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《志鸿优化设计》2014 届高考英语(外研版 全国)一轮复习题 库:选修 8Modules34 ForeignFood&WhichEnglish?
Ⅰ.完成句子 1.他问孩子们是否能理解他指的是什么。 He asked the children if they could ______ ______ what he meant by that. 2.要将英国英语和美国英语分辨开来也很容易。 I t is also quite easy to ______ British and American English ______. 3.没有通过测验让他自己很失望。 That he failed to pass the exam ______ ______ ______. 4.稍微休息之后,这孩子开始写作文。 The boy ______ ______ ______ ______ a composition after a short rest. 5.难怪他那么疲倦——他那晚熬夜到很晚。 ______ ______ he was so tired—he stayed up late that night. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.Our ______ resources and stable policy provide foreigners with the advantages of developing their businesses. A.generous B.limited C.narrow D.abundant 2.China ______ its success ______ the reform and opening?up policy and the leadership of the Communist Party of China. A.owes;to B.thanks;for C.bases;on D.relies;on 3.—Mr Smith i s no longer ______ he used to be. —So he is.Success and wealth have ______ his character. A.what;trained B.who;transferred C.what;transformed D.who;transformed 4. (2013 宁夏银川一中月考,22)The college students must study hard to ______ a good knowledge of advanced information technology. A.take B.catch C.hold D.acquire 5.After the professor ______ out the project made a comment on the report, the media focused on it. A.was opposed to carry B.opposed to carry C.opposed to carrying D.opposed carrying 6. (2012 四川仁寿五校联考,8)I did not mean ______ anything,but those apples looked so good that I could not resist ______ one. A.to eat;trying B.to eat;to try C.eating;trying D.eating;to try 7.—Do you know the 3G mobile phone will come onto the market soon? —Really? It is said to be superior ______ any other model.I can't wait to buy ______. A.to;one B.than;one C.to ;it D.than;it 8.This is the second time I have been ______ by that person;I shall never trust in him again. A.referred to B.set down C.attended to D.let down 9.I think scientists should make a ______ that the disaster in the film 2012 can't take place in our life. A.recommendation B.clarification


C.reflection D.sympathy 10.______ your bad work,I am forced to dismiss you. A.In consequence of B.Because C.As consequence of D.In favour of 11.—I often see him worki ng hard in his spare time. —______ he has won the scholarship from time to time. A.No wonder B.No way C.No doubt D.No wander 12.Learning a foreign language calls for your memory,time,patience and emotions.______ it is not a simple thing. A.As a result of B.In short C.In generally D.In the conclusion 13.He was ______ with gambling a year ago and lost his family. A.obsessed B.blessed C.pleased D.popular 14. (2012 山东山师大附中最后模拟, Due to its long history, can hardly ______ 29) I what it is a photo of. A.pick up B.turn down C.make out D.come across 15.The work they got down to ______ again yesterday because of the bad weather. A.stopped B.stop C.stopping D.be stopped Ⅲ.阅读理解 Many people have tried to simplify the spelling of English words.Unlike other languages,English sometimes spells the same sounds in very different ways.For example,there is “light” but “white”,“loan” but “phone”,and there are at least seven different ways of pronouncing “ough”:“though”,“through”, “bough”,“cough”,“enough”,“ought” and “thorough”. The American President Theodore Roosevelt almost succeeded in simplifying English spelling.In 1906,Andrew Carnegie started the Simplified Spelling Board.He was one of the richest men in the United States of America.The board's plan was to make the spelling of words nearer to the way they sound.For example,the word “though” would be spelt “tho” and “through” would become “thru”. Other people on the board were Melvil Dewey,the head of the New York libraries,and Professor Brander Matthews of Columbia University.They explained their idea to President Roosevelt, thought that it was indeed logical.He immediately asked the government who printer to use simplified spelling in all government letters. But people didn't like the change,even if it made life easier.So the new simpler spelling was not popular.More importan tly,when the American politicians discussed the plan,they did not like it either.Because Roosevelt did not want to have any problems with the politicians,he changed his mind and told the printer to go back to the old way of spelling. Since then no one in any government has dared to simplify English spelling.However , people do simplify some words , mainly in advertisements.For exampl e,we often see “tonite” instead of “tonight” and “thru” instead of “through”. 1.Many people have tried to simplify English spelling because ______. A.English words are too long to remember B.there are many mistakes in English words C.lots of words are spelt in many different ways D.sometimes the same sounds have different spellings

2.What was Theodore Roosevelt's attitude towards simplified spelling? A.Worried. B.Supportive. C.Uncertain. D.Doubtful. 3.According to the passage,simplified spelling ______. A.was welcomed by the US politicians B.changed the way the words sound C.has been used widely for over a century D.was first used in US government letters 4.Roosevelt's plan to simplify English spelling ______. A.failed in the end B.proved quite successful C.won wide support D.influenced English greatly Ⅳ.根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,选项中有两项为 多余选项。 (2013 黑龙江哈师大附中月考) Health is the most important thing in the world.Nothing is more important than health.If we take away our money,houses,cars or even our clothes,we can still survive.__1__ That is why we always try to eat in a healthy way and exercise regularly. How can we keep healthy?In order to eat healthily,I usually avoid eating food high in fat,like French fries or cookies,which are junk food s.__2__ I eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruit which are full of vitamins. __3__ Taking exercise every day helps us build a strong body.Regular exercise is an important part of keeping me healthy. What's more,I think friends are an important part of one's health.__4__ I always feel better when I am with friends than when I am alone.When I am with my friends, I always laugh.Laughing is also an important part of health.It is good to stay with my friends. By eating properly and exercising regularly,I can keep my body at a proper weight and keep healthy.By spending time with my friends,I can keep my mind as well as my body happy.These things sound easy to do,but not many people can manage them.__5__ A.On the other hand,doing exercise is very important. B.There are some people who like staying alone,but they keep healthy. C.Many studies show that people with a range of social contacts don't get sick. D.But if our health was taken away,it is certain that we would surely die. E.I only eat a little meat. F.I think a strong will is necessary if we want to keep healthy. G.Some people appear fat because they often eat too much. Ⅴ.书面表达 (2013 山东寿光检测) 假如你是李华,你校学生会于 2013 年 10 月 15 日下午举行“校园书市(a campus book fair)”活动。请你写一封 e?mail 给你的美国笔友 Peter,告诉他此次活动的有关情况, 内容包括: 1.活动目的:① 给同学们提供一个交换图书的机 会;②更好地利用读过的书。 2. 具体内容: 把你不想保留的书拿到书市上出售; ① ②购买你喜欢的书; ③交换图书。 3.谈谈你的感想和体会。 注意:1.文章开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 2.词数:100 左右。 Hello Peter!How are you going these days? ________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________ ________________________________________________ Looking forward to hearing from you! Love, Li Hua


参考答案 Ⅰ.1.make out 2.tell;apart 3.let himself down 4.got down to writing 5.No wonder Ⅱ.1.D generous 意为“慷慨的;宽大的”;limited 意为“有限的”;narrow 意 为“狭窄的”;abundant 意为“丰富的;充裕的”。根据句意判断应选 D 项,abundant resources 表示“丰富的资源”。 2.A owe...to...意为“把??归功于??”;thank...for...意为“因??而感 谢??”;base...on...意为“把??建立在??基础上”;rely on 意为“依靠;仰仗”。 根据句意判断应选 A 项,表示“中国把成功归功于改革开放政策”。 3.C 第一个空应选 what 引导表语从句,指过去的情况,即“他不是过去的他了(他 的一切情况都与过去不一样了) ,而 who 指具体的人,表示“他不是过去那个人了”,不合 句意;train 意为“训练;锻炼”,transform 意为“转变;变换”,显然 C 项符合句意, 表示“改变了他的性格”。 4.D acquir e 意为“学会;获得”,符合句意,表示“获得很好的掌握”。 5.C 在 after 引导的时间状语从句中,the professor 为主语,made a comment 为谓 语,中间部分为定语修饰 the professor。根据 oppose doing sth.结构判断此处可表达为 opposing carrying,根据 be oppose d to doing sth.判断此处也可表达为 opposed to carrying,所以答案为 C 项。 6.A mean to do sth.意为“打算、想要做某事”,mean doing sth.意为“意味着做 某事”,根据句意判断第一个空应选 to eat,表示“我什么都不想吃”;resist doing sth. 意为“抵制做某事;忍住做某事”,所以第二个空应选 trying,表示“忍不住尝了一个”。 7.A superior 意为“好于;优于”,本身含有比较意义但不是比较级,后面搭配介 词 to 而不是 than;第二个空应选 one 泛指“一个;一部”,而 it 指上文中提到的同一事 物。 8.D 句意:这是那个人第二次让我失望,我再也不会相信他了。refer to 意为“提 到;参考”;set down 意为“记下”;attend to 意为“处理照料”;let down 意为“使 失望 ”。根据句意可知选 D 项。 9.B 考查名词。recommendation 意为“推荐”;clarification 意为“澄清”; reflection 意为“反映”;sympathy 意为“同情”。由句子中的 scientists 可知,科学家 所做的工作应是为人们澄清一些非科学的事情。句意:我认为科学家应该澄清电影《2012》 中的灾难不会发生在我们的生活中。故选 B 项。 10. 由于空后为名词短语 your bad work, A 可排除 B 项的从属连词 because; favour in of 意为“支持;赞成”,与后面的句意矛盾;C 项表达错误,表示“因为;由于”时,为 as a consequence of;A 项正确。句意:因为你糟糕的工作,我不得不解雇你。 11.A no wonder 意为“难怪”;no way 意为“没门;绝不”;no doubt 意为“毫不 怀疑”;D 项表达错误。第二句句意:难怪他不时地获得奖学金。 12.B in short 意为“总之”,用于总结归纳,符合句意。A 项意为“由于;因为”, 后面需接宾语;C 项错误,in general 意为“总的来说”;D 项本身错误,in conclusion 意为“总之”。 13.A be obsessed with...意为“迷恋上??”;句意:一年前他迷上了赌博,家庭 都失去了。 14.C pick up 意为“捡起;学会;用车接”;turn down 意为“关小;拒绝”;make out 意为“理解;辨认出”;come across 意为“偶然碰到”。句意:由于时间很长了,我 几乎认不出这是张什么照片。 15.A 从句子结构来看,they got down to 为定语从句,所选的应该是全句的谓语, 所以用 stopped。 Ⅲ.1.D 根据第一段第二句话可知,人们试图简化英语拼写是因为英语单词有时候同 样的发音会有不同的拼写。 2.B 根据第二段最后两句话可知,Roosevelt 对简化英语拼写持支持态度。 3.D 根据第二段最后一句话可知,简化拼写首先是在美国政府信函中使用的。 4.A 根据第三段最后可知,Roosevelt 改变了主意,拼写改革计划最终失败了。

Ⅳ.1~5 DEACF Ⅴ. Hello_Peter!How_are_you_going_these_days? In order to provide us students with an opportunity to exchange books and make better use of used books,our Student Union held a campus book fair on the afternoon of October 15,2013. At the book fair,students could sell unwanted books,buy needed books or simply trade books with each other.Like other fairs of this kind,prices were typically very low.Happily,I not only got rid of several books but also bought a few books I really wanted. As far as I'm concerned , I like this activity , which is beneficial to us students.On the one hand,I felt my social skills had been well practiced and improved.On the other hand,this activity also gave us an excellent opportunity to feel a bit of the real world.I wish more events like this book fair would be held in our school. Looking forward to hearing from you! Love, Li Hua


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