By: Nadya, Tony, Vadim

? ? ? ? Festival Parks Sports Conclusion


Oxford Brookes University Center for Sport ? use gym, 65-station health and fitness suite, weights room and sports hall, sauna, steam room, aerobic/dance studio. ? rugby, basketball or hockey football clubs

Headington Girls school ? swimming pool, which length is 25 meters ? Trampolining ? school of horse riding, fencing and badminton ? Court Place Farm Stadium

Northway Sports Centre ? football pitches, aerobics classes, gymnastics, badminton, basketball, table tennis and weight training ? children's parties and have a crèche

Viking Sports Club ? includes bar, comfy seating along with pool and bar billiards tables and dartboard ? Elders could enjoy a range of pub sports teams including Darts, Bar Billards and Aunt Sally.

Bury Knowle Park
? ? ? ? ? In the Headington campus Was developed in 1930 Trees The story tree Other activities

South Park
? ? ? ? Beside the Cowley Road Was opened in 1951 Special events Adventure Balloon

? Overall, our group looked at 3 different aspects in leisure and recreation in Headington: festivals, parks and sport. Firstly, there is Headington Festival that becomes more and more popular from year to year. Children, young people as well as adults can enjoy a lot of leisure activities there. Secondly, parks such as South Park and Bury Knowly Park always welcome people and offer great number of things to do for everybody, for example balloon flights, fireworks displays and so on. Finally, Headington has a good variety of sport activities that helps people find an appropriate type of sport regardless of their abilities, age and gender.


The End


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