青岛市市南区 2007—2008 学年度第一学期六年级英语期中练习题
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总分:100 分)

Listening Part
里) (10%) ( ) 1. A .boring ( ) 2. A. twice ( ) 3. A. different B. most B. once B. difficult B.next ( ) 4. A. last week ( ) 5. A. chores month B. horse B. ( ) 6. A. sking ( bed ice-skating C. last year C. trash C. doing karat C. bowling C. two C. science


Ⅰ.Listen and choose. (请选出你所听到的单词,并将其前面的字母标号填在题前的括号

D. dinner D. toy D. history D. next

Wednesday D. polish D. shopping my go

) 7. A. make his B. cut the C.wash the D.polish grass B. dog every C. day B. twice a day shoes D. twice a week

( ) 8. A. once a week

( ) 9. A. busy ) 10.A. information

sleepy B.invitation



D. noisy D. receive


Ⅱ. Listen and circle. (请根据听到的问句选择合适的答语,圈出字母标号) (10%) 1. A. Yes, I do. B. No, he doesn’t. C. Yes, she does. 2. A. She’s ice-skaing. B. He’s going swimming. C. They are going bowling tomorrow. 3. A. Three times a week. B. I never play football. C.I’m going to the gym. 4. A. She has to do many chores. B. She has to do karat C.He has to play tennis. 5. A. We are going to the movie next week. B. They are coming for dinner tomorrow.

C. They are BINGO KIDS. Ⅲ. Listen and tick. (请根据听到的内容,在括号内用“√”划出相应的图片) (10%)



.2 滑雪

溜冰 ( )

( 3.体育馆

) 超市



( 剪草

) 5. 科学课 历史课

4. 倒垃圾









IV. Listen and complete the sentences. (听录音,填上所缺单词,补全句子)(10%) 1. ________ going ________at ten o’clock.. 2. Ann and I are__________ ________. 3. ________ a week , I have to take out the ________ .

4. ______ . It’s the most exciting _______. 5. ________ often do you play _______? Ⅴ. Listen and judge. (请根据短文内容判断句子是否与短文内容相符, 相符用“√”表示, 反 之则用“X”表示)(10%) ( ( ( ( ) 1. Yesterday Ken received an invitation. ) 2. Ann and Ken are ice-skating at ten thirty. ) 3. Finally , Lisa have a partner for the tennis class. ) 5.Charlie is going .

)4.Matt is going to the gym,and Ken is going swimming . (

bowing at ten o’clock.

Ⅵ. Read and fill in the blanks. 读一读,看图补全单词。 ) (5 分)
1. 2.

l _______ n

s _____ nd


tw ___ c ___


___ as____


p __ son

Ⅷ.Recorder the words and write the sentences correctly.(请将所给单词重新排列,组成句 子抄写在四线格中。)(10 分) 1. I, have, a, week, twice, to, trash, out, the, take ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 2. often, how, you, do, tennis, play _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 3. are, for, they, coming, week, dinner, next _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 4. play, and, us, along, with, come _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 5. are, the, really, experiment, exciting _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Ⅷ.Read an choose.(读一读, 选出合适的词语,将其字母标号填在题前的括号里。) (10 分) ( ( ( ( )1. Egypt is one of the oldest _______ in the world. A. country B. countries ) 2. I’m ________ swimming tomorrow. A. going B. goes ) 3. He has to clean the room ________ a week. A. every B. once ) 4.He has to _____ but sometimes he ______ . A. makes the bed, forgot B. make the bed, forgets ) 5. My mother and my father ________ do many chores at the weekend. A. has to B. have to


Ⅸ. Read and write. (请根据实际情况回答问题。)(10 分) 1. Where do you live? __________________________________________________ 2. What’s your favorite subject? __________________________________________________

3. What are you doing tomorrow? __________________________________________________ 4. How often do you clean your classroom? __________________________________________________ 5. What chores do you have to do? ___________________________________________________ Ⅹ.Read and choose. (读短文,选择正确的答案,将其字母标号填在题前的括号里。)(10 分) From Tuesday to Friday Mr White goes to night school.He wants to learn English. It's Wednesday morning. Mr White is going to the bus stop. Now he's waiting for the bus. The bus is coming. Mr White gets on the bus. He stands next to two old women. The men in front of them are sitting. Two men get up to give the women their seats. The old women take the seats and say, "Thank you very much. It’s very nice of you . " 1. Mr White does not go to night school on ______. A. Tuesday B. Friday C. Wednesday D. Monday 2. Mr White goes to night school to learn ______. A. Chinese B. English C. French D. Russian 3. Now Mr White is waiting ______ A. at the bus stop B. at school C. at home D. in the factory 4. The two old women beside Mr White are ______. A. talking B. sitting C. standing D. laughing 5. Two men ask ______ to have their seats. A. Mr White B. two old women C. the men D. Mr White and two old women Ⅺ. Composition. (小作文,请根据要求写作。)(5 分) The chores I have to do at home _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ________________

听力材料 Ⅰ.Listen and choose. (请选出你所听到的单词,并将其前面的字母标号填在题前的括号 里) (10%) 1. Mr.White? He’s the most boring teacher. 2. Charlie has to wash the dog once a week. 3. Math is more difficult than Chinese. 4. Matt will have a test next Wednesday. 5. Ann and Ken tell Charlie they have to do their chores, too. 6. Sue and Ann are ice- skating at ten thirty. 7. On Saturdays I usually have to make my bed. 8. My brother has to dust the furniture twice a week. 9. The baby is noisy.. 10. Yesterday Ken received an invitation. Ⅱ. Listen and circle. (请根据听到的问句选择合适的答语,圈出字母标号) (10%) 1. Does he do chores at hone? B 2. What are they doing tomorrow? C 3. How often do you play tennis? A 4. What does he have todo at 4 p.m on Saturday?C 5. Where are they going next week? A Ⅲ. Listen and tick. (请根据听到的内容,在括号内用“√”划出相应的图片) (10%) 1. Lisa wants to learn to play tennis.. 2. Daniel has a ski class at eleven. 3. He is working out at the gym tomorrow. 4. On Sundays I sometimes cut the grass. 5. I don’t like history .It’s the most difficult subject. IV. Listen and complete the sentences. (听录音,填上所缺单词,补全句子)(10%) 1. We’re going shopping_ at ten o’clock.. 2. Ann and I are skating tomorrow..

3. Twice a week .I have to take out the trash .

4.Geography. It’s the most exciting subject. 5. Then I have to help make breakfast. Ⅴ. Listen and judge. (请根据短文内容判断句子是否与短文内容相符, 相符用“√”表示, 反 之则用“X”表示)(10%) Unit 3

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