7A错题集 一.根据句子意思和所给中文提示写单词使句子意思完整

1. –Which class are you in? - I’ m in Class 4, ________ (年级) 7. 2. Some children in poor areas in China do not have enough _______ (文具) to use at school. 3. Quite a lot of children can’t go to school in many poor _________ (地区). 4. Do you know the _________ (价格) of new car? 5. Eddie is too fat. He needs to _________(锻炼) more. 6. The dress is very _________ (摩登的). 7. Which songs are the most _________ (受欢迎) among the young people at the moment? 8. Many children go to their _________ (祖父母) home to visit them on Sundays. 9. Chinese New Year usually comes in ________(二月). 10. I think ________(周三) is the busiest day in a week. 11. Eddie has lunch in a big __________(餐馆).
二.用括号中所给单词的正确形式填空 1. Playing badminton at the weekend is one of my ________ (hobby) . 2. Listen! Someone is singing a song called the Sound of Music. How nice it ________ (sound)! 3. How far is it from your office to the nearest shopping mall? Let me see, it is about two ______ (hour) walk. 4. Thank you for ________ (organize) the birthday party. 5. Is the shop open or ______ (close) at this time of the day? 6. Doing e__________ will help you become stronger. 7. Many students hope _____ parents can spend more with ________ at the weekend. (they) 8. There will be a chinese New Year ________ (celebrate) in Chinatown. 9. why not take off your coat? It’s much w_________here. 10. Something is wrong with your car. Don’t worry, you can use ______ (we). 11. Sandy, Millie’s friend, ______ (be) in the Music Club because she likes listening to music very much. 12. After running 1000 meters, all of us wee so t_____ that we didn’t want to run any more. 13. Having too many sweet snacks b______ meals is not a good habit. ] 14. A report shows sleeping too much a day is as _______ (healthy) as eating too much a day. 15. Why do you say Sandy does her homework _____________ ? Because she always makes the most mistakes in her homework. 16. Boys and girls, if you want to be _________, you should keep fit and have a good lifestyle. (dance) 17. Jane has many hobbies and c_______ stamps is one of them. 18. The students will have a show _________ (raise) money for the children in poor areas. 三.选择填空 1. Jane’s answer is different from _______, but I really agree with ______. A his, her B his, hers C him, hers D him, her

2. What a nice dress! Thank you. I ______ three days on it. A paid B spent C took C cost 3. Betty likes _______ very much and she is good at playing the piano. A art B music C sport D science 4. John, it’s 10p.m. It’s time to go to bed now. OK, ______ Mum! A good morning B good afternoon C good evening D good night 5. She is in the Reading Club. However, she ___________ reading. A is good at B is clever at C does well in D is weak in 6. How much ________ the pair of jeans __________? A does, cost B do, cost C is, cost D are, cost 7. _________ do you swim in the summer holiday? Once two days. A How long B How many C How often D How much 8. Which of the following words has two syllables? A bottle B jeans C shorts D fruit 9. The price of children is a little ______. I can’t afford it . A cheaper B more expensive C higher D lower

10The man sits between ____________. A. I and Andy B. Andy and I C. Andy and me

D. me and Andy

11. He can’t speak Japanese, but he can ________ it in English. A speak B say C tell D talk 12. I have too many ________ to do, so I have no time to do ________. A exercise, exercise B exercises, exercise C exercises, exercises D exercise, exercises 四.根据汉语完成句子 1. I spend about two hours _________________ (做作业)。 2. If you don’t feel well, you should _____________ (看医生)。 3. Look! They ________________ (在许愿)。 4. I like autumn best because it is _______________ (不冷也不热)。 5. The White T-shirt ________________ (与相配) his blue jeans. 6. 现在是看电视的时间。__________________________________________ 7. 汤姆工作五年了,他有足够的钱买两小轿车。 _________________________________________________________________ 8. 那些建筑真高啊!_________________________________________