1. 希望

In the dark night of difficulty, we should take comfort in knowing that a bright day will always cheer on us where our hopes and dreams lie. Never forget your dream and give up your hope.
范文 1:There is no doubt that there are countless obstacles on our road to success. Sometimes we may choose to give up our hope. But never do this! There was a time when I was in hospital. I still remembered clearly how I spent those days when I couldn’t do anything by myself or have a breakfast on my own. My mother kept me company and did everything for me. I hated myself so much that I lost confidence in my life. I locked myself alone in the room and felt my world was coming to an end. At midnight, I heard my mother crying on the other side of the door. She said: “Baby, never abandon your hope of life, you can do everything!” Suddenly I felt heartbroken and ashamed. I opened the door and gave a hug to my mother. From then on, I cheered up and soon picked up. A grass can’t grow up without the wind’s attraction; a man can’t grow up without the barriers on our way. So stick to our hope, sooner or later the happiness and success will come. 范文 2:When it comes to hope, people tend to think it plays a significant role when they get into trouble. Indeed, under no circumstances will a person live without it. When we are faced with difficulties, it is hope that gives us the courage to stick to the end. As a girl, I felt it rather difficult to learn science. I had been making every effort to learn it but still in vain. Never was I caught in such a hopeless situation. How heartbroken I was then. I was about to give up when hope flashed into my mind. I want to continue my education in a fantastic university, creating my colorful life. In a flash, I felt as if I was filled with adequate confidence. Finally I managed


to gather up my courage to continue my study. It’s normal that everyone’s life is filled up with ups and downs. On no occasion must you give up hope. Do believe that bright future is in store for those who take possession of hope.


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