年中考英语试题分类汇编( 专题二? 2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题二?词汇运用 考点一、单词拼写 考点一
(2010 江苏省宿迁市 A) 根据句意及所给中文提示或英文解释,写出句中所缺单词。每小 每小 题 1 分) 46. My neighbours are very (友好的) to us. 47. Do you (同意) with what I say? (冬季) last year. 48. We had a very cold 49. Are you (有空的) this evening? 全品中考网 50. I can’t (买得起) to go to the 2010 World Cup. but to wait for the next bus. 51. The tourists had no c 52. Tom is a (a good sense of humour ) boy, so everyone likes him. (2010.江苏省无锡市.B 根据句意和汉语注释,在答题卡标有题号的横线上,写出单词的正 确形式,每小题 1 分) 6.Sometimes ______________(深厚的) feelings are hard to put into words. 7.Mr Wang was busy, but he_____________ (坚持) on seeing me off at the airport. 8.Will you join us in the _____________(讨论)about the teenage problems. 9.You can cross the road in____________(安全)when the traffic lights turn green. 10.In the morning taking a walk and _____________(呼吸)some fresh air are good for your health. (2010 .河北省卷 Ⅹ. 词语运用,计 5 分) 81. It’s a good habit to brush our teeth t a day. (play) for our soccer team. 82. We need eleven 83. What a (sun) day it is today! Let’s go to the park. 全品中考网 84. Steven (参加) the school dancing club last year. 85. How can you type and talk (同时)? (2010.江苏省盐城市 根据句意和提示写出单词,完成句子。计 10 分) 56.We are planning to go on a t________ to Expo 2010 Shanghai during the coming holidays. 57.The h_______ you climb, the more beautiful view you will see. 58.S_________,it is very difficult for giant pandas to survive in the wild. 59.The three-D film Avatar w________ an Oscar for its amazing photography on March 8,2010. 60.—I love English ,but I’m not good at it. --Really ?Don’t worry. Perhaps you need to p________ speaking it more. 61.The soldiers coming to help people in Yushu county are also ________(英雄)in my mind. 62.(既然)_________you agree with me, let’s start together. 63.—You look slimmer and healthier than before. --Yes, I_________ (更喜欢)sweet snacks to vegetables before. 64.No one can achieve anything without ___________(努力). 65.You mustn’t put the medicine __________(在……以内) children’s reach.

(2010 江苏省南京市,四、填空 A)根据括号中所给的汉语写出单词,使句子意 思 完整正确,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 46-50 的相应位置上。 (星期 46.He likes to stay at home and help his mother do the housework on ________ 天).
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47.Nanjing topped the list of the happiest cities for __________(教育)in China in 2009. 48.Look at the children on the playground. They are flying kites ____________ (愉快 地).Let’s join them. 全品中考网 49.As people grow more green-minded ,more of them take actions to reduce__________(他们的)carbon footprints. 50.The Greenery Theme Park in Hexi New Town is a good ____________(地方)for people to enjoy different plants. (2010·江苏省扬州市,四,5)根据句子意思 ,用括号中所给汉语提示或英语单 词的适当形式填空。在答题卡标有题号的横线上,写出空缺处所填单词的正确形 式。 (每空一词) 46.Shirley has been use to _____her get pet dog after dinner.(带……散步) 47.The moonlight is shining on the little girl ________the window.(穿过) 48.Madame Curie ____the x-ray machine.(发明) 49.Please sit ______.There are plenty of seats here.(任何地方) 50.This is one of the most expensive______on the market. (字典)
(2010·湖北省黄冈市,四,6)根据括号内的汉语提示,完成句子。 (每空一 词)

81.Jane’s father speaks English well.He can make himself___________(理解)when he travels all over the world. 82.Some students may be nervous in big exams .It’s helpful for them to take a deep_________(呼吸) 。 83.They were _____________(挖)holes to plant trees when we got to Yingtai Park. 84.The students in Class One all felt ___________ (兴奋的, 激动的) about the trip to Mount Lu. 85.In __________(纪念)of the people who lost their lives in Yushu earthquake,people place flowers beside a building destroyed. 86.In China ,when people meet you for the first time,he or she always __________ (握,摇)hands with you warmly.

(2010·浙江省湖州市,六,9)B 根据首字母或所给的中文提示,写出空白处各单 词的正确形式,每空只填一词。 67.Trees turn green and flowers come out in s_________. 68.Mark got a new bike from his uncle on his ___________(第八)birthday. 69.She wants to be an actress when she ___________(长大)up. 70.Betty wants to j___________ the Chinese club to improve her Putonghua. 71.We need some yogurt, two____________(西红柿)and some honey to make the salad. 72.Bill is the captain of our school basketball team. And he is the____________(最 高)of us all. 73.Excuse me ,sir, but you are not ____________(允许)to smoke here. 74.As a_____________(记者),he meets lots of people every day. 75.A strong earthquake _________________ (发生)in Yushu,Qinghai province on April 14th, Over two thousand people died in it.
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(2010·吉林省通化市,VI,5)在下列各句的空白处填入一个适当的词,使句子意 思完整、语法正确。 26.When I saw him, he was walking ________his school. 27.Al l the guests arrived at the party but the host didn’t _______up. 28.On Sunday school is usually___________ and students have one day off. 29.Gold is a kind of much-loved_______ ,so everyone like it. 30.Yesterday Tom________ me some money and I return it to him today. (2010 山东省潍坊市 五、词汇考查 ,满分 7 分) 1. November is the e_________ month of a year. 2. Lakers will play a _________Rockets in the NBA match tonight. 3. Lingling, Betty and I enjoyed o__________ at the party last night. 4. Dragon Boat Festival is one of the Chinese t___________ festivals. 5. F____________, the soldiers arrived at the village after a few days’ long walk. 6. If there’s something wrong with your teeth, you’d better go to see a d________. 7. Many teenagers would like to s_________ their photos or articles with others on the Internet. (2010.浙江省衢州市 五、词汇运用 A.根据短文内容和所给中文提示,在空白处填入单词, 每空限填一词,计 10 分)全品中考网 EuroDisney was opened in 1992 in Paris . It is one fifth the size of the 56 (城市),It is the world’s 57 (最好的) theme park . About 50 million visitors come 58 (来自) abroad to see Mickey and Donald catch 59 (年). So it makes a lot of money and many friends ! But EuroDisney had a 60 (艰难的) time at its beginning . Some people in Paris 61 (相 信) that the park would influence their culture in a bad way . And a bout 3.000 French 62 (工人) stopped their jobs at the park bccause they felt it 63 (错的) to speak English while working . Later people began to 64 (喜欢) it . Many people who have been to the park 65 (返回) with their friends . Now it is even more popular than the Eiffel Tower .

(2010 年上海市 D 在短文的空格内填入适当的词,填其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母 已给 14 分) A survey has been published which shows that British people don’t like their neighbours very much.80% of the people who took part in the survey feel that their neighbours h_92_pay attention to others’ feelings.25% don’t talk to the people who live next door and 10% don’t even know their names.In fact,one million people in Britain would like to m_93_because they don’t get along well with their neighbours. According to the survey,the b_94_problem is noise.Many of the complaints about noise came from people who live in flats and old houses.These places often have thin walks which can’t s_95_the noise from next door. The other main problems are disagreements(不和)about car parking spaces,and old people complaining about the young.Some disagreements last a l_96_time.In one case,people who live in the same building haven’t talked to each other for fifteen years.Sometimes the disagreements end in violence.In one of the worst cases,a mam killed a neighbour because he kept larking in “his space.’
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Another survey shows that 90% of the neighbours never share a meal,80% have never had a drink t_97_ and 20% have never even spoken .However,when neighbours become each other’s f_98_,they are often ready to offer help,as we can see in many parts of the world. One solution to such problems is to talk about them with a professional organization and,if necessary,to sign a written agreement.Now people can get this service in more and more towns. (2010·江苏省扬州市,六,10)根据短文内容和首字母提示,在下文空格处填入

适当的词使 短文完整。 A Bag of Kindness (通心粉) our for “Boys and girls,tomorrow I want you to bring a cup of macaroni craft class,OK?”There w_66_from my teacher rang in my mind all evening.I was afraid of the next day because I knew we had no macaroni at home.Living in an alcoholic(嗜酒的)family,we never had too much of anything e_67_beer bottles. I went home after school.Where could I find nacaroni?I knew that the local bottle shop gave ten cents for a beer bottle,so I decided to sell some bottles to get money for macaroni. I started to c_68_the bottles.After selling those bottles,I earned eighty cents.Although I did my b_69_,I still had no macaroni for my craft class. “Were’t you l_70_when I asked you to bring it,John?”my teacher asked. I went red in the face.I didn’t know what to say and other children started laughing.Then a little girl,Rosalyn,who sat beside me turned to me and said, “You can have some of m_71_.”She offered a bag of macaroni to me.The k_72_in her eyes made me cry and I ran out of the room. I n_73_took her macaroni or thanked her for her bag of kindness.However ,I foten think about Rosalyn and the way she turned to save me t hat day.I used to spend a great deal of my life complaining and keep kind people like Rosalyn a _74_,After that class,I c_75_.I am grateful to all the people like Rosalyn that made this world a better place to live in.
A) (2010·广西省定西市,二,5)根据句意及所给汉语意思写出所缺单词。 6. I usually have a piece of (面包)and some milk for breakfast. 7. You need to (浇水)the flowers twice a month. 8. They planted many trees (在……之间)the two buildings. 9. Don’t always depend on others. You can do it by (你自己). 10.He was as (聪明的)as a monky. (2010·广西省梧州市,IV,10) 根据所给的首字母、音标或中文提示,写出单词,每空只填一词。 76.In China,students go to school from Monday to F_____________. 77.The boys like reading.They often b___________books from the school library. 78.It was so dark that we couldn’t see the road c___________. 79.My shoes are too old,I want to buy a new p___________. 80.Th radio says it will be_____________/’s An /tomorrow. 81.Please don’t ___________/’war/about Jim.he can take care of himself. 82.My uncle was born in __________(六月),1968.
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83.His _______________(梦想)is to be a doctor. 84.Hurry up,or we will _____________(错过)the school bus. 85.An unhappy home ____________(环境)can affect a child’s behavior.

(2010·湖北省十堰市,VIII,5) 根据汉语提示,完成下列句子,每空词数不限。 76.I’d like to collect ____________(邮票)because they are interesting. 77.On Friday,many students are ____________(困倦的)after a long week of classes. 78.______________(无论什么)you do,don’t miss this exhibition. 79.Potato chips _______________(发明)by mistake in 1853. 80.Could you tell me when Sue and Jack are ___________(结婚)? (2010·贵州省铜仁市,四,5)i.根据括号里所给的汉语写出英语单词。答案书写于答题 卡卷 II 各小题规定的位置。 81There are many __________(乘客)waiting for train at Tong ren Railway Station every day . 82 Song tao has developed into a ________(美丽的)city . 83 I really love the song because it ________(听起来)wonderful . 84 On April 14,a serious earthquake ________(发生)in Yu shu Qing hai. 85 He enjoys ________(说)English . (2010·广西省桂林市,六,5) 86. Boys and girls, please take out your (钢笔) and write down the new words. 87. --- How about this (红色的) skirt? --- It’s vey nice. I will take it. (幸运的) to get a free ticket to the 88. A girl from a primary school in Guilin was very 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. 89. When you (接受) a present, you must use both hands. It’s a traditional custom in China. 90. The villagers (庆祝)the Dragon Boat Festival by having a dragon boat race las t Wednesday. (2010·湖北省荆门市,四,4)(每空限填一词) 77. Robert enjoys ____▲____(收集) stamps . And now he has 300 of them. 78. She will be the ____▲____(第五个) to speak at the meeting. 79. I am really sorry I was late. I just __▲_____(错过) the early bus this morning. 80. Nancy is __▲___(在楼下). Go and find her yourself. (2010·山东省莱芜市,六,10)阅读短文,根据短文内容及首字母提示,在空白处填入 一个适当的单词。 Do you like animals? Do you want to keep animals? Yes, many people like animals and want to keep a lovely animal as a (71) p_____. It's a pity that they don't have a suitable place to keep them. However, keeping fish may be the best choice. Why keep them? People keep dogs and cats because they enjoy their friendship. Fish can not be friendly, but
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they have beautiful shapes and colors. It's a pleasure to watch as they swim (72) i_____ their tank (水槽). What do they need? 全品中考网 First of all, the fish need a suitable(合适的)tank, and you must fill the tank(73)w_____ suitable water. It is also good for (74) t_____ to have a few water plants in the tank to keep the water pure (纯净) Putting a few snails (蜗牛) in the tank is a good (75) i_____. They will . keep it (76) c_____ What about feeding them? There are many kinds of fish food (77) t_____ you can get in the shops. Most are suitable for all kinds of fish. You should feed your fish only(78) o_____ a day. It is important not to give them (79) t_____ much food. Just give them as much as they can (80) e_____ up in about 15 minutes. This will keep them healthy.

(2010·湖北省黄石市,Ⅸ,5)根据句意和首字母提示,补全各小题单词。 76. If a Chinese lives in a f________ country , be or she is called an overseas Chinese . 77. Why didn’t you do your homework ? Students are s_________ to do their homework , you know . 78. I have been playing volleyball for bours . Now I’m so tired and t_______ . Could you get me some water ? 79. It’s not p________ to look amund when you are speaking to others . 80. Most people agree that eating fruits and v_________ is good for health . (2010·贵州省铜仁市,四,5)ii. 根据句意和空缺处所给首字母写单词。答案书写于答题 卡卷 II 各小题规定的位置。 86 New Year is a traditional f______for Chinese people. 87 There are t________months in a year. 88 She often borrows books from the school l________. 89 It is very h _________in summer. 90 He was late for class because he m _________the first bus . (2010·广西省桂林市,六,5)请根据所给首字母或中文提示,写出单词在句中的正确形 式。每空只能填一词,将单词完整地写在答题卡上。 . 81. My brother’s schoolbag is small, but Jim’s is b 82. Look! That is my lovely c . It’s running after a mouse. 83. Please o the door and come in. 84. Miss Qin is a good t . She teaches English well. 85. Don’t ride your bike too f in the street. It’s very dangerous. (2010·江苏省连云港市,四,5)根据句意和汉语提示,在空白处填入适当的单词 46.—I like this camera! Is it yours? ---Yes,I _____________(花费)1,200yuan on it last year.
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47.---How often do you play badminton with your classmates? ---________(一次)a week. 全品中考网 48.—I am worrried I’m getting fatter. ---You should eat _________(少)food and do more exercise. 49.Having many___________(帮手)makes a task easier. 50.Huaguo Mountain has become the ___________(象征)of Lianyungang. (2010 福建三明. ) A 完成句子,根据句意,用括号内所给词组的适当形式填空。 (每小题 2 分) 61.—Would you mind felching me Guide to China? --Of course not.I’ll do it __________(立刻) 62.It’s snowing outside,you’d better___________(穿 上)your overcoat when you go out 63.I___________(过去常常)collect stamps,but now I am not interested in trary more 64.____________(到目前为止)our government has taken measures to protect the environment. 65.Liu Xiang _______________(参加 )the 2008 Beijing Olympics,but it’s a pity that he didn’t win a gold medal. (2010·青海省,宁夏,六,5) 71. There are about two _______________ (百)students playing on the playground. 72. The mother is _______________(自豪的)of her son, because he is very successful in his work. 73. There are many kinds of English _______________ (字典) this bookstore. You can choose in the one you like. 74. Look at the photo _______________(仔细地) ,and you will find our teacher. 75. Would you mind _______________(打开)the window? We need some fresh air. (2010·江苏省镇江市,四,10) B)根据句意及汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式,每空一词。 41 ? Lily ? s parents are both doctors while _________(我的) are both teachers. 42 ? As Zhenjiang citizens, we’re all _________ (骄傲) of Xijin Ferry (西津古渡). 43 ? It’s not easy for those superstars to face _________(无穷无尽的) interviews and doubts. 44 ? To make our world a better place, we need to _________ (保护) those endangered wild animals. 45 ? One day in 1966, Armstrong _________ (设法完成) to bring the spacecraft down into the Western Pacific Ocean after cutting the flight short. (2010·浙江省杭州市,八,10)根据下列句子及所给单词的首字母,在答题纸上按题 号写出各单词的完全形式(每空限填一词) 。 71. Be careful. There is a wine b_______ on the table. You might break it. 72. The number after twenty-nine is t________. 73. Have you e________ been to the Great Wall? 74. It’s dangerous to d________ a car after you get drunk. 75. Your parents are your f________ and mother. 76. If a dream comes t________, it actually happens. 77. W________ is the coldest season of the year.
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78. When snow f________, it comes down from the sky. 79. It’s best to water plants either e________ in the morning or late at night. 80. We don’t go to the c________ much for movies because we have a video. (2010·浙江省卷,五,10)A.根据短文内容和所给汉语提示,写出短文空白处各单词的 正确形式。每空限填一词。 Chen Huan:Glad to meet you,Mr Zhu. Welcome to Yiwu TV Station to tell your (故事)of doing business. 56

Mr Zhu: Thank you. I’d like to say something that happened thirty years ago. Chen Huan:At that time,you didn’t have Mr Zhu:Right. So I 58 57 (足够的)ood to eat.

(去)out to do business to make money by exchange

sweets for chicken feathers,old shoes and so on.I had to get up very 59 (早)every morning and travel a long way on Chen Huan:It must be a special experience for you. Mr Zhu:Yes. During that time,I was’ often tired and hungry to eat.,especially on those 62 61 (没有)anything 60 (脚).

(寒冷的)winter nights…dut now 63 (工人).

everything is better. I own a big factory with hundreds of

And I can 64 (卖)my products to the world in a modern market. I’m sure my business will be better and better in the future. Chen Huan:How moving! Hard work makes a successful businessman. You’re really a great example for the 65 (年轻的)people in Yiwu.

(2010·浙江省东阳市,五,10)全品中考网 阅读短文,请根据所给中文正确拼写单词,使短文意思完整。每空限填一词。 One night a hotel caught a fire , and people in it ran out in their night clothes . _66 (幸运地) ,nobody was 67 (受伤). Two men stood outside and looked at the fire. “Before I came out,” said one, “I ran into some of the rooms and found a lot of money. People don’ think of money when they’ _68 (害怕的) t re .When _69 (任何人) leaves paper money in a fire, the fire burns it. So I took all the bills that I _70 (能够) find. No one will be poor _71 (因为) I took them.” “You don’t know my work, ” said the 72 (另一个). “What is your work?” “I’m a policeman.” “Oh!” cried the 73 (第一) man. He thought _74 (迅速地) said, “And do you and know my work?” “No,” said the policeman.
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“I’m a writer. I’m always telling

75 (故事)about things that never happened.”

(2010·甘肃省兰州市,八,5)A) 读句子,根据汉语提示补全单词。 86. We should pay more ______(注意) to our living environment. 87. Students are taught to help and ______(尊重) each other in schools. 88. The local ______(政府) has taken actions to call on people to plant trees. 89. Thank you for giving us so many good ______(建议)。 90. So far, we’ve ______(成功) in saving thousands of people in danger.

(2010·山东省滨州市,六,2.5)根据句意及首字母或汉语提示,填写句中所缺的单词。 76. There are __________________ (较少的) apples in this basket. I prefer that one. 77. Both of my best friends were born in ________________ (十月). 78. We are often told not to be __________________ (紧张的) in the examinations. 79. On my ________________ (第九) birthday, I got a computer from my aunt. 80. The camera was one of the greatest _________________ (发明) in the 19th century. (2010·江苏省苏州市,三,10)根据下列句子及所给汉语注释,在答题卡上标有题 号的横线上,写出空缺处各单 词的正确形式.每空只写一词. 41.Please (切)me a piece of cake. (迷)of Michael Jackson.

42.He has always been a big 43.Charlie tried to 44.It wasn’t very 45.Smoking is not 46.Is the fire still

(使平静)the frightened children. (有礼貌的)of you to serve yourself without asking. (允许)in this restaurant. (燃烧)? 全品中考网 (牙齿)are just coming through.

47.The baby’s first front 48.Phone me 49.

(今晚)when you get there.

(幸好),she was in when I called. (明显的)that she was not going home.

50.It was

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为您服务教育网 http://www.wsbedu.com/ 年中考英语试题分类汇编( 专题二? 2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题二?词汇运用 考点一、单词拼写 考点一 (...


2010年全国各地中考英语试题2-词汇运用130套[1] - 2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题二?词汇运用 考点一、单词拼写 (2010 江苏省宿迁市 A) 根据句意...


年中考英语试题分类汇编( 专题二? 2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题二?词汇运用 考点一、单词拼写 考点一 (2010 江苏省宿迁市 A) 根据句意及所给中文...


中考英语词汇运用专题练习(推荐) - 中考英语词汇运用专题练习(WORD版本真题+解析答案,对2019年中考具有重大参考价值)


2010年中考英语专题词汇运用 - 教育 123 英语资源网 www.jia


2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题二?词汇运用 考点一、单词拼写


2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编二:词汇运用单词拼写 1 2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编专题二:词汇运用单词拼写 考点一、单词拼写 (2010 江苏省宿迁市 A) 根据句意及...


2010年中考英语专项复习题2010年中考英语专项复习题隐藏>> 2010 中考英语专项复习检测题(词汇运用) 1. She asked the librarian (help)?” 2. When he got hom...


嘉兴英语教学网 www.jxenglish.com 收集整理 欢迎使用 年中考英语试题分类汇编( 专题二之词汇运用 2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题二之词汇运用 考点一、...


2010年中考英语词汇热点专题复习 中考英语中考英语隐藏>> 1 2


备战2018年中考英语词汇运用专项练习(含答案) - 2018 年中考英语词汇运用专练 __题组训练 1_ [中文提示写单词] 根据句意和所给中文提示,写出下列句中所缺单词...


中考英语词语运用专题[1] - 专项 词语运用 新航中学 乔伟晓 课标要求 在考