高二升高三暑期提高 vip 教案 1 乐山戴氏英语教研组(高三)
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热身运动 按要求写单词
1. 星期



4.序数词 第 1, 第 8, 第 21, 第 2, 第 9, 第 32, 第 3, 第 12, 第 40, 第 5, 第 20, 第 42,

5. 分数: 二分之一: 三分之一: 四分之一 : 四分之三 : 五分之二 : 一又三分之二: 百分之十九:

词汇特训 ——character
ambitious arrogant confident easy-going hard-working have a good sense of humour independent intelligent organized quiet romantic serious charming creative immature nature modest optimistic pessimistic reasonable sensitive sociable vain

Using the


Jake Simon Maxine

complete Ed and Kate’s lists about who they would or would not

choose as their new flatmate.

serious,slightly arrogant hard-working, very organized has a good sense of humour,easy-going confident, ambitious intelligent, romantic quiet,independent

Jerry Dominic Lily Ed

I like
1. 2. 3. 4. people people people people who who who who

I would choose
enjoy laughing a lot always try to do their job well want to be successful are good at learning and understanding things

I don’t like

I would not choose

5.people who think they’re better than other people 6.people who don’t talk much


I like

I would choose

7.people who are relaxed and don’t get upset easily 8.people who are sure they can do things well 9.people who like to do things to show their love for someone 10.people who plan things well and don’t waste time

I don’t like

I would not choose

11. people who don’t laugh much 12. people who never want help, but like to do things themselves

loyal 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. I I I I I I

Match the words in the box with what the people are saying optimistic pessimistic sensitive sociable vain

love spending time with people and meeting new people. always suppport my fiends even when they’re having difficult times. always try to think about how other people feel. always think good things are going to happen. always think bad things are going to happen. look so beautiful, don’t I?

王菲是二十年来华语乐坛歌手的传奇。 1989 年,王菲因参加香港的选秀比赛出道,虽然只得了比赛的第二名,但是却顺利进入歌 坛,并开始了璀璨的星路。 1992 年,王菲凭借《容易受伤的女人》走红,和当时叱咤香港乐坛的林忆莲、梅艳芳、叶 倩文,并称为“四大天后”,与“四大天王”齐名,之后专辑、演唱会的爆棚,更使得她瞬间成 为“亚洲天后”。 后来她因为和窦唯、谢霆锋、李亚鹏几个男人谱写了复杂的“不能说的秘密”而经常隐退又复 出。她和窦唯的结婚与离婚,和谢霆锋的姐弟恋,以及和李亚鹏之间的婚姻,都长期和她超 群的歌艺、独特的个性一起,霸占了各大娱乐版面的头条。 但是华语歌坛二十年来没有任何一个歌手能出其右。 她在, 还是不在江湖, 地位就摆在那里, 不增不减;她唱,还是不唱,声音还萦绕在那里,天籁不绝。 2010 年,王菲在 CCTV 的春晚以一首《传奇》复出, 《传奇》那优美的旋律,质朴而深情 的歌词,配上天后空灵的歌声,使得它成为真正的“神曲”,而后至今,她开始了天价的巡唱 来回报等待她的歌迷。 王菲,她就是神派来的歌者;王菲,她一唱歌我们就可以把任何事搁着。爱生活,爱王菲, 大家爱,才是真的爱! 1. 王菲的出道是因为什么? A. 她和林忆莲、梅艳芳、叶倩文并称“四大天后”; C. 她爸爸是李刚;

B. 她是神派来的歌者; D. 选秀比赛帮她崭露头角。

2. 下面哪个说法是正确的? A. 王菲和林忆莲、叶倩文、梅艳芳是好朋友;B.“亚洲天后”的地位使得她演唱会、唱片爆 棚; C. 王菲在所有的华语歌手里是最红的; D. “四大天王”在 90 年代初叱咤了香港乐坛。 3. 我们从文章的第四段可以知道什么? A. 谢霆锋经常霸占娱乐版的头条; B. 窦唯是个负心汉; C. 王菲的感情经历是曲折的; D. 李亚鹏是个不招人待见的演员。 4. 《传奇》走红的原因,最主要的是: A. 它比《爱情买卖》更适合被封为“神曲”; B. CCIV 是个很好的平台; C. 它具备了一首歌走红最重要的条件; D. 这个游戏有很多的追随者。 5. 从这篇文章,我们可以得知: A. 这篇文章的作者是王菲的支持者; C. 王菲开演唱会是为了赚钱;

B. 选秀节目造就了无数明星; D. 现在的乐坛新人辈出。

设问 6 大类型: 1. 主旨题 提干标致: 典型问法: 解题思路:

2. 态度题 题干标志: 典型问法: 解题思路:


考查能力:理解文章的基本结构 3. 结构题 题干标致: 典型问法: 解题思路:

4. 细节题 题干标致: 典型问法: 解题思路:


5. 词意/句意题 题干标志: 典型问法: 解题思路:


6.推理题: 题干标致:


典型问法: 解题思路:

(2012湖北高考真题) E Brrriiinnng. The alarm clock announces the start of another busy weekday in the morning. You jump out of bed, rush into the shower, into your clothes and out the door with hardly a moment to think. A stressful journey to work gets your blood pressure climbing. Once at the office, you glance through the newspaper with depressing stories or reports of disasters. In that sort of mood, who can get down to work, particularly some creative, original problem-solving work? The way most of us spend our mornings is exactly opposite to the conditions that promote flexible, open-minded thinking. Imaginative ideas are most likely to come to us when we’re unfocused. If you are one of those energetic morning people, your most inventive time comes in the early evening when you are relaxed. Sleepy people’s lack of focus leads to an increase in creative problem solving. By not giving yourself time to tune into your wandering mind, you’re missing out on the surprising solutions it may offer. The trip you take to work doesn’t help, either. The stress slows down the speed with which signals travel between neurons (神经细胞), making inspirations less likely to occur. And while we all should read a lot about what’s going on in the world, it would not make you feel good for sure, so put that news website or newspaper aside until after the day’s work is done. So what would our mornings look like if we wanted to start them with a full capacity for creative problem solving? We’d set the alarm a few minutes early and lie awake in bed, following our thoughts where they lead. We’d stand a little longer under the warm water of the shower, stopping thinking about tasks in favor of a few more minutes of relaxation. We’d take some deep breaths on our way to work, instead of complaining about heavy traffic. And once in the office—after we get a cup of coffee —we’d click on links not to the news of the day but to the funniest videos the web has to offer. 67. According to the author, we are more creative when we are _______. A. focused B. relaxed C. awake D. busy 68. What does the author imply about newspapers? A. They are solution providers. B. They are a source of inspiration. C.They are normally full of bad news.D.They are more educational than websites. 69. By “tune into your wandering mind” (in Para. 2), the author means “_______”. A. wander into the wild B. listen to a beautiful tune

C. switch to the traffic channel D. stop concentrating on anything 70. The author writes the last paragraph in order to _______. A. offer practical suggestions B. summarize past experiences C. advocate diverse ways of life D. establish a routine for the future

熟词生义 A 开头篇
A 1.absent(熟义:adj.缺席的) He looked at me in an absent way.(adj. 2.abuse(熟义:v.滥用;漫骂) She is quite a successful career woman,but actually she's much abused at home. (v ) ) )

4.ache(熟义:v.&n.疼痛) He was aching for home.(v. 5. act(熟义:V.&n.行动) lt takes a couple of minutes for the drug to act.(vi. 6.address(熟义:n.地址 v.写地址) It is said that our headmaster will address the meeting.(vt. 8. against(熟义:prep.逆着,反对;倚,靠;碰) The picture looks nice against the white wall.(prep. 9. age(熟义:n.年龄) Worry aged him rapidly.(v. 10. air(熟义:n.空气) Don’t air your troubles too often.(V. Don't give yourself airs.别摆架子。 11. alone(熟义:adv.单独地,一个人地) She alone was able to answer the question. (adv. 12.amount(熟义:n.量) The cost amounted to$200.(v.(to) ) ) ) ) ) ) )


What you have said amounts to a plain refusal.(v. 13.announce(熟义:宣布)

A warm sunshine announces the coming of spring.(vt. 14.appreciate(熟义:v.欣赏;感激;感谢) I appreciate that I may be wrong.(V. 15.attend(熟义:v.出席;参加) The nurse attended to him day and night.(v. 16.accompany(熟义:vt.陪伴;伴奏) Strong winds accompanied the heavy rain.(v. 17.allow(熟义:v.允许) This diet allows you one glass of wine a day.(vt. 18.approach(熟义:vt.靠近;接近) I approached him about filling the manager's job.(v. 19. available(熟义:adj.可得到的;可找到的) The worthy professor is now available. (adj. ) ) ) ) ) )


家作: 阅读理解 1 When Frida Kahlo’s paintings were on show in London, a poet described her paintings as “ a ribbon (丝带)around a bomb”. Such comments seem to suggest Kahlo had a big influence on the art world of her time. Sadly, she is actually a much bigger name today than she was during her time. Born in 1907 in a village near Mexico City , Kahlo suffered from polio(小儿麻痹症)at the age of seven. Her spine (脊柱)become bent as she grew older. Then, in 1925, her back was broken in several places in a school-bus accident. Throughout the rest of her life, the artist had many operations, but noting was able to cure the terrible pain in her back. However, the accident had an unexpected side effect. While lying in her bed recovering, Kahlo taught herself to paint. In 1929, she got married to Diego Rivera, another famous Mexican artist. Rivera’s strong influences on Kahlo’s style can be seen in her early works, but her later works from the 1940s, known today as her best works, show less influence from her husband. Unfortunately, her works did not attract much attention in the 1930s and1940s, even in her home country. Her first one-woman show in Mexico was not held until 1953.For more than a decade after her death in 1954, Kahlo’s works remained largely unnoticed by the world, but in the 1970s her works began to gain international fame at last. 64. What does the phrase “a much bigger name” in paragraph 1 most nearly mean? A. a far better artist B. a for more gifted artist C. a much stronger person D. a much more famous person 65. The terrible pain Kahlo suffered was caused by . A. polio B. her bent spine C. back injuries D. the operations she had 66. Kahlo’s style had become increasingly independent since the . A.1930s B. 1940s C. 1950s D. 1970s 67. What is author’s attitude toward Kahlo? A. Devotion B. Sympathy C. Worry D. Encouragement

Most people know that Marie Curie was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, and the first person to win it twice. However, few people know that she

was also the mother of a Nobel Prize winner. Born in September, 1897, Irene Curie was the first of the Curies’ two daughters. Along with nine other children whose parents were also famous scholars, Irene studied in their own school, and her mother was one of the teachers. She finished her high school education at the College of Sé vignéin Paris. Irene entered the University of Paris in 1914 to prepare for a degree in mathematics and physics. When World War I began, Irene went to help her mother, who was using X-ray facilities(设备) to help save the lives of wounded soldiers. Irene continued the work by developing X-ray facilities in military hospitals in France and Belgrum. Her services were recognised in the form of a Military’s Medal by the French government. In 1918, Irene became her mother’s assistant at the Curie Institute. In December 1924, Frederic Joliot joined the Institute, and Irene taugh him the techniques required for his work. They soon fell in love and were married in 1926. Their daughter Helene was born in 1927 and their son Pierre five years later. Like her mother, Irene combined family and career. Like her mother, Irene was awarded a Nobel Prize, along with her husband, in 1935. Unfortunately, also like her mother, she developed leukemia because of her work with radioactivity (辐射能). Irene Joliot-Curie died from leukemia on March 17, 1956. 49.Why was Irene Curie awarded a Military Medal? A. Because she received a degree in mathematics. B. Because she contributed to saving the wounded. C. Because she won the Nobel Prize with Frederic. D. Because she worked as a helper to her mother. 50.Where did Irene Curie meet her husband Frederio joliot? A. At the Curie Institute. C. At a military hospital. B. At the Cniversity of Paris. D. At the College of Sevigne.

51.When was the second child of Irene Curie and Frederic Joliot born? A. In 1932. B. In 1927. C. In 1897. D. In 1926.

52.In which of the following aspects was Irene Cuire different from her mother? A. Irene worked with radioactivity. C. Irene won the Nobel Prize once B. Irene combined family and career. D. Irene died from leukemia.

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