第一卷(共 70 分) I. Listening Comprehension Section A (10%) Directions: In Section A, you will hear ten short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. The conversation and the question will be spoken only once. After you hear a conversation and the question about it, read the four possible answers on your paper, and decide which one is the best answer to the question you have heard. 1. A. Go home B. Attend a party C. See a friend D. Leave her office 2. A. Driver and policeman B. Dentist and patient C. Waiter and customer D. Father and daughter 3. A. At a railway station B. At an airport C. At a hotel D. At a police station 4. A. He has worked in Samsung for too long. B. He wants to work in a larger company. C. He thinks the new job is more challenging. D. He likes to do many different jobs. 5. A. She broke the man’s pencil-box. B. She said sorry to the man. C. She stole the man’s pencils. D. she blocked the man’s way. 6. A. Near a library B. Near a bus stop C. Near a school D. Near a market 7. A. He enjoyed the party very much. B. He wanted to organize next party. C. The party was held by hid friends. D. He didn’t like some of the guests. 8. A. She worked late. B. She had a chest pain. C. She was quite weak. D. She had a cold. 9. A. A salesman B. A waiter C. A guide D. A lawyer 10. A. A room with a shower B. A room with a big bed C. A room with two windows D. A room facing the south Section B (6%) Directions




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