题型集训三 类型一 任务型阅读 阅读回答问题 事物介绍类 题|组|训|练|1 A Many young people these days are interested in extreme sports, which mean very dangerous activities that need speed, height, or a high level of physical exertion(努力). Bungee jumping, snowskating, parkour and surfing are very popular extreme sports, but mountain climbing might be the first. In 1985, two British young men, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates became the first west faces to climb the 6344?meter Siula Grande in the Andes(安第斯山脉). On the way down, Simpson fell and broke his leg, and then he slipped(滑) down and lost connection with his friend. Yates had to get for help. Simpson fell more than 100 feet and landed on a bridge of ice. Finally he crawled( 爬) for three days without food or water, until he reached the camp. On April 26, 2003, when Aron Rolston was climbing alone in Utah, his arm was caught under a 360?kilo rock and he couldn't move. After five days of waiting for help, the 28 ?year?old American ran out of water and finally he cut off half his right arm with a small knife to free himself. He also bandaged(包扎) himself in order not to lose too much blood. In 2004, he wrote a book named Between a Rock and a Hard Place. “In this book,” Aron said, “I want to tell the readers the importance of making good decisions, and of being in control of one's life. ” 1.How many kinds of extreme sports are mentioned in the first paragraph? ________________________________________________________________________ 2.Did Simpson and Yates' disasters happen on the way up the mountain? ________________________________________________________________________ 3.How did Simpson get back to the camp? ________________________________________________________________________ 4.What did Aron do to save himself when he ran out of water? ________________________________________________________________________ 5.Why did Aron write the book Between a Rock and a Hard Place? ________________________________________________________________________ B Have you seen the videos on TV? Do you wear large T?shirts and baggy jeans? Or have you heard someone rap(说唱)? Hip?Hop is very hot now. Hip?Hop music was started in the middle of the 1970s by African American in New York. The music, break?dancing(霹雳舞) and graffiti(涂鸦) make up Western Hip?Hop culture. Most of the Hip?Hop songs are about love, jobs or even games. Usually in rap, singers speak words very quickly to a certain beat. Most of the words are fun. Singers play off words to make fun of


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