高考英语一轮复习 完形填空选练题111


贵州江口县 2017 高考英语一轮完形填空选练题
完形填空。 So far, about 27 countries have visited Antarctica for scientific research.Hard __1__the living conditions are,many scientists __2__to stay there for long periods of research. So,how do they manage their lives on the ice? Well,during the __3__,the temperature in Antarctica reaches about 20℃.It falls to about -60℃ in winter.So,__4__there are 24 hours of sunshine,scientists must keep wearing all the correct clothes to __5__themselves from the cold.These clothes include jeans,runing shoes, jackets,long underwear,boots and woolen socks. Although highly technical clothing provides much __6__against the extreme cold,scientists often need to __7__when there is an icy wind blowing and the temperature is -30℃ so natural protection such as facial(面部的)hair can also __8__. That's __9__many researchers wear a __10__.It really does keep you warm. Usually,the polar researchers have __11__meals.Some __12__ have feasts(盛宴)on holidays like Christmas and New Year's Day.__13__are always welcomed and usually finished quickly. Life on the ice means living with other researchers in __14__living space.Most people sleep in dorm?style rooms.Some remote field camps use __15__tents.So,at least some researchers won't be __16__by annoying snores(鼾声). But what do they do for __17__in their spare time?There are actually a lot of things they can do.They watch movies,read tons of books,listen to music,paint and ski.Some __18__researchers might even do some knitting(编织). It is important for a polar researcher to be in good physical condition.They can be required to __19__to heights of more than 3,000 metres and the Antarctic atmosphere has less oxygen than that of any other__20__. 1.A.as C.because B.but D.unless

答案:A 连词 as 在此引导一个让步状语从句。 2.A.supposed C.ought B.used D.have

答案:D 句意:尽管生活条件很艰苦,但很多科学家为了研究不得不在那儿待上很长一段时间。本文 主要记叙了在南极考察的科学家的生活情况,突出科学家的奉献精神。 3.A.spring C.winter 答案:B 与下文中的 winter 相呼应。 4.A.as if B.as long as B.summer D.autumn


C.even though

D.in case

答案:C 句意:即使一天 24 小时阳光普照,科学家们也要穿上厚厚的衣服。 5.A.prevent C.free 答案:D B.separate D.protect protect sb.from the cold 意为“保护某人不被冻坏”。 B.food D.protection

6.A.water C.air 答案:D 衣服是用来御寒保暖的。 7.A.go outside C.sleep on ice 答案:A 科学家们经常需要外出。 8.A.help C.mind 答案:A 天生的毛发也有助于防寒。 9.A.how C.why

B.stay indoors D.work at home

B.do D.depend

B.where D.when

答案:C 这就是许多研究者留胡须的原因。 10.A.hat C.raincoat 答案:D wear a beard“留胡须”。 B.good D.common B.shirt D.beard

11.A.bad C.sweet

答案:B 从下文得知,极地研究者的饮食是不错的。 12.A.even C.ever 答案:A even 用于加强语气。 B.Vegetables D.Letters B.still D.yet

13.A.Books C.Songs

答案:B 这一段讲的都是饮食情况。“Vegetables are always welcomed and usually finished quickly.”意为:蔬菜总是很受欢迎,而且常是很快就被吃完。 14.A.comfortable C.tight B.bright D.big

答案:C 极地科学家的生活空间不可能非常宽敞。 15.A.common C.small B.advanced D.separate


答案:D 一些偏远野外宿营地使用单独的帐篷。 16.A.caught up C.made up 答案:D 独居不会被鼾声打扰。 17.A.sports C.work B.fun D.research B.kept up D.bothered

答案:B 这一段讲的是科学家们业余时间的安排。for fun“取乐”。 18.A.women C.polar 答案:A 编织通常为女性所为。 19.A.skate C.climb B.run D.fly B.man D.Russian

答案:C 他们可能得爬到海拔 3000 多米的高处。 20.A.state C.continent B.city D.country

答案:C 南极洲是一个洲,因此选择名词 continent 与之相对应。

【2015 高考复习】完形填空 It was unusually quiet in the emergency room on December 25.I didn’t think there would be any__1__, sighing about having to work on Christmas.Just then five bodies__2__at my desk,a pale woman and four children. “Are you all__3__?”I asked. “Yes,” she said weakly and lowered her head. But when it came to__4__of their problems,things got a little uncertain.Two of the children had headaches,two children had earaches,__5__only one could tell me which ear was affected.The__6__complained of a cough but seemed to work to produce it. I didn’t say anything but__7__that it might he a little while__8__a doctor could see her.She responded,“__9__your time;it’s warm in here.” Then,I checked their chart.No address—they were__10__.The waiting room was warm. I went back to the nurses station and mentioned we had a homeless__11__in the waiting room.The nurses, complaining of__12__on Christmas,turned to sympathy for a family just trying to get__13__on Christmas.The team went into action,much as we do when there’s a__14__emergency.But this was a Christmas emergency. We were all__15__a free meal on Christmas Day,so we took back that meal and prepared a big dinner


for our__16__.We needed presents.We__17__from different departments candies,fruits and other things__18__that could be presents.As seriously as we met the__19__needs of the patients,our team worked to meet the needs of a family who just wanted to be warm on Christmas. Later,as the family walked to the door to__20__,the four?year?old boy came running back,gave me a hug and whispered,“Thanks for being our angels today.” 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文。圣诞夜,当我们这些护士为还要继续工作而抱怨时,一家五口来急诊。 当我们了解情况后,纷纷伸出援助之手,让无家可归的一家人度过了一个温暖的圣诞节。 1.A.customers C.workers B.patients D.tourists

解析 customer 意为“顾客”;patient 意为“病人”;worker 意为“工人”;tourist 意为“游客”。根 据下文内容可知,此处是医院,“我”想着圣诞节应该不会再有病人了。 答案 B 2.A.showed up C.came out B.took in D.looked on

解析 show up 意为“出现”;take in 意为“吸收;欺骗”;come out 意为“出版;结果是”;look on 意 为“旁观”。根据上下文内容可知,是五个人出现在“我”的办公桌前。 答案 A 3.A.eager C.sick B.hungry D.warm

解析 由语境可知,此处是在医院,因此我询问他们是不是都病了。 答案 C 4.A.descriptions C.instructions B.comments D.results

解析 description 意为“描述”;comment 意为“评论”;instruction 意为 “说明”;result 意为“结 果;成绩”。由语境可知,当他们开始描述他们的病情时,事情就有点让人摸不着头脑了。 答案 A 5.A.so C.thus B.for D.but

解析 由语境可知,两个孩子说头疼,两个孩子说耳朵疼,但只有一个能告诉“我”是哪只耳朵疼。这里表 示一种转折关系。 答案 D 6.A.mother C.nurses B.children D.doctor

解析 根据上文内容可知,母子共五人来看病,其中四个孩子都说了自己的问题,只剩下母亲没有说了,因 此是孩子的母亲说自己咳嗽了。


答案 A 7.A.answered C.explained B.imagined D.analysed

解析 answer 意为“回答”;imagine 意为“想象”;explain 意为“解释”;analyse 意为“分析”。由语 境可知,“我”也没说什么,只是解释说,过会儿医生才会来给她检查。 答案 C 8.A.after C.before B.since D.when

解析 由语境可知,在医生来之前还得有一会儿。 答案 C 9.A.Make C.Care B.Take D.Spend

解析 make 意为“使得;形成”;take 意为“拿;取”;care 意为“在意”;spend 意为“度过”。由语境 可知,她回答说:“不着急,这里挺暖和的。”take one’s time 意为“不着急”,符合语境。 答案 B 10.A.lonely C.clever B.greedy D.homeless

解析 lonely 意为“孤独的”;greedy 意为“贪婪的”;clever 意为“聪明的”;homeless 意为“无家可 归的”。由语境可知,“我”查了下他们的登记表,但登记表上没有写地址,因此他们是无家可归的。 答案 D 11.A.family C.woman B.holiday D.Christmas

解析 由语境可知,回到护士室,“我”讲述了候诊室里这无家可归的一家子人的事。 答案 A 12.A.operating C.managing B.interrupting D.working

解析 operate 意为“手术;操作”;interrupt 意为“中断”;manage 意为“管理”;work 意为“工作”。 由语境可知,原本抱怨圣诞节还要上班的护士们,都转而同情起在圣诞节只祈求温暖的这家人了。 答案 D 13.A.present C.relief B.warm D.comfort

解析 present,意为“礼物”;warm 意为“温暖”;relief 意为“救济;安慰”;comfort 意为“安慰”。 根据上文内容可知,这家人在圣诞节来到医院,是为了寻找温暖。 答案 B 14.A.beneficial B.friendly




解析 beneficial 意为“有益的”;friendly 意为“友好的”;medical 意为“医学的”;different 意为 “不同的”。由语境可知,这个团队马上展开行动,就好像我们对待医疗紧急情况一样,只不过这次是“圣 诞节急诊”。 答案 C 15.A.rewarded C.allowed B.offered D.ordered

解析 reward 意为“奖励”;offer 意为“提供”;allow 意为“允许”;order 意为“命令”。由语境可知, 圣诞节这天,医院食堂免费给我们提供一顿饭。 答案 B 16.A.neighbors C.brothers B.relations D.guests

解析 neighbor 意为“邻居”;relation 意为“关系”;brother 意为“兄弟”;guest 意为“客人”。由 语境可知,我们把饭领回来,为我们的圣诞客人准备了一场大的宴会。 答案 D 17.A.borrowed C.collected B.received D.bought

解析 由语境可知,我们从不同的科室收集了糖和水果。collect from 意为“收集”,符合语境。 答案 C 18.A.expensive C.generous B.fantastic D.available

解析 expensive 意为“昂贵的”; fantastic 意为“奇异的; 极好的”; generous 意为“慷慨的”; available 意为“可得的;可利用的”。由语境可知,除了糖和水果,还有一些能当做礼物的可以利用的东西。 答案 D 19.A.healthy C.tragic B.physical D.mental

解析 healthy 意为“健康的”; physical 意为“身体的; 物理的”; tragic 意为“悲剧的: 不幸的”; mental 意为“精神的;脑力的”。由语境可知,我们的团队工作严肃,就像满足患者的身体需要一样,我们尽力满 足这家人只想过一个温暖圣诞节的愿望。 答案 B 20.A.leave C.rest B.travel D.relax

解析 由语境可知,当这家人走到门前要离开的时候,那个四岁的孩子跑回来,给了“我”拥抱和感谢。 答案 A。


2016 高考完形填空选练

完型填空。阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选 项。

My father, a sale trainer, tried to teach me the importance of hard work. But then there were the things he taught me unintentionally (非故意地),like when he arrived home from last time and climbed up the stairs that night. His body was so left the hospital to give a lecture in another city. He probably but he paid the price: He three months later, at the age of 58.The 28 25 27 22 24 21 for the 23

with cancer. But he

his good fame that day, 26

to the hospital soon after and

that my father climbed up the stairs always 29 something: 31 I

before my eyes. And since then, I’ve thought a lot about work. I’ve 30

I won’t live like my father and I will

my work at five o’clock every day. 32

love my job as a newspaper reporter, I will never work so like my father.

as to end my life so early

My father once told me he was


to enjoy a beautiful sunset because he always had a lot 34 35 person: He was a famous author, a good musician, list, but here’s the thing: I just want to 36

of things to do. You could say he was a and good at German---- that’s a(n)

sunsets. I don’t want to be writing a report at the same time.

This raises the 38 39 city


: If I leave work at five o’clock to watch the sunset, what will be the

? Will I risk not reaching the top of my career? Maybe. But, leaving work at five o’clock that I can eat dinner with my family, play with my children and go on a bicycle ride in the 40 watching sunsets. And I get to take in a lot of sunsets. That’s got to be worth


21. A. vocation

B. school

C. hospital

D. work

22. A. soft

B. weak

C. strong

D. small

23. A. never

B. still

C. really

D. almost


24. A. kept

B. forgot

C. used

D. destroyed

25. A. travelled

B. drove

C. returned

D. raced

26. A. laughed

B. recovered

C. retired

D. died

27. A. purpose

B. dream

C. scene

D. hope

28. A. appeared

B. stayed

C. waited

D. changed

29. A. noticed

B. decided

C. earned

D. lost

30. A. start

B. continue

C. leave

D. report

31. A. Since

B. If

C. Until

D. Though

32. A. hard

B. carefully

C. fast

D. painfully

33. A. unwilling

B. unable

C. ready

D. eager

34. A. brave

B. happy

C. successful

D. strange

35. A. beautiful

B. amazing

C. common

D. popular

36. A. enjoy

B. protect

C. paint

D. learn

37. A. joke

B. idea

C. fight

D. question

38. A. causes

B. plans

C. dangers

D. results

39. A. means

B. predicts

C. suggests

D. expects

40. A. without

B. along

C. besides

D. about



26-30 DCABC

31-35 DABCB

36-40 ADDAC


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