高考英语 易错题查漏补缺 完形填空精选练习(71)


It was 11:30 in the evening. A 1 American lady of about seventy was standing on the side of an Alabama 2 trying to bear a pouring rainstorm. Her car had 3 and at the moment she 4 needed a ride. Wet to the skin, she decided to flag down the next 5 . A young white man stopped to help her— generally unheard 6 in those conflict-filled (矛盾冲突) 1960s. The man 6 her to safety in his car, and 8 a taxicab (a kind of car) for her. She seemed to be in a great 9 . She wrote down his 10 , thanked him and drove away. Several days went by and a 11 came on the man’s door. To his 12 , a very big color TV was delivered to his home. A special note was 13 to it. It read: “Dear sir, thank you so much for assisting a(an) 14 coloured woman on the freeway 15 night. The rain 16 wet all over not only my clothes 17 my spirits. Then you 18 along. Because of you, I was 19 to make it my dying husband’s bedside just 20 he passed away. God bless you for helping me and kindly serving others. Sincerely, Mrs. Nat King Dole.” 1. A. black D. sick 2. A. railway D. avenue 3. A. broken up B. D. slowed down 4. A. seriously B. D. probably 5. A. bus B. D. car 6. A. from B. D. of 7. A. put D. took 8. A. hired B. D. asked 9. A. need B. D. trouble 10. A. address B. D. words 11. A. lady B. D. knock 12. A. surprise B. D. satisfaction 13. A. offered B. D. written 14. A. aged B. D. unhappy 15. A. another B. D. any 16. A. let B. D. turned 17. A. and B. D. otherwise 18. A. got B. D. came B. freeway speeded up badly truck by B. led took help number salesman delight given dark the other made but went C. street C. broken down C. fairly C. taxi C. before C. fetched C. sent C. hurry C. name C. letter C. joy C. stuck C. lucky C. other C. had C. or C. ran B. white C. poor


19. A. able D. willing 20. A. after D. since

B. ready B. before

C. likely C. until

完形填空练习(七十一) 1~5 ABCBD 6~10 DDACA

11~15 BACAB

16~20 BBDAB


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