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Integrated Course 3

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Unit 1 Change in the Way We Live
? 1.Why do so many migrant workers move from the country to the city? ? 2.Why do city people buy apartments or houses in the suburbs or even in the countryside?

? 1.taking a break escaping ? 2.relief out in the country fast move ? 3.the pollution of the city smog ? 4.changes in the way we live

Text A Mr. Doherty Builds His Dream Life
Main idea of the text and it’s main contents The text ,through description of the author’s family life in the country ,tells us tolerance for solitude and energy made it possible for the writer’s family to enjoy their pleasant but sometimes harsh country life .

Paragraph Studies
Para 1. Brief introduction to the author and his family’s life in the country. Para 2.Topic sentence: It’s a self-reliant sort of life. The following detail sentences run parallel to each other. Para 3. One topic sentence (It’s a satisfying life too.) + several detail sentences (we canoe…,we ski…,we get…,we love….we watch for…. ).

? Do you realize the relationship between the topic sentence and the rest of the paragraph? ? Support details

? Happy Moments and Events: ? 1. growing nearly all their fruits and vegetables (Pa 2.) ? 2. canoeing, picnicking, long bicycle rides, etc (Pa 3.)

Paras 1-3:Summary The writer views his life in the country as a self-reliant and satisfying one .

? supplement:
? 1. vt. add to sth. in order to improve it (followed by with) ? 医生建议在我的饮食中补充维生素 E 和 A。 ? The doctor suggested supplementing my diet with vitamins E and A. 2. n. an additional amount of sth. ? 你读周日报纸的彩色增刊吗? Do you read the color supplements of the Sunday newspapers?

? pursue: vt.继续,从事;


? 1. be busy with; continue (steadily) with After graduation Martin chose to pursue the same career as his father as a doctor. ? 2. follow esp. in order to catch, kill, or defeat The police are pursuing an escaped prisoner.

? Hardships: ? 1. working hard both in winter and in summer (Pa 4.) ? 2. harsh environment and weather condition (Pa 6.) ? Happy Moments and Events: ? 3. keeping warm inside the house in winter (Pa 6.) ? 4. writing freelance articles (Pa 5.)

Paras 4-7 Summary : “The good life can get pretty tough .” or: Life in the country is good yet sometimes very hard .

? on balance: with all things considered
? 我认为,总的来说,我对你还算公平。 ? I think, on balance, I didn’t treat you unfairly. ? balance 的反义词是 imbalance ? keep one’s balance 保持平衡 ? lose one’s balance 失去平衡 ? strike a balance 力求折中 ? in the balance 不确定,成败或 安危未定

digest: v.消化,吸收,领悟; n.文摘
1. n. a short account of written materials or data Reader’s Digest is a popular magazine in the US. 2. v. 1) change sth. into a form that the body can use ? 玛丽吃肥肉不消化。 Mary can’t digest fat. 2) think about sth. carefully and understand it ? 吸收新思想往往需要很长时间。 ? It often takes long time to digest new ideas.

Buying Insurance
People face many choices when buying insurance policies. They commonly choose an insurance provider based on several criteria. Some of the most important of these include: 1) the financial stability of the insurance company, 2) the price of policies, and 3) details of coverage and service.

People seeking to buy insurance often use the services of an insurance agent or broker to assist in their purchase. Most insurance falls into four main categories, according to what it covers: 1) property and casualty, 2) life, 3) health and disability, and 4) old-age and unemployment.

? The author’s family expenses are: ? Mortgage payments + insurance + IRA

? 1.What’s your own expense on campus? ? 2.Do you have some good idea to cut down your expenses without lowing your living standard on campus?

Paras 8-11 Summary :
How the author and his family can manage to get by with his reduced income after quitting his job (---by working diligently ,managing money matters ,living a thrifty life).

? 我挣的钱远比不上担任全职工作时的收入 ,可如今我们需要的钱也没有过去多。我 挣的钱足以应付每月600美元的房屋贷款 按揭以及一家人的日常开销。那些开销包 括了所有支出,如音乐课学费、牙医帐单 、汽车维修阻及大学费用等等。至于保险 ,我们买了一份低收入者的主要医疗项目 保险。我们需要为每一个家庭成员的任何 一项医疗费用支付最初的500美金。医疗 保险则支付超出部分的80%。虽然我们仍 要支付小部分医疗费用,但我们的保险费 也低--一每年只要560美金——而我们给 重大灾难保了险。除了这一保险项目,以 及两辆汽车每年400美金的保险,我们就 没有其它保险了。不过我们每年留出2000 美元入个人退休金账户。

pick up:1) be ready to pay 2) improve 3) gain; get 4) take hold of and lift up 5) gather together; collect 6) collect someone or something from a place
1)Where did you pick up your excellent English? 2) Please pick up all your toys when you’ve finished playing. 3) If he loses the case, Michael will have to pick up the bill for legal costs. 4) I’ll pick you up at your hotel. 5) She picked up a stone and threw it at the window. 6) Mary has been ill, but she’s picking up now.

? aside from=apart from
1.这篇作文写得不错,除了一些拼写+错 误。 This composition is good aside from a couple of spelling mistakes. 2.万籁俱寂,只有从远处偶尔传来汽车 喇叭。 Everything was quiet, aside from the occasional sound of a car horn in the distance.

? The author’s family expenses are: ? Mortgage payments + insurance + IRA

cut back/down cut back sth.; cut back on sth.
我们反对任何削减教育预算的计 划。 We oppose any plans to cut back (on) education budget.

? Hardship: ? 3. anxious moments after the writer quit his job (Pa. 8) ? 4. cutting back on daily expenses (Pa 11.)

? budget:预算 ? 最后,政府平衡预算的努力以失 败告终。 ? At last, the government’s efforts to balance the budget ended in failure. ? draw up a budget: 制定预算 ? exceed a budget:超出预算 ? cut/reduce a budget:减少预算 ? a household/national budget:家 庭收支/国家预算

? temptation:
? overcome temptation:克服诱惑 ? be exposed to temptation:受到 诱惑 ? succumb to temptation:向诱惑 屈服 ? place/put temptation in sb.’s way :让某人受诱惑

? profit: n. ? 1. money gained by business e.g.他以获利价出售了他的房。 ? He sold his house at a profit. ? 2. advantage gained from some action e.g. Finishing college will be your profit.

? clear/earn/make/turn a profit: 获得利润 ? divide profits:分红利 ? a clear/net profit:净利 ? a gross profit:毛利,总利润 ? poor profits:薄利 ? small profits and quick returns :薄利多销 ? at a profit:获利地、有利可图 地

profit, interest & advantage
profit 指在物质与精神方面的好处,但以 金钱方面为主。例如:公司为今年制定 了较高的赢利目标。 The company has targeted a quite high profit for the year. ? interest 当“利益”讲时常用复数形式。 例如:公务员应该为公众谋利益。 ? A public servant is to work in the interests of the public. ? advantage 常指有利条件或优势地位。 例如:难道你不认为这对我们来说是一 件一举两得的事吗?Don’t you think it a double advantage for us?

? Hardship: ? 5. solitude (Pa.12) ? Happy Moments and Events: ? 5. earning enough money while maintaining a happy life

Paras 12-15 Summary : We succeed in living in the country as we have a couple of special qualities : a tolerance for solitude and a lot of energy .

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1) special qualities 2) a tight budget 3) entertain 4) anyway 5) involved 6)requirement 7) on a small scale 8) temptation 9) Instead 10)machinery

? ? ? ? ? ? I 1)On balance 3)haul 5)illustrated 7)lowering 9)involved 11)blasting 2)resist 4)wicked 6)budget 8)boundary 10)economic 12)just about

? 2 1)cut back/down 2)pick up ? 3)get by 4)get through ? 5)face up to ? 6)turn in ? 7)making up for 8)think up

? 1)pursued his mathematical studies and taught himself astronomy. ? 2)often generate misleading thoughts. ? 3)attach great importance to combining theory with practice in our work ? 4)be suspect of doing everything for money ? 5)before he gets through life.

? 4 1)their indoor a profit to invest it ? 2)device ? the improvement ? on a global scale ? 3)stacked temptation never dined out

? ? ? ? ? ?

III 1)rise 2)final 3)regular 4)cash 5)hows whys 6)upped 7)yellowed 8)bottled 9)lower 10)search

? raise—raised—raised ? rise—rose—risen
? 1.The boy always_raises__ his hand when I ask a question.(举手) ? 2. That shelf was too low so we__raised__ it a few inches.(架/升高) ? 3. Heavy rains have_raised___ the level of the river this year.(水位上升) ? 4. I always_rise___ at six o’clock.(起床) ? 5. After the concert, everyone__rose__ and clapped.(起立) ? 6. The sun has just_risen__.(太阳升起)

? I Cloze
? ? ? ? ? ? 1)gets by 2)tempation 3)get through 4)improvements 5)aside from 6)suspect 7) supplement 8) profit 9)stacking

? 1)replaced 2)consider 3)quit 4)world 5)tough 6)fuels 7)provide 8)luxuries 9)balance 10)ideal

? A decade ago, Nancy did what so many Americans dream about. She quit an executive position and opened a household device in her neighborhood. People like Nancy made the decision primarily for the improvement in the quality of their lives. ? But, to run a business on a small scale is by no means an easy job. Without her steady income, Nancy had to cut back on her daily expenses. Sometimes she did not even have the money to pay the premiums for the various kinds of insurance she needed. ? Fortunately, through her own hard work, she has now got through the most difficult time. She is determined to continue pursing her vision of a better life.

1. Words on P15 2. Vocabulary I on P15

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