10— 重庆一中初 2013 级 10—11 学年度上期期末考试 英 语 试 卷

亲爱的同学: 这是一份简单的试卷,也是一份有趣的试卷,更是一 份只要你细心、冷静就能有很大收获的试卷。所以,请你认真对待每一道题,既 不粗心大意,也不轻言放弃。也许这份试卷能给你带来一份很好的新年礼物哦。 加油!

第I 卷

(80 分)

Ⅰ 听力部分 (20 分) 第一节: 听力辨音。听录音,选出与所听内容相符的图片。念一遍。 (1×5) : 听力辨音。听录音,选出与所听内容相符的图片。念一遍。 ×

1. A.



2. A.



3. A.



4. A.



5. A.



重庆一中初 2013 级 2010—2011 学年度(上)期末英语试卷 第 1 页 共 9 页

第二节:情景反应。根据你所听到的句子,选择最佳答语。念两遍。 (1× 第二节:情景反应。根据你所听到的句子,选择最佳答语。念两遍。 ×5) ( 6. A. Yes. B. I'm OK. C. That's all right. 7. A. Yes, I do. B. No, I do. C. I don't like movies. 8. A. I'm OK. B. Yes, please. C. You're welcome. 9. A. Thank you. B. You're welcome. C. That sounds good. 10. A. It's 13. B. I'm 13. C. He's 13. 第三节:对话理解 根据你所听到的对话及问题,选择最佳答案。念两遍。 对话理解。 第三节 对话理解。根据你所听到的对话及问题,选择最佳答案。念两遍。 (1×5) × 11. A. Go to a movie. B. Play basketball. C. Play soccer. 12. A. At school. B. In the store. C. At home. 13. A. Jenny’s mother. B. Jenny’s brother. C. Jenny’s father. th th 14. A. May 8 . B. May 10 . C. May 20th. 15. A. An Art Festival. B. A Music Festival. C. An English party 第四节: 听短文,根据所听内容,选择最佳答案,念两遍。 ×5) 第四节: 听短文 根据所听内容, 选择最佳答案, 念两遍。 (1× ) ( 16. Jack is _________ years old. A. thirteen B. fourteen C. fifteen 17. Jack’s birthday is _________. B. August 4th C. March 14th A. March 4th 18. Jack doesn’t like _________. A. thrillers B. comedies C. documentaries 19. Jack thinks documentaries are _________. A. relaxing B. boring C. interesting 20. Jack thinks he can learn a lot from _________. A. comedies B. Beijing Opera C. documentaries 单项选择。 Ⅱ. 单项选择。 (1×20) × ) 21. We have _______ English speech contest in April every year. A. / B. a C. an D. the 22. Ed likes baseball, _______ he doesn't like tennis. A. and B. but C. or D. too 23. —Where are ______ keys? —Look! _______ are on the table. A. my, It B. her, They C. his, My D. I, They 24. What do you have ________ lunch, Mary? A. in B. for C. on D. to 25. Tim has some _______ every day. He thinks it is a kind of healthy food. A. salad B. bananas C. strawberries D. vegetables 26. The pants are very great. I’ ll take __________. A. it B. they C. that D. them 27. —_________ is the bag? —It’s 20 yuan. A. How old B. What C. How much D. When 28. —Do you have a pencil? —Yes. _________ A. Thank you. B. Here is it.
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C. Here you are. D. You are welcome. 29. —What kind of movies does she like? —She likes __________. A. comedy B. thriller C. Beijing Operas D. documentaries 30. _______ Tina ________ sports in the morning? A. Do, play B. Do, plays C. Does, play D. Does, plays 31. —_________ the bag on the dresser? —_________. It’s under the table. A. Are; No B. Is; Yes C. Is; No D. Are; Yes 32. _________ desk is white. A. Lily and Lucy B. Lily’s and Lucy’s C. Lily and Lucy’s D. Lily’s and Lucy 33. September is _______ month of the year. A. the nineth B. the ninth C. nine D. ninth 34. Can you ________ your photos to school? I want _______ a look at them. A. take, to have B. bring, have C. bring, to have D. take, have 35. Our Art Festival is _______ October 20th. A. in B. at C. on D. of 36. I can’t find the answer. I think it’s a ____________ question. A. difficult B fun C. relaxing D. great 37. —What’s the price of the T-shirt? —____________ A. It’s ten dollars. B. They are ten dollars. C. They are ten dollar. D. It’s ten dollar. 38. Amy often goes to ______ Beijing Opera _______ weekends. A. look, in B. look at, on C. see, on D. watch, in 39. Kobe is a _______ basketball player. He can play basketball ________. A. good, well B. well, good C. good, good D. well, well 40. —Let's go and buy some ice cream. —________. I like ice cream very much. A. You're welcome B. Yes, please C. That sounds great D. Sorry, I can’t Ⅲ. 完形填空。 (1×10) 完形填空。 × ) Come 41 buy things at Helen’s Furniture 家具) ( Store! Do you need 42 for your room? All the things are on sale. 43 ! Here are some dressers in white, blue and red 44 mothers. We sell them for only $20. For students, we have desks and chairs for $25 a set. You can buy 45 tables for $50 and small tables for $40. 46 color do you like? Sofas in all colors are only $100 each. One interesting thing: You can 47 buy great fruit here. The 48 is from Hainan and Taiwan. We sell it at a very good price. Anybody can 49 the prices. Come and see for 50 at our store. Everyone(每个人)will like it. 41. A. but B. and C. with D. so 42. A. books B. sweaters C. furniture D. vegetables
重庆一中初 2013 级 2010—2011 学年度(上)期末英语试卷 第 3 页 共 9 页

43. A. Look 44. A. with 45. A. long 46. A. What 47. A. too 48. A. vegetables 49. A. afford 50. A. you

B. Look at B. for B. small B. When B. also B. furniture B. sell B. yourself

C. See C. to C. short C. Where C. either C. clothes C. buy C. me

D. Watch D. of D. big D. How D. not D. fruit D. watch D. myself

阅读理解。 Ⅳ. 阅读理解。 (2×15) × )

Jim: I want to play computer games. Peter: That sounds good. Where’s your computer? Jim: I don’t have a computer. Do you have a computer? Peter: No, I don’t. But I have a TV. Let’s watch TV. Jim: I don’t like to watch TV. It’s boring. Let’s play tennis. I have a tennis racket. Peter: Oh, good! Where is it? Jim: On the sofa. Do you have a racket? Peter: No, I don’t. Does your brother have one? Jim: Yes, he does. And he has tennis balls. 51. Jim wants to __________. A. have a computer B. play computer games C. watch computer games D. find computer games 52. Jim doesn’t like to watch TV because(因为)he thinks it’s _________. A. good B. great C. interesting D. boring 53. Jim’s tennis racket is _________. A. on the table B. in the drawer C. on the sofa D. under the sofa 54. Peter has a __________. A. TV B. racket C. computer D. tennis 55. _________ has tennis balls. A. Peter B. Jim’s brother C. Jim D. Peter’s brother

Jason is my uncle’s son. He is thirteen. He studies in No.1 Middle School. He likes sports very much. He loves soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis and more. He plays baseball and basketball very well. He likes watching sports games on TV, too. He plays sports every day. He also has a big sports collection. He has 8 tennis rackets, 12 baseballs, 10 basketballs and 3 soccer balls. I like him. Do you like him? 56. Jason is my __________. A. friend B. cousin C. brother D. uncle 57. He plays _________ very well. A. soccer and baseball B. tennis and basketball C. baseball and basketball D. ping-pong and soccer 58. He likes __________ games on TV.
重庆一中初 2013 级 2010—2011 学年度(上)期末英语试卷 第 4 页 共 9 页

A. playing baseball B. watching sports C. playing sports D. watching baseball 59. He _________ every day. A. watches TV B. plays sports C. watches sports games D. plays computer games 60. Which is wrong(错的)? A. Jason is a student. B. Jason doesn’t play sports, but he watches them on TV. C. Jason’s father is my uncle. D. Jason is thirteen years old.

A Movie List for December and January (Chongqing UME) Names of Movies Prices Kinds of Movies ¥50 each Let the bullets fly If you are the one II ¥50 each the January 7 — 21st

Dates December 16th— January 15th December 22nd— January 20th

Action movie




Narnia ¥45 each Science fiction(科 幻片)

January 11th —31st Tron: Legacy

¥65 each

Science fiction

61. This is a list of __________. A. movies B. names C. prices D. dates 62. You can go to the movie Let the bullets fly on ________. B. January 20th C. November 2nd D. January 21st A. December 20th 63. The movie If you are the one II is a ________. A. science fiction B. comedy C. documentary D. thriller 64. The price of two tickets(票)for Tron: Legacy is ________. A. ¥50 B. ¥135 C. ¥100 D. ¥90 th 65. If (如果) Smith wants to see a comedy on January 20 , he can see ________. Mr. A. Let the bullets fly B. If you are the one II C. the Chronicals of Narnia D. Tron: Legacy

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第Ⅱ卷 (55 分)
补全对话。选择适当的句子完成对话, Ⅴ. 补全对话。选择适当的句子完成对话,其中有两项为多余选项 。(1×5) × Clerk: 66 Woman: Yes, please. 67 Clerk: What color does she like? Woman: Red. Clerk: What about this pair? Woman: The color is OK. 68 Clerk: How about this pair? They are small. Woman: That’s good. 69 Clerk: 30 dollars. Thank you. Woman: OK. 70 Clerk: You are welcome.
A. But they are too big. B. I’ll take them. C. They are too small. D. Can I help you? E. I want a pair of pants for my daughter.

F. I’ll buy it. G. How much are they? 用所给词的适当形式填空。 × Ⅵ. 用所给词的适当形式填空。(1×10) 71. Do you want to go to the party with _______ ( I )? 72. I _________ (not think) that is a successful book. 73. June _________ (real) likes Chinese action movies. 74. Jackie Chan is a great _________ (act). 75. August 29th is Tina’s _________ (twelve) birthday. 76. Do you know ________ (Tony) favorite sport? 77. My sister likes ________ (have) some chicken for lunch. 78. Three _______ (tomato) are on the table. 79. –Oh, ________ (this) are my Chinese books. –Really? Here you are. 80. Here _________ (be) some blue pants for you. Ⅶ. 按要求转换句型, 一空一词。 (1× ) 按要求转换句型, 一空一词。 ×20) ( 81. My parents play tennis on weekends. (否定句) My parents _____ _____ tennis on weekends. 82. He watches TV in his room. (对划线部分提问) _____ ______ he watch TV? 83. Her birthday is January 17th. (对划线部分提问) _____ ______ her birthday? 84. They are some English movies. (变单数句) ______ _____ ______ English movie. 85. He has many green shirts. (同义句)
重庆一中初 2013 级 2010—2011 学年度(上)期末英语试卷 第 6 页 共 9 页

He has _____ ______ green shirts. 86. We buy bags from the store. (同义句) The store ______ bags ______ us. 87. 我们有价格优惠的毛衣。 We have sweaters ________ ________ very good _________. 88. 她认为她能学习了解中国历史。 She thinks she can _________ ________ Chinese history. 89. she, movies, like, does, action, (?) (连词成句) _____________________________________________ 短文填空, 一空一词。 (1× ) Ⅷ. 短文填空, 一空一词。 ×10) ( . 91 school, I have a good friend. He My name is Sam. I am a 90 is Jim. Jim is in Class One and I am in Class One, 92 . Jim likes 93 very much. He has a great sports collection. His 94 sport is basketball, so he 95 9 basketballs. And he can 96 it very well. I like 97 very much. I like the singing star(歌星)Zhou Jielun 98 his music best. Sophia teaches(教)us English. Her English is very good. She often she is also our good friend. helps us. We all 99 书面表达。 (1× ) Ⅸ. 书面表达。 ×10) (
口语课上,外教让你们介绍自己的朋友。假设你是 Mary,下面是你的好朋友 Nick 的相关 信息,请仔细阅读后,以“My good friend”为题,写一篇 60 词左右的短文,介绍自己的好朋 友。 要求:内容全面,语法正确,语句通顺,衔接自然,书面整洁。

English name: Date of birth: Age: Movies: Hobbies(爱好 爱好): 爱好

Nick White April 19th 12 thrillers; not like documentaries sports; computer games

命题人:刘 静 审题人:汪培洁

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2010— 重庆一中初 2013 级 2010—2011 学年度上期期末考试 英 语 试 卷

Ⅰ 听力部分 (20 分) 第一节: 听力辨音。听录音,选出与你所听到的内容相符的图片。念一遍。 : 听力辨音。听录音,选出与你所听到的内容相符的图片。念一遍。 1. I want to buy a CD. 2. She really likes Beijing Opera. 3. I want to eat some broccoli. 4. We have shoes at a very good price. 5. Helen has some tennis rackets. 第二节:情景反应。根据你所听到的句子,选择最佳答语。念两遍。 第二节:情景反应。根据你所听到的句子,选择最佳答语。念两遍。 6. How are you? 7. Do you want to go to a movie? 8. Thank you very much. 9. Happy birthday! 10. How old are you? 第三节 对话理解 根据你所听到的对话及问题,选择最佳答案。念两遍。 对话理解。 第三节:对话理解。根据你所听到的对话及问题,选择最佳答案。念两遍。 11. M: Let’s go to a movie, Mary. W: Sorry, Peter. I want to play basketball. Q: What does the girl want to do? 12. M: Can I help you? W: Yes, please. I want a sweater. Q: Where are they? 13. M: Your skirt is very nice, Jenny. W: Thank you. My father buys it for me. Q: Who buys the skirt for Jenny? 14. W: Today is May 8th. Is May 10th your birthday? M: Yes. You are right. Q: When is the boy’s birthday? 15. W: Do you have an Art Festival in your school? M: Yes, we do. It’s on December 24th. Q: What does the boy’s school have on December 24th? 第四节: 听短文,根据所听内容,选择最佳答案,念两遍。 第四节: 听短文, 根据所听内容, 选择最佳答案, 念两遍。 I am Jack. I am fourteen years old. My birthday is March 4th. I like comedies very much. I think they are funny. I don’t like thrillers. I think they are scary. I also like documentaries. Some people don’t like them, and they think documentaries are boring, but I think they are interesting. I can learn a lot from them.

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2010 10— 重庆一中初 2013 级 2010—2011 学年度上期期末考试 英
1—5 BCBBB 21—25 CBBBA 41—45 BCABD 51—55 BDCAB 66—70 DEAGB 71. me 72. don’t think 77. having 78. tomatoes 73. really 74. actor 79. these 80. are 75. twelfth 76. Tony’s 6—10 BACAB 26—30 DCCDC 46—50 ABDAB 56—60 BCBBB 61—65 AABBB

16—20 BAACC 36—40 AACAC

11—15 BBCBA 31—35 CCBCC

81. don’t play 82. Where 83. When is 87. at a price 88. learn about

84. It is an

85. lots of 86. sells to

89. Does she like action movies?

90. student 96. play

91. At 97. music

92. too 98. and

93. sports 99. think

94. favorite 95. has/collects

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