Small gestures can generate huge blessings.

引导名词性从句的连接词可分为三类: 连词(5个):that (本身无意义。引导单一 的宾语从句时that常可省略,但引导主语从 句、表语从句、同位语从句时that通常不被 省略) whether,if (均表示“是否”表明从句内容的 不确定性) as if ,as though (均表示“好像”,“似 乎”) ◆以上在从句中均不充当任何成分

连接代词(10个):what/ whatever, who/ whoever, whom/ whomever, whose/whosever, which/ whichever

连接副词(7个):when/ whenever, where/ wherever, how/ however, why

? whether与if 均为"是否"的意思。 但在下列情况下,只可 用whether: ? 1. whether引导主语从句并在句首。 ? eg:Whether he can come to the party on time depends on the traffic. ? 2. 引导表语从句。 ? eg:The question is whether we can get in touch with her. ? 3. whether从句作介词宾语。 ? eg:I am thinking about whether I should quit my present job. ? 4.if与whether都可以与or not 连用,但后面紧跟or not 时 只能用whether。 ? We didn't know whether or not she was ready.(此时只 能用whether) ? I wonder whether/if the news is true or not.(此时则二者 都可以用)

? that在句中无词义,只起连接作用;连接代词和 连接副词都在句中既保留自己的疑问含义、又起 连接作用,在从句中充当主语的成分。注: whom、who指人,what指物,whatever, whoever表示泛指意义。例如: ? It 's a good thing that you were insured. ? What he wants to tell us is not clear. ? Who will win the match is still unknown. It is known to us how he became a writer. ? Where the English evening will be held has not yet been announced.

that在句中无词义,只起连接作用。 It is decided that the meeting should be put off till next Monday. 人们决定把会议推迟到下周一。 That引导主语从句,位于句首时绝对不可省略。 That she was chosen made us very happy. 她被选中了,这让我们很开心。 It is strange that we’ve never met before. 很奇怪,我们以前居然从来没有碰见过。 that引导动词后的宾语从句时,可省略。 但如果宾语从句是并列句时,引导第二个个分句的that不可省略 I found (that) all the tickets for the concert had been sold out. Mr. Read said (that) he taught English in a middle school in Beijing and that he came from Australia.

as if/as though
as if/as though表示“似乎,好像”的意思,只引导名词性 从句中的表语从句。 She looked as if she had been working very hard for a long time. 她看起来似乎努力工作了很长时间。 It looks / seems as if you have got no experience . 看来你似乎并没有经验.。 They talked as if they had been friends for years . 他们说话很亲热,就像多年的老朋友似的。

连接代词在名词性从句中充当主语、宾语、定语或表语。 It has not been decided yet who will host the reception tonight.(主语从句) Curiously enough,he seems to have known what we should do next.(宾语从句) The question who should do the job requires consideration. (同位语从句)

连接副词在名词性从句中充当状语。 It makes no difference where we shall have the meeting. (主语从句) We couldn’t understand why he refused our help. (宾语从句) The problem is where we should stay. (表语从句) My question how I shall get in touch with him has not been answered. (同位语从句)

that 引导的定语与同位语从句的区别
【1】非限定性定语从句的作用是对所修饰的成分作进一步说明,通常和 主句间用逗号隔开,将从句拿掉后其他部分仍可成立. 【2】在复合句中用作同位语的从句叫同位语从句.可跟同位语从句的通 常是一些具有一定内容含义的名词。常见的有: conclusion ,evidence ,fact ,hope, idea news,opinion,problem,promise,reason等. 区别 【1】从意义上看,同位语从句是名词性从句,是对一个名词加以补充说 明,定语从句是形容词性的,对一个名词加以修饰限定。 【2】从结构上看,同位语从句的连接词不充当句子成分,但不可省略; 定语从句的关系代词代替先行词在句中充当成分,充当宾语时可省略。 例句 The news(that)he told me is really encouraging.(定语从句) The news that our team has won the game is really encouraging.(同位语从句)

名词性从句的顺序 名词性从句用陈述句语序,不用疑问句语序 When we will leave here is uncertain. 我们何时离开这里还不确定。
None of us know where he lives. 我们都不知道他住在哪里

Who/whom与whoever whomever的区别 Who/whom意为“谁”,引导名词性从句有 疑问 色彩,而whoever/whomever 意为“任何 人”, 相当于anyone who/whom,没有疑问色彩。
Who will take the position is under discussion. 谁会担任这个职位还在讨论中。 Whoever takes the position should be responsible for our company. 任何担任这个职位的人都应该对我们公司负责

What/whatever & which/whichever
What/whatever 意为“什么/无论什么”描述的事物在上下 文中 没有范围。Which/whichever意为“哪个,无论哪个”,描 述的 食物在上下文中需要有范围。 To be honest ,I can hardly understand what/whatever you have said.说实话,我几乎不明白你所说过的(任何)话。 Here is the dress. This is what I have been dreaming of. 这就是那条裙子。这是我一直梦想的东西。 Here are many beautiful dresses. I don’t know which I like. 这儿有很多漂亮裙子,我不知道我喜欢哪件。 Here are many beautiful dresses. You can choose whichever you like. 这儿有很多漂亮裙子,你可以挑选任何你喜欢的。

He was sent to the hospital. That’s because he was ill. 他被送到医院,是因为他生病了。 That is why she failed to pass the exam. 那就是她考试不及格的原因。 注意:because引导表语从句时,主句主语不能是reason或 cause。而since,as不能引导表语从句。

______Li Bai, a great Chinese poet, was born is known to the public, but some won’t accept it. A. That B. Why C. Where D. How

—What a mess! You are always so lazy! —I'm not to blame, mum. I am _____you have made me. A. how B. what C. that D. who

The notice came around two in the afternoon______ the meeting would be postponed A. where B. that C. Whether D. How

It was never clear _____ the man hadn’t reported the accident sooner. A. that B. how C. when D. which

-I prefer shutting myself in and listening to music all day on Sundays. -That’s ____ I don’t agree.You should have a more active life A. where B. how C. when D. what

Many young people in the West are expected to leave _____could be life’s most important decision—marriage—almost entirely up to luck. A. as B. that C. which D. what

Choosing the right dictionary depends on ______ you want to use it for. A. what B. why C. how D. whether

We haven’t setteled the question of ______ It is necessary for him to study abroad. A. if B. where C. whether D. that

She was so angry and spoke so fast that None of us understood _____ he said meant. A. that B. what C. that that D. what what



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