Unit Three

Job Interview

Teaching Objectives:
Students will be able to : Learn some knowledge about job interview grasp the main idea of the structure of the text master the key language points and grammatical structures in the text realize the importance of examples in illustrating one’s points ’ Learn different ways to begin an essay or a paragraph Learn how to write an application letter

Lead-in Activity
How to Prepare for a Job Interview Application letter and Resume Information on the company (company executives, products or services) A list of questions likely to be asked How to answer these questions .

How to write job application letters
在写求职信的时候,要注意以下内容: ? 1. 明确指出自己为什么对该工作感兴趣。 明确指出自己为什么对该工作感兴趣。(Indicate clearly why you are interested in this job.) ? ? 2. 使信件内容符合工作的特点。 使信件内容符合工作的特点。(Adapt the letter to a job.) 3. 准确回应雇主的要求。(Respond precisely to the 准确回应雇主的要求。 requirements of the employer.) ? 4. 强调相关的细节信息,譬如说教育背景、工作经验和个人才能。 (Emphasize the most relevant details, e.g., education, experience and talents.) ? ? ? 5. 争取做到简洁和清晰。 争取做到简洁和清晰。(Strive for brevity and clarity.) 6. 信件要带有个人特色。(Write a personal letter.) 信件要带有个人特色。 7. 留下地址和名字。 留下地址和名字。(Leave your name and address clearly.)

? ? ?

An application letter accompanies and introduces a resume when the resume is being mailed or given to a prospective employer. Here are some guidelines for composing an effective application letter: 1. Addresses come very first to the letter. 2. An application letter should always be addressed to a specific individual. 3. In the opening paragraph of the letter, you should clarify which specific job you want and how you learned about the job vacancy. — —first part of the body of the letter.


4. The letter should go on to state, in summary fashion, why you want the job and why you qualify for it. ——second part of the body of the letter. Firstly, state your education and qualification in the first part briefly but in whole sentence. Secondly, you’d better give your other ’ qualifications. Thirdly, you should state your personal characters and activities showing these characters


? ?

5. End by requesting an interview. Provide a phone number so the employer can contact you quickly. If you can be reached only at certain times, specify them.—— the third part of the letter.( In China, application letter is ( given with resume, so we don’t have to write address and other means for contact) ) 6. Acknowledgement: thank you so much for your consideration. ——the fourth part 7. Signature. (full name) handwriting, and typed.

Lead-in Activity
Most interview questions can be grouped into five basic categories:
1. Questions about your experience and your 2. 3. 4. 5.

skills. Questions about your interest in the job and knowledge about the company. Questions about your previous employment. Questions about your motivation and commitment. Questions about your ability to fulfill specific job requirements

Lead-in Activity

Arrive 10 minutes early. Go alone to the interview. Greet the interviewer with a warm, confident "Hello" and a firm handshake. Be well rested, be enthusiastic. Dress appropriately. Maintain good posture. Emphasize positive things about yourself.

Lead-in Activity

Be honest about your background and experience. Ask a few appropriate questions. Think before answering. Remain calm and alert to answer all the questions. Thank the interviewer for his/her time. Send a thank you note.

Lead-in Activity

Arrive late. Use excessive perfume or make-up. Lie; Over-answer questions Answer with a simple “yes” or “no”. Explain ” ” whenever possible. Ask about the salary,vacation, bonuses(奖金 奖金), 奖金 retirement, etc. unless the interviewer brings it up. Look hesitant when asked tough questions - think before answering. "Bad mouth"(说坏话 a former employer or past co说坏话) 说坏话 workers. Appear anxious to end the interview.

Get the Job You Want
Harvey B. Mackay

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Text A Background Information Text Organization Language Points Text Analysis Useful Expressions Word Study Text B Information about Text Assignment

Background Information
Who is Harvey Mackay ? Harvey Mackay is the author of the New York Times, the bestsellers Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive 《与鲨共泳》and Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt《当心裸男》 . Both books are among the top 15 inspirational(带有灵感的; (带有灵感的; 鼓舞人心的) business books of all time, according to the New York Times.

2. Text Organization
Parts Para. Main Ideas A recent college graduate failed to answer the questions at an interview because of lack of preparation.




Four pieces of advice on being 7-27 a successful interviewee. Everyone should make his or her own tracks in whatever he 28-31 or she does.

Understanding the Text
Questions for Part One What does the author tell in this part? The author uses 9 questions from Para. 3 to Para. 5. What do they function? What conclusion does the author draw from the young applicant’s answer?

Understanding the Text
Questions for Part Two According to the author what are the keys to getting hired? Four keys: Prepare to win. Never stop learning. Believe in yourself, even when no one else does. Find a way to make a difference.

Understanding the Text
Questions for Part Three What the point does the author want to make by talking about his mentor, Curt Carlson? What dose the last sentence “Then go and make your own tracks in the snow” mean?

Language Points
Para.1 (Line 2) I like talking to potential salespeople. potential: likely to develop into a particular type of person or thing in the future ?syn. possible e.g. a. potential customer/buyer/client (有可能成为客户的人 有可能成为客户的人) 有可能成为客户的人 new ways of attracting potential customers b. potential benefit/problem (潜在的好处 问题) (潜在的好处/问题) the potential benefits of the new system c. potential danger/threat/risk(潜在的危险) (潜在的危险) the potential risks to health associated with the drug

Language Points
Cf. Para.6 (Line 20) prospective customer prospective employee/candidate/buyer etc: someone who is likely to do a particular thing or achieve a particular position 预计的 未来的 可能的 预计的/未来的 未来的/可能的 e.g. a prospective teacher 未来教师 a prospective market 未来的市场 a prospective buyer 可能的买主 a prospective damage 预计损失 a prospective return 预期收益 a prospective study 远景调查/ 远景调查 前瞻性调查

Word Study
? grill Para.4 (Line 11) 1. vi. vt. if you grill something, or if it grills, you cook it by putting it on a flat metal frame with bars across it, above or below strong direct heat Grill the bacon until crisp. 2. vt. to ask someone a lot of questions about sth. [grill somebody about/on something] She never grilled her husband about his work. Maxine started grilling me on why I'd been spending so much time alone.

Language Points
Para.4 (Line 11) to grill him in mock interview. mock: (1) adj. not real, but intended to be very similar to a real situation, substance etc e.g. war games with mock battles 模拟的战斗 a mock interview 模拟面试 a mock surprise / horror: a mock feeling is one that you pretend you have, usu. as a joke e.g. He shook his head in mock disapproval. 他摇摇头假装不同意。 (2) v. to make sb./sth. look stupid by laughing at them, copying them or saying sth. unkind e.g. He made the boys laugh by mocking the way the teacher spoke.

Word Study
follow up(para.5, line 15)
take additional steps to further (a previous action) (followed by with) 1.把...贯彻到底 把 贯彻到底 He failed to follow up my suggestion. 他没有照着我的建 议做下去。 2.对...采取进一步行动 对 采取进一步行动 e.g. If you make a hotel booking by phone, follow it up with written confirmation. We are worried that terrorists will follow up their threats with bomb attacks.

Language Points
Para. 9 (Line 27) The Michael Jordans of the world have talent, yes, but they’re also the first ones on and the last ones off the basket ball court. Paraphrase: Although the top athletes of the world may have talent, they also work hard in order to win. “Michael Jordans” refers to the top athletes of the world. “the first ones on and the last ones off the basket ball court means “they come to training the earliest and leave the latest”.

? (para.9 line30) endeavor 1. v. to try very hard [endeavor to do something] We always endeavor to please our customers. 2. n. an attempt to do something new or difficult scientific/creative endeavor 科学事业 / 创新工作 [make every endeavor to do something] They made every endeavor to find the two boys. Despite our best endeavors , we couldn't start the car. effort 指或大或小的尝试来做某事, 指或大或小的尝试来做某事,endeavor 意指完成某一严肃的目标而努力。

Word Study

Language Points
Para. 10 (Line 31) ... the odds were good that … odds: probabilities the odds are : how likely it is that something will or will not happen e.g. The odds are (=it is likely) that he will commit the same crime again. The odds are against us. 我们没有成功的机会。 The odds are in their favor. 他们有成功的可能。 (paragraph 27): You can always shift the odds in your favor: 你总可以争取到成功机会。

Language Points
Para. 12 (Line 38) You won’t get every job you go after. 你不可能得到你想要的每份工作。 The best salespeople don’t close every sale: 最好的销售员也不可能每次都成交。(不完全否定) 连用时,并非否定全部: “not”与all /every/both/each连用时,并非否定全部 与 连用时,并非否定全部 e.g. All that glitters is not gold. [谚]发光的东西未必都是黄金。 谚 发光的东西未必都是黄金。 I don't know both of them. 我并非他们两个都认识。(只认识其中之一 只认识其中之一) 我并非他们两个都认识。 只认识其中之一 Not every student in this classroom is from China. 在这个教室里并非每个学生都是来自中国。 He is not always so sad. 他并不总是这样悲伤。

Para. 12 (Line 38) go after try hard to obtain 追逐 追求 追逐;追求 e.g. 1.Are you planning to go after Peter’s job when he ’ leaves? 2.He went after first prize in the English speech contest. 3.He is going after that pretty girl. 他在追求那个漂亮的女孩子。

Language Points
Para. 15 (Line 52) in my age bracket bracket: (1) one of the groups that people or things are divided into according to a feature, such as income income/tax/age etc bracket: a particular income, tax etc. range e.g. Peter's salary puts him in the highest tax bracket. Families in lower income brackets (2) one of a pair of symbols ( ), used in writing

Word Study
? crack(para.19, line 65) 1 ?GAP? ? He squeezed into a crack between two rocks. 2 ?BREAK? ? There were several small cracks in the glass. 3 ?WEAKNESS? ? The cracks in their relationship were starting to show. 4 ?SOUND? ? We could hear the crack of gunfire in the distance. a crack of thunder. 5 ?ATTEMPT? ? crack at I'd like a crack at climbing that mountain. The competition's open to anyone - why don't you have a crack ?

take / have a crack (at):
try to do sth. e.g. 1.They have decided to have a crack at the double championship. 2.I would like to take a crack at the Olympic title again before I retire.

Word Study
? identify(para.20, line 75) (1) to recognize someone or something and say or prove who or what they are Even the smallest baby can identify its mother by her voice. (2) to recognize a problem, need, fact, etc. and to show that it exists: The research will be used to identify training needs. You need to identify your priorities.

Word Study
[ identify with sb. ] (be similar) to feel that you are similar to someone in some way and that you can understand them or their situation because of this He didn’t seem to be able to identify with ordinary people and their aspirations. 他似乎不能体会普通民众的情感和他们的期盼。 [identify sb/sth with sth ] (connect) (usu. passive) to believe that someone or something is closely connected or involved with something Many football fans are unfairly identified with violent behavior.

Language Points
Para. 21 (Line 76) …the majority of New York cabdrivers are unfriendly, if not downright rude. 纽约大多数的出租车司机即使不算无礼透顶,至少也 是不友好的。 if not: (1) used to suggest that sth. may be even larger, more important, etc. than was first stated e.g. The changes will affect thousands, if not millions, of ordinary people. 这些变化即使不会影响到数百万普通民众,至少也 会影响到几千人。 (2) used individually sth. that will not happen e.g. I think I can fix it tomorrow. If not , you'll have to wait till Friday. Is the book available, and if so where?

Word Study
blurt (para.24, line 89): utter abruptly and thoughtlessly (不加思索地 冲口说出 不经意说出 不加思索地)冲口说出 不经意说出[(+out)] 不加思索地 冲口说出;不经意说出 e.g. 1.Peter blurted the secret (out) before we could stop him. 2.As soon as the teacher put forward the question, he blurted the answer out.

Word Study
? pry(para.25, line91) (into) to try to find out details about someone else's private life in an impolite way I don't want to pry , but I need to ask you one or two questions. "You should stop prying; you know, it's unlawful to read other people's letters!” ” The press continues to pry into their affairs. pry sth. out of sb./sth. phrasal verb to get money or information from someone with a lot of difficulty If you want to know his name, you have to pry it out of her.

(para.28, line97) in the neighborhood of: about 在(...)附近 附近 e.g. I am hoping to buy an apartment in the neighborhood of 200,000 yuan. You'll find it somewhere in the neighborhood of the park. 你会在公园附近找到它。

Text Analysis
Writing Strategies Ways to Start an Essay or a Paragraph
1.Read Part I (Para 1-6) How does the author introduce the topic of this article? With a personal experience. 2. Read Part II (Para 7-27) What are the other ways the author uses to introduce the topic?

Text Analysis
Writing Strategies Ways to Start an Essay or a Paragraph
? Using a quotation: “if you miss one of practice, you notice the difference…” ? Providing a surprising or interesting fact: “Recently I played a doubles tennis…” ” ? Asking a question: “Do you remember the four-minute mile?” ” ? Giving one’s own point of views: ’ “In my opinion, the majority of …” ”

Text Analysis
Writing Strategies Rhetorical Questions(修辞性疑问句 不 (修辞性疑问句;不 (修辞性疑问句 需回答的反诘句)
A rhetorical question is one that is asked to imply a definite answer. The question is seldom answered explicitly with a “yes” or “no” — the listener or reader guess the actual answer from the context and /or the tone of the speaker or writer. The device is often used in argument and / or persuasion. Look at paragraph 3 to 6 and see how they function.

Writing Assignment
Directions: Write a letter applying for a job that is offered in the job advert.

Teachers Wanted
We are a tuition center. We invite you to join us as part time teachers for computer studies, English and all other subjects. Please contact Mr. Wang at 65607688.

Useful Expressions
? 我们与顾客联系的纽带 our link to customers ? 音乐家常有这种说法 The saying goes among musicians. ? 做梦也想不到 beyond one’s wildest dreams ’ ? 实现你的目标 accomplish your goals ? 克服自己的弱点,发挥自己的优势。 Work on one’s weaknesses and develop ’ one’s strengths. ’

? 第一名是个肯尼亚人 First place went to a Kenyan.

Useful Expressions

? 因为自己是第一个而如此兴奋 sparkle with excitement about being the first. ? 以我的观点来看 from my standpoint ? 奇迹中的奇迹 miracle of miracles ? 交换场地 switch sides ? 在我的年龄段 in my age bracket

? 最好的销售人员也不可能每次都成交。 The best salespeople don’t close every sale. ’ ? 他们也是篮球场上第一个到,最后一个走。 They are also the first ones on and the last ones off the basketball court. ? 如果你准备好了,压力就是别人的。 If you are prepared, the pressure is on the other folks. ? 但认真准备一次面试的时间不会多于马马虎虎准备 五次面试的时间. 五次面试的时间. But it takes no longer to prepare well for one interview than to wander in half-prepared for five.

Useful Expressions

Exercises for Unit 3
Directions: Directions: For each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. sentence. B 1. The ______ expressed his great disappointment with all the candidates. A. interview B. interviewer C. interviewee D. applicant

B 2. The company is _______to sharpen its competitive edges for a larger share of the market. Which of the following is not acceptable? A. endeavoring B. straining C. striving D. exerting A 3. I don’t wish to ______in any way, but may I ask if it is true that you have sold your old house? A. pry B. survey C. impose D. violate D 4.Before I could stop her, she ______ her secrets out. A. remarked B. exploded C. uttered D. blurted

D 5. It’s such a fine day and the lake ____ in the sunshine. A. squeezes B. sprinkles C. sprays D. sparkles 6. Salespersons often try to learn about the needs B of the _____ buyers to make themselves more persuasive. A. perspective B. prospective C. preventive D. restrictive 7. They exerted themselves day and night to meet the _____. A A. deadline B. deadlock C. death-blow D. decade

C 8. British gentlemen rank as the most ____ men in the world. A. compassionate B. intimate C. courteous D. sympathetic B 9. The responsible entrance guard ____ anyone who acts suspiciously. A. inquires B. grills C. explores D. probes D 10. I must go now. ____, if you want that book, I’ll bring it next time. A. Accidentally B. Similarly C. Accordingly D. Incidentally

11. The businessman lives a simple life, but he A makes _____donations to the people in need. A. generous B. genuine C. lucrative D. beneficial B 12. Some young people want to _____ everything new, but just can’t afford the time and energy. A. take away B. take a crack at C. get in D. come at C 13. An individual bird can ____ the call of its own species. A. acknowledge B. check C. identify D. curb

14. The ancient village, picturesque beyond B anyone’s ____ dreams, has drawn millions of visitors from both at home and abroad A. greatest B. wildest C. boldest D. biggest A 15. When the old man ____ his last will, his strong accent made it really hard for his lawyer to take down every word. A. dictated B. devastated C. despised D. detected

D 16. You must ________ before you deliver a speech. A. put in a word B. make plans C. cheer up D. do your homework D 17. ____,“Once bitten, twice shy.” A. As I see it B. In my opinion C. From my standpoint D. As the saying goes C 18. Once you decide to ____ what you believe is right, never give up halfway. A. pay off B. retreat from C. go after D. press for

19. The privately-run factory endeavored to repay D society by ____ laid-off workers. A. dragging on B. pressing on C. drawing on D. taking on 20. This new house is too expensive, quite out of my C price_____. A. list B. offer C. bracket D. brand


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