江西省兴国县第三中学2016届高三英语一轮复习 语法专练(五)动词的时态和语态


兴国三中高三英语语法专项训练(五) 动词的时态和语态
1. — Do you know if Sam will go camp in g this weekend? — Sam? Never ! He (hate) tents and fr esh air! (go) around the su n. (rain) tomorrow.

2. The teacher to ld us the earth 3. We ’ ll have to s tay at home if it 4. The plane 5. As soon as he (take) off at fiv e.

(come) back, I ’ l l tell him the news .

6. If the weather had been fine, we could have got in our crops. But it (rain) all day. 7. My father now he is a teach er . 8. The other day, I (go) for a picnic w ith my classmates . (fall) ill. (work) as a painter for about five years, but

9. The day before y esterday, he 10. Last Sunday t he y hill.

(have) a picnic at the foot of the

11. If new farmin g methods succeed, th ey their production by 2 0 percent. 12. My family


(go) for a picnic n ext Sunday.

13. — Do you think w e should accept t he ir offer? — Yes, we should ,for we and time (run) out. (rain), we ’ ll go fo r a picnic nex t Sund ay. (have) such b ad luc k so far,

14. Unless it

15. Ladies and ge ntl emen, please fasten your seat belts. The plane (go) through a cl ou d. 16. We were about t o leave school 17. If you it began to snow.

(win) the game, y ou will have to tra in hard. (rain).

18. I ’ ll take my u mbrella in case i t 19. Listen! The g ir l 20. Look! They 21. When I got ho me , Mum

(play) the piano in the next room. (swim) in the lak e. (cook) lunch in t he kitchen.

22. — I saw Ann at t he concert yester da y. — Impos sible. She (play) chess with me in my room then.

23. — Why did you go to watch the div in g competition yes te rday?

— My br other


24. At two o ’ clo ck yesterday aftern oo n, my father (work) in the veg et able garden. 25. When they got t o the destination , the sun brightly. 26. He said he (return ) to his h ometown the next mon th. (shine)

27. — Lucy, you di dn ’ t come to the b al l last night? —I , but I had an un expected visitor. (return ) to their motherland in the n ear

28. He said they future.

29. Tom was about t o lock the door 30. He promised t ha t he 31. So far this y ea r we 32. Since then he

the pho ne rang. (help) me out. (see) a rise in f ood prices.

(be) in China.

33. The construct io n of the two new ra ilway lines (complete) by now . 34. Over the past f ive years the Gre en s thousands of tree s on the hill. 35. Up to now, he (write) novels. (begin) . (stay) in (plant)

36. By the time I g ot to school, cla ss 37. The hotel was n ’ t particularly go od, but I many worse hotels . 38. By 1980, we road. 39. I’ m too trie d now, for I without a break. 40. Rio few years. 41. In the last f ew months, I examination. 42. — Why are you so tried? —I

(plant) five tho usand trees along the

(work) for about f ive hours

(prepar e) for the 2016 Olympic Games i n the past

(prepar e) for th e coming

(do) th e hous ewor k since this morn in g. (work) in the fie ld. (make) about any f uture appointment un til

43. Since 8 o ’ cl oc k, Tom 44. No decision

all the members h av e given their vie ws . 45. — What ’ s the no ise?

— The m achine 46. Up to now, tw o films

(repair ). (make). (run) to make a

47. In recent yea rs two chess clubs profit in my neig hb our-hood. 48. All the food (eat) u p by now.

49. — When will the expert come and gi v e the lecture on ec onomic development? — Not u ntil our p rogramme authorities. 50. The problem understand it. 51. The project 52. The new house 53. My hometow n 54. The supermark et 55. The water 56. The food 57. The car 58. The water for morning exerc is e. 59. Tom is (blame) for the b roken window. (buy). I t’ s good value for (comple te) next m onth. (build) so far. (situat e) on the river bank. (locate ) in the c entre of the town . (feel) cold at th is time of years. (taste) good. (not start) on such a cold da y. (feel) cool when I jumped into the pool (explai n) twice. But I still can ’ t (approv e) by the

60. The stamp is we ll worth money. 61. My pen 62. The war 63. Her car needs 64. The cloth

(write) well, so I like it very mu ch . (break) out in 19 80. (wash). (sell) well. (see)

65. The reports w en t missing in 2012 a nd nobody them since. 66. Unless some e xt ra money close. 67. If we live to regret it . 68. We

(find), the thea tre will

(not act) now to p rotect the environme nt, we ’ ll

(leave) very earl y so we packed th e night b efore.

69. “ Life is like walking in the sn ow ” , Granny used to say, “ because every s te p (show). ”

70. I had been working on math for the whole afternoon and the numbers (swim) before my eyes. 71. — Did you ask So phia for help? —I 72. The manager programme since 9 a .m. 73. Planning so f ar ahead will have changed b y next year. 74. I wasn ’ t sur e if he was really in terested or if he (just be) polite. 75. When Alice ca me to life, she did n ot know how long sh e (lie) t here. 76. If you don ’ t l ike the drink you it and try a diff er ent one. 77. Linda, make s ur e the tables arrive. 78. — Hi, let ’ s g o skating. — Sorry , I’ m bus y right now. I application form fo r a new job. 79. — What time is i t? — I hav e no idea. But just a minut e, I for you. 80. I found the l ec ture hard to foll ow because it (start) when I ar ri ved. 81. Shakespeare ’ s play Hamlet different films o ve r the past years. 82. Hurry up! Mar k and Carol 83. — So what is t he procedure? — All t he applica nts decision is made by the authority. 84. — Do you think M om and Dad — No, S wiss Air i s usually on time . 85. George said that he would come to school to see me the next day, but he (not). (be) la te? (interv iew) bef ore a final (expect ) us. (make) in to at lea st ten (check) it (fill) in an (set) before th e g uest s (order) , just lea ve (make) no sens e -s o many thing s (do not) nee d to -I managed perfectly w ell on my own. (tell) t he worke rs how to improve the

86. — Have you hea rd about that fire in the market? — Yes, fortunatel y no one (hurt).

87. Our friendshi p followed. 88. Experiments o f this kind

(develo p) quickl y over the weeks t hat

(conduc t) in both the U.S.

and Europe well b ef ore the Second Wo rl d War. 89. Tom three moths. 90. — That must ha ve been a long trip . — Yeah, it (take) us a whole week to get ther e. (work) in th e lib rary every night o ve r the last

91. — Bob has gone t o California. — Oh, c an you tel l me when he (leave) .

92. It took me a long time before I was a b le to fully appreci a te wha t they (do) fo r me. 93. In the spoken English of some areas in the US, the “ r ” sounds at the end of the w ords (drop). (teach) tha t it is

94. Is honesty th e best policy? We when we are littl e.

95. — I hear that Ja son is planning t o buy a car. — I kno w. By next month he one. 96. After getting l ost in a storm, a m ember of the navy t eam (rescue ) four day s later. 97. Did you predi ct that many studen ts the dance competi ti on? 98. The church to we r which (restor e) will be open to (sign) up for (save) enoug h for a used

tourists soon. Th e work is almost fi ni shed. 99. Every few yea rs , the coal worker s lungs X-rayed to en sure their health . 100. We won ’ t st ar t the work until al l the preparation s (make). 101. The wate r s upp ly has been cut of f temporarily becau se the workers (repair ) one of t he main pipes. (put) on his des k but he (have) their

102. The letters fo r the boss didn ’ t read them u ntil three days l at er.

103. In the last fe w years thousands o f films all over the worl d. 10 4. On her next bi rthday, Ann

(produc e)

(be) married fo r t wenty

years. 105. We have a rest. 106. James has ju st arrived, but I d id n ’ t know he (come) until yest er day. 107. You ’ d bette r write do wn her ph on e number before y ou (forget ) it. 108. A Midsummer Night ’ s Dream (open) at the Th eatre (work) o n this pr oject for four hour s. Let ’ s

Royal on 19th Jun e, and then tours t hr oughout Scotland. 109. I felt very ti red when I got ho me , and I straight to bed. 110. — Kevin, you l ook worried. Anyt hi ng wrong? — Well, I (take) a test and I ’ m waiting for the r esult. (run) out. (go)

111. Food supplie s in the flood-stri ck en area We must act immed ia tely before there ’ s none left. 112. That piece o f music sounds quit e familiar. Who (play) the piano up stairs? 113. Look at the pr ide on To m’ s fac e. He have been praised b y the manager jus t now.



114. The place caught fire three times in the last century, and little of the original b ui lding (remain ) now.

115.The book has be en translated int o thirty languages si nce it (come) on the mar ket in 1973. 116. — How much do you know about the Youth Olympic Games to be held in Nanjing? — Well, t he med ia (cover) it i n a v ariety of f orms.

117. — What about yo ur self-drive tri p yesterday? — Tiring! The ro ad is being widen ed , and we a rough ride. 118. — Could I use y our car tomorrow mo rning? — Sure. I (write) a report at home. (have)

119. The president hopes that the peop le will be better off when he quits than whe n he (start) .

120. The m anager i s said to have a rriv ed back fr om Paris where he (meet) some Europ ean business part ne rs. 121. — I hear you (work) in a pub. What ’ s it like?

— Well, it ’ s ve ry hard work and I ’ m always tir ed, but I don ’ t mind. 122. — Tommy is pl an ning to buy a car . — I know. By n ex t month, he one. 123. — Peter, wher e did you guys go f or the summer vacat io n? — We (be) b usy with ou r work for mont hs, so we went (save) en ough for a used

to the beach to r el ax ourselves. 124. — Why, Jack, yo u look so tired! — We ’ ll, I work tomorrow. 125. The twins, w ho (finish ) their hom ework, were allowed (paint) the house and I must finish the

to play badminton o n the playground. 126. I ’ m calling a bout the apartmen t you the other day. Co ul d you tell me mor e about it? 127. In order to fi nd the missing ch il d, villagers (do) all they can o ver the past five h ours. 128. Walmart, which i s one of the largest American supermarket chains, (keep) some of it s store open 24 hou r s on M ondays through Saturdays. 129. After school w e went to the readi ng -room to do some reading , only to be told t ha t it (decora te). (advert ise)

130. — Tony, why a re your eyes red? —I 131. I and cancel. 132. — Look! Some bo dy (clean) the sofa. (cut) u p peppers for the last five m inutes. (come) to visit yo u lat er that day, bu t I had to phone

— Well, it was n ’ t me. I didn ’ t d o it. 133. We arrived a t work in the morni ng and found that s om ebody (break) into the office during the n ight. 134. Mother wante d to be a good prov id er, a role she (shoulder) since he r marriage to Fat he r. 135. During his stay in Xi ’ an, Jerry trie d almost all the local foods his friends (recommend). (take) me an hour

136. On Monday mo rn ing is usually

to drive to work al though the actual d istance is only 2 0 miles.

137. Jim

(watch) a late night film at home when ,right

in the middle of a thrilling scene, th e television went b lank. 138. — Can I call y ou back at two o ’ c lock this afterno on ? — I’ m sorry, bu t by then I about five? 139. His first no ve l out last month. 140. I have to se e the doctor becaus e I lately. 141. Since the ti me humankind starte d gardening, we to make our envir on ment more beautif ul . 142. Whenever you (buy) a present, you should think about (try) (cough) a lot (receive) good revie ws since it came (fly) to Bei jing . How

it from the recei ve r ’ s point of vie w. 143. Around two o ’ c lock every night, Su e will start talking in he r dream. It somewha t 144. If nothing deserts. 145. — Have you h ea rd about the rece nt election? — Sure, i t last three days. 146. — I don ’ t under stand why you didn ’ t go to the lecture yesterday afternoon. — I ’ m so sor ry . But I 147. “ The moment waiting nervously . 148. — I remember y ou were a talented pianist at college . Can you play the piano fo r me? — Sorry, I 149. — Joan, what (play) the piano fo r years. (hold) in your ha nd ? (do) my homework. (come) soon, ” he tho ught to himself, (be) the only thing on the news for the (bother) us. (do), the oceans w ill turn into fish

— Look! It ’ s a birthday gift for m y grandma. 150. In 1492, Col um bus (land) on one of the Bahama

Islands, but he m is took it for an is la nd off India. 151. It is the mo st instructive lect ur e that I since I came to t hi s school. 152. In the near fu ture, more advanc es in the robot tec hn ology (make) by scienti st s.


153. I ’ m tired o ut . I seem to have fini sh ed anything. 154. This coastal a rea reserve last year .

(shop) all afte rnoon and I don ’ t



nationa l


155. Writing out all the invitations by h and was more time -co nsumin g than we (expect). (buy) a new

156. They made up t heir mind that th ey house once Larry ch anged jobs. 157. — Oh no! We ’ re too late. The tr ai n


— That ’ s OK. We ’ ll catch the ne xt train to London. 158. I didn ’ t th in k I’ d like the m ov ie, but actually it (be) pretty good. 159. The manager was concerned to hear tha t two of his trusted workers (leave). 160. After Jack h ad sent some e-mail s, he working on his pr oj ect. 161. When I got o n the bus, I wallet at home. 162. She was surp ri sed to find the f ri dge empty; the ch il dren (eat) everything! 163. Up to now, t he programme children who woul d otherwise have di ed . 164. Hurry up, ki ds ! The school bus (wait) for us! (save) thousa nd of (realize) I had le ft my (start)

165. They are living with their parents f or the moment becaus e their own house (rebuilt).

166. — Did you cat ch what I said? — Sorry. I (answer) a text m es sage just now. (treat) with

167. All visitors t o this village kindness. 168. — What a mist ak e! — Yes. I without success. 169. You ’ ve fail ed to do what you I’ m afraid the t ea cher will blame y ou .

(suggest) his doin g it another way, but




170. He was unhap py when he sold his g uitar. After all, h e (have) it for a v er y long time.

171. We are confi de nt that the envir on ment by our further ef fo rts to reduce pol lu tion.


172. I feel so ex ci ted! At this time t omorrow morning I (fly) so Shanghai . 173. Mum, I was wondering if you cou ld lend me a few dollars until I (get) paid on Fri da y. 174. I ’ ll go to th e library as soon a s I finish what I (do). 175. By the time Ja ck returned home fr om England, his s on (graduate) from c ol lege. 176. Joseph (go) to ev ening cl a sses since las t mo n th,

but he still can ’ t say “ What ’ s yo ur name? ” in Russi an . 177. Sofia looked a round at all the fa ces: she had the im pressio n that she 178. During (see) most of the g uests before. th e last three dec ade s, the number of people

participating in ph ysical fitness pr og rams sharply. 179. — Alvin, are y ou coming with us ? — I ’ d lo ve to, but something un ex pected up.



180. The manager was worried about the pre ss conference his ass istant (give) in his place but, luckily, everyt hing wa s going on smoothly. 181. — Hav en ’ t se e you for ages! Wh er e have you been? — I went to Ni ng xia and teaching as a vol un teer. 182. The girl has a great interest i n sport and badminton classes t wice a week over th e las t three year s. 183. — When did th e computer crash? — This morning , while I downloaded from s om e websites. 184. Last month, the Japanese governm ent expressed their tha nks for the aid they (receive) from Ch in a. (sort) the reading materials (take) (stay) there for o ne year,

185. — Guess what, we ’ ve got our visas fo r a short -term visit to the UK this summer. — How n ice! You (experience) diff er ent culture then.

186. Every year a flood of farmers a rrive in Shenzhen for the money-makin g jobs t hey hometowns. 187. A new librar y it by the end of th is year. 188. Every mornin g they meet in the sa me café . They there for years. 189. It will not be long before that y oung journalist (meet) me again. 190. — I wonder wh at makes you a succ es sful manager. —I (serve) as a wai ter for five yea rs, which (go) (build) downtown. Th ey hope to complete (promise) befo re leaving th eir

contributes a lot t o my today ’ s wor k. 191. The places of i n terest in Xi ’ an at t ract my family all t h e time, and I hope we (enjoy) ourselves t his time next yea r. (experience) more h istorical

192. In the past 10 years, we

events than in an y other period in h is tory. 193. My teacher college. 194. — Look, some bo dy (clean) the floor in this classroom. (teach) English sin ce she gradua ted f rom

— Wow, it ’ s so clean and tidy. I t w asn ’ t me. I didn ’ t do it. Is it Cindy? 195. — I ’ m sure th e gir l’ s spoken En glish will be bea ut iful. — I think so. S he months. 196. All the hors es (come) up to the fi nish line. Th ey ’ re (practise) it day and night for

neck and neck all t he way. Oh, the I ta lian horse Mamma Mi a (win) the race! 197. — Oh, it ’ s y ou ! I (n ot recognize ) you.

— I ’ ve just h ad my hair cut, and I ’ m wearing new c lo thes. 198. When the old m a n recalled the old h ard times, he alway s said, “ It was the firs t time that I forever. ” 199. It (be) about twenty y ears since CCTV (eat) a full meal. I remembered it

(begin) to broadc as t English program s. 200. Last month, students in Hengshui High School got involved in the sports meetin g, for which they (prepare) for qui te a long

time. 201.The monitor t ol d us that there o ’ clock. 202. Yao Ming, now a student of Shanghai Ji aotong University ma joring in financial manage ment, years. 203. — Remember th e first time we met , Jim? — Of course I do . You (read) in the lib ra ry. (play) basketbal l i n NBA for nine (be) a me eting a t t wo

204. — Have you ev er been involved in a n automobile acci de nt? — Only once, My car slid on a rainy night and went off the road. Fortunately I (wear) my seatbel t. (be) change Toby ’ s life start ed in

205. The journey th at July that year.

206. His wife is le arning to drive a c ar in a driving s ch ool and (take) the test n ex t week. 207. When winter co mes, it (become) very col d in Shenyang.

208. — Excuse me, bu t I won der if Joan is available at 3:3 0 this afternoon. — I ’ m afraid sh e (watch)





Philosopher ’ s Stone.
209. — Is your fat he r still smoking? — No. By next Sa turday he smoking a single ci garette. 210. No one the police. 211. I 212. When I passer-by. 213. Come in and si t down and I found recently. 214. — Alas! I hav e left my key to th e office in my car. — Don ’ t worry . I (get) it for you. W ait a minute. (show) you wh at I’ ve (have) a meeting at 4 o ’ clock tomor ro w afternoon. (head) home, I caught a thief stealing from a (leave) this buildin g without the pe rmis si on o f (go) for a whole mont h without

215. — Did you enjoy meeting your old sc hoolmates a t the par ty last week? — Yes, I did. W e graduated from co ll ege.




o ther



216. — Got your d ri ving license? — Yes. It is a w eek since I (pass) the drivin g test.

217. — Do you real ly believe him? He is always changing hi s mind. — But this tim e, it seems that he 218. He 219. The group (decide) to go.

(work) on his gra du ate paper at pres en t. (double) in size ov er the past few y ea rs.

220. Chinese has an extremely rich v oc abulary since it (borrow) many wor ds from other langu ag es. 221. I thought I the back seat of my car. 222. — How was yo ur weekend, Joshua? — Awful! That wa s the first time I home, bored to de at h. 223. — Your n eighbo ur ’ s house was bro ken into last night . Where (be) you? — I met a n old f riend of mine and cam e back very late, say , this morning. 224. — Excuse me, b ut I wonder if Bill is free at 3 o ’ clock this afternoon. — I ’ m no t sur e. I am afraid he Slumdog Millionai re . 225. Let ’ s keep to the point, or we decision. 226. By this time n ext summer, you I, on the other h an d, will still be st udying. 227. — Tom says he i s too tried to go o n. — He can ’ t be . He (only work) for a n hour. (find) a well -paid j ob. (never reach ) any (watch ) (leave) alon e at (lose) my cellp hone somewhere. But it is on

228. You really need to go out and get some fresh air and sunshine. You (be) overworked d ur ing the last two we eks. 229. Over the pas t 30 years, China (witness) si gnifica nt

changes in comprehe nsive national stre ngth thanks to the reform and opening-up policy . 230. My mother when the earliest p lane (leave) for Beijing in a few days. I wonder (take) off on Mon da y.

231. Nowadays, many videos and full-leng th movies are being p roduced and hitting the t op of the box offic e, but it (become)

almost impossi ble t o deal with all th e movies that are wort h watching. 232. I ’ m sick of r a in and bad weather! Hopefully, when we w ake up tomorrow morning, t he sun (shine).

233. — Have you go t your result of th e final? — Not yet. I w as told that the pa pe rs 234. Several of t od ay ’ s football ga me s of heavy snow. 235. Once employe d , Simon research. 236. It was prove d that the story of o ne witness (invent). 237. Learning a for eign language for p ractical use is no easy job because any one (change) so rapid ly to meet new need s. (see) an intere stin g f ilm with my (send) to Afr ica t o do market (grade). (postpone) because

238. The other da y I friends.

239. — Where you in a hurry when you l eft the hotel? Yo u (wear) your sweat er inside out. — Oh, I didn ’ t notice that. 240. — How do you t hink of his teach in g method? — It shou ld be popularized; it 241. — Have you f in ished the plan? — Yes, and it (study) by the exper ts for three times. (prove) practical .

242. — Have you f in ished your compos it ion already? — Yes. I (finish) it in tw en ty minutes. (drive) 120 km an hou r,

243. — Fine 50 Yuan . You know you don ’ t you?

— No, officer. I can ’ t have been . This car doesn ’ t d o 100. 244. — What do yo u mean by saying th at ? — When I said s ome students are la zy, I you. 245. — Did you find t he missing tourists in the mountains yes terday? — No, but we since. 246. Don ’ t phone t om at two o ’ cloc k this afternoon, w he n he (attend) a meetin g. 247. Though they ha ve retired from t he company, the wor ke rs



(try) to get in to uch with them ever

(inform) of how t he business is goin g on. 248. — Adam as la te for class yester da y. — Yes. It is t hi rd time that he 249. By the time he gets home, his w if e supper. 250. — Do you happ en to know the repo rt er ’ s telephone n um ber? — He it. 251. — Hello. 053 9- 4458761. — Oh, I’ m sorr y. I (try) to reach 05 39 -4458671. (call) to (give) me his, bu t I’ m afraid I (lose) (be) late this we ek . (prepare) the

252. — Hello, thi s is Dr Grey ’ s off ic e. We remind of your 4: 15 appointment tomo rr ow afternoon.

— Oh, thanks, I thought it was 4: 15 this afternoon. 253. — With so ma ny problems to deal w ith, they another difficult y ear. — But they wil l try their best. 254. — May I remind you that Mr White is waiting outsid e, Mrs Green? — Oh, tha t ’ s r ight. I 255. — Got your d ri ving license? — Yes. It is a w eek since I 256. — Come to su pp er, Peter. — Oh, tha nks. I (bring) a bottle of wine. (pass) the drivin g test. (forget) about it . (have)

Early one morning, more th an a hundr ed years ago, a n A merican inventor called E li as Howe finally f el l asleep. He 257 (work) all night on the design of a se w ing machine but he 258 (run) into a very di fficult problem: It seemed impossible to get the thread to r un smoothly aroun d the needle. Though he was tir ed , Howe 259 (sleep) badly. He t urned and (catch) (eat)

turned. Then he h ad a dream. H e dreamt that he 260 by terrible savag es whose king wante d to kill him and 2 61 him unless he cou ld build a perfect se wing machine.

When he tried to do so, Howe ran into the same problem as before. The thread 262 (keep) getti ng caug ht around the needl e. The

king flew into the cage and ordered his soldiers to kill Howe. They came up towards him wi th their spears rai se d. But suddenly the in ventor 263 (notice) something. There 264

a hole in the tip of each spear. The inventor awoke fro m the dream, realiz in g that he 265 just 2 65 (find)

the answer to the problem. Instead of trying to get the thread to run around the needle , he should make it r un th rough a small hole in the cente r of the needle. Th is was the simple i de a that finally 26 6 (make) Howe de sign and build th e fir st really prac tical sewing machine.


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3年高考2年模拟】2016届高三英语一轮复习课件语法专练动词的时态和语态 - 课标卷外研版 英语 语法专练动词的时态和语态 考点清单 高频考点一 一般过去时...


2016届高三英语一轮复习:时态语态解析_中职中专_职业教育_教育专区。2016 专项训练 ---动词时态、语态 如何应对动词时态和语态的考查? 动词时态和语态的考查往往...

...2016届人教版新课标高三英语一轮复习课件 语法专练....ppt

3年高考2年模拟】2016届人教版新课标高三英语一轮复习课件 语法专练动词的时态和语态 - 考点清单 高频考点一 一般过去时 1.表示过去某一具体时间发生的...

2016届高考英语一轮复习语法专题 动词的时态和语态(二)....pdf

2016届高考英语一轮复习语法专题 动词的时态和语态(二)练习(pdf)_英语_


高三英语一轮复习语法通关练习(6)动词的时态和语态 - 家阿么来你比衣了酪跳牧视


2018版高考英语大一轮复习第3部分语法专项专练专题5动词的时态和语态课件新人教版 - 第三部分 语法专项专练 专题五 动词的时态和语态 项目(一) 时态 [ 考点...




(Word版)高三英语一轮复习语法通关练习(6)动词的时态和语态_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高中英语 高三英语一轮复习语法通关练习(6)动词的时态和 语态 1.(2012 ...

...(语法专题word版学案):专题一 动词的时态和语态.doc

【步步高 北师大版】2016届高三一轮英语大一轮复习(语法专题word版学案):专题一 动词的时态和语态_英语_高中教育_教育专区。专题一◆动词时态的考查要点 1.一般...

2016届高考英语一轮复习 语法专题训练部分 专题7 动词....doc

2016届高考英语一轮复习 语法专题训练部分 专题7 动词的时态和语态 03综合演练_英语_高中教育_教育专区。综合演练 (一) (用所给动词的适当形式填空) My best ...


2017届高三英语一轮复习导学案:动词时态和语态常考点_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高三语法 2016、9 高三语法:动词时态和语态常考点【课前预习】 1. Where is ...

2019年高考英语一轮复习 语法专题 动词时态和语态(1)(....doc

2019年高考英语一轮复习 语法专题 动词时态和语态(1)(练)(含解析)新人教版必修3_高考_高中教育_教育专区。2019 年高考英语一轮复习 语法专题 动词时态和语态(1...



2019年高考英语一轮复习 语法专题 动词时态和语态(2)(....doc

2019年高考英语一轮复习 语法专题 动词时态和语态(2)(练)(含解析)新人教版必修4_高考_高中教育_教育专区。2019 年高考英语一轮复习 语法专题 动词时态和语态(2...



...轮复习讲义 语法知识 专题五 动词的时态和语态 新人....doc

2014届高三英语大一轮复习讲义 语法知识 专题五 动词的时态和语态 新人教版 - 专题五 动词的时态和语态 一、动词时态的用法 1.一般现在时 (1)由连词 if,...