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f(x) is a five member South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2009. The name is a play on the mathematical notation for function, and when input with different 'x', there can be many different outcomes.

f(x) strives to be the kind of girl group that can change and adapt to many

situations. The group members have also been nicknamed "function
girls". The group made their debut on September 1, 2009 with release of a digital single "La Cha Ta"

The quintet consists of:

Song Qian,better known as Victoria ,she was born in Qingdao,Shandong. She left her hometown at a very young age to study Chinese traditional dance at the Beijing Dance Academy. Song was scouted at a dance competition in Beijing on September 2007.

Krystal:Zheng Xiujing was born in San Francisco , California , UnitedStates on October 24 ,1994 She is a American South Korea .

She has a unique temperament and appearance .

Sulli: Cui Xueli was born on March 29,1994 Sulli is a Korean actress , singer, dancer, and MC She made her debut as a child actress in 2005 She is a lovely girl ,I love her smile .

Luna: Piao Shanling was

born on August 12 ,1993
In 2006, SM Entertainment , an entertainment agency

based in South Korea,
recruited Luna after seeing her performing on

a SBS's television
program , After training for more than three years, she

became a member of a
quintent pop idol girl group, f(x), under the label of her


Amber: Liu Yiyun was born on September 18, 1992 She is a ChineseAmerican

After a year and a half of
training, she debuted under the new South Korean girl

group f(x) in September
2009 .

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fx组合__英文介绍 (1)_数学_高中教育_教育专区。 f(x) is a f


fx组合__英文介绍 - f(x) is a five member South

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fx组合 英文介绍 - f(x) is a five member South


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fx组合__英文介绍 - f(x) is a five member South


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