2016 年春新人教新目标版九年级英语 Unit1 到 14 单元短语 Unit1 1. 和…合作/ 和…一起工作 work with 2. 制作单词卡 3. 读教科书 4. 听磁带 5. 向…寻求/要… make word cards read the textbook listen to the tape ask sb for…

6. 为考试做准备/备考 study for a test 7. 看录像 8. 和…谈话 9. 大声朗读 10. 练习发音 11. 学到很多 12. 口语表达能力 13. 英语口语 14. 有点儿紧张 15. 作报告 16. 听报告 17. 知道大意 18. 首先 19. 使用字典 20. 读句子 watch the videos have conversations with sb read aloud practice pronunciation learn a lot speaking skills spoken English a little nervous give a report have a report get the main ideas at first use a dictionary read the sentences

21. 要耐心 22. 越多…越快 23. 发现学英语难 24. 在英语课上 25. 学习语言的秘密 26. 如此…以至于 27. 大部分时间 28. 害怕…

be patient The more… the faster… find it difficult to learn English in English class the secret to language learning so ... that most of time be afraid of sth

29. 害怕做…be afraid to do sth=be afraid of doing sth 30. 由于/因为 31. 我糟糕的发音 32. 藏在教科书后 because of my poor pronunciation hide behind the textbook

33. 令人兴奋和有趣的电影 exciting and funny movies 34. 爱上… 35. 肢体语言 36. 脸上的表情 37. 得到/知道意思 38. 有用的句子 39. 小菜一碟 40. 你活该 41. 查阅…(字典) 42. 以便于 fall in love with body language expressions on their faces get the meaning the useful sentences a piece of cake It serves you right look up… so that

43. 更好地理解英语电影 have a better understanding of English movies 44. 改善我的发音 45. 词组 46. 练习讲英语 47. 提高…写作 48. 练习听力 49. 学习语法 50. 看英语节目 51. 大声重复 52. 记/做笔记 53. 做练习 54. 大量阅读 improve my pronunciation word groups practice speaking English improve one’s writing practice listening learn grammar watch English programs repeat out loud take notes do exercises read a lot

55. 给某人写电子邮件 write e-mails to sb 56. 和…讲英语 57. 记忆句型 58. 用英语记笔记 59. 用英语记日记 60. 使用英语字典 61.给出个人反应 speak English with sb memorize sentence patterns take notes in English keep a diary in English use an English dictionary give a personal reaction


Unit2 1. 泼水节 2. 龙舟节 3. 春节 4. 灯笼节 5. 多么美好的一天! 6. 一点 7. 看望亲戚 8. 出去吃饭 the Water Festival the Dragon Boat Festival the Spring Festival the Lantern Festival What a great day! a little/ a bit/ a little bit visit relatives eat out/ go out for dinner

9. 增加(体重)/发胖/穿上 put on 10. 在两周以后 11. 听起来像… 12. 一年最热的月 13. 从…到… 14. 和…相似 15. …的时间 16. 在街道上 17. 朝…扔… 18. 洗剂掉… 19. 好运 20. 满月 in /after two weeks sound like+n the hottest month of the year from …to… be similar to/ be the same as the time of in /on the street throw sth to sb / sp wash away good luck a full moon

21. 把…带给… 22. 传统的民间故事 23. …的故事 24. 射掉 25. 计划做… 26. 设法偷 27. 拒绝做… 28. 飘向… 29. 对…喊出 30. 摆开/布置 31. 回来 32. 五月第二个星期

carry sth to sb traditional folk storis the story of… shoot down plan to do sth try to steal refuse to do sth fly up to call out one’s name to… lay out sth in /on /at come back/ be back/ get back the second Sunday of May

33. 六月第三个星期天 the third Sunday of June 34. 给…礼物 35. 带…出去吃饭 36. 越来越受欢迎 give gifts to sb ake sb out for dinner/lunch more and more popular

37. 展示/表达我们的爱 show our love 38. 花很多的钱 39. 帮助…做… 40. 打扮/装扮 41. 装扮成卡通人物 42. 不招待就使坏 spend a lot of money help (to) do sth/help with sth dress up dress up as a sb trick and treat

43. 了解 44. 考虑 45. …的真正意义 46. 最好的例子 47. 只想着自己 48. 关心/关注 49. 过去常常… 50. 受到惩罚 51. 处某人以… 52. 因…而处罚某人 53. 告诫…去做… 54. 提醒…要注意… 55. 警告…不要做… 56. 最终成为 57. 期待…做… 58. 带回到… 59. 把…带回到… 60. 使…想起… 61. 提醒某人做… 62. 醒来 63. 查明/弄清情况 64. 决定做…

learn about think of the true meaning of… the best example only think oneself care about used to do sth be punished punish sb with/by… punish sb for… warn sb to do warn sb about sth warn sb not to do end up expect sb to do sth take back… take sb back to sp remind sb of sth/ sb remind sb to do sth wake up find out decide to do sth

65. 改变…的生活 66. 承诺做… 67. 真需要 68. …对待… 69. …的开端 70. 产生新生命 71. …的象征 72. 不但…而且 73. 结果 74. 圣诞节前夕 Unit3 1. 取钱 2. 买一些杂志

change one’s life promises to do sth in need treat sb with +adj the beginning of give birth to life a symbol of not only … but also as a result Christmas Eve

get some money get/buy some magazines

3. 获取一些有关小镇的信息 get some information about the town 4. 买一双鞋 5. 怎样到达… 6. 沿着 get/buy a pair of shoes how to get to sp go along/ go down

7. 在银行的旁边 beside the bank 8. 在右边 9. 去三楼 10. 向左转 11. 在…之间 on the right/left go to the third floor turn left/ right between …and…

12. 做…激动 13. 从/以…开始 14. 不必匆忙 15. 起初 16. 在那个时刻 17. 来得更早点 18. 最近的银行 19. 寻求帮助

be excited to do sth. start/ begin with not need to rush at first at that time come a little earlier the nearest bank ask for help

20. 怎样有礼貌的寻求帮 how to ask for help politely 21. 学会怎样才是礼貌的 learn how to be polite 22. 在不同的情况 23. 使用恰当的语言 24. 在去往…的路上 25. 更擅长 26. 期待 27. 使…想起 28. 取决于/依靠 29. 经过、路过 in different situations use the right language on one’s way to… become better at… look forward to remind …of… depend on pass by

30. 一个吃饭的好地方 a good place to eat Unit4 1. 害怕 2. 过去常常... be afraid of used to do

3. 过去的长相 4. 谈论 5. 直发 6. 过去穿 7. 不足以做...

used to be like talk about straight hair used to wear... not enough to do sth

8. 在...方面取得好成绩 get good grades in 9. 对...更感兴趣 10. 时常/有时 11. 我小学同 12. 变化很大 13. 变红 14. 和...谈话 15. 看见某人在做... get more interested in ... from time to time my primary school classmates change a lot/ change so much get red talk to/ talk with see sb doing sth

16.在考试中取得好成绩 get good scores on the exams 16. 一个十九岁的... 17. 拿起做/开始做 18. 对付/处理 19. 敢做... 20. 在班级面前 21. 全学校 22. 在众人面前 23. 不在... a 19-year-old take up doing deal with/ do with dare to do sth/ dare not to do sth in front of the class the whole school in front of crowds not…anymore

24. 一直/总是 25. 成为大众焦点 26. 太多的注意力 27. 担心… 28. 出现在别人面前 29. 非常注意... 30. 私人时间 31. 和朋友闲逛 32. 准备好做... 33. 放弃 34. 通向成功的路 35. 想/考虑... 36. 继续战斗 37. 需要有足够的天赋 38. 能成功到达顶峰 39. 一小部分 40. 吃大量的蔬菜 41. 听流行音乐 42. 看恐怖片 43. 看大量的书籍 44. 至少 45. 公众

all the time get tons of attention too much attention worry about appear to others be very careful about private time hang out with friends be prepared to do sth give up …(doing) the road to success think about fight on doing require a lot of talent make it to the top a very small number of eat a lot of vegetables listen to pop music watch scary monies read lots of books at least in public

46. 画画 47. 音乐课 48. 过去在足球队 49. ..的标题 50. 学习努力 51. 在...方面做得好 52. 难相信 53. 寻找... 54. 照顾 55. 搬到... 56. 感到孤独 57. 旷课 58. 考试不及格 59. 做决定 60. 派...到.../送...到... 61. 寄宿学校 62. 交朋友 63. 和…交朋友 64. 亲自/亲身 65. 建议某人做... 66. 即使 67. 想到...

paint pictures music class used to be on the soccer team the topic of work hard do well in It is hard to believe… look for take care of/ look after move to sp feel lonely be absent from classes fail the exams/examinations make a decision send sn to sp a boarding school make friends make friends with sb in person advise sb to do sth even though think of

68. 会话 69. 从那以后 70. 变得积极 71. 以...为自豪 Unit5

have conversations with after that become active take pride in/ be proud of

1. 以…闻名/为人知晓 be (well) known for 2. 不论/无论 3. 剪纸 no matter… paper cutting

4. 由…构成(2 个) be made of/be made from 5. 在…被制造 6. 科学博物馆 7. 飞机模型 8. 科技展 9. 因…而著名 10. 在过去 11. 在…被生产 12. 在很多不同地区 13. 据我所知 14. 在…的边上 15. 寄到…/送到… 16. 许多不同的国 17. 全世界 be made in sp the science museum model plane science fair be famous for/ be famous as in the past be produced in… in many different areas as far as I know on the sides of send sth to sp many different countries all over the world

18. 有利于… 19. 即…又… 20. 搜寻/寻找 21. 去另一个国家 22. 什么种类的东西 23. 无论什么 24. 即使 25. …中的大部分 26. 一双/一对 27. 中国制造 28. 避免做… 29. 事实上 30. 擅长做… 31. 更擅长做… 32. 在将来 33. 在世界各个角落 34. 看望某人 35. 在玩具店 36. 购物经历 37. 查明 38. 怎样做风筝 39. 去度假

be good for both…and search for sth go to another coutyr what kinds of things no matter what even if/ even though the most of… a pair of made in China avoid doing sth in fact be good at doing sth be/get better at doing sth in the future in all parts of the world visit sb in the toy stores shopping experiences find out how to make a kite go on vacation

40. 放风筝 41. 国际风筝 42. 特殊传统方式 43. 在生活中 44. 例如 45. 把…变成…

fly a kite The International kite festival the special forms of traditional in life such as/ for example turn sth into sth/ change sth into sth

46. 首次被使用 47. 寻求帮助 48. 升入到…里 49. 幸福的象征 50. 贴上 51. 好运 52. 中国童话 53. 历史故事 54. 在很高的温度下 55. 陶艺 56. 被用于做… 57. 用…盖上 58. 被…覆盖 Unit6 1. 被…发明

be first used by sb ask for help fall into a symbol of happiness put sth on… good luck Chinese fairy tale a historical story at a very high heat clay art be used for doing sth cover sth with sth be covered with…

be invented (by sb)

2. …的样式 3. 具有特殊跟的鞋 4. 考虑/想 5. 我很荣幸 6. 日常生活 7. 似乎… 8. 传播到… 9. 偶然的/意外的 10. 最受欢迎的饮料 11. 据说 12. 作为饮料 13. 在户外的火上

the style of… shoes with special heels think of/ think about My pleasure! daily life seem to do sth/ seem that… spread sth to sp by accident the most popular drink It’s said that… as a drink over an open fire

14. 掉入…里/落入/陷入 fall into 15. 茶圣 16. 被带到… 17. 发生 18. 毫无疑问/确信 19. 以很低的价格 20. 建议…做… 21. 建议…不要做… 22. 突然/猛地 23. 和…相似 the saint of tea be brought to sp take place without doubt at a low price advise sb to do sth advise sb not to do sth all of a sudden be similar to

24. 错误地/无意地 25. 足够的咸 26. 使…高兴 27. 最后 28. 多余/超过 29. 人们相信 30. 在奥运会

by mistake salty enough make sb happy/ cheer sb up in the end more than / over It’s believed that at the Olympics

31. 在室内坚硬的地板上 inside on a hard floor 32. 把…分成… 33. 与此同时 34. 阻止…做… 35. …的梦想 36. 不但…而且… 37. …的数量 38. 越来越多 39. 钦佩/仰慕 40. 鼓励…做… 41. 实现梦想 42. 历史上 43. 职业篮球队 44. 这是因为… 45. 很难区分出 divide …into… at the same time stop…from doing sth the dream of… not only…but also the number of… more and more look up to encourage sb to do sth achieve one’s dream in history the professional basketball groups That’s because… It’s hard to tell…

46. 想出… 47. 那是…的原因 48. 让某人不要做… Unit7 1. 顶嘴/回嘴 2. 避免接近/远离 3. 自己做决定 4. 当了…的路/妨碍 5. 允许…做… 6. 被允许做… 7. 选择自己的服 8. 应该允许…做… 9. 不应该允许做 10. 十六岁的孩子们 11. 兼职工作 12. 扎耳眼 13. 足够认真 14. 和朋友度过时 15. 需要时间(去)做… 16. 停止做… 17. 对…感到兴奋 18. 拍照

come up with That’s why… ask sb not to do sth

talk back keep … away from make one’s own decision get in the way of allow sb to do sth be allowed to do sth choose one’s own clothes should allow sb to do should allow sb not to do sixteen-year olds part-time job/work get one’s ears pieced be serious enough spend tome with froends need tome to do sth stop doing sth be excited about sth takes photos

19. 使用闪光板灯 20. 小婴儿 21. 整夜 22. 带在我身边 23. 温暖怀抱里入眠 24. 确定/确认 25. 举起 26. 咳嗽得厉害 27. 大声地顶嘴 28. 给…东西 29. 噩梦 30. 生气的喊道 31. 和朋友出去 32. 回想起… 33. 上学迟到 34. 呆在外面 35. 后悔做了… 36. 后悔做…(没做) 37. 给…机会做… 38. 搬出去 39. 照顾自己 40. 驾驭自己的生活

use a flash a tiny baby all night stay by my side warm arms to sleep in make sure/ be sure lift up cough badly/cough a lot talk back loudly give sth to sb awful dream shout back angrily go out with friends think back to sth be late for school stay out regret doing sth regret to sth give sb a chance to do sth move out take care of/ look after manage one’s life

41. 上课迟到 42. 和朋友一起学习 43. 早早的完成考试 44. 担心 45. 考试失败 46. 参加考试 47. 通过考试 48. 数学考试失败 49. 缓考 50. 对某人要求严格 51. 想成为 52. 职业赛跑运动员 53. 长大 54. 过多的训练 55. 不反对做… 56. 最终 57. 对…认真 58. 在…上花费时间 59. 做选择 60. 有机会做… 61. 实现梦想 62. 鼓励某人做…

be late class study with friends finish a test early worry about sb/ sth fail the test take the test pass the test fail a math test take the test late be strict with sb be strict in sth a professional runner grow up train so much have nothing against doing end up be serious about sth spend time on sth make this choice have a chance to do sth achieve one’s dream encourage sb to sth

Unit8 1. 属于… 2. 追逐/追赶 3. 同时/一起 4. 听… 5. 也许是 6. 可能是 7. 一定是 8. 一定不是 9. 去野餐 10. 其余的/剩余的 11. 拾起/捡起 12. 彼此 13. 过去常常 14. 被采访 15. 奇怪的声音 16. 玩得高兴 17. 感到不安 18. 离开/走开 19. 不确定 20. 洗澡 21. 感到困倦 belong to sb run after at the same time listen to sb/ sth may/might be could be must be can’t be go to a picnic the rest of… pick up sth each other/ one another used to do sth be interviewed by strange noise have fun/have good time feel uneasy/ feel nervous go away/ be away be not sure take a shower feel sleepy

22. 在空中 23. 赶车 24. 不但…而且… 25. 看见太阳升起

in the sky catch the bus not only…but also see the sun rising

26. 一年中最长的这一天 the longest day of the year 27. 试图与…交流 28. 指出 29. 一种日历 30. 一定的方式 31. 直接照射…里 32. 石头的中心 33. 保持健康 34. 被用于做… 35. 石头的位置 36. 一个特殊的目的 37. 很长的一段时间 Unit9 1. 既然那样/那样的话 2. 坚持/固守 3. 大量/充足 4. 关上 5. 偶尔/间或 in that case stick to plenty of shut off once in a while

try to communicate with sb point out a kind of calendar in a certain way shine directly into the center of the stones keep healthy be used for doing the position of the stones a special prupose a long period of time

6. 总共/合计 7. 随着跳舞 8. 随着唱歌 9. 空闲时间 10. 取决于/依靠 11. 使…振作

in total dance to sing along with spare time/ free time depend on cheer sb up

12. 尽某人最大努力去做 try one’s best to do 13. 有一个快乐的结局 14. 使…感到… 15. 及时 16. 害怕… have a happy ending make sb feel adj in time be afraid to do sth /be afraid of doing

17. 中国民间音乐演奏会 a concert of Chinese folk music 18. 用二胡演奏 19. 查阅 20. 被…写 21. 出生 22. 教…做… 23. 例如 24. 因…而出名 25. 赚钱 26. 结婚 play on erhu look up sth be written by sb be born teach sb to do sth for example/such as be famous/ known for make money get married

27. 继续做 go on to do/ continue to do sth 28. 以这种方式 29. 到…末 30. 遗憾的是… Unit10 1. 顺便拜访 2. 毕竟/终归 3. 大动肝火/气愤 4. 作出努力 5. 把…擦掉 6. 脱下/起飞 drop by after all get mad make an effort clean sth off take off in this way by the end of… It’s a pity that …

7. 特地/格外努力 go out of one’s way to.. 8. 使某人宾至如归 9. 习惯于 10. 握手 make sb feel at home be used to doing shake hands

11. 被期望做/应该做 Sb be supposed to do 12. 被期待着做… 13. (做)…是重要的 14. 首次见面 15. 犯一些错误 16. 欢迎晚会 17. 交朋友 Sb be expected to do be important to do meet for the first time make some mistakes the welcome party make friends

18. 被期待着… 19. 伸手 20. 使…惊讶的是 21. 晚到点 22. 做计划做… 23. 按时/准时 24. 邀请某人做… 25. 避开交通高峰期 26. 用手(拿)饭吃 27. 插入…里 28. 在盘子里 29. 撞击一个空碗 30. 用…指点… 31. 最大的挑战

be expected to do hold hand to one’s surprise arrive a bit late make plans to do sth on time invite sb to do sth avoid heavy traffic eat with one’s hand stick sth into … on the plate hit an empty bowl point at sb with sth the biggest challenge

32. 玩得高兴/过得愉快 have a good time have fun / enjoy oneself 33. 学会怎样做… 34. 用法语和我谈话 35. 由于/因为 36. 与…不同 37. 相当奇怪 38. 切开 learn how to do sth talk to sb in French because of … be different from pretty strange cut up sth

39. 使得某人… 40. 显而易见/ 到场 Unit 11

make sb adj show up

重点词组 1. make me sleepy 使我困倦 2. drive sb crazy 使…发疯 3. 越…越…the more…, the more 4. yes and no 好坏参半 5. be friends with sb 是某人的朋友 6. feel left out 感觉被忽视 7. 睡眠很差 sleep badly8. 不想吃东西 don’t feel like eating 9. 毫 无理由 for no reason 10. 既不…也不…neither…nor… 11. 应召进宫 be called to the palace 12. 有很多的权力 have lots of power 13. 替代我的职位 take one’s position =take one’s place14. 起初 to start with 15. 取考试成绩单 get the exam result back 16. 发现 find out 17. 做的差 do badly 18. 仍旧永远不幸福 remain unhappy forever 19. 一件快乐人的衬 衫 a shirt of a happy person 20. 搜寻,寻找 search for21. 回复国王 return to the king 22. 必胜 的球队 the winning team 23. 在肩上 on the shoulder 24. 在球场上 on the soccer field 25. 错 过进球 miss scoring the goal 26. 使 … 失望 let …down 27. 开除 kick sb off 28. 相互支持 support each other 29. 而不是 rather than 30. 齐心协力 pull together 31. 点头同意

nod in agreement 32. 输了竞赛 lose the competition 33. 在考试中取得好成绩 get good grades on an exam 34. 与你的好朋友发生争吵 get into a fight with your best friend 35. 在众人面前讲话 speak in front of many people Unit 12 重点短语: 1.by the time 在……之前 2.get up 起床 3.be full of 充满 4.give…a lift 捎(某人)一程 5.go off 正 9.be about to 将要 10.go on 发生;向前走 11.stare at 盯着…… 看 12.in disbelief 怀疑地 13.in line with (与……)成一排 14.turn into 变成 15.take off 起飞 16.jump out of 从……跳下 17.show up 赶到 18.by the end of 在(某时间点)以前 19.get dressed 穿衣服 20.stay up 熬夜 21.April Fool’s Day 愚人节 22.Costume party 化 妆舞会 23.Sell out 卖光 24.Take place 发生 25.Play jokes on sb. 和某人 开玩笑 26.End up 以……结束 27.Get married to 和……结婚 28.Police

响铃 6.rush out 冲出 7.wake up 醒来 8.at least 至少; 反

officer 警官 29.Run out of 用完 30.a piece of 一张 Unit 13 重点短语: 1.make a difference 起作用;有影响 2. take part in 参加 3. turn off 关掉 4. pay for 付费;付出代价 5. cut down 减少 6. lead to 导致 7. hear of 听说 8. cut off 切除 9. throw away 扔掉 10. put sth. to good use 好好 利用 11. put … down 拆下 12. upside down 上下颠倒 13. bring back 恢复 Unit 14 重点短语: 1.do a survey 做调查 2.play the keyboard 演奏电子乐器 3.help sb. With sth. 帮助某人做……4.win a prize 获奖 5.in a row 连续几次 地 6.take a break 休息 7.be patient with sb. 对某人耐心 8.work out 算出, 解决好 9.no matter how 无论怎样 10.do better in 在……做得更好 11.because of 因为 12.put in more effort 付出更多的努力 13.go shopping 去 购物 14.look back at 回首(往事);回忆;回顾 15.make a mess 弄得一团糟(一塌糊涂)16.keep one’s cool 沉住

气;保持冷静 17.prepare for 为……做准备 18.senior high (school) 高中 19.go by (时间)逝去;过去 20.believed in 信任;信赖 21.look forward to 盼望 22.be thirsty for 渴望; 渴求 23.be thankful to sb. 对某人心存 感激 24.first of all 首先 25.ahead of 在……前面 26.along with 连 同;除……以外还 27.be responsible for 对……有责任;负责任 28.set out 出发;启程 29.be responsible for 对 …… 感到骄傲 30.give up 放弃 31.make mistakes 犯错误 32.separate from 分离;隔开





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