Put off difficult decisions Low sense of urgency Goes into situations unprepared Takes a long time to get started on things Mistakes result from waiting too long Assembles too much information

Seen as aloof Seldom socializes with others Likes to individually contribute vs. being on a team Avoids large groups Often misunderstood by others Hides behind a large “mask”

Overly Concerned with being “well liked’ Difficulty with confrontation Nervous around strangers Goes along with others too readily Avoids giving negative feedback A “Hitchhiker” in groups

Analysis paralysis Overly compulsive Apprehensive about the future Discomfort with most levels of risk More tense than healthy May freeze in a crisis

Jumps in versus plans A wide range of visible emotions Says things which later have to be retracted Acts on the spur of the moment Jumps back and forth from task to task Starts a lot but finishes few

A rebel Closed minded Difficulty with accommodation or compromise Lack of respect for authority figures Ignores rules or policies Seen as a “Sniper” in a group

Stubborn Uses punishments to drive behaviors Difficulty with delegation Cynical, sarcastic and cutting in meetings Keeps great distance from direct reports Seen as egotistical

Gives up prematurely Quick tempered Easily annoyed by trivial things Biter and resentful when angry Falls apart under high stress Lashes out at others

Makes good decisions under pressure Keeps calm in emergencies Not easily discouraged Takes control under deadline pressure The right one to lead in a crisis Enjoys do or die situations

Leads in a group of equals Likes to influence others decisions Can make decisions quickly w limited info Wants to take the crucial shot Shares opinions readily Enjoys taking a leadership role

Intellectually or athletically competitive Drives self to be the best he/she can be Continually trying to improve Appropriately ambitious Works toward clear personal goals Is seen as a hard worker

Strong strategic or conceptual focus Wide ranging interests Continually questioning others to learn Enjoys problem solving Likes to understand the “why” of things Sees interconnections in disparate events

Warm and Friendly Personal charisma Seen as down to earth Outgoing People confide in you Takes a personal interest in others at work

Gives freedom to disagree w/o reprisal Trusts others w/o excess checking Reduces uncertainty for associates Shares information readily Takes the heat for mistakes Clarifies priorities and provides resources

Does work right the first time Is on time for meetings Honors commitments even when it hurts Uses effective methods and procedures Paces self to get things done on time Can be relied upon to follow through

Deals effectively with unplanned events Adjusts leadership style to meet others needs Shows tolerance for others lifestyles Bounces back from adversity Takes setbacks in stride Handles uncertainty w/o undue anxiety


The managerial grid only provides a framework for conceptualizing leadership style. (True; moderate; p. 493) CONTINGENCY THEORIES OF LEADERSHIP 8. Fiedler’...

leadership chapter 5-8.doc

In these 3 cases, we should choose person-oriented style of leadership, can be listed. First, high scores on the LPC leaders should choose to a ...


the current readiness for performance 评定目前的绩效准备度 Step 3 步骤3 Select the matched leadership style 选择匹配的领导风格 Three steps of using ...

管理学课件 第17章 领导Leadership.ppt

Argues that successful leadership is achieved by selecting the right leadership style which is contingent on the level of the followers’ readiness. ? ...

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leadership style - Adapted from “The Wal

Preference 使用小结.doc

Preference 使用小结在 Symbian 实现类似如下配置参数...{ /** Called when the activity is first ...(TypedArray a, int index) { mValue = Long....

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Leadership style_人力资源管理_经管营销_专业资料。Leadership style Leadership style is the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans, and ...

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Working with and through others to accomplish the goals of the organization 与他人共同工作并通过他人完成组织的 目标 No One Best Leadership Style 没有十全...

...How National Cultures Affect Leadership Style.doc

Cross-cultural Leadership How National Cultures Affect Leadership Style_计算机...The individualism index of America is much higher than China’s, because ...


The preference clarity index (pci) indicates how clearly you choose one ...Appreciate and acknowledge others LEADERSHIP STYLE . Lead with energy and ...

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Mark Zuckerberg leadership style - Abstract The objective is to analyze the leader style of Mark...

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what is the Leadership_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。Leadership is the design...use Telling style When moderately immature, use Selling style When moderately...

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Situational leadership determines the most effective style of influencing, taking account of direction and support given by the leader, as well as the ...

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Leadership: Theories of leadership Learning objectives ? Explain the development...Style preference is dependent on: teammember characteristics & environmental ...

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Your Leadership style - 1 What is leadership? The ability to influence a group toward the achi...


PREFERENCE- Being in control PREFERENCEand competing...LEADERSHIP STYLE Approachable, developmental ...solve difficult problems that affect the greater ...

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Style preference is dependent on: team-member characteristics & environmental ...Explains how to match leadership style to the capabilities of group members ...

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Leadership Style_经管营销_专业资料。介绍什么是领导力以及领导力的类型 WHAT I S LEADERSHIP Leadership is one of the most salient aspects of the ...

A leadership style modeltell, sell, consult, join....doc

A leadership style modeltell, sell, consult, join and delegate Your leadership style is situational. Your leadership style depends on the task, the ...


and discuss the preference of certain cultures for...States scores lower on the power distance index....leadership style is leading individuals based on ...