Western culture Topic 3

月桂树——希腊神话中的花草树木 皮拉莫斯和笛丝贝

? The Holy Bible
? Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude.It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; It does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. ? Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful.

1. 恋爱 2. 婚礼

3. 婚后生活
4. 中西差异

It plays an important role in our daily life
? Definition in western literature love is a kind of irresistible power ? Love collide: westerners pay more attention to the external beauty,namely the “lust” in human nature ? Expressions direct and straightforward ? Attitude open and free

Chinese people pay attention to marriage and despise love

Implicit and veiled
Pay more attention to the inner beauty,namely ”pas sion” side in human nature

Lack of courage,passively receiving the fates

Different phases of romantic relationship

Foreign Wedding Customs 西方婚礼习俗

? The wedding of west belongs to a romantic type, the whole wedding from the beginning to the end is filled with romantic breathing.
? 西方的婚礼是属于浪漫型的 ? 整个婚礼从开始到结束到充满了浪漫气息。

At first,Western gets engaged before the wedding.
Then invitations are sent to their close friends and relatives . At last, when everything is ready, the most exciting moment is coming!

Wedding Location

Wedding Dress

? Bridal gown: (婚纱)
It is the white bridal gown that Queen Victoria(维多 利亚女王) wore when she married her sweet heart. After that, the white bridal gown win its fame all over the world. However, before that, any color is suitable to the wedding gown, even black, if it is beautiful.


? Wedding veil(新娘面纱):
It is used to cover the bride’s face. It is said that it can prevent the jealousy of the bride’s exboyfriend.



After the reception the bride throws her bouquet back over her shoulder where the unmarried female guest group together. Tradition holds that the one who catches the bouquet will be the next one of those present to marry.

Wedding rings:
It should be worn on the ring finger(无名 指), which is believed to be connected with the heart. It is something like that if the couple put the rings on their ring finger, they both put each other in their heart.

Modern Wedding Dress

Wedding ceremony

The ceremony is often held in a church and presided over by a Christian priest or an elected judge. The host declares the beginning of the ceremony.

The Bride’s Dress The Wedding Car The Ceremony The wedding vows( Marriage statement) The Wedding Reception( After the ceremony, there is a reception—a party with food, drinks and dancing ). The Wedding Cake The Bouquet Toss

西方在举行婚礼前先要先订婚,然后发放请贴给住在附近的人和好朋友以 及远方的亲戚。当一切准备就绪,就该到最激动人心的时刻了。
"To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in 婚礼本身通常进行20至40分钟。婚礼一行人 health, to love and to cherish, till 伴着结婚进行曲进入教堂。新娘手持一束鲜 death do us part” 花和她的父亲最后进来,父亲要把她交给新 郎。而新郎则要从侧门进入教 堂。当婚礼一 行人聚集到教堂的祭坛前时,新娘和新郎互 相表达誓言。常用的结婚誓言是:“从今而 后,不论境遇好坏,家境贫富,生病与否, 誓言相亲相爱,至死不分离。”宣誓过后, 二人交换戒指。通常把戒指戴在左手无名指 上,这是一个古老的风俗。 礼仪过后,通常会有宴会,叫“喜宴”。 宴会给参加婚礼的人一个向新婚夫妇祝贺的 机会。


bridegroom best man bride

Wedding customs

Chinese traditional wedding
? The main 6 necessary procedures of the wedding

? ? ? ? ? ?

match-making (说媒) Engagement (定亲) betrothal presents (聘礼) meeting the bride (迎娶) 3 bows( worships )(拜堂) and drinking wedlock wine(喝交杯酒)

Key words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Woman matchmaker媒婆 Match-making 提亲 Betrothal gift 聘礼 Sedan-chair bearer 轿夫 Marriage band 婚嫁乐队 Skirt & Gown 裙褂 Flower Ball花球 Bridal Sedan 花轿 Wedding Candles 花烛 Stir up the veil 掀盖头 Cross-cupped wine 交杯酒

Some pictures of Chinese traditional wedding elements

Bridal Process
? the bridegroom (新郎) goes to the bride (新 娘)’s home with flower ball and bring the bride to his own home. ? First the new couple bow to heaven and earth ,then bow to the ancestors ,finally they bow to each other .(一拜天地,二拜高堂,夫妻对 拜。) ? When the new couple bow to the parents and serve tea to the parents ,the parents would give the couple red packages with money or something valuable.

? Let’s use romantic relationship to build a better life . That’s the end

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西方的婚礼是纯洁浪漫的 中国的婚礼是喜气洋洋的

西方的婚礼看重的是感觉 中国看重的是仪式

但是无论是哪里 的婚礼都充满了 祝福和笑声。

中西方由于他们的风俗习惯不同, 也就形成了有各自特点的婚礼风 俗

Marriaged Life

2 家庭主妇/家庭煮夫


? 婚姻中的夫妻关系,传统的婚姻中,丈夫往 往在婚姻中处于主导地位,而妻子则是处 于从属地位。这种婚姻结构是由于传统的 文化分工造成的,即“男主外、女主内” 的文化分工。丈夫是一家之主,是全家的 顶梁柱,承担着家庭生活的主要经济责任; 而妻子的任务是管理家务,相夫教子,为 家人提供一个美好的生活环境

如今,一个新名词正在流行——SAHD(stayat-homedads),即“家庭妇男”。在英国, 有60万男性在家里当全职丈夫,是10年前 的10倍。在美国,至少170万个失业的已婚 男子靠妻子来支付家庭生活账单,世界各 地“家庭妇男”增加势头有无减

? 女性走出了家庭的圈子,参与社会工 作,保持在经济上的相对独立。 ? 妇女在社会中与家庭里取得与男子同 等的地位,使妇女从传统的习惯、观 念和价值观中解脱出来,实现真正的 平等

? 西方人则认为婚姻中的男女应是一种平等的关系, 用他们的话说:“Husband and wire shouhlbe equal partners.” ? 在西方,妻子和丈夫均可在外谋职,共同承担家 庭的经济责任。对于纷繁的家务琐事,夫妻也共 同承担 如果去西方人家里做客,便不难发现,男 士下厨房是常有的事儿,他们的手艺可能比妻子 还要好。对于照顾孩子的责任,双方也要共同分 担 要子元需为照顾孩子而放弃自己的职业角色, 丈夫也需承担抚养教育孩子的责任,夫妇同时承 担双亲身份,不再有父、母在与子女关系中角色 的分担和隔离。


? High divorse rate



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