莘县一中 50 级高一英语竞赛试题 I. 选择填空(每题 1 分)(Vocabulary and structure) 从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入各题空白处的最佳选项。(答案涂在答题纸 上) I 语音与拼写 A) 从 A B C D 中找出下列单词划线部分读音不相同的选项。 1. A. hat B. any C. lab D. lamp 2. A. weigh B. straight C. cough D. caught 3. A. operate B. hope C. cotton D. officer 4. A. wait B. rail C. train D. captain 5. A. friendly B. thief C. piece D. believe B) 选择正确答案,将单词拼写完整。 6. s__ver__ A. e; nl B. e; al C. a; al D. o; el 7. sh __ tcom . A. or; ing B. o; ing C. or; er D. or; e 8. thr__gh___t A. ou; ou B. or; ou C. ew; o D. ou; o 9. tw___1___th A. en; f B. e; f C. e; ve D. en; ve 10. s__de__ly A. u; n B. i; l C. u; nl D. ud; n 11. Yesterday I downloaded a new programme _________ the Internet. Now I can watch TV and movies _________ my computer. A. on; from B. on; in C. in; with D. from; on 12. — Too many people are killed on the roads every year. — Yes, but the government isn't doing _________ about it. A. nothing B. much C. everything D. more 13. You got all the answers _________ last time. You'll have to do the test again _________ carefully. A. correct; most B. wrong; much more C. easy; even D. careless; but 14. — Have you ever _________ to Rome? — Years ago, and _________ is one of the best holidays I've ever had. A. been; that B. gone; this C. went; it D. been; those 15. I'm hungry. _________ go out for dinner? A. Why do we B. How about C. Shall we D. Don't you 16. — Kurt, why are you so happy? — The World Cup Final is on tonight. There's _________ I like _________ football. A. anything; but B. nothing; more than C. none; as D. more; than 17. — What do you think of Jerry? — He is clever. _________, he can be forgetful. A. And B. So C. Because D. However 18. I really appreciated your _________ when I was in hospital. It was so nice to have a visitor. A. happiness B. cheer C. kindness D. work 19. Most people are _________ when they hear about people _________ come face to face with danger in order to save others. A. surprising; that B. exciting; as C. amazed; who D. interested; which 20. I _________ think teenage girls who got their ears _________ were very strange, but now they seem quite normal. A. used to; pierced B. get used to; covering C. used to; burnt D. am used to; pulled 21. I need _________ this letter. Would you mind _________ me your pen, please? A. to finish; lending B. writing; to give C. to see; borrowing D. finding; drop 22. _________ you are, _________ you live, you must be interested in the future of this planet. A. Whoever; however B. Whatever


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