注意行文连贯。 Every student will be faced with the question after he passes the college entrance examinations: Should we choose a good major or a good university first? ________________ 答案: Every student will be faced with the question when he passes the college entrance examinations: Should we choose a good major or a good university first? Some students prefer to consider majors first so that they can learn what they are interested in. It will also make it possible for them to take their favorite jobs in the future. However, those who think differently believe that the environment is important to one’s development and that graduates from leading universities are often more likely to find a good job. In my opinion, the best choice is a good major at a good university. If we cannot obtain both, the first thing to consider is a good major, because no matter where we study, we can still achieve a lot in a certain field if we try our best. 6.最近几年来越来越多的大学生加入打工的队伍。请你结合下表,就这一现象写一篇短文。 1、根据最近的调查,约 25%的大学生打零工。 现象 2、在暑假里,这一数字将增至 72%。 3、大学生做的零活有家教、服务员、销售员等。 1、想赚钱支付一部分日益增长的学费。 原因 2、想经济上独立,买一些自己喜欢的东西。 1、能获取工作经验,拓宽视野。 意义 2、能给大学生提供一个了解外部世界的机会

注意: 1. 字数:120 左右;2.参考词汇:家教 tutor; 学费 tuition; 3.开头已经给出 According to a recent survey, about 25 percent of college students have a part-time job. 答案:

7.2008 年春节前,中国十几个省份遭受了 50 年不遇的冰雪灾害。假如 你是李华,你 的国外朋友 Steve 发来电子邮件向你了解受灾情况。请你把受灾情况(水、电、媒、交通等方 面)向 Steve 进行介绍,并告诉他在政府的领导和各方的大力支援下,现在情况有了很大的好 转,人们过着幸福安康的生活。 注意:1,词数 100 左右。 2. 信的开头以给出。但不计入总词数。

Dear Steve, Your letter has reached me.


Dear Steve, Your letter has reached me. The severe snowstorm has struck more than ten provinces in central and south China. There has never been so long and so heay a snowstorm in the past 50 years. In those provinces, nearly all the water and electricity supplies are damaged or even destroyed. Moreover, the electricity plants are not prepared for such a snow storm and they didn’t store enough coal before hand. Worse still, all the high ways are covered with deep snow or ice so almost all the transportation has come to a stop. Even some of the airports are closed. People ’s life is greatly affected. In spite of all this, the government called on the whole nation to support the places hit by the bad weather. Many PLA men, policemen and technical workers are struggling where they are badly needed. Thanks to the leadership of our Party, the whole situation is now returning to normal

8.题目:The Good of Reading Books 要点:1.世人都说金子好,而我认为读书才是无价宝; 2.读书使人充实、完美,知识使社会进步; 3.要坚持活到老,学到老。 要求:1.分三段书写; 2.字数 100 左右。 答案: The Good of Reading Books In this world, many consider gold and silver to be the most valuable things.They like these things better than anything else and some people even give their lives just for the sake of obtaining gold and silver.I, on the company, put reading books first in the world and I’m sure I’m justified. The old saying “ To open a book is always beneficial” sufficiently shows how gooditis to read a book.Books are or friends, which introduce us different kids of knowledge and lead us to the road of greatness. Books are also our teachers, teaching us truth, science, literature and the philosophy of life.Furthermore, they increase our knowledge, enlarge our expericme, strong then our character and do many other things which we might otherwise have failed to do. So we have to learn as long as our life is continued.Yet our life is limited while the knowledge is bowndless.Therefore, we must make the best use of our ime to read more books, thus, to aguire more knowledge .


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