Unit 1 A land of diversity - 单元测

一、适当形式填空(单句适当形式)(共 5 小题;共 5 分) 1. As the wages were low, there were few 2. It suddenly office. 3. The rural 4. With the chance crying over spilt milk. 5. , she took no notice of the mistakes in the experiment. (apparent) 二、单词拼写(单句首字母填空)(共 10 小题;共 10 分) 6. Li Ming was e 7. Problems i 8. You could h one. 9. In the winter break I went n 10. All our l 11. My mother suffered all kinds of h d 13. The m university. 14. No one shall avoid p 15. You should g again. 三、翻译(根据中文提示完成句子)(共 5 小题;共 5 分) 16. 政府已经采取措施使这个风俗得以延续下去。 The government has taken measures to make this custom 17. 我借助报纸上的一则广告找到了我的自行车。 I found my bike They settled down in Canada and a notice in the newspaper. for themselves. 18. 他们在加拿大定居下来,习惯了新的生活方式。(词数不限) 19. 他想申请在昨天报纸上刊登的销售人员一职。(词数不限) (apply) . for the wrong things that he/she does. the opportunity. If you let it go, it won't come . of the students studying in our school can go to , just stayed at home. throughout her life. must be checked over before we are on board a plane. our monitor for his excellent leadership. the opportunities; challenges mean the development. a dress for the ball if you can't afford to buy (reform) have achieved good results, and there has (slip) through your fingers, it is no use been a noticeable change in the countryside. (apply) for the job.

(occur) to him that he had left his keys in the

12. The man buried in the grave was wearing gold earrings, which made him a man of


He would like newspaper yesterday.

the position as a salesman advertised in the

20. 他情愿独自经商,而不愿与其他人合伙。(词数不限) (team) He preferred to go into business alone rather than 四、单项选择(共 10 小题;共 10 分) 21. This price A. takes up 22. B. takes off the cost of all the accommodation and food. C. takes over D. takes in anyone else.

--- What a mess! You are always so lazy! you have made me. C. that D. who their high spirits C. bring up D. pick up people had to A. how B. what

--- I'm not to blame, mum. I am


They are singing and dancing to A. keep up B. set up

despite great hardships.



houses flooded away,

live in the tent. A. lots of; a great deal of C. plenty of; many 25. B. a great deal of; a good many D. many a; much about seventyD. whether

From space, the earth looks blue. This is A. why B. how C. because

one percent of its surface is covered by water.

26. A. Anyone 27. Exactly A. whether 28.

wants to get the job will be responsible for the daily B. Whichever C. Who D. Whoever

cleaning of the office.

the potato was introduced into Europe is B. why C. when D. how for D. stood out

uncertain, but it was probably around 1565.

It is said that many streets in this city have been A. left out B. carried out C. marked out

cultural protection.

29. of

The message you intend to convey through words may be the exact opposite others actually understand. B. that C. which D. what A. why


--- I'd like to invite you to my birthday party this evening. I'll have time I'm not sure at the moment. B. whether C. that D. when A. while

--- Thanks, but


五、完形填空(共 20 小题;共 30 分) My mother is a geneticist, and from her I learned that despite our differences in size, shape and color, we humans are 99.9 percent the same. It is in our almost the 31 33 to see differences: skin, hair and eye color, height, language. 32 34 35 us human, we are us. enough that she . But also in our nature, way down in the DNA that I believe there is more that unites us than My mother came to the US from India. She is got her service from Indiana whose It seems 36 37 38

in a diner in 1960s Dallas. My father is a white boy came from Germany in the mid-1800s. to admit now, but I never 41 39 40 that my parents the street

were different colors. One day, I watched my parents walk of our church together. They were walked, I saw their hands my parents 43 42

in the service that day, and as they

together in unison( 一致地 ). I noticed for

the first time how dark my mother was, and how white my father was. I knew them as I realized their skin color. I'm sorry to say that now when 44 walking down the street, I see the "mixed race" 45 47 places in this , my white I see a mixed-race

first and the "couple" second. When my parents married in 1966, there were country that had laws grandfather, marriage. Some of us are men, some are women. Some are young, some old. Some of us are short and others 49 . Some right-handed, some left-handed. We have 50 . But deep down inside us, down in our C. nature C. has C. familiar C. parts C. dark C. turned over C. family C. stupid C. watched D. quality D. makes D. similar D. splits D. brown D. turned back D. origin D. foolish D. observed lots of differences; we are all 31. A. feature 32. A. gets 33. A. same 34. A. differs 35. A. yellow 36. A. turned out 37. A. ancestors 38. A. silly 39. A. noticed B. character B. lets B. different B. divides B. white B. turned down B. parents B. wise B. looked 48 46 mixed marriage.

father had been a typical racist, was not against their

DNA, we are 99.9 percent the same. And I believe we need to remember that.


40. A. in 41. A. entering 42. A. rocking 43. A. unless 44. A. marriage 45. A. always 46. A. allowing 47. A. Therefore 48. A. which 49. A. long 50. A. similar

B. up B. running B. shaking B. after B. couple B. also B. preventing B. However B. whose B. high B. familiar

C. out C. attending C. swinging C. before C. double C. almost C. encouraging C. But C. that C. tall C. unique

D. down D. participating D. waving D. until D. twins D. still D. banning D. Otherwise D. what D. kind D. same

六、阅读理解(共 15 小题;共 30 分) A John H. Johnson was born in a black family in Arkansas City in 1918. His father died in an accident when John was six. He was reaching the high school age, but his hometown offered no high school for blacks. Fortunately he had a strong-willed caring mother. John remembered that his mother told him many times, “Son, you can be anything you really want to be if you just believe.” She told him not to depend on others, including his mother. “You have to earn success,” she said. “All the people who work hard don't succeed, but the only people who do succeed are those who work hard.” These words came from a woman with less than a third grade education. She also knew that believing and hard work don't mean everything. So she worked hard as a cook for two years to save enough to take her son, who was then 15, to Chicago. Chicago in 1933 was not the promised land that black southerners were looking for. John's mother and stepfather could not find work. But here John could go to school, and here he learned the power of words—as an editor of the newspaper and yearbook at Du Sable High School. His wish was to publish a magazine for blacks. While others discouraged him, John's mother offered him more words to live by: “Nothing beats a failure but a try.” She also let him pawn( 典当 ) her furniture to get the $500 he needed to start the Negro magazine for blacks.


It is natural that difficulties and failures followed John closely until he became very successful. He always keeps his mother's words in mind.: “Son, failure is not in your vocabulary!” Now John H. Johnson is one of the 400 richest people in America—worth $150 million. 51. John's mother decided to move to Chicago because A. his father died when John was very young B. life was too hard for them to stay on in their hometown C. John needed more education badly D. there were no school for Negroes in their hometown 52. John's mother . .

A. didn't believe in or depend on others B. thought one could be whatever one wanted to be C. believed one would succeed without working hard D. thought no one could succeed without working hard 53. The sentence “Nothing beats a failure but a try” means A. if you try, you would succeed B. a failure is difficult to beat, even if you try C. a try is always followed by a failure D. no failure can be beaten unless you try B San Francisco Is Now an Asian City When Jeannie Gant left Hong Kong in 1993 to move to the US, she chose San Francisco because she knew she could find her favourite dishes. "And also because San Franciscans better know the fact that the Asian community(团体) is not one," she added. "Tell them that you are Korean or Chinese, and they will know the difference." This year San Francisco will become the only city in the US besides Honolulu( 檀 香 山 ) with more Asians than whites. "For the Chinese population particularly, this is a historic event," says David Lee, executive( 执 行 的 ) director of the Chinese-American Voter Education Committee. Lee says that Chinese make up about 65 percent of San Francisco's Asian population. But he says it is important to remember that they were welcomed here. The founding fathers of San Francisco, who were Irish and Italian, did all they .


could to prevent the Chinese and Asians in general from growing as a community. Lee says, "Now 100 to 150 years later, the Asian community has developed in ways that were unimagined just 50 years ago, when almost all of San Francisco's Chinese lived in a five or six block area known as Chinatown. " The city now is the heart of Asian America, he says. "Travel anywhere in Asia, ask which American cities people have heard of, and San Francisco will be at the top of the list."The immigration( 移 民 入 境 ) trend started in 1965. "Through the 70s and 80s there were many Asians coming, that continues today." "African American families are being taken the place of from low income neighborhoods in the south of the city by Asian immigrants who have more capital," he says. Asians have begun to have their influence politically by becoming American citizens and registering(登记) to vote. 54. How many cities are there in America, where there are more Asians than whites? A. One. 55. are A. 65 thousand C. about 3.5 million Suppose there B. Two. are 1 million C. Three. Chinese in San D. Four. Francisco, there

Asians in all. B. 6.5 million D. 1.54 million or so

56. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. Jeannie Gant left Hong Kong for San Francisco in order to make more money. B. Chinese began to immigrate to America in 1965. C. Asians stopped immigrating to the USA at present. D. Asians in San Francisco have more rights than before. 57. The underlined sentence means that A. people in Asia have heard of San Francisco B. Asians like to travel in San Francisco C. San Francisco is the only place that is known to Asians D. San Francisco is better known to Asians than any other American city C The USA is a land of immigrants. Between 1815 and 1914, the world witnessed the greatest peaceful migration in its history: 35 million people, mostly Europeans, left their homelands to start new lives in America. Why did these people risk everything by leaving their homes and families? .


First, what forced emigrants to make the decision to leave? One major cause for European farmers to leave was the rise in population which in turn led to land hunger. Another was politics. There was an increased taxation( 税 收 ) and the growth of armies, and many young men fled eastern Europe to avoid being forced to join the army. Physical hunger provided another pressing reason. Following the collapse( 衰 退 ) of the economy of southern Italy in the 1860s, hundreds of thousands decided to start a new life in America. Religion also encouraged millions to leave the Old World. In short, people chose to leave their homes for social, economic and religious reasons. As a result, by 1890 among a total population of 63 million, there were more than nine million foreign-born Americans. But what were the attractions? First of all, there was the promise of land which was so scarce in Europe. Next, factories were calling for workers, and pay conditions were much better than back home. Men were needed to open up the West and build the long railroads, and new towns needed settlers to live in and to develop business. There was the space for religious people to practice their faith in peace. This immigration meant that by around the 1850s Americans of non-English had started to be more than those of English. As we know, there were losers. To start with, there were those unwilling immigrants, the slaves who had been used as a source of cheap labour. Nor should we forget the equally unlucky American Indians. By 1860 there were 27 million free whites, four million slaves and a mere 488,000 free blacks. Nowadays, the USA is still seen by millions as the Promised Land. As always, it remains an attractive place to those who think it will offer them a second chance. 58. What is not the cause for people to leave their homeland? A. The search for religious freedom. B. The search for adventure. C. Unwillingness to join the army. D. Economics. 59. Why was life of the 19th century European farmers difficult? A. There was no land. C. The population had gone down. B. There was no peace. D. There were too many of them.


60. Which of the following was not an attraction of the USA? A. Employment. C. Freedom of religion. 61. What is the topic of this passage? A. The USA is still seen by millions as the Promised Land. B. The USA is a land of immigrants. C. Religion encouraged millions to leave the Old World. D. About one eighth of nonnative born Americans live in the USA in 1890. D At some time in your life you may have a strong desire to do something strange or terrible. However, chances are that you don't act on your impulse(冲动), but let it pass instead. You know that to commit the actions is wrong in some way and that other people will not accept your behavior. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the phenomenon of taboo( 忌 讳 ) behavior is how it can change over the years within the same society, how certain behavior and attitudes once considered taboo can become perfectly acceptable and natural at another point in time. Topics such as death, for example, were once considered so upsetting and unpleasant that it was a taboo to even talk about them. Now with the publication of important books such as On Death and Dying and Learning to Say Goodbye, people have become more aware of the importance of expressing feelings about death and, as a result, are more willing to talk about this taboo subject. One of the newest taboos in American society is the topic of fat. Unlike many other taboos, fat is a topic that Americans talk about often. It's not taboo to talk about fat; it's taboo to be fat. The “in” look is thin, not fat. In the work world, most companies prefer youthful-looking, and thin-looking executives(行 政人员) to sell their image as well as their products to the public. The thin look is connected with youth, energy, and success. The fat person, on the other hand, is thought of as lazy and lacking in energy, self-discipline, and self-respect. After all, people think, how can people who care about themselves, and therefore the way they look, permit themselves to become fat? In an image-conscious society like the U.S., thin is “in”, fat is out. It's not surprising, then, that millions of Americans have become obsessed( 困 扰 ) with staying slim and “in shape”. The seeking of a youthful physical appearance is not, however, their only reason for America's obsession B. A healthy life. D. Business opportunities.


with diet and exercise. Recent research has shown the importance of diet and exercise for personal health. As in most technologically developed nations, the life-style of North Americans has changed greatly during the course of the last century. Modern machines do all the physical labor that people were once forced to do by hand. Cars and buses transport us quickly from point to point. As a result of inactivity and disuse, people's bodies can easily become weak and easy to be ill. In an effort to avoid such a fate, millions of Americans are spending more of their time exercising. The effect of this new appreciation of the importance of exercise is clear: parks are filled with joggers and bicyclists, physical education programs are enjoying a newly found status, and many companies are providing special exercise facilities for their employees to use during the work day. 62. From the passage we can infer taboo is A. a strong desire to do something strange or terrible B. a crime committed(犯罪) on impulse C. behavior considered unacceptable in society's eyes D. an unfavorable impression left on other people 63. The topic of fat is A. the same as C. more serious than many other taboo subjects. B. different from D. less often talked about than . .

64. In the U.S., thin is “in”, fat is “out”, and this means A. thin is “inside”, fat is “outside” B. thin is “youthful”, fat is “spiritless” C. thin is “hard-working”, fat is “lazy” D. thin is “fashionable”, fat is “unfashionable”

65. Apart from this new understanding of the relation between health and exercise, the main reason the passage gives why so many Americans are exercising regularly is . A. their changed life-style B. their eagerness to stay thin and youthful C. their appreciation of the importance of exercise D. the encouragement they have received from their companies


答案 一、适当形式填空(单句适当形式) 1. applicants 2. occurred 3. reforms 4. slipping 5. Apparently,apparent 二、单词拼写(单句首字母填空) 6. elected 7. indicate 8. hire 9. nowhere 10. luggage 11. hardships 12. distinction 13. majority 14. punishment 15. grasp 三、翻译(根据中文提示完成句子) 16. live on 17. by means of 18. made a life 19. to apply for 20. team up with 四、单项选择 21. D 22. B 23. A 24. C 25. C 26. D 27. C 28. C 29. D 30. B 五、完形填空 31. C 32. D 33. A 34. B 35. C 36. B 37. A 38. A 39. A 40. D 41. D 42. C 43. C 44. B 45. D 46. D 47. B 48. B 49. C 50. C


六、阅读理解 51. C 52. D 53. D 54. B 55. D 56. D 57. D 58. B 59. D 60. B 61. B 62. C 63. B 64. D 65. B



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