Vocabulary Page 53-54 I. Irregular verbs. Verb Past tense

feed fed feel felt fight fought find found II. Word transformation. Noun Adjective Verb fast 牢固的; fasten fasten the 稳固的 se

at-belts The post is fast in the ground. fat fatten favor favorite finance financial firm 公司 firm 坚 决 的,坚定的

Past participle fed felt fought found

III. Expressions. 1. fat chance 可能性极小 Eg: Me, marry a millionaire? Fat chance! 2. find fault with 挑剔,找茬 3. do sb a favor 帮助某人 give/lend sb a hand 4. for fear of/that 唯恐、以免 We spoke in whispers for fear of waking the baby. 5. a feast for the eyes 赏心悦目的 事 6. feature *The most distinctive feature of the dinosaurs was their size. n.characteristic *The film featured Brando as the Godfather. give an important part to sb 7. have a fever 发烧 =

8. in the field of 在…领域 9. be filled with 充满 10. 金融危机 financial crisis 11. 放烟火 set off fireworks III.Words to explain. 1. Feed 1) Feed the baby some stewed apple.= Feed some stewed apple to the baby. 2) The cows are feeding on hay in the barn. = eating 3) I am fed up with waiting for her to telephone. = be tired of/ be bored with 2. Feel 1) 感 观 动 词 taste



look feel 2) 其他出现在系表结构中的动词 get come go turn fall

become remain seem *feel like 想要做



Do you feel like going to a movie? *feel at home 畅快,自在 Her genial smile made every guest feel at home. *feel free 用以表示准许 ----May I use your phone? ----Feel free. *feel one’s way 摸索着走 I felt very nervous when feeling my way in the dark. 3. fight (Task: fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions) 1) Have you been fighting (with/against) your brother again? 2) fight (against) poverty/ignorance 3) Don’t let them bully you. Fight (back)!

4) fight (for) freedom 5) fight sb/sth off 击退 The firm has to fight off a lot of competition to win the contract. 4. figure *a slender figure 苗条的身段 *the great figures of history 历史上的 大人物 *an income of five figures 五位数字 [数以万计]的收入 *我们需要算出我们每个花多少钱 We need to figure out how much money we spend every month. *我不明白他为什么辞掉工作。 I can’t figure out why he quits job. *I figure that you will not come. 我想你不会来了。

5. firm adj. (Task: try to understand “firm” in different sentences.) * This wet ground is not firm enough to walk on. 坚实的 *A firm belief in socialism 坚定的 * I don’t want to be unkind.” said “ He in a firm voice.坚定的 6. first 1) At first, I thought he was shy, but then I discovered he was just not interested. In the beginning 2) First of all she just smiled, and then she started to laugh. 最初 3) Well, first of all we can’t possibly spare the time. 首 要 most importantly 4) First come, first served. 先来后到 5) The first time I met her, I thought her nice and honest.

6) I met her for the first time.第一次 7. in case of , for fear of 1)you should ensure your house in case of fire 2) I wrote it down for fear that I should forget it. Vocabulary Page 55-56 I. verbs. Verb pt pp fit fit, fitted fit, fitted flee fled fled flow flowed flowed fly flew flown forbid forbade, forbad forbidden forecast forecast/forecasted forecast/ forecasted foresee foresaw foreseen II. Words to explain. 1. fit ※ be the right size or shape for sb

※ join one thing to another to make a whole ※ in agreement with ※ be suitable for ※ in good health 辨析:fit/suit/match suit 表适合,常强调颜色、式样等适 合某人 fit 表合身(大小合适) ,适合; fit sb. for match 表品质、颜色、设计等方面匹 配,即:与……相配。 Learn the phrase “fit in” * The cooker won’t fit in.大小适合装 入某处 The cooker won’t fit into the kitchen. *Do these plans fit in with your

arrangements?与…相协调 2. fix 1) fix a shelf to the wall※fasten sth firmly to sth 2) My watch has stopped----it needs fixing※repair or mend 3) Have you fixed a date for the wedding yet? ※ decide on a particular time/place “fix” expressions ① fix one’s eyes on sb/sth ② fix one’s thoughts/attention on sth= focus on ③ I will fix up a meeting. arrange sth ④ He fixed up the cottage before

they moved in. repair, redecorate 3. “follow” phrases. 1) The winners are as follows: in third place, Mandy Johnson; in second place ...用以列举事项 2) follow sb’s instructions/advice/directions 3) You should follow up your letter with a phone call.对…采取进一步行 动 4) Budget companies have been so successful that other airlines have had to follow suit and lower their fares.照样做 4. “for” expressions. Chinese 换换口味 We usually go there by bus, but this time we’ll go by bike for a change.


一会儿 与我无关

For a start, whales ' lives, 80% of which are spent deep below the ocean's surface, are still a mystery. Secondly, … Could you wait for a while?

You may go even now, for all I care. 据我所知 For all I know, he may have already left for Beijing. He vowed that he would 永远 give up smoking for ever/good. This patient may take some 举例 meat. For example, he can have some pork, beef, mutton etc. =for instance 唯恐,以免 She left half an hour early for fear of missing the plane. I locked up the document for fear that it (should) be

stolen. He repaired my bike for 免费 free. We bought these six chairs, 免费 and they gave us the other one for nothing. 徒劳 All that preparation was for nothing because the visit was cancelled. In vain 仅此一次 Just for once he arrived on time. 一方面;另 There are lots of reasons for choosing him as monitor. 一方面 For one thing, he works harder than anyone else; for another, he is always ready to take responsibility. 简称;缩写 The United Kingdom is called UK for short. It was last autumn that I 第一次 met her for the first time. 暂时,目前 Let’s leave the matter as it is for the time being.

为了…(起 For the sake of safety, you must keep all medicines 见) away from children. III. Expressions. 去捕鱼 go fishing 集 中 注 focus on 意力于 在 接 下 in the following five years. 来的 5 年中 喜爱 步行 be fond of on foot

禁 止 某 forbid sb from doing sth 人做某 事 迫 使 某 force sb to do

人做某 事

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