必修三 unit5 Using language


Reading (II)

Listening /Reading/speaking

second_______ largest country Canada is the ______ North in the world. It is located in ______ distance from east to America _______. The ________ west is over ________ kilometers. 5,500 one _______ third of the Canada has ____ world’s supply of fresh water. The population of Canada is about _____ 30 million and the capital is Ottawa _______. There are ______ two official languages, English and _______. French _________

Thunder Bay

maple trees

CN Tower

Toronto from the CN Tower.

Niagara Falls


Montreal 蒙特利尔是加拿大第二大城市和世界

Olympic stadium

Old Montreal

St. Lawrence River

Reading Ⅱ— “The True North”
From Toronto To Montreal Fast reading
Task 1: Skim the passage and divide it into 2 parts

Part1 (Para1-4) Part2 (Para5-7)

trip to Toronto trip to Montreal

Fast reading
Please find out the time mentioned in this text and all the places they have been to or they have seen. Then fill in the following chart.

Time the next morning around noon late that night at dawn the next morning

Events saw beautiful maple trees. arrived in Toronto. the train left. arrived in Montreal.

Time they spend the afternoon


in the lovely shops and visiting the artists in their workplaces beside the water.
the train was speeding down to the East Coast.

the night

Careful reading
Task 3:Read the passage again and answer the following questions.

1. How do we know it is fall in Canada? 2. Why is there good Cantonese food in Toronto? 3. Which direction is the train going from Toronto? 4.Why did the girls go to the Old Montreal?

1. How do we know it is fall in Canada?

We know it’s fall in Canada because the maple trees are red and gold and orange, and there is frost on the ground.
2. Why is there good Cantonese food in Toronto?

Because most of the Chinese people there come from South China, especially Hong Kong.

3. Which direction is the train going from Toronto?

The train is going east (northeast) from Toronto.
4.Why did the girls go to the Old Montreal?

They went to Old Montreal because it is close to the water/ to see the lovely shops and the artists.

? What things show us that Montreal is a French city? the signs and ads are in French. Good coffee, good bread and good music, also

Retell the passage and fill in the blanks.
wealthy biggest city in Toronto is the most _______and _______ Tower Canada. There is the tallCN ___ ______and the Niagara_____,which Falls misty famous______ is beautiful with_____ rises covered cloud that _____from it. There is also a ________ Chinatowns stadium and three ___________where you can get good Cantonese food. Montreal has a French culture. People speak French and English. There were _____and signs both _______ ads ____in French. It’s nice to sit in a café, looking over broad the ______ St Lawrence River.

Draw out their whole route across Canada.

Rocky Mts. Montreal Vancouver Calgary


Language points
1. confirm 证实、确认、批准(职位、协议等)
1. Has everyone confirmed (that) they’re coming?
2. The walk in the mountains confirmed his fear of

3. He was confirmed as captain for the rest of the season.

[拓展] confirmation n. 证实、确认书、证明书 confirmed adj. 确定的、已被证实的

[即学即练] 1). —You look as if you are in high spirits, John. —You are right. What Professor Zhang spoke at the meeting ____my belief in my job. A. refused B. mistakened C. made D. confirmed D

2). The new evidence has ______
the first witness’s story.

A. changed

B. considered

C confirmed D. informed C.

1.枫树叶子的颜色证实了秋天已经到来 The color of the maple leaves confirmed that fall had arrived.

2.已经确认机长应该为此次航班失事负责 It is confirmed that the captain should
be to blame for the air crash.

2. mix v. “混合; 搀和; 结合” 不要把工作和娱乐搀和在一起。 Don’t mix business with pleasure. mix A with B 把??和??混淆、弄混
mixture n. 混合; 混合物 mix up 搅匀; 拌和; 混淆; Don’t mix up “ desert” with “ dessert”.

3. They were not leaving for Montreal until later, so they went on a tour of the city 1) leave for sp动身前往某地 head for sp

2) until/till 直到……为止

until常与否定句连用, not…until直到…才... (复习倒装句和强调句)
He didn’t finish the work until yesterday. Not until yesterday did he finish the work. It was not until yesterday that he finished the work

4. In the distance, they could see the
misty cloud that rose from the

great Niagara Falls, which is on the
south side of the lake. [考点] distance距离、远方,

in the distance 在远方、在远处。

[考例] The faces of four famous American presidents on Mount Rushmore can be seen from a ___ of 60 miles. (2004全国 卷 IV) A. length B. distance C. way D. space

“a distance of + 数字”表示“……的距 离”。

5. … because most of the Chinese people here come from South China, especially Hong Kong.
especially表示“尤其, 格外,特别”, 意思相当于“in particular ”或 “particularly”。


I came specially to see you.

The weather is especially cold.

It’s always difficult being in a foreign country, _____if you don’t speak the language. A. extremely C. specially B B. especially D. naturally

6. It’s too bad you can’t go as far as Ottawa… as far as 有两种含义:1) 直到……远 ,远到……;2) 就……;至于……。常

用于as far as I know“据我所知”,as
far as I am concerned “就我而言”等


[考例1] _____ I can see, there is only one possible way to keep away from the danger. (北京2004春) A. As long as B. As far as B C. Just as D. Even if [点拨] as far as I can see, 据我所知。 as long as 只要,表示条件;just as 就 像……,表示方式;even if 即使,表示 让步;皆不符合语境。

一些带有as...as 结构的常见短语:

as busy as a bee
as easy as ABC


as deep as a well 像井一样深
as light as a feather 像羽毛一样轻

as soft as butter
as rich as a Jew


7. terrify (vt.) 使恐怖;恐吓 terrify sb ? The movie terrifies the boy.
? The
? The

movie is terrifying.

boy is terrified. terrifying adj. 令人恐惧的 terror (n) 恐怖

terrified adj. 感到恐惧的 please sb vt. 使…高兴 pleasing
pleased adj. 令人高兴的 adj. 感到高兴的 n. 愉快、乐趣


8. impress press
impress ( vt.) 使印象深刻;使铭记 impress sb
? The

beautiful scenery impressed the tourists.

美丽的风景给游客们留下了深刻的印象。 be impressed with/ by 对……印象深刻 Her teacher was impressed with/ by her hard work impression (n.) 印象 impression of sb / sth

impressive (adj.) 给人深刻印象的 an impressive movie / speech

9. The girls told him they were on a

train trip across Canada and that
they had only one day in Montreal.

I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字母或 汉语提示,写出该单词的正确形式。 maple (枫树) trees of 1. The red leaves of ______ the Fragrant Hills are the most charming autumn scenery in Beijing. 2. The grass is covered with frost ____ (霜) in the early morning. 3. Most of the old buildings downtown _________ (在 市区) were torn down.

4. The buffe _____t (自助餐) is over there. Please help yourself. 5. In many countries, young people still keep up the tradition _______ (传统) that women get married in a long white dress. 6. The diligent student gets up before d____ awn every day.

7. A bird in the hand is worth two in the b____. ush 8. I recognized my primary s_________ choolmate Mary in the photo. 9. I’ll give him a call from the phone ooth on the corner. b____ 10. The d_______ istance from my house to school is 200 metres.

用所给单词的适当形式填空 terrified at the terrifying 1. The girl was _________ ________ scene and ran away in _______.(terrify) terror wealth in his business 2. Jack acquired great ________ and now he is thewealthiest _________ person in his hometown. (wealth) pleasedto see the pleasing 3. We were all _______ ________ scene. pleasure to go fishing. (please) What a _________ 4. His house stands on a hill and can be seen from distant a distance ________ of two miles while mine is ________ from here. (distance)

选词填空:board,broad,aboard, abroad

board the airport bus? 1. Where do I ________ aboard the same flight. 2. We traveled ________ 3. He came to miss his homeland when abroad he settle down _________. broad knowledge of 4. She has a ________ computers. aboard the ship and 5. She went ________ waved goodbye to her family.

1. 据我所知,他有做生意的天赋。 2. 你能看见在远处的塔吗? 3. 不愿受到惩罚,他把一切都告诉了妻子。

4. 她宁可死也不愿失去孩子们。 5. 他设法在一个小时内完成工作。
6. 他们对这小女孩的天赋印象深刻。

1. 据我所知,他有做生意的天赋。 As far as I know, he has a gift for doing business. 2. 你能看见在远处的塔吗? Can you see the tower in the distance? 3. 不愿受到惩罚,他把一切都告诉了妻子。 Rather than be punished, he told his wife everything. 4. 她宁可死也不愿失去孩子们。 She would rather die than lose the children. 5. 他设法在一个小时内完成工作。 He managed to finish the work within an hour. 6. 他们对这小女孩的天赋印象深刻。 They are impressed by the little girl’s talent.

Complete the sentences:
1. Canada encourages people to keep their own customs _________________. many cultures 2. Canada is a mixture of ____________ and races. 3. If you live in the province of Quebec, speak French you’re expected to __________. 4. Native Indians and Inuit are trying to alive keep their languages _______.

80 5. More than _______languages are used in radio and TV programs. 6. You may find areas where the same culture live near people from _____________ each other. who have lived in Canada 7. The families ___________ for a long time are usually all mixed up.


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