北师大版 高二 (5) Unit 14


job hunter

What do you think you need to pay attention to in job interview?

Look at the advice for job interviews. Use a dictionary to check the meaning of the phrasal verbs. 1. Put on casual clothes for the interview. Don’t

2. Go out for a walk before the interview to relax. Do 3. Think about the job and write down your strengths and weaknesses. Do

4. Find out information about the company. Do 5. Turn up at the interview a couple of minutes early. Do

6. Take down notes during the interview. Don’t 7. Sit down or get up when they ask you to. Do

8. Make up information about yourself. Don’t 9. Make out you understand something when you don’t! Don’t 10. Go into a lot of detail about your personal life. Don’t

11. Speak up and express yourself clearly. Do

12. Sit up straight and look people in the eye. Do

1.put on

(1).穿上,戴上 Take off your overcoat and put on your raincoat. 把大衣脱掉,穿上雨衣。
(2).上演,演出 They put on a concert to welcome the guests. 他们举行音乐会来欢迎客人。

(3).增加体重 I has put on weight during the last month. 上个月我的体重增加了。

? ? ? ? ? ? put forward提出(意见,建议) put away 收拾;放好 put off 推迟 put out 灭火 put up 张贴 put up with 忍受

2.go out (1).(灯,火)熄灭 Suddenly all the lights went out. 突然所有的灯都灭了。
(2).出去 The peasants went out early to get in the wheat. 为了收割小麦农民们早就出去了。

(3).过时,不在流行 Has wigs gone out? 假发过时了吗?

3. write down
(1).记下,写下 He wrote down what the teacher had written on the blackboard. 他记下了老师在黑板上所写的。 (2)看作,把……描写成 They should write him down a fool. 他们该把他看作是个笨蛋。

4. find out 发现,查明,弄清
She finally found out that he was a liar. 她终于发现他是个骗子。 They found out who let the spy go. 他们查出了是谁放走了那个特务。 5. turn up (1).出现,到达 She turned up late for the meeting yesterday. 她昨天开会迟到了。 (2).发生 We don’t know what may turn up tomorrow. 我们不知道明天会发生什么情况。

? ? ? ? ? Turn away 把脸转过来;不理睬 Turn against 背叛, Turn up\down\on\off Turn out 结果是;产生---的结果 Take turn to do sth\\at\in doing sth.轮流做-

6. take down (1).记下,写下 The reporters carefully took down the speech. 记者们都仔细地把这个讲话记了下来。

(2).取下,拆除 Please take down the old picture. 请取下那幅旧画。

7. make up (1).组成,构成 Oxygen makes up about a fifth of the atmosphere. 氧气约占大气的五分之一。 (2).编造,编写 ;化妆,打扮 The teacher asked us each to make up a story. 老师让我们每人编一个故事。 The actors are making up when we arrived. (3)弥补,补偿 We must make up his economic losses. 我们必须弥补他的经济损失。 4.和解,言归于好 Mary and John quarreld,but made up after a while

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Make up the lost time弥补失去的时间 Make up one’s time 下决心 Make the beds 铺床 Make up for 弥补,补偿 Make a difference 有影响, 起重要作用 Make a face 做鬼脸 Make it to 成功, Make off 匆忙离开,逃走。

8. make out (1).看出,分辨出 I see something in the distance, but can’t make it out. 我看见远处有什么东西,但看不出它是什么。 (2)理解,了解 I couldn’t make out what he meant. 我不懂他是什么意思。 (3)开列,填写 Please make out a bill for these books. 请开一张这些书的发票。 4.假装,声称 He made out to be ill.

9. go into 进入,谈论,调查,详细阐述

When I went into the classroom, I saw my classmates already in their places. 当我走进教室时,我发现同学们都坐在自己的座位上。
I don’t want to go into who said that. 我不想谈论谁说了些什么。

We must go into the matter further before making a decision. 我们对此必须进一步调查,才能做出决定。

10.speak up 响亮地说,公开地说出,大声讲 The speaker was told to speak up as they couldn’t hear him clearly. 大家要说话人大声一点,因为他们听不清。 If you thought that wasn’t fair, why didn’t you speak up? 如果你认为那不公平,为什么不明说? speak up for sb.为某人明确而坦率地说出想法 . If you believe in a cause, speak up for it; don't always be on the defensive. 如果你信仰一种事业的话,你就大胆为之辩护,不要 总是处于守势。

Look sb in the eye直视某人
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Can you look me in the eye and tell a lie? 你能直视着我说谎吗。 an eye for an eye 以牙还牙 catch one’s eye引入注目 keep an eye on 小心看着,注视 look up to sb尊敬某人 look down upon sb 看不起 look forward to 期盼

Complete Mandy’s account of an interview with verbs form Exercise 1. Yesterday, I had an interview for a holiday job at a nursery. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to (1)________ about the find out organization,

but I did (2) write down all the things __________ I’m good at, like playing video games! In the morning I woke up late and quickly (3)________ some jeans and a put on T-shirt. I didn’t have a shirt with a collar, I (4) _________ for the turned up appointment five minutes late, so I walked straight in and (5)________. sat down

I couldn’t (6) make out what the ________ interviewer was saying and I had to ask her to (7)________. She asked speak up about my experience with children, so I (8) ________ a lot of detail went into about my childhood. Then she asked me to tell her about my work experience

and I (9) ________ a story about some made up volunteer work with a youth club. I also told her I knew how to use a typewriter. Instantly she stopped asking questions, I (10) _______ and (11) ________ of the went out got up room. I really hope I get the job, I find it a real battle being on my feet all the time like that.

难句解析:1. The instantly she stopped asking questions, I _got up and went out of the room. ? The instant 本是名词短语,但此处用作连词词组, 引导一个时间状语从句,相当于as soon as引导 的时间状语从句,类似用法的名词短语有the moment ,the minute, ? 拓展:1.有时副词也可用作连词,引导时间状语 从句,instantly,immediately,directly等。它们相 当于as soon as。I’ll tell you instantly\immediately i know. ? 2.名词短语用作连词引导的时间状语从句的结构 还有:the first time\every time\next time\any time等 I felt bad the first time I talked to you.

假定你是李华, 有一位美国朋 友John托你在北京找工作。当你看 到China Daily上刊登了一则招聘启 示的时候,你认为很合适。 请你用 英文写一封短信,用e-mail发给 John, 告知此事。广告原文如下:

Foreign Teachers Wanted The
Education Department of the Ladder

Information Company Limited is
running an English course for

children and adults.

Requirements: 1. Native English speaker. 2. University degrees in education or related field preferred.

3. Foreign expert certification(证明).

If you are interested, please call us:

Tel: 0086-10-68019433
E-mail : Liecbj @ hotmail.com Beijing Ladder Information Company Limited.

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