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9. 10.

Oxford English Unit 1 “幽灵”对克里斯汀一见钟情。 (fall in love with) The Phantom fell in love with Christine at first sight. 杰克对凯特一见钟情。 Jack fell in love with Kate at first sight. 五彩的鲜花可以使沉闷的房间恢复生气。 (bring back to life) Colorful flowers can bring a dull room back to life. 她擅长还原遗失的绘画艺术。 She is good at bringing back to life the lost/forgotten art of painting. 这座古老的歌剧院建于数百年之前,位于地势较高的地方。 (elevated) The old opera house was built hundreds of years ago and stands in an elevated position. 老师对他的行为感到震惊。 (be shocked at) The teacher was shocked at his behavior. 约翰获得一等奖的消息让我们感到很震惊。 We are shocked at John?s winning the first prize. 看到邻居对待孩子的方式,我很震惊。 I was shocked to see the way our neighbors treated their children. 恐怖分子绑架了部长并向政府索要 10 万美元。 (kidnap) Terrorists kidnapped the minister and demanded $100,000 from the government. 那位法国医生遭绑架并被索要赎金。 The French doctor was kidnapped and held for ransom. 她非常同情他悲惨的经历。 (feel sorry about) She felt very sorry for/about his terrible/miserable/tragic experience. 吉姆的处境非常糟糕,我对他感到非常同情。 Jim is in a very bad situation and I feel very sorry for him. 深深同情幽灵的遭遇,克莉丝玎轻柔地吻了他的脸。 (feel sorry about) Feeling sorry about his suffering, Christine gently kissed the Phantom?s face. 校长在学校运营方面起着重要作用。 (role) The headmaster plays an important role in the running/managing/operating of the school. 我们不能让他走,因为他在这出戏里起着重要的作用。 We can?t let him go, because he plays an important role in the play. 在我国,妇女在社会中起着重要的作用。 In our country, women play an important role in society. 他在我们学校演的剧中扮演老国王的角色。 He played the role of the old king in our school play. 他让我把难看的墙纸取下。( pull off ) He asked me to pull off the ugly wallpaper. 他脱下袜子穿上拖鞋。 He pulled off his socks and put on his slippers. 那个女孩失忆很长时间了。(suffer from) The girl has suffered from the loss of memory for a long time. 他终于在战后从狱中获释。(release) He was finally released from the prison when the war was over. 在律师的努力下,警察最终释放了卡特。( release)







17. 18. 19. 20.


With the help of the lawyer, the police released Carter at last. 警察突然闯进来,并且告诉每个人不要动。 (burst in) The police burst in and told everyone to stand still. 酒吧的侧门突然被撞飞,闯进来三个持枪男人.(burst) The side door of the pub flew open and three men with guns burst in. 门突然打开,闯进来一群小孩。 Suddenly, the door opened and a group of children burst in. 附近的森林突发大火,灰色的浓烟直冲云霄。(burst into) A nearby forest burst into flames and grey smoke rose into the air. 电视机的声音盖过了电话铃声。 (drown out ) The noise from the TV drowned out the sound of the phone ringing. 女主持人的话被掌声淹没了。 The hostess?s words were drowned out by applause. 玛丽是一位如此有魅力的老师,以至于学生们一见到她就喜欢她。(so…that) Mary was so charming a teacher that the students loved her at first sight. 这部有关第一次世界大战的历史小说引人入胜,我简直爱不释手。 (so…that) The historical novel about World War I is so attractive that I can?t bear to put it down. 在战争中被严重损坏的名画已经都被修葺一新。 (restore) The famous paintings which were badly damaged in the war have all been carefully restored. 这儿旧城的一些建筑经过整修已经恢复多年前的原貌。 Some buildings in the old city here have been restored to what they were many years ago. 她花了好长时间才适应在那家公司的工作。(adapt) It took her quite a while to adapt herself to her new work in that company. 他努力使自己适应新的情況。(adapt) He tried hard to adapt himself to the new conditions. 必须立刻派警察去事发现场救人。(rescue) Police must be sent to the spot to rescue the victims. 救生艇使得水手们得以逃离沉船。( rescue ) The lifeboat rescued the sailors from the sinking boat. 两个战士阵亡了,其余的都被俘虏了。( capture) Two of the soldiers were killed and the rest were captured. 爱迪生喜欢把时间花在在公共图书馆看书上,而不是在观光上。(instead of, spend) Instead of seeing sights, Edison would spend the time reading in the public library. 这时我不由得为祖国感到骄傲。(can?t help) At this moment, I can?t help feeling proud of our motherland. 一个四岁的小男孩今早被发现独自一人在街上流浪。 (wander) A four-year-old boy was found wandering the streets alone this morning. 面试时,注意力别分散。 Don?t let your attention wander during the interview. 在回家的路上,他浮想联翩。 His thoughts wandered as he was on his way home. 他们对那些人的苦难置若罔闻。 (suffering) They turned a deaf ear to the sufferings of those people.

她在讲述自己所受的苦难时流下了眼泪。 Tears came to her eyes when she talked of her sufferings. 22. 早起床就意味着准时到学校。(mean, schedule) Getting up early means arriving at/reaching/getting to school on schedule. 23. 我们面临的困难是无法及时帮上他们的忙。(face) The difficulty that we are facing/ are faced with is that we can?t help them in time. 24. 我们必须不使开支超出我们的支付能力。(limit) We must limit our expense to what we can afford. 25. 这栋房子建造在一个古代监狱的遗址上。(site) The house is built on the site of an ancient prison. 26. 在国境时,你可能被询问有关目的地和计划逗留的时间等问题。(destination) At the border/ when crossing the border, you will possibly be asked your destination and how long you plan to stay. 27. 水经过机器循环使用。(recycle) Water is recycled through machines and reused. Oxford English Unit 2 1. 人们普遍认为他是 NBA 最优秀的球员之一。(regard…as) He is generally regarded as one of the best basketball players in the NBA. Do you regard it as necessary to wear new clothes during the Spring Festival? You shouldn?t regard yourself as of little value. 人们普遍认为他是美国最伟大的中距离跑选手之一。 He is widely regarded as one of the greatest middle-distance runners in America. 很显然,人们把他当作偷自行车的贼。 Obviously, people regarded him as the thief who stole the bike. 长期以来, 人们一直认为基因和教育是影响智力的最大因素。 新的研究表明疾病对智商 的影响更为深远。 Genes and education are often regarded as the biggest influences on intelligence, but a new study shows that disease has far more influence on IQ. 中国长城被认为是世界最伟大的奇迹之一。 The Great Wall of China is regarded as one of the greatest wonders in the world. 我反对被视为一个只会犯错误的小孩。 (regard…as) I object to/am against/oppose/ am opposed to being regarded as a kid who is always making mistakes. with regard to sb/ sth 关于,至于 regardless of: 不管,不顾,不理会 regarding: prep. 关于,至于 They have nothing to say regarding our complaints. 2. 他们攀登这座山的尝试成功了。 (attempt) Their attempt to climb the mountain was successful. They succeeded in the attempt to climb the mountain. 他试图在歌咏比赛中得头奖却失败了。 He failed in his attempt at winning/ to win first prize in the singing competition. 演员砍断绳索,试图把脚抽出来。 The actor cut the rope to make an attempt to set his feet free. 她试图说服其兄弟戒烟,但不奏效。





7. 8.

She attempted to persuade her brother to stop smoking, but it didn?t work. 她试图说服明明努力学习,但不奏效。 She attempted to persuade Mingming to study hard, but it didn?t work. 我情愿自己尝试猜一下答案,也不愿意去抄别人的答案。 (attempt) I would rather make an attempt to guess the answers by myself than copy others? answers. Before attempting to use the equipment you should read the instructions. He attempted to calm the crying boy down, but made it worse. attempt sth/ to do sth make an attempt to do/ at (doing) sth 她有舞蹈天赋。 (gift) She has a gift for dancing. 我们都认为我父亲是天才,他有修理东西的天赋。 We all consider my father a genius, for he has a gift for repairing things. 幽默感使他很受学生欢迎。 (sense) His sense of humor makes him popular with the students. 他拥有很强的幽默感,出席任何聚会都很受欢迎。 He has a strong sense of humor; his presence at any gathering is highly welcomed. 使我们印象最深刻的是那位新来者很有幽默感。 What impressed us most was that the new comer had a sense of humor. 我们不应该做有损学校名誉的事情。 (reputation) We shouldn?t do anything to ruin the reputation of our school. 这家餐馆名声很好,那里的饭菜价廉物美。 The restaurant enjoys a good reputation, which sells good and cheap meals. 作为一名中学生,我们必须维护学校的名誉。 As a senior high school student, we must protect the school?s reputation. 由于声名鹊起, 这位年轻的女歌手收到许多邀请去唱歌。(reputation) As a young girl with a growing reputation, she received many invitations to sing songs. 篮球队在锦标赛中的糟糕表现让学校里的每个人都很失望。(let…down) The basketball team let everyone in the school down when they played poorly in the championship game. 他期终考试不及格着实使他的双亲失望。(let down) His failure to pass the final exam really let his parents down. 这个项目从理论上来说是完美的。 (theory) The project sounds perfect in theory. 正在建造的道路是通往水立方的。 (lead to) The road that is being built leads to the Water Cube. 简在羽毛球上的努力使得她最终赢得了那场比赛。 Jane?s great efforts in badminton finally led to her winning the match. 他锁上了通往园子的门。 He has locked the door what leads to the garden. 专家们认为这个错误将会导致整个工程的失败。 (lead to) The experts thought that the mistake would lead to the failure of the whole project. lead to: 导致,通向 lead sb to do sth: 使得?? What lead you to think so? lead the way: 带路,带头 lead sb by the nose: 牵着某人的鼻子走,完全控制某人

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这个可爱的男孩聪明活跃,对世界充满好奇。 (curiosity) The lovely boy is not only smart and active, but also full of curiosity about the world. 必须训练学生具有熟记所学知识的能力。(learn…by heart) Students should be trained to have the ability to learn something they have learnt by heart. 是那个穿着传统民族服装的女孩把我们领到了大厅。(guide) It was the girl (who was) wearing a traditional national dress who guided us to the great hall. 注意区别 lead, guide, 和 direct 有共同点,后面都是跟 sb +prep. 汉斯的演讲美妙绝伦,我们听得津津有味。 (perfectly, attentively) Hans gave the lecture perfectly and we listened attentively. 他在科学上的贡献为他的国家增了光。 (honor) His contributions to science do honor to his country. 我们举行了欢迎会向他表示敬意。 We held a welcome meeting in his honor. 有幸获邀出席这次盛大晚会,她感到很高兴。 She was glad to be honored with the invitation to the grand party. Many people attended his birthday party to honor him. She was honored to have been mentioned in his speech. It was a great honor to be invited here. A ceremony was held in honor of those who died in the earthquake. Would you do me the honor of dining with me? 罪犯居然是那个有很多荣誉称号的教授,这事实让每个人都感到震惊。 Everyone was astonished at the fact that the criminal was the professor with many honors. 我国每年举行特别的仪式来表彰那些杰出的科学家。 (honor) Annually, a special ceremony is held to honor / in honor of the outstanding scientists in our country. honor: v. 给予表扬(或奖励、头衔、称号) ,尊敬,对??表示敬意, (做某事)感到荣 幸 n. 荣幸 honor sb with sth: 以??让某人感到荣幸, 颁发??给某人 The president honored us with a personal visit. I'm glad to see that you've decided to honor us with your presence! in honor of: 为纪念??,向??表示敬意 do sb an honor/ do honor to sb/do sb the honor of doing sth: 使增光,赏光 have the honor of 有??之荣幸 老师向最优秀的学生颁发了一个奖项。(award) The teacher gave the best student an award. The school awarded Mary a prize for her good work. My sister received a gold cup as an award for her singing. 2011 年的诺贝尔文学奖授予了一位瑞典诗人。 The 2011 Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to a Swedish poet. 她因在影片中的出色表现而被授予了奥斯卡金像奖。 (award) She was awarded an Oscar/ an Oscar Academy Award/an Oscar Award for her outstanding performance in the film. 我会给归还我钱包的人 50 元钱作为酬谢。 (reward) I will give a reward of 50 yuan to the person who returns my purse.



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award sb sth/ award sth to sb: 颁发,授予 n. 奖,奖品 reward sb with sth: 给某人报答,酬谢 据说那幅满是灰尘的古老油画值很多钱。 (worth) It?s said that the dusty old painting is worth a lot of money.= It?s said that the old painting which is covered with dust is worth a lot of money. 班长的建议很好,很值得考虑。 The suggestion made by monitor is good and well worth considering. 很值得花一番工夫去学会怎样使你的演讲更具说服力。 (worth) It is well worth making the effort to learn/learning how to make your speech more persuasive/convincing/forceful. The new shopping center really wasn?t worth all the expense involved. How to design the building is well worth considering. If you purchase $20 worth of books in this shop you will get a discount. They had got away with thousands of pounds worth of diamonds. The cell phone was expensive but it was worth every single penny that I paid for it. adj. be worth sth/ doing n. ...worth of sth: 价值??的东西 这奖项将于六月在伦敦正式被颁发。 (present) The prize will be officially presented in London in June. The report will be presented at a press conference. 在颁奖典礼上,每一位诺贝尔奖获得者被授予了证书和奖章。 (present) At the award ceremony, each Nobel Prize winner was presented with a diploma and a medal. present: v. 颁发,授予,提出,提交,展示,呈现 玛丽经常主动帮助她的妈妈做家务。 (offer) Mary often offers to help her mother with the housework. 我国将举行一个盛大的庆典来庆祝中华人民共和国建国 63 周年。 (anniversary) A grand ceremony will be held in our country to celebrate the 63rd anniversary of the founding of the People?s Republic of China. 我茫然不知向何处去,故而请求执勤的警察告知邮局的方位。 (locate) I?m at a loss where to go, so I ask the policeman on duty to locate the post office. 该市最著名的景点是那新建的位于市中心的大博物馆。(attraction) The city?s most popular attraction is the newly-built grand museum in the city. 由于纸张成本的上涨,最近出版业成了竞争异常激烈的行业。 (fiercely) Owing to the rising cost of paper, publishing has become a fiercely competitive industry recently. 我们沿着乡村小路走,左拐,那小村庄就映入眼帘。(come into view) The small village came into view, as we walked along the country road and turned left. 听到枪声,树上的鸟朝四处飞散。(direction) At the shot, the birds in the trees scattered in all directions. 我们在那儿度过了许多快乐地时光,这美好的回忆将伴我们一生。 (with) We spent many happy days there, which will stay with us for a lifetime. 总经理希望对你们的工作了如指掌。(wish, inform) The general manager wished to be kept informed of your work. Oxford English Unit 3

1. 气球在空中漂浮 10 小时到 5 天不等,取决于不同的因素。 (float) Balloons float in the air from 10 hours to 5 days, depending on different factors. 天气晴朗时,你抬头仰望天空,就能看到天上飘着朵朵白云。 If you look up into the sky on a clear day, you can see white clouds floating above you. 2. 他挖了个两尺大的洞,把幼苗种了进去。 (across) He dug a hole 2 feet across, and planted the young tree into it. 3. 西餐中,甜点通常最后端上来。(serve) In western diet, dessert is usually served at the end. 我们刚就座,服务员就来给我们上茶。 The waiter served us tea as soon as we were seated. 4. 英吉利海峡把英国和法国隔开。 (separate) The (English) Channel separates England from France. 这两条狗老是打架,你应该把它们分开。 The two dogs are always fighting. You should keep them separate from each other. 虽然他们没有离婚,但是他们完全是各过各的生活。 They aren?t divorced but they lead completely separate lives. 5. 学校离家就 500 米左右,我 7 分钟就走完了。 (cover) The school is about 500 meters away from my home, and I cover the distance within/in seven minutes. 6. 说起诺贝尔文学奖,你知道 2011 的文学奖授予谁了? (speaking of) Speaking of the Nobel Prize for Literature, do you know who was awarded the one in 2011? 当玛丽和我谈起昔日的大学往事时,我们禁不住大笑起来。(speak of) When Mary and I spoke of the old days at university, we could not help laughing. 7. 尽管我承认这个问题很复杂,但是我不同意这个问题没法解决。 (while) While I admit that the problem is very complex, I don?t agree that it cannot be solved. 8. 工作收入不高,这就是他为何辞职的原因。 (why) The job is not well-paid---- that is why he has quitted his job. 9. 我不能忍受那些对自己宽容对别人苛刻的人。 (tolerate) I can?t tolerate those who are tolerant towards themselves but strict with others. 老板不能容忍他的职员一而再地犯同一个错误。 The boss cannot/is unable to tolerate his employees? making the same mistake again and again. Abusive language and behavior will not be tolerated. 年老的人通常不能像年轻人那样忍受寒冷的天气。 Elderly people cannot usually tolerate the cold weather as well as younger people do. 10. 这个海滩很多娱乐活动的理想场所诸如钓鱼,游泳和日光浴。 (ideal) The beach is ideal for various recreational activities such as fishing, swimming and sunbathing. 我能挑选一种能在凉爽和潮湿的环境中理想地生长的植物。 I want to choose a plant which is ideal for a cool, moist environment. 11. 这对夫妇退休后把时间几乎都花在了园艺上, 因为自然之美增加幸福的来源。 (gardening) The couple spend almost their time doing gardening, for the beauty of nature increases the source of happiness.

12. 他不顾所有禁烟的标识,点燃了一根烟。 (ignore) He ignored all the ?No Smoking? signs and lit up a cigarette. 13. 每次考试过后,可以看到地上满是纸屑。 (litter) Every time an examination is over, the floor is littered with paper. 老师要求学生不要在地板上乱丢纸屑。 The teacher asks the students not to litter the floor with scraps of paper. If people didn?t drop litter then street cleaners wouldn?t have been so tired. 14. 关上灯,点上蜡烛,房间顿时有了浪漫的气氛。 (in the air) Turn off the lights and light up the candles, and there is romance in the air in the room immediately. 15. 由于累,他不久就睡着了,灯还亮着。 (with) He soon fell asleep because of tiredness with the light on/ still burning. 16. 她不得不自食其力,因为她在那个城市没有任何亲戚朋友。 (relative) She had to depend on herself/live on her own because she had no relatives or friends in that city. 17. 谁也不知道他不参加这次活动的真正原因。 (定语从句) No one know the real reason why he did not take part in this activity. Oxford English Unit 4 1. When we climbed to the top of the mountain, we were surprised by the view. He left in a hurry and soon disappeared from view. I view him as a good partner. 我们都赞同他在动物保护问题上的看法。(view) We all agree with his views on animal protection. 这个电视节目播出的结果是,每个人都改变了对吸烟的看法。(result; view) As a result of this TV programme, everyone has changed his view on smoking. As a result of the broadcast of the TV programme, everyone has changed his view on smoking. The result of the broadcast of the TV programme is that everyone has changed his view on smoking. 2. I don?t know how the whole family manages to survive on Jane?s salary. I?m sure she will survive this crisis. 3. Sometimes she wants to be treated like a little girl and sometimes like a young lady. (把?? 当作,看待) Even though they were much younger, we treated them as equals. treat…as/like: 把??当作,看待 Treat yourself to a glass of wine to help you relax at the end of the day. (款待) It is a treat to enjoy music with a cup of coffee. (乐事,乐趣) 有些疾病用药物是无法治疗的。(treat) Some diseases cannot be treated with medicine. 他经常无视我的感受和想法,但我还是把他当作朋友。(ignore, treat) He often ignores my feelings and thoughts, but I still treat him as my friend. 小玛丽因饮食失调正在接受治疗。(treat) Little Mary is being treated for an eating disorder. 4. 他呼叫警察把袭击者吓走了。(frighten) He frightened off his attackers by calling for the police.

要使足球迷们平静下来是很困难的。(calm) It was difficult to calm down the football fans. 6. 他们为地震受害者建了一个临时的避难所。 (shelter) They build a temporary shelter for the victims. 当我在街上走的时候,突然下雨了, 我就到公共汽车站去躲避这场大雨。 I was walking in the street when it suddenly rained, so I went to a bus shelter to shelter myself from the heavy rain/ to take shelter from the heavy rain 5. 在暴风雨到来之前他们找到了一个躲雨的处所。 (shelter) They had found a shelter from the rain before the storm came. They had found a place to take shelter from the rain before the storm came. They had found a place to shelter from the rain … 7. 科学家们猜想大型恐龙栖居于沼泽地中。 ( suppose; swamp) Scientists supposed that large dinosaurs lived in swamps. 8. 他是事故中唯一幸存的乘客。(survive) He is the only passenger who survived the accident. 地震过后,这个城市没有几幢房子幸免于难。 Few buildings in the city survived the earthquake. 9. 很多人都说过他们有相似之处。 (remark on v.) A lot of people have remarked on / upon the similarity between them. 10. 船从雾里露了出来。(emerge) The ship emerged from behind the fog. 11. 疾病已侵犯了中枢神经系统。(attack) The disease had already attacked the central nervous system. 12. 他完全无视这一切, 好象它们根本不存在似的。(ignore) He completely ignored all these facts as though they never existed. 他因为不知道有时速限制,把车开得飞快。 (ignorant) He was driving very fast/at a high speed because he was ignorant of the fact that there was a speed limit. 13. 明年我自己花钱去巴厘岛度假。(treat) I?m going to treat myself to a holiday in Bali next year. 14. 诗人在他诗歌中把他的情人比作玫瑰花。(compare) The poet compares his lover to a rose in his poems. 15. 他们有许多共同之处,相处得很好。(common) They had a lot in common and got on well. 16. 与你的想法正相反,我深信我们会成功。(contrast n.) In contrast with/ to your belief, I am confident that we will succeed. 17. 对不起,打扰你一下,你能否告诉我这机器是怎样运作的?(disturb) I?m sorry to disturb you, but could you tell me how this machine works? 18. 当太阳从云层后面露出来时,他们高兴得跳了起来。(emerge) They jumped with joy when the sun emerged from behind the clouds. 19. 他们发现了一种具有治疗功效的药草。(property) They have found a herb with healing properties. 20. 演讲者讲得太快了,听众都没明白他的意思。 (get one?s point) The lecturer spoke so fast that the audience could not get his point.

21. 22. 23. 24.

直到他重新解释了他的计划我才理解了他的想法。 Not until he explained his plan again did I get his point. = I didn?t get his point until he explained his plan again. = It was not until… 尽管题目很难,但大家还是很快就听懂了演讲者的观点。 Although/Though/Even though/Even if the topic was difficult, everyone quickly got the lecturer?s point. 对不起,打扰一下,我有个问题要问问你。(disturb) Sorry to disturb you, but I have a question to ask. 下雨天开车要减速慢行。(slow down) Drivers should slow down on rainy days. 我从来没有冒犯过他,可他总是恶语重伤我。 (nasty) Though I have never offended him, he is always saying nasty things about me. 我突然想到我们可以用计算机来做这项工作。(occur) It suddenly occurred to me that we could use a computer to do the job.

我从没有想到办公室的空气质量会对我们有这么大的影响。(occur) It never occurred to me that the air quality in the office had such a great effect on us. 25. 作为班长,你应该在同学最困难的时候帮助他们。(suppose) As a monitor, you are supposed to help your classmates when they are in great need. 26. 随着时间的推移,他开始意识到掌握一门外语的重要性。 (with) With time passing by, he came to realize how important it was to master a foreign language. 27. 当我们到达车站时,火车正好进站。(pull into) When we arrived at the station, the train was just pulling into the station. 28. 报告是建立在欧洲六个不同城市的数据的基础上的。(base) The report is based on figures from six different European cities. 29. 由于时间不够,我们只能做到这样。(lack) Owing to lack of time, we cannot do more than what we have done. 30. 知道怎样和别人交往是我们应该掌握的一种技巧。(communicate) Knowing how to communicate with others is a technique we should master. 31. 日全食这一奇特的景象激起地球人的好奇心。 (arouse) The amazing sight of the whole solar eclipse aroused the curiosity of the whole world. 32. 一位好的演讲者需要目光接触才能知道他是否已经吸引了听众的注意力。 (call for) Eye contact is called for to know if an excellent speaker has attracted the audience?s attention. 33. 因为这种熊的眼睛周围有斑点,所以它看起来像戴着眼镜。 (look like) Having marks around its eyes, this kind of bear looks like it is wearing glasses. Oxford English Unit 5 1. 越来越多的人选择在网店购物。 (purchase) A growing number of people choose to make a purchase from the online stores. 汤姆最后决定从另一家公司购买这个设备。 Tom has finally decided to purchase the equipment from another company. 2. 很遗憾他没能来到我的生日晚会。 (regrettable) It?s regrettable that he didn?t come to my birthday party. 她很后悔她没能再照顾那条小狗。 (regretful) She is regretful that she can?t take care of that little dog anymore.

3 爱情可遇而不可求。 (by accident) Love can only be found by accident and not through seeking. Love can?t be chased/ sought but can be met by accident. 4. 地方政府建立一机构,就家庭问题对人们进行辅导。(counsel) The local government set up/established an organization to counsel people with/on family problems. The local government set up an organization, giving people counsels on family problems. counsel sb= give support/professional advice to sb 给……提供专业咨询 e.g. Therapists were brought in to counsel the bereaved. counsel sth=advise sth counsel sb to do sth= advise sb to do sth 5. 一个足球忽然从头顶飞啸而过,差点砸到他。(narrowly miss) A football suddenly flew/whistled over his head and narrowly missed him. A football suddenly flew/whistled over his head, narrowly missing him. 6. 她,代表全体股东,向董事长提问了有关(公司)投资政策的问题。(question v.) On behalf of all the stockholders, she questioned the chairman about the company's investment policy. question sb on/about sth 比较 ask sb (about) sth question whether/what… ask (sb) whether/what… 7. 内环高架发生车祸,故现在车辆暂时禁止通行。 An accident happened on the inner ring road and it is now closed temporarily to traffic. 8. 这名满怀负罪感的小偷给警方打电话表达深深的歉意,声称自己“犯了一个愚蠢的错误”. (a guilty conscience) The thief with a guilty conscience called police to apologize, saying he "made a stupid mistake". 9. 和这些有经验的工人聊天会对我们有很大好处。 (good n.) It will do us much good to chat with these experienced workers. 10. 许多孩子总是向同伴抱怨无法和自己的父母交流。 (grumble) Many kids are always grumbling to their partners about being unable to communicate with their parents. grumble (to/at sb) about/over/at sth grumble that… 11. 他犹豫不决,不知问她这个问题是否恰当。(hesitate) He hesitated about/over the propriety of asking her the question. He hesitated (about/over) whether it was proper/appropriate to ask her the question. 12. 我写此信的目的是为了向你道歉-在离开加拿大时, 我忘了把那盘 CD 还给你。 (apologize) I'm writing to apologize for having forgotten to return the CD to you when I left Canada. 13. 一旦发生紧急情况, 打电话给警察。(case) In case of urgency/emergency, please call the police. In case anything urgent happens, please call the police. 14. 他说会尽力说服父母采纳我们的建议。(persuade) 正确:He said he would try to persuade his parents to take our advice. 15.如果你需要咨询任何进一步信息,请及时与我们联系. (contact) If you enquire (about) any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you want to ask for any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 16.我们应该从历史中吸取教训以免重蹈覆辙。(error)

We should learn something from the past in order that we may not repeat the errors. 17. 一到家,我们就受到了父母的热烈欢迎。(On…) On/ Upon our arrival home, we were warmly greeted/welcomed by our parents. …, we received a warm welcome from our parents. On arriving home, we received 18. 大多数的父母为出去工作而没有把时间还在孩子身上而感到内疚。 (guilty) Most parents feel guilty about going out to work and not devoting more time to children. Oxford English Unit 6 1. 不要把我的意见和你的等同起来。我们的观点根本就不是一致。 (identify … with) Don?t identify my opinion with yours. We don?t have the same ideas at all. 2. 我们学校已经明令禁止学生抽烟。(ban n.) Our school has put / imposed a ban on students? smoking. 3. 据报道,这次空难事故初步估计有 70 人遇难。(estimate n.) It was reported that 70 people died in the air crash at a rough estimate. 4. 一家英国出版社想了解本年度中国十大畅销书的情况。(best-selling) A British publisher wanted to know the top ten best-selling books in China this year. 5. 孩子们买玩具是为了娱乐,而不是为了学习。(fun) Children buy toys to have fun with, not to learn from. 6.那家公司在报纸上刊登征求秘书的广告。 (advertise) That company advertised for a secretary in a newspaper. 7.让孩子们感到自卑的广告应当立即禁止。(make…inferior) The ads which make children feel inferior should be banned at once. 8. 为鼓励暴力的玩具和书籍做广告是非法的。(illegal) It?s illegal to advertise the toys and books that encourage violence. 驾驶车辆或骑摩托车时使用手机是违法的。 (illegal) It is illegal to use a cell phone while driving a vehicle or riding a motorcycle. 9.最近我们做了一个调查以了解美国儿童是如何花零钱的。(survey) Recently we have done a survey to find out how American children use their pocket money. 10.越来越多的人开始认识到这样一个事实: 暴力电视节目对儿童的成长有着不良影响。 (have a negative effect) More and more people begin to realize the fact that violent TV programs have a negative effect on the growth of children. 11.我们的老师尽可能清楚地为我们解释这一课。 Our teacher explained the lesson to us as clearly as he could. 12. 他觉得自己很难处理这个复杂的问题。(handle) He thinks it is difficult for him to handle this complicated problem. 13. 制定假日计划时,你一定要合理安排开销。(budget v.) When planning a holiday, you must budget your money wisely. 即使你的父母支付你的大学学费,你现在也应该合理地安排开销。 (budget) Even if your parents are paying for your college education, you should begin to budget your money wisely. 14. 我的忠告是:量入为出。(balance v.) My advice is to balance your expenses with your income. 15.在如何解决这些问题上我和我的同事有分歧。(disagree with)

I disagree with my colleagues on how to solve these problems. 16. 许多美国人喜欢阅读关于时间管理方面的书籍。 (management) Many Americans like reading books on time management. 17. 广告通过引起消费者的注意来帮助促销商品。 (consumer) Advertisements help promote products by attracting the consumers? attention. 18. 这个时候,汤姆发现向玛丽道歉已经无济于事。 (at this point) Tom found it useless to apologize to Mary at this point. 19. 应采取一些行动来减少这个国家的失业人数。 (take action) Some action should be taken to reduce unemployment in this country. 20. 关于你六月六号的来信,我非常感谢你邀请我到你家做客。 (with reference to) With reference to your letter of the 6th of June, I would like to thank you very much for inviting me to your home.



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